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Game over, Mario…

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tee eet
Wow!!! It This is a Mario Game and I Make Mario Games and It Looks Like a Game Called Super Mario Ultimate and Link is the Secret Boss While Bowser Takeover Mushroom Kingdom and Save Princess Peach and Mario and Luigi and Toad Save Her and Nice Powerups and Ability to Ride a Yoshi.
This should be an episode of L&O
Jajajaaja... Nunca lo ví de esta manera... XD
This is hilarious. I love it. I am not against video games but it's also not a bad thing to go outside once in awhile. Put the controller down, killing people is not a good reality.
It was the clouds who squealed!!
"Next week on Law and Order, Mushroom Kingdom"
love it. Image this happening in a game, it would be great.Who would have thought that all those time we play the game you could have done that to a koopa.
Mario...MWPD!! (Mushroom World Police Department) Freeze!!
awesome awesome good night gameover mario go on vaction
haha.... mario ma man! my first video game.....
So funny because its true
Reminds me of the Mario-GTA crossover on Robot Chicken
wow that's so cool
The photos on his cell's wall are Louis n princess! lol . Well, if this were true, my Mario should be dead for 1 thousand times. No crime is more severe than capturing a princess in fantasy worlds. Killing one mob or two? As common as breakfast. A boss? That's a meal for luncheon. A devil from hell? Could be a dinner. Plus the demons along with him as desserts!
Why can't I see the tag "Mario" here? Dx oh yeah, at the 7Th picture it's a weird criminal.. >.< (I did got the idea)
won't he respawn ???
That's just insane the Goombas only disintegrate.
Something to think about next time you play
我的童年!/Oh my childhood!
โหดมาก! จุดจบของ "มาริโอ้"
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