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Get Diablo III help:
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havent played yet,, is it awesome?
If anyone could play it...auth servers have been down for hours so noone can play. Single or Multiplayer :-(
LOL. I refrain from commenting on the above picture.
They need a mini fridge and and microwave for hot pockets and they'd be set.
Brilliant, this way Cartman won't have to call for his Mom.
BWAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA, i guess when you gotta go and you dont
want to stop your youtube video this is the best option
It won't even install for me even with the new install client. I think Blizzard maybe released it to early. It appears to be a buggy piece of crap at the moment
what type of game is it??? action? strategy??
Heh. My PC is ancient. Too bad I can't play it either.
...forgot the fridge
knew this would happen sooner or later...
MR. Man
ok thats the best set up ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yeah buthe servers are at full capacity because blizzard sucks and sell more than they can support ...
All you need now is a seat cushion and a mini frig. :) Warning: hydrate and stand every few hours for maximum play.
fun but not comfortable at all.
Jay B
PERFECT hahaaa
Need a hammer to crush blizz...stuck at loading hero screen after getting to L7. meh.
haha, this is freakin awesome... gotta forward this to my buddy...
For those of you asking for a fridge, you don't need one. Your mom can just bring your meals to you in your "game room".
Hey; the truth is ugly, people. XD
So it gives you diarrhea ? :)
jajajjaa so fun maybe I need one! I'm so to fan of twitter an facebook.
I can see how this could come in handy, of course some with a web cam might decide he wants to post something on YouTube.
for once...someone is prepared
Ru Ha
Notice the beers in the sink
Do not want to be picky, but is that green mold growing in the corner, or something more worrisome? And the paper work, where is the damn white fibrous material one needs in order to complete a job. Yes I now it is a paperless task, but only in certain areas and under certain conditions! I mean paperless doesn't always mean PAPERLESS.
I believe the proper position is head in the toilet and ass in the air so Blizzard can fuck you over.
1st-Toilet seats are very uncomfortable. 2nd-Electricity & water not a good idea. Looks like your asking for trouble. 3rd-Keep your bathroom business private please.
not rly...i do the same thing whith world of warcraft
game sounds intereting, abit extreme to play in the batheroom, i like my busniess to be only my time! lol epic pic though!
wheres the miny refrigarator? you need to drink too
lol little bit weird to play well going t o the bathroom
Tae Oh
Where's the microwave, snacks and energy drinks?
Where's the fridge full of food and the phone to order more?
Diablo 3 is a sad game, a spoiled by pay for loot dungeon crawler.
where did you find this photo. this is so funny lol.
What is that in the sink, tools? the only reason a computer would be there is if someone was board and needed something to do while doing there business. And why would there be a window, and PRINGLES I MEAN THAT PERSON MUST NOT HAVE A BRAIN!!!!! I could only imagine what else there is in that bathroom! "_"
would have to be a high end laptop which would cost some serious $$ where as a high end desktop would be considerably less
is nice, you can defecate and watch video
Hah, great. My 3DS lives beside the loo.
It's hip to hate on popular stuff. Or is that douchebaggery? I forget. Either way, you're a douche.
hahah is gets crazy, every time,also PC in your bathroom, lol
That's the seating arrangements working for British Telecom to stop us signing off to go to the toilet...
Adam G
thats gay and stupied
So Homer, how do you feel about the launch issues?

"Let's just say I'm sitting im the right chair"
LMFAO--hubby & I just SAID this to our son, who is IMPATIENTLY installing D III, in order to play with his bro, 850 miles away (who d/l at midnight)...if there were a FRIDGE in the photo, would be better!
holy crap...
no bog paper!
paperless office
Hey look, a toilet, right where Diablo belongs.
where's the mini fridge and mountian dew intervinous drip?
You ain't ready!! PHAAAAIL!!!
this only happens in america this is really wierd
I'm not a gamer but that's pretty freaking funny.
the randomest stuff get the most likes and comments thts wat i just dont get
their missing the fridge and cabinet full of chips
whele it is amost ready i gesse and that is just nasty
Is anyone having sound issues can't hear anything.... iMac 2012
you know what? nooooooooooooooooooooo! toooooooo baddddddddddddddddd
yea sure... bet you've been waiting like 10 years for it.
i cant wait for this game to come out
Ahah! Seems pretty reasonable. but yet...nasty..
Thts cool but nasty at the same time xD
i tink is comstable place,but if toilet stoke mama mia
Just downloaded it this morning, but waiting for my son to come home to begin.
Just don't forget to feed the pets! And oh yeah if you have kids they need to go on Vacation at grandma's house, can't neglect them too. :)
actually near of wc must be kitchen to recycle hahahahaha
Reminds me of the World of Warcraft episode on South Park
notice how he isnt playing since all of the servers are overloaded and crashing. the screen should show one of the dozen or so error messages that millions of people keep getting
well you should probably just throw the game in that toilet
I don't see a plunger ... am lost without plunger....
yup....although it was easier for me, just brought the laptop power-cord
All kinds of wrong and funny at the same time. Leave it to a hard-core gamer to go to the extreme.
Don't clog it up because if it overflows then you have most definitely lost the game and should end up in the Darwin Awards!
Set up in your bedroom, so you can sleep while you wait for the servers to come back online.
I don't see a mini-fridge.
Diablo 3 is not ready for you, though.
theirs beers in the sink.. its all you need
Now you just need a pulley system out of the window to get your pizza when it comes!
Are you sure you are ready for a awesome game?
Oh man, I think I can expand my bladder from 8 oz to 32 oz this game :)
I'm going to want to eat, and I don't want anything coming from there.
Well, let's see...a lot of us already have that in our "private" room, we just don't have the desk. You know...lap top!
Not a bad way to use otherwise wasted time lol
that's giving me cramp in my legs even just looking at it...
Theo M
WAIT! wheres the mini fridge and microwave????
so where is the pint size fridge? oh wait, are those beer bottles in the sink? Ok you're set.
Sorry but where's the fridge? He's obviously not fully ready without a fridge
Totally un-necessary. Simply use the built in laptop shelf every toilet has, by sitting the other way round.
i need to get setup then if im going to keep up- nerd
I'm assuming they're going to throw the computer in the toilet.....right?
Yes there is a lot of shit on the net.
would be good if the net worked...
Lmao and need a mini fridge next to the toilet !
thats cool and wierd art the same time
Matt C
Are the servers still down?
Ready 4sure, just imagine. problem is I dont see any toilet paper
Is this wut america is coming to?
yes Anna Torres, along with your terrible grammar.
Oh I wish I had a pc that could run this. Fuck it DIABLO II WHERE ART THOU?!
mark r
:D awsome finally a computer for toilet
This game actually makes you crap yourself?
no, they just don't plan on leaving the seat to crap...
Dont forget mini freezer and microwave for food too
i would say I'm using the bathroom, problem?
And there I was thinking "treadmill desk"... much more elegant solution.
Psh. No mini-fridge full of hot pockets? No chilled keg full of game fuel? You fail... Not to mention notebooks to write down stuff to remember. Or a foot bath to soothe your feet? Or a butt pillow so your bum isn't bruised? Ice pack for possible wrist inflammation? Body spray to mask the smell (we can play through most of it but it gets bad at some point)? They have gaming glasses to limit eye strain now. Why don't you have those? Preparation young one, preparation... H also helps.
Ur office is kinda shitty
Kang Li
only three canisters of pringles!!!! not enough!
Needs more mountain dew. and some pizza boxes.
where's the microwave? where's the mini-fridge? this guy's only half-ready
FUNNY, i think i understand it
The greatest invention since the light bulb!
nice you r ready but where is the food?
I don't see a web cam. Thank God !
lol, that is freaking awesome.
The photo needs a big pile of bags of chips and Cheetos :D
Ack...I gave a Paladin a shield and now I'm locked out of the game!?! WTF?!? Oh wait...that's only something I heard happens if you do that online. Something like "Error Code 3006" or something. Go figure.
Some guys sh*#s and piss in the bathroom while playing the most popular video game.
you need a little fridge and a microwave and it will be perfect!!
you need some cans of nos and let the pc money makin atm begin.
i relly worn out so dont quote me on this guys
instead shift the loo inside your hall you can get everything there and that would be definetly perfect!!!!
My co-worker called into work for this. ... :\
Though I don't play it myself...seriously...those who ask "what is diablo" should just sign off now :)
Word that's what i call thinking ahead who needs a bit stop when you are already there
youre a trader
you dont have to run to have a good one
Pham My
????????????? it's a great idea
It was awesome until it fell over this evening. So much for a smooth launch.
What an interesting theory shit and have fun at the same time.Abig ole LOL!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA
that is the best work office in the world ha ha
instead of putting computer in bathroom next to toilet you can put toilet in your office !!!
lol running stomach i guess and we ca call it running stomach disoder
doing your buisness while your doing your buisness :)
don ton
you must have kitchen too!
yep, lol,
when you don't want miss a day at work , lolol
vua di ve sinh vua choi vi tinh :)
great i always poo my pant playing Diablo 3.
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