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Star Wars or Star Trek? President Obama reveals what side he is on... but what about you?
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Star Trek. Though the lightsaber is still my fav weapon.
you will all be assimilated! who needs votes when you have the collective?
Your taxes will
Just prove's what a joke he is, alway knew he was not born in America. He was hatched of alien spawn.
Yep that's Obama, Borg all the way all he seems to do is Take,Take,Take from everyone and play like he gives a ** about anyone but his/party's bank accounts and he's being sure to leave this country in shambles just like the Borg would leave a planet.
well, the borg ideal would certainly help to put us all on equal footing, rather than have the super rich walking on everyone else as the republicans would hope to have happen. the borg would never allow any of their drones to be poor or needy.
+Phillip Tindrell The race card comes up so much I can see it coming up from the deck. Just bring up Bush whenever you get mad.
Pretty sure this is his campaign slogan too.
I don't want Obama's mind to be a part of mine, even for a split second. It would be like a computer virus in my head. Did anyone else notice that Obama does ads and interviews to game sites and in games as soon as he starts campaigning like when he ran before I had to pass his damn face in Burnout Paridise every damn billboard. I dont remember gamers getting any under the table deals like the rest of his puppets in power that voted. Now he is doing interviews and sure ads will start to soon I say boo this man BOO
Nothing like politics to bring us all together.
+John Ahlgren race is not the issue. Bush was our president before Obama. Bush was in office during the beginning of the recession and Obama is fixing the mess. Love the pic though.
It should be "Baracus of Borg!"
But hey no fear! Were at Google plus we are already assimilated. :-)
+Ashlye Cooks
Responding to unwarranted accusations of Bigotry actually DID make race the issue.

Phillip Tindrell - Bigots working for IGN, there may be couple ;-)
I love the pic too, and could go on all day how our President is unAmerican.
So that brings the whole birth certificate thing up again, huh?
I dident say a damn thing about him being black. That's the problem it always oh white Guy says something must be a racist. I don't Care if he is black or white he is screwing this country IMO (which I can share...I'm allowed don't like it don't read it). Have a Nice Day :)
+Lord Josiah Geass he's fixed a lot...but people will not admit it and that is fine. Each person is entitled to his or her opinion. He's accomplish a lot during his first term.
+John Ahlgren isn't Honolulu, Hawaii apart of the USA. He's American to me.
Serious...the debate about this president will go on for centuries. And it will be like...Well he was this because X and Y but on the other hand not because he did A and B. This president will be studied by historians like no other. I predicted he would be president right after he gave his more perfect union speech at the 2004 convention but I still don't know whether to love him or to hate him. Probably it would be good for the states to have him for four more years because he's a strategic longterm thinker. And he's pragmatic.
{Deep Breath} checking out of this convo: will.. not.. get.. mad..
Obama: SCOTUS must be assimilated
well he is the antichrist , so it makes since
Well you leave me no choice now Asslye
If you didn't have the words "Bigot" "Ignorant" and "Fair Share", I swear you blind Obama following lemmings would have absolutely nothing to say at all.
I admit he has done a great deal for women in legislation this year, but who wouldn't? I honestly don't understand the mindset of someone who would vote for this guy ---> Obama Insists Inflating Tires Better Than Oil Drilling
Well do you understand the mindset of someone that would vote for Bush? Not once but twice?! Fact is, Bush and administration made a mess & Obama & his administration came in & had to fix what they could of the damage left behind. Facts show that Obama has fixed more in 1 term than expected, not just for women. Oh and I see that you are a good politician too because you have attempted to avoid answering: What is your definition of an American since Pres. Obama is "Un-American"? And how could anyone vote for these new Rep. candidates? They're a disgrace and a joke.
yall are funny. I pick Star Trek, but i love to have the force be with me.
Yes its not often that I'd struggle to pick a side in any confrontation but on this one the only reason that I would pick star trek is jar jar ruined half of starwars for me.
What's the cost to extract that oil? My criticism of Obama is that he compromises too often. As a politician opposed to an executive he has not had much choice but to compromise its what politicians do. On the other hand he has always looked at the long term strategic value of doing something and on that he is usually right. However doing the right thing is often not politically expedient.
The Republicans are still fighting the last war. Industry has too long just re-arranged deck chairs on the titanic. We need to look at real productivity and automation, and moving from centralized production towards decentralized production.

Just my opinion.
i just saw the video it is great!!!!!!!!!
I love how everyone says look at the facts but they haven't Obama has fucked the next president after this term to have to deal with the fallout of this retarded Health care that every other country told us not to do. Then he rush's it. That bill alone is going to make this country so poor we might not come out oof it. I'm learning from a military surgeon how to take care of myself cause if Canada is any example I know that I don't want to wait a week to see a doctor that is underpaid and overworked just like the great police force we have that get shit on all day for at lleast 12 hours then go back and do it again for no money. But I guess as long as you sheep keep making your $$$ that's all that matters right
God dammit, Obama. Stop being so likable. You're only going to make me sad when I vote against you.
Star trek of course it's way better than star wars I luv star trek!!!!!!!!
Ashlye Cooks - Obama hasn't fixed a damn thing, he's made things worst! Quit looking at skin color and look at the facts. He has spent more money in less than 4 years then Bush did in 8 years.

He spent 2 years backdooring his unconstitutional healthcare down our throats that the majority of Americans didn't want and in turn has only made healthcare cost skyrocket.

The only thing that he has done a good job of is increasing our national dept, dividing Americans with his race & class warfare, putting millions of people on food stamps and making more Americans dependent upon the government for their every need. I could go on for hours about the damage he has done to this country but I don't have the time.

He has now achieved the title of worst president and will not be reelected in November. Ashlye, Please include your facts for exactly WHAT he has done good in his four years as president

Phillip Tindrell - You are just plain ignorant. Even Obama now knows he's worn the whole "it's Bush's fault" excuse out and Americans don't want to hear it. It's Obama's economy now. He owns it now and has only made things worst with his liberal policies.
Most of the developed world has Universal Healthcare for their citizens. These countries have the highest quality of living standards. The U.S. is listed 9th.
Obama recognizes that even though the banks were bailed out, and Wallstreet has returned, funding to mainstreet has been almost non-existant. Therefore as part of the jobs act, we have crowdfunding. This is a strategic long term move, which will put capital in the hands of mainstreet businesses, looking to produce things.
The problem with healthcare is he looked to do a private sector solution, and he compromised on many aspects. It is not like he had much of a choice. In the long term Universal Healthcare is needed. We also need tort reform to go with it, and we need to expand the pool of healthcare professionals, in order to put downward pressure on expenses.

I wonder today, if we put high school education up for a vote, if people would agree that its needed, or if they would just argue, that its too expensive?

I was not a supporter of Obama before, but I am now. Why? Because he has done the smart thing most of the time for the long term benefit of the country. He has paid a political price for doing so. I though initially he was a good sales guy with no managerial skills. The reality is that administratively he has done well, but somewhere along the way, he lost his ability to communicate the issues. This lack of communicating and educating on the issues, will be his undoing if not corrected.
The jobs act is nothing but another soon to fail stimulus package. What is the point of overtaxing businesses, putting those revenues into a 'jobs fund', reallocating the funds as the government sees fit, then returning it to the same businesses 40 cents on the dollar as part of a stimulus?
The Jobs act has a key part which is crowd-funding legislation, which allows for equity capital formation of small business. This is the biggest deal since Reg D.
lol How would you define "crowd funding"?
Keynsian or Laisses Faire?
Reagan was the latter.
It's the biggest deal since "The New Deal"-- which totally sucked
There is no 99%
There is only 63% who pay taxes for the 57% who don't
+John Ahlgren
With the internet, the world is transitioning to agile, distributed manufacturing. The world is moving from large centralized controlled systems, to distributed systems.

Crowd-funding is a tool to get capital to main-street. Healthcare need not be a bad thing, and it can help more than it hurts but its in the implementation details. I am not entirely pleased with Obama's plan because its too much like a bureaucratic compromise, which provides the worst of both systems, but seldom the best of both.

All is not lost, if he can get tort reform added to the bill, something many democrats will be opposed to, it will lower the costs of providing medical services. This needs to go hand in hand with better oversight of medical doctors, practices, and licencing. The regulatory oversight needs to be common across all 50 states so the regulatory burden is minimized.

In addition we need to produce more healthcare professional, and at the same time, extend local non profit clinics, and maybe create a public service branch just like the military.

Whereby young people looking to practice medical arts and science can sign up for service, receive public education for their service time. This will put a downward pressure on prices.

Finally we have very favorable finance policy for medical research and as a condition of this financing and grants we should demand that for a certain segment of the population that we are able to sell these drugs at cost + 5%.

Yes that amounts to tax on the wealthier populations, but it is not one administered by government directly, and still provides an incentive for improving, while still enabling the core seed funding for these endeavors.

People who have spoken with Obama realizes these things, and wants them, but for whatever reason, he is not selling the policy.

I guess because its not easy to fit into a sound bite. I think the vast % of Americans are capable of understanding, and if you provide real meat intellectually, will respond in kind. However, there are many big interests who like the way things are now, and they would lose if things change.

The cynical will say he is just paying lip service, and he has sold out to big business, just like many republicans.

I can't read minds. However, the policy is not nearly as bad as some wish to make it for political reasons.
Obama has done great for long term benefits for the nation plus he has fixed more wrongs that the bush people left for the next guy which by the way was a lot. All and all he has done a lot more than was expected for him.but somehow people are not fully aware of his less trodded path so hate on him.
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