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We have more beta codes for the World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor expansion!

Leave a comment below telling us why you deserve one and then fill out this form:

To increase your chances at a code, go here for more opportunities:
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Because I'll actually test and provide feedback to help Blizzard get a perfect xpac. WoW addict for 8 years.
I loved Outland, can't wait to see pre-destruction Draenor. Plus I need something to do over the summer.
i want to test out the new xpac before i pay for it!
Because i've been playing since vanilla and I haven't been in any WoW betas .. And so I could give positive feedback from a veteran player to improve the game.
This is the very first expansion that has me excited back when TBC came out. This expansion looks fantastic!
I would like to have a chance to squash bugs in the WoD Beta.
Another 30 attempts as a Prime Member getting Error Receiving Beta Key. I deserve a key just for that crap.
Not only provide blizz of feedback, even if it is background stats, but also provide information to fellow guildmates.
I've been playing for a year, and love to test things out, and this would be a chance to try something new for a change, I like World of Warcraft, I like it a lot. But having a bunch if characters at the limit is boring. And I'd like to be a beta to help out! Please.
I love this game and can't wait to get back to it
I'm ugly and I don't have friends, let me play with the orcs, please!
I deserve the key because I have no life and I'll praise that key like it's my personal God.
I would very much like to get a code to be able to see if the game still has the fuel to keep me playing it.I would also love to see the changes in the graphics engine since i'm a programmer :-) 
I'm willing to help stress test the servers and of course the content. Can't wait to see what WoD has in store!
This expansion could very well revive my once deep love for this game. To me BC and WotLK will always be the best this game has seen. The last two Xpacs just weren't as good. This however looks epic. I would love a beta code so I could rekindle one of the greatest loves known to man and machine. The partnership between a PC gamer and their WoW account. Have me Warlords of Draenor!
I have to play it! I want to contribute to making it a better game on release!
I've been playing WoW since the end of Vanilla, I've gotten to test every expansion except Cataclysm, leaving feedback as asked for for almost every bug I encountered, every issue I encountered, and overall every problem. I believe I deserve a beta key because I'd like to see where the game is headed for starts, I always leave feedback unlike many people who play the Beta just to play it.
Need to experience more flex raids!
I want a Beta Code so I can check out the bugs and other porblems the beta might have
My girlfriend and I need to explore the new garrison system!  We need a code!
i deserve one because im a good person. and actually i want to experience the content before hand so when the game gets released ill level up faster than usuall
if I get a key I will rain death on the Iron Horde
If I get a key I'll make my hubby really happy - kinda need to.
If I get a key I will test out system changes, and give bug feedback to try and make the expac as smooth as possible.
I am the leader of the horde and deserve respect!
i want to learn how to play my class in the new expansion so i can get a head start on everyone else  
I want into the WoD beta to see the story. The lore connects to the books which I love, but it's adding a new unique twist.
for the love of pandas cuteness give me one :) <3
Been playing since Vanilla and just recently came back to MoP. I want a beta to check out the new UBRS, loved that place in Vanilla. 
May I please have a key!? :D
to get in to some old school mage testing to see the new builds and garrisons and to help find any bug that maybe be floating around to get it fixed
WoW fan and player since the start!
I deserve key because reasons (plez)
Dan S
I've been playing since wow launched. I'd love to have a key to test out the new content
"Zugg Zugg.. I'm Ready.. I'M NOT ready!.. "
umm.. yeah that's all I've got man.. back in the day we'd play WC and drink PBR till dawn made us scurry back into the basement.
come on a poor kid outttttt
Because i have been trying for so long to get a beta key and no luck so far, id be sooo appreciative.  my char is 8/14H with 200 days /played
I've played since WoW launched although I stop playing MoP I would like to test the new xpack to see if I should come back to WoW
Since cata I've wanted this type of xpac back to the old days. Plus jus found out I'm gonna be a dad in 7 months. We all play wow lol
I have been playing for many years, since burning crusade first started. Not that that is a deserving reason I simply hope I'm picked so I can keep enjoying world of warcraft
I enjoy playing WoW and I've played for many years and I'm bored of live and eager to test and see the new content!
i been playing from the start it be good to see what new and help  mold it in to a finished game
WOW seems to be attempting to reach a larger audience with the expansion, as such it would be beneficial to have as many different backgrounds, experience levels, and age to help with creating the best possible product.  OH yeah and... FOR THE HORDE!
Been playing WoW on and off since 2008. Raised a mage character to lvl 90 and accomplished many achievements. I would love a chance to sample the next expansion to see how the mage class will evolve in the game. Also my mage is a draenei so It will feel like returning home when I start the playing the game after launch with this char.
I deserve one because I love playing WoW, been a fan and supporter since the beginning, and I am grateful to Blizzard for making such an amazing game!
Because i really want give a feedback for the beta so they will release it without any problem :)
Because I love wow and enjoyed beta testing all the past versions of WoW.
I was excited til I started playing the game Wildstar. It's made by 17 of the original devs and designers that worked on WoW Vanilla. Talk about it feeling like returning home. Playing it I get that feeling I haven't had since playing WoW vanilla and I've played about 8 other MMOS. If you think WoW hasn't been the same, try it. You'll see where the talent went.
Because I haven't played wow for almost 3 years now and I would really like to see all the changes.
playing WoW since vanilla and i will help to make this expansion better than MoP was
Been playing since day 1 and would like to do a beta at lest one time.
I have been playing since 2006 and would love to expirience the beta for warlords!
So I can see how the alliance is fairing.
I made a decision in gaming and without knowning much about WoW I went a head and purchased everything in a bundle pack and preordered the new one coming out, I'd like to continue to gain more knowledge,have fun and invite some of my friends to play. 
Because I'm a girl on the internet! lol but seriously...very interested in testing out the new features, giving feedback, squashing bugs and overall helping with the development of the game. Bonus if it gets my husband back onto the game as well. 
I want one because I have been playing since vanilla and I have no life.... therefore a perfect candidate!
I'd like a Beta code so that I can; get a taste of what's to come. Provide helpful advice. Troll the trolls. Stop jumping in circles around SOSS. Figure out which toon to Boost. Stop Tank-trolling LFR. Save an LFR raiders...Beta-key me!. Please and thank you.
I have a small fan page news world of warcraft'm from South America, please follow the Beta for my draft fan site, Thanks! Greetings from eru Ragnaros - us , please, I just want to inform more world of warcraft'm from South America and here there is little informed people Warlord of Draenor, ING luck Thanks...
Because me and my wife are wanting to see if this expansion will be what pulls us back into the game. I personally have fifteen years of beta testing experience to help make the game better as well.
I've been in every beta since the first wow beta. I've invested a lot of time in this game and I would like to continue to help make it grow.
I wouldn't say I deserve to win, but I'd like to! :D
Because beta keys are a joy to give out! You know that everyone you hand a key you give them joy for the time being. And it's a good feeling inside!!
Because I've been playing for a long time, and never had a chance to be in a beta!
 was in the last beta and want to be in this one.
I think I was a good tester
Been a fan since vanilla and I got my legionarie title to prove it, for the Horde! 
Eagerly anticipating the release of this xpac; it has an interesting premise and of course, new models! I want to be a part of this new entry to the series. :)
I would love to be a part of the team that gives feedback and helps the new xpac become stronger. Plus my time expires soon and well, bills happen. 🎮🔑
I'd like to win because i'm a big fan of World of Warcraft ! It's great game i'm enjoying it since 2008. Here in Pandaria I think I'm done with everything i wanted to do except Challenge Modes. I heard much about WoD so far and i'd like to test every class i play on my own, see that changes and enjoy more and more new content. I love this game and i wish to make it better while in Beta and enjoy it after release!
Not being greedy or anything, but i just want a beta code so i can check out the new stuff before other people :3
this is a game that make you use your brain ... it is not a simple game and that`s why i really enjoy playing this game and that`s why i want to win a beta key
Been playing since BC and no game like WoW in all these years can compete with the number of subscribers base.
I have over 200 days played in total on WoW, it's really annoying how people that don't play that much get keys. I'd really love to have a beta key and to do some testing. :)
Have over 400 total hours logged on my account, would love to try out new content, been playing this awesome game for 7 years strong now
I kinda read your committed and i have been playing wow for 9yrs now. it's pretty much slow that not enough energy for ppl who have top activities to get the dungeon, heroic, raiding going. cuz it's pretty hard to get ppl come on schedule time cause their country time is different plus some are working and some are in school work. So, I see they do more of social fun to do PvP and questing and some do  raiding.  
I want to see, try and experience all the new things to come. So if there is a small chance i can play it, then this is me trying.
I heard there will be new turtle models! I LOVE TURTLES!!! I also want to see the new night elf female model in action, I have a night elf hunter. Thank you!
I would be pleased to get the key i need to make more gaming videos but i got nothing right now everything is boring but WoD beta for me and my viewers
Been excited to play this game since rumours leaked about it before Blizcon. Would enjoy the chance to apply my 7 years experience to help give feedback to assist Blizzard creating and amazing expansion. 
I want so desperately to see what has remained of the warlock and other beloved classes, am a Hardcore Raider who wants to peek @ new content and help by bug reporting!
9 years playing this game and raiding hardcore, it would be an honor to finally get a chance to have an effect on whats to come and test out the new features.
I need a good reason for paying the subscription again!
Please give me a code I'm a huge fan of it and also I actually test the beta and report bugs. I've never been ink a beta so this would be a great chance for me!!
I don't deserve the beta key more than anyone else, but I have plenty of spare time to check for exploits and bugs and would love the opportunity to help the developers.
I would like to win one here because I entered almost every contest online and have'nt got any luck so far. Hoping IGN brings me luck! :-)
My friend would love a code. I wouldn't mind one either ;) it's a great way to spend time with friends when the weather is bad!
I'd love to get a key :(, I've been playing since Vanilla and didn't get any :/ I know a guy that started at MoP and got one :'(
I love Outland/Draenor so much, probably my favourite ever fictional world in any media - from the raw brutal tribal history (even after the Draenei crashed into it) to Outland in the present day - it just has so much interesting and cool stuff going on in the lore. I wanted more of Outland since the couple missions there in Warcraft II and Warcraft III and was blown away when I stepped through the portal into Hellfire Peninsula for the first time on my warrior.

I can't wait to get that feeling a second time - I want a beta key!

(insert "I've been playing since DOS Warcraft: Orcs and Humans and haven't ever gotten a beta key" whinging here)
Why do I deserve this key? For I am an OG, been playing WoW since the golden days of 40mans, Tier 1-4 and survived the infamous Hogger.
I deserve a key because just like everyone else i have killed Garrosh Hellscream cause i started playing in mist but i am just a player. 
ive said this before. getting "OG players" in the beta is great but you need a variety oh different players who have started at different times in WoW's life
Getting a code would give me the advantage to see the world before I need to race to max level! :D I'd get to discover which of my toons I like all over again and select a new favorite :D
Looking forward to game . straight from patch 1.12.1 which i play now !
Never been invited to a beta through 6 years of playing, really wishing to get into this one <3!
would really appreciate the opportunity to try WoD Beta
I need to see that "Durotan meets Thrall" moment :D
i would like the WoD beta key because i used to be a wow player and my Sub ended and nothing has made me come back and i would like a beta key so show me how much they have changed it and see how much i would make me wanna come back and play wow agn
I really want to see the new visuals as well as work on agarrison
I'd really want to see the new graphics and how my class is gonna change in the next up-coming expansion.
I am going to start creating content for warlocks. Guides and commentary and such. Getting this WoD beta key would let me rise above the rest! 
Same here but with Druids.
I want to test this new awesome expansion, lots of free time and pretty good player. Tested pretty much every blizzard game in beta and buy the game after, really love every blizzard game!
I've been playing WoW since Vanilla and somehow Blizzard don't consider me as a veteran player, so i've never gotten a beta key before (Except MoP Preorder beta). I'm so lore-hungry, so please IGN, please - give this lore-hungry, MoP fed up, flux capacitor driven DeLorean fan a beta key!
Been playing since Vanilla, I want to help blizzard beta test the game, and I believe my experience will make a difference. I deserve it because of how long and how loyal I've been to Blizzard.
I want Beta Key but I dont have luck :(
I would like a beta key because I want to see the darker nights for myself and fiddle around with everything. Never been in a WoW beta before and I hope to change that!
for the love of pandas plz give me one .i want to kill the chief and his son .warrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!11
The reason I feel I deserve a beta key is simple. I am a guild leader on World of Warcraft, as well as Tera Online. I have been promoting the new expansion primarily to my Tera friends. They have asked many questions. It would be much easier to answer those questions, and get them to come join me on WoW if I had a beta key and could actually play Draenor. I would have a much easier time promoting the game.
I have been playing wow since the beta before wow vanilla and have yet to get a key, i think i deserve it because im a big blizzard fan and have played all of the warcraft series games available. 
IGN I want a beta code for WoD because im still playing this game for a lot of years and I love the game :D I was expecting a lot of time for this PLEASE IGN :)
i have done all Pandaria raids in heroic mode and now i am bored, so i want to try some new experience. :)
As a Mistweaver monk, I'm looking forward to testing the changes in PvP. Also nice to see a website just for monks :)
Cause otherwise it will be a long and unproductive summer^^
I have played since original Warcraft.  I would play the Beta and utilize the reports to, hopefully, improve the game.
I´ve played for about 6 years, i´m very excited for the WoD Beta! i want to test out the changes of my main class as soon as possible, i´m also interested in the new ncharacter models... the pic´s and vids are looking damn good so far :D
I want to win this for my 22 year old brother because he plays since vanilla days and he really wants to experience, what is new and if it's greater than ever before. I really hope that i'm one of the lucky ones because I want to give this as a gift to my brother. Thumbs up! 
Active player since january 2007, i would like to test out the warlords of draenor beta, and ofcourse do the right thing and report bugs and/or broken objects in the in game world! Warlords Hype!
Code pls I wanna help and post feedback to help :)
Been playing for 8 years, but I have never been in a beta before, so being able to test content early would be really cool I think. Would really appreciate a code!
Because the French are also on IGN, I would like a beta key :)
Bc i am lonely on live servers :(
I want a beta key because my dog is constantly nagging me about getting one for him, and he won't stop so I just want one. You wouldn't want my dog to crap on the carpet out of spite would you?
Have been playing since vanilla, been in the wotlk and mop beta, and would love a chance to play this beta too
I would really like a beta key because i have been really wanting to test Warlords of Draenor out. Hoping i get a key for my birthday in 3 days, that would be the present ever
i've been playing WoW since BC and haven't received a code
Longtime player since early BC and will spend the time to try out the features and help me decide who to plan on maining in wod.
every addon WoW brings meaning to my life. I was so anhappy. Pls, joy me this key
I am ready to slay the iron horde, i report bugs, i have very strong opinions on how classes and dungeons play. I'm so pumped, hope i get a key:)
Choose me ign, world of warcraft is love, warcraft is life!
I would like a key plz, been playing WoW for 8yrs and never got a beta inv :( for any of there games
I'd love a key I'm a huge fan of wow I've been playing since 2005 and I'd love to test out the garrison and lvling from 90 to 100.
Ive played WoW for a really long time. Loved BC and am super glad to go back. Would be sweet to try it out before a mass majority of people, especially my guild so I can give them some helpful advice on stuff like garrisons and stuff.
IGN you smell so nice I want to be your spice. 
Been playing since the game released.  been in each Beta. Plus i actually report bugs !
Been playing since Vanilla, haven't gotten into any beta for WoW and really looking forward to WoD to see the new additions/stat weights changes. New content is needed now for me after doing SoO for about a year now
Got entire summer free and wouldnt be more fun then to play WoD, played wow for 7years if that matters and Im still as excited as the first day I played it! :D
Been playing since the game released.  been in each Beta. Plus i actually report bugs ! Will stream game! will make an ad on stream layout
Been playing since vanilla and would be really interessted in trying out and giving feedback on the pvp in WoD. 
I know This is probably futile, because I never win anything; However I would love to win a beta key. It would make me happy. I love gaming, to the point I am working on creating a gaming channel on Twitch. It would truly be thrilling to win a beta key for WoD.
Please i want a btea key and ign is my home I love ign and wow is My favorite game and id loved to get into the beta, as I cant wait to try hunters
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