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The greatest thing you'll see today: 8-bit Google Maps! |
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Now I feel like playing Dragon Warrior.
Wow!! That's so cool! Lol. It seems like it's Dragon Warrior themed (with a bit of a couple of other old 8-bit games like it).

It's awesome. :)
Google you never fail us :)
If only this would really be released on cartridge, but I also have one problem...I don't have a famicom. The browser version is fun though!
jaja pues siii esta padre el bideoo y felisitasiones por todass las funciones ke asn echoo
Quest one. Get some Groceries. . . . . . .
Absolutely the greatest thing I will watch today! +100
I would play this more than Battlefield 3.
how much effort into something thats just a joke. even street view works !
hahahah love it. That's some computer scientist humor
I would prefer a Nintendo 64 version :D
It's times like this that I forgive Google for being a massive online conspiracy to take over the world. HILARIOUS APRIL FOOLS :-)
Ahh man, I remember blowing on those damn cartridges, why is it that that always worked, I still some time do it with sd card at times or flash drives. It just always works =)
In a leap year, does April fools day come one day early?
Hah Hah. I enjoyed that. Knew before I clicked play it wasn't for real of course. But hey, may as well watch and enjoy eh.
Freakin Awesome, too bad iz not real
Oh, my! Who help me here. I cannot get up from the floor! 8-bit google map, wooohaaaa! 
Si hay que disfrutar de la vida cuando se pueda y ser muy personal en todo momento saludos...
It is a joke, but it's real. Probably only will work for tomorrow. Access Google Maps and click on Mission on top right corner.
They didn't need a modem in the cartridge, right? I thought the NES had a optional modem adapter to an expansion port on the bottom. Still great stuff, 8 bit street view is awesome!
So pointless and rather stupid... I kinda want it.
It's me, or someone else thinks is April 1st somewhere else in the planet? (where I live is still May 31)
The people saying April Fools obviously hasnt looked at actual Google Maps where you can see the 8bit version yourself.
Google have enough time (ie money) to make their April Fools joke a reality! Does look good on the actual google maps (click Quest), make sure you try street view to see your neighbourhood in 8bit!!! ...what a laugh :-)
how meny times have you played? I have played it 22 times
actually in google maps where you can press satalite and stuff it says quest
Why does it redirect my browsing experiance wholeheartebooey-bababooey-ba-ba-booey!
Dammit April fools! I was gonna buy this until I got 30 seconds in and realized the date. Day = ruined
Luvin' it. Actually works, even being an April Fools
This is SO cute!!! I would have never expected something like this!!! Please, keep it!!!!
I heard they're making a mobil version as well. It's coming out for the Game Boy this summer!!
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I would love to plan a road trip using this do you think it would work
Was a great april fools :P
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