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Get a first look at The Elder Scrolls Online.
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+Srayan Ray: It's a video game that's massively online based on the Elder Scrolls series.
I'm fearful that it's just going to be "the next iteration of World of Warcraft" again. But in the Elder Scrolls world.

These companies are trying to mimic the success of the biggest game in the genre by mimicking the game mechanics. And it's been going on for years.

If they try to do anything substantially different, I'll probably check it out.
Just a fan of Elder Scrolls series and cant wait for a never ending and constantly changing world online. Sounds good to me
Elder Scrolls is my favourite RPG series of all time. I love it more than FF. I've been a big fan since I first played Arena in '94. I put probably over 2000 hours into Daggerfall. I've put well over 500 hours into Morrowind and Oblivion each. Skyrim just came out last year, and I've already put 300 into it, and half of that was the first month. And probably twice as much to go once we get some good mods rolling in. Oh, and I also beat the shit out of Battlespire and Redguard.

That being said, I'm going to literally cry if this is a WoW clone. And the only time I've cried in my adult life are when family members die. A piece of me will die. Bethsoft, you better not fucking disappoint me. Make TES into an MMO, don't make an MMO out of TES. I want to be able to replay Daggerfall, Morrowind, Skyrim, etc, with my friends. I don't want to play a WoW clone that has the lore of TES.

Make this happen, and I'll buy a lifetime subscription. Fail, and I won't even buy the game.
Actually, I rather enjoyed Skyrim. Much more than Oblivion. It felt more like Daggerfall, with the Radiant questing, except it still had the hand carved questing. The best things about Oblivion were the new engine, and the modding community. I wasn't really impressed with the rest of the game. For TES, anyways. I still played the shit out of it. Nothing could really top Daggerfall, though. I'm still waiting for them to re-release it with a better engine, and Windows 7 support, although I'm sure they never will. I ran it in DOSBox a couple years back. Still a fun game. Out of all the core games, I'd probably say Daggerfall > Skyrim > Morrowind > Arena > Oblivion. But, if Morrowind had Skyrim's engine, it would have beaten out. Morrowind felt too klunky.
Skyrim's mechanics is very simplified comparing to previous games, but still, i think it's excellent.
my dad has been playing the demo and he loves it!!!!! can't wait to play the whole game!!!!!! XD
Next year sometime. Probably towards the end of it. And, there is no 'demo' of it yet. There's probably an alpha, which you'd have to be employed by Bethsoft and be on the development team in order to play it. I'd be surprised if there's even a beta out in 2012.
I think it will be a WoW clone like Star Wars-TOR, getting used to be disappointed.
IKR i really can't wait for this game to come out!!!!!! XD
No console version mentioned, :-( I wish more companies would release their MMOs on consoles. Final Fantasy XI was released on 2 different consoles and PCs and they all inter-played with one another just fine. What's the deal?
+Scott Mansfield Yea, understandable. I remember Skyrim ran and looked great on my PS3 when I first got it, and then they released a patch to fix an issue on the XBox and all of a sudden I started having issues like textures loading slower and some lag. Most of the issues seem to have been fixed now, but I'd rather wait for a game to be done right instead of screwing over one audience or another trying to make it for all 3 at the same time.
only problem with this is like on my PC verison it lags to no end and i have the recommended specs for it but have no problems with it on the xbox version
+Scott Mansfield I had to turn all the graphics down to knock some of the lag out not sure whats going on with it lol
+Tannya Loza Make sure you don't have tons of unnecessary programs running in the background. I remember when I used to run Windows and it seemed like everybody and their cousin thought their software was so important you would want it to run in the background every time you turn your computer on. Check your system tray for programs you aren't using and close them, they could be taking resources away from your games.
it sounds like they are doing the wow formula... it is really dissapointing :(
I hear this isn't just in Skyrim, but consists of all Tamriel. Is this true?
from what I saw, it sounds like they are only doing half the areas, but probably incorporating more later :p
no, look at the article, they are doing it like wow with moves and classes... it isn't really Elder Scrolls... it is a wow reskin, like I expected :p
That's a bit disappointing. Still buying it. 
I'm really dissapointed with their decisions.... you would think they would have learned from the other MMO's....
I just would hate the feeling of World of Warcraft in The Elder Scrolls.
the difference is the way combat is done... instead of doing spells and combat, the are doing moves which always do the same amount of damage and such :p
I agree with Dylan. But remain hopeful.
Please re-realise a heavily modified Morrowind! Will pay good money!
I loved skyrim the only problem I had was when asked to kill the dragon at the top of the world, who cares about his war crimes his voice was sexy and I, I, I just couldnt do it
If you're on PC earthlad you don't have to do it. Download "The Parthunaxx Fix" on Steam Workshop.
Another WoW MMO, woot! Guess back to playing solitaire for me.
Is that Dumbkedore's voice in the trailer?
Nico P.
it will be fail if copy rest of mmos
I just don't get all that excitement around TES Online. Bethesda isn't participating in the development at all. It will be "just another generic Fantasy MMO".
wakaka,I enjoyed playing this FANTASTIC games..mmm,just started,trying to make dedric armor..huhu
+Rustam Gafurov "While Bethesda Game Studios, the developer of the single-player Elder Scrolls games, is not creating The Elder Scrolls Online, they are consulting on aspects such as lore accuracy. Aside from that, though, all decisions about content creation are being handled within ZeniMax Online Studios." -IGN
Also, ZeniMax owns Bethesda. It sounds worth checking out.
And thus dies one of the greatest single player dynasties of our time. I really hope I'm wrong about that.
my friend works with gameinformer and was able to play it as it is still in its developing process, and he said that there are some major glitches that still need debugging. But, by the time the release it to the public, modt of themwill be taken care supposedly. Cant wait!
This will be nice, but I'm going to hate Bethesda forever if it isn't one Tim payment
i'm expecting good things, but i'm worried that having it a full MMO will ruin the game. It seems like it would be better if you could set up private games with your friends like Diablo 3. Thats my personal thought, i may be wrong. What do you think?
No doubt it will be a good game, and this type of game is probably better suited for online play since the standalone versions are riddled with bugs, unless the online versions have bug problems also (I don't play them enough to know), then it will be a complete waste of everybody's time.
I'm not buying DIII, so I could care less about it. I think I'm going to wait until I give TESO a chance before making any decisions. I gave DIII a chance, and it failed.
Skyrim is riddled with bugs? Your kidding right?
Skyrim does have bugs and faults so do you but i still read your shit and Arron you irritate me also you and you're duddy skull
I'm happy for you +Aaron Vidro, it makes me happy to know I make so much impact on someone, that my opinion matters so much to you gives me a warm feeling inside. I'll rant about DII sucking, I've waited ten years for them, and all they have done is disappoint me to no end. You can suck it if you don't like that.
Well, the whole incredibleness of all of the Elder scrolls Is the ability to follow an incredible story and get down into all the details or go around and Fuck shit up. However, WOW ruined the whole MMO style for me because it made it so one could only be good if you were a very high level. Also, The fighting system in WOW is not as up to par as other games coming out such as Tera or Guild Wars 2. Also, I hope they make it original with the HUD and the spells and the weapons. Bethesda has done a great job with Elder Scrolls by keeping everything new and adding new elements. So i hope they don't ruin such a great series by making it an unmemorable game.
I just reread IGN's analysis of the game, and based on the entire series' world and what they said, it sounds like it's going to be just like WOW with slight tweaks. Healers/DPS/Tanks/Etc., Not allowed to make your character anyway you wish (Khajiit into a full on monster warrior), Phases of the world and your Character's story, Skill bars, Dungeon, raids, etc. it honestly sounds like another continent in World of Warcraft. These are just assumptions though so it may be to early to tell
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