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Did you check out the limited edition Chrome Series controllers coming in May?
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I would only buy one if I had a mathing console. Who agrees?
New J
If only Google made them! :)
Wii does not compare to the xbox 360! Switch now!
I just wonder how these are going to look after some use on them and finger prints. Seems like they might need some weekly cleaning.
i would get one if they were pastel colors ...i dont like chrome on stuff
y would want a chrome controller that u cant even c while u r playing
That looks real good. It would be cool to have a chrome 360 controller.
if it was a ps3 controller that would e different
Looks like a fingerprint magnet
they need these for the MW3 controllers
cool..... seems comfortable... hav to put on test under my fingers :)
how can they have silver and not gold
They'll just be all finger-printy until the chrome wears off...
I still dont understand why 360 controllers cant INCLUDE with a rechargeable battery.
Nope. I dont got an Xbox. So... no
alex v
I got a Wii and a PC so nope, ain't buying those controllers
Me likie!...Could you gift wrap that? Just kidding, but it IS nice...
alex v
+Shemar Tappin I told my dad to get me a PS3 and he said that it costs too much and I wasn't doing well in school so he said that he would buy me a Wii. And I rarely use it because I'm underweight. I got it for my birthday also so it was kinda a bad gift. Not many fun games on the Wii.
@ Alex - You rarely use your Wii because you're "underweight". Ummm... HUH?!?!!
Wonder how much these are going for?? $50 - $60?
OMG the design is wonderful
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