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Check out two new gameplay videos showing off Borderlands 2's Siren and Gunzerker classes!
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Looks like Nerf weaponry. (epic team up, or terrible failure?)
Already pre-ordered for release in September. It's gonna be HUGE
I hope they release the details of the ultimate loot edition soon. Thankfully, I have Diablo 3 to sweeten my wait for this game.
My most anticipated game of the year. Loved the first one, probably going to marry the second one.
they have also made glasses that are able to focus the persons eyes on one solid screen instead of split screen EX: player 1 hates player 2 because he does not like split screen for it ruins his gaming. simply put on the glasses and player 1 has the whole tv to himself. player 2 puts on the glasses and switches it to p2 and instantly he has the whole screen as well. no more screen peeking, especially on MW3. i love those glasses.
They better have more than one new class. And significantly expand on gameplay. I'm excited for it, and I loved the first one, but they need to bring the magic, and hard.
they have 3 new classes so far and their thinking about bring the other charectors from borderlands to become playable.
this makes me wonder if my friend will want this more
the vehicles look amazing and they can fit FOUR people. i just gets better and better!
im not sure if they kept the boost, but the vehicle looks like a hummer. pretty stylish too.
oh baby i like it raw, yeah baby i like it raaaaaw shimmy shimmy ya shimmy yam shimmy yay
That screenshot looks sick! Cant wait for this game!!! The graphical interface looks a lot better than the original Borderlands.
This game looks pretty good. I've played the first one, too.
worst game ever take it off
Stop teasing me...release it already!
LoL this game will be fun to play !!!!!!!!! X1000000
hold the fuck!
are those m-41-a pulse rifels?!?!?!?!?!
Daaamn!!! Looks Awesome
bobby kapadia what is funny is youre profile pic is a gears pic
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