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Microsoft invests a lot of money in a new live-action pre-Halo 4 webseries.
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Realism = 10 out of 10.
Suit design = 1 out of 10.
Damn they must have a massive budget.
Wow. He looks like a little kid playing as a robot.
That's so realistic. James Cameron eat your heart out
Nice! this almost looks like a Halloween costume i had last year... except it...was all.... foil. now that's real 3-D XD
is this how the world is going to end?
with robots holding carboard box guns,
ha, funny looks almost like a robot in a human costume.(yes i did write that the way i wanted and not backwards)
Borth X
pfft... Power Armor is for Pussies
Bros are you kidding me its the Future of Gaming! Lol no I was kidding.
Yeah! Is that how the Live Action ad for Halo 4 gonna be. Come on Microsoft put some money into gaming! Nintendo and Sony has you beat!
Well the graphics are as good as blue ray but there does need to be free online, Microsoft is the king of rip-offs!
+Kristian Frosig as good as blu-ray? Do you realize that blu ray has nothing to do with graphics right?

And rip offs? Oh please... Sony allstars? 
Yeah, video quality, but Xbox's video quality is as good as Blue Ray. Thank You for pointing out my mistake. =D
+Kristian Frosig blu ray is just a disk format and has a larger capacity. Doesn't result in more "video quality"
hmmmmmm, it looks like modders have made another great Minecraft mod.
Well it does actually provide better video quality.
No it doesn't. You obviously don't understand it.

If it did.. please tell me how most multi platform games look better on 360
it seems that modders have made a new mod for Minecraft again.
Um....Because Xbox has better everything than PS3 and Nintendo!
Because more space means less things have to be compressed, like image data, as for what looks better, that is all biased as hell.
Image data? That's a new one. You mean textures?

And biased? Please. Maybe opinionated.. but not biased. I own all consoles including a gamig rig (which pc games come out on dvds BTW)
Yes biased. Ask a ps3 fanboy & an xbox fanboy which looks better: uncharted 3 or gears of war 3? Who do you think will answer what? Either way, the tv, or monitor (ignoring the issues of video or graphics cards) is what determines how good something looks like.
You don't have to be biased to have opinions. I personally believe uncharted 3 looks ever so slightly better but that isn't to say that gears 3 didn't have some things that looked better.. because it did.

Anyways crysis is still the best looking game I have ever played
I never said people don't have opinions. & yes, Crysis does look amazing. cheers man
This is great! Looking forward to it.
realism, 100%
suit design, 0.00000000000000000000000000000000001%
This pic perhaps will get over 100 +1 today! So hurry up and press on +1 if you didn´t do it up to now! The developers also need their reward.
So that's what the new armor looks like.
100 times +1 reached! There you see how famous halo is!
This... Is life on a budget. Cause iHalo was too expensive.
lol.. Halo Reach, Lego Edition.
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