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This game could be the triumphant return for one of the most beloved PC franchises.
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Bob Low
i new this game even before i had a pc, the franchise is old as hell.
Have any of you played Blacklight Retribution? It's a high quality free 2 play FPS that just came out. There are mech suits in that game as well. But the mech suits are just another weapon in the game, not the basis for the entire game like Mechwarrior is.
If only I still had my old Microsoft Sidewinder 3D Pro to dust off to complete the nostalgic trip. :P
Omg, good old times ;)
+Alex Bunting I was just thinking that I still have my old sidewinder put away somewhere - I might have to look for it! I wonder if they have win7 drivers for it.
Oh man i use to play this game for Mechwarrior 2 31st Century Battle.
Oh wow. Time to dust off the old joystick....and find a serial port.
Funny thing is I still have that same joystick i used back than.
I gave mine away. Haven't used it since then.
Reminds me of World of Tanks. Can't wait to try it out.
I remember getting mechwarrior 3 as a kid and getting really mad when I couldn't install it, as it needed 500mb hard drive space.
I really like Mechwarrior. I used to play the pen and paper when I was a kid back in the 90's. Done right this universe is super compelling.
never tried this game before but i probably will it looks good
Looks good, but "Hawken" kick his ass
My best friends dad is co-owner of the company who owns this game and battletech! Randall Bills of Catalyst Game Labs
Mad cat with shoulder mounted srm and two long range laser for the win. :-)
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