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We have more beta codes for the World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor expansion!

Leave a comment below telling us why you deserve one and then fill out this form:

To increase your chances at a code, go here for more opportunities:
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Played WoW since Vanilla, hitting end-game in every expac bast BC now I want to be able to play the beta to test HC raid content with my guildies so we can try for top 200 spot in WoD!
I want to write guides, my beta experience in my native language, to help people out!
This game has going on for almost ten years now wow!
I'd love to help Blizzard make this the best expansion yet.
Not had a brilliant year so far, was recently made redundant and I could do with some classic WoW escapism 
Been playing 8 years, would love a code to test new content 
Always wanted to try a beta. Been playing since Vanilla. Wod looks great would love to see it!
I want to be able to test the classes and see if there are any bugs in the open world exploring
Resintly divorced after four years looking for something to take away the pain hook me up pls
Been playing since Warcraft since it's first European beta many years ago. would love an opportunity to try this out.
I would like one because I have been playing since vanilla
 I want to test this new awesome expansion, lots of free time and pretty good player. Tested pretty much every blizzard game in beta and buy the game after, really love every blizzard game
Everything is Awesome!!!!!
I just want a chance to play with Garrosh's daddy. Tell him what a pain his son is on heroic.
 I'd love to play WoD Beta because I've never been to a beta before and I want to explore the content and help finding bugs and make the game a better place for everyone. :)
Let me explore the Lore and The new taste of awesomeness :)
People that are getting the beta are selling it for a high amount ( 100 dollars or more) like really wth... -.- . People like me and other really want a key to really give some feedback on the game and make it better.
I've been a WoW player since vanilla and have been trying so hard to get into the beta, plz I can haz code?!?! <3
I've been playing since Burning Crusade, I also have preordered WoD. I also report bugs. I can't wait to try this expansion. Please give me a code :)
Well...i've been playing wow since TBC with my friends and we had the oportunity to play wow in its apex ( which was for me TBC and WOTLK), after that the game became too noob friendly and was getting worst and worst, even though the game still pretty awesome I was forced to quit playing because all my friends wanted to stop.
So, i think that i deserve the oportunity to get a key because this expansion looks like that is going to "revive" wow, and all that i want is to show to all my friends how awesome warlords of draenor looks like, so i can play and share again good moments with my friends while playing WoW.
Played on and off here and there but Warlords of Draenor seems like it may be what it takes to pull me back in to the World of Warcraft. I would love to test the beta and submit my feedback to Blizzard! Thanks for the chance to win a beta key +IGN!
CODES! I have been playing wow quite a while, I wont tell you why you should give me the code. I wont lie about why i'm the perfect player to test the game. To be honest i'm a fan of wow, i think this next adventure looks fun and would like to get involved. Simple
Id love to test out new content before it comes out. been playing for 8 years
Would love a code. Been playing since 2005 and will buy this game
I know stupidity should be painful, but I gave away my first code and now I need another one.
Played wow on and off since BC, but have always been a huge fan of the lore. Beyond excited for warlords to see Grom, Gul 'dan, Ner 'zhul and durotan. Hopefully get some orgrim in there too! Id love a code to see how my favourite classes feel in the next expac, try out new tanking, new talents and pretty much just to see Dreanor before all hell broke lose!
Looking for the chance to experience the new content and give feedback to Blizzard! Thanks!
If I was able to get a key I will explore every inch of Draenor to find hidden treasures that are waiting to be found and be used to fight the iron horde.
My brothers and I used to all play together from vanilla beta through BC, but as we got older we stopped and grew apart. They've seen the changes for WoD and are now interested to play togerther once more (as am I) . I wanted to get in and experience the gamut of changes for myself rather than via piecemeal information.
I've been playing since Wrath and i play almost everyday. Currently though the game has become stale. I would like to get into the beta so i can try hunter and give constructive feedback to the class since i have mained it for 6 years.
Would really love to see the new additions of the expansion and really want to have the satisfaction of playing with a level 100 character :)
I have been playing warcraft since the good old days of vanilla , I haven't got in any betas , If i could get a key it would help a lot because I could share the information with my guild mates and provide feedback on the beta , and also explore the lore too , I want to see how it was in the old outlands(Draenor).
Please sir, I would love a key for WOD. As i'm desprate to hunt some ORC!
Just finished building my first PC and i need to try and test the newest version of my oldest and favorite PC game please!
A beta code would help we determine whether I want to relapse back into WoW abuse.
Gotta see my Dwarf Paladin with a shiny new beard! Would greatly appreciate a Beta code! If not, i'll just have to kill time till launch by watching some IGN news on the new DOOM haha
So I can see human that isn't the most boring character possible.
I like to test new things and want to help the Dev team to make a good game
Because i am trying to get a beta key since the beginning of time
This is the first expansion that has me excited. Looks like they have learned a lot from past expansions and are trying a lot of new stuff.
I need a beta code so i can get info on the lore and report bugs and glitches so that there wont be a bad launch for the expansion.
i tryed to sign up for prime and keeps givimg me a error this my reason
Regardless of how many other MMO's I've played none of them have come close to giving me the sense of "home" WoW has. I would be greatly over joyed to receive a beta key and feel I would put it to good use!
Vanilla player who is sick of missing out of every beta! Haven't been in one yet for WoW and want in with my fellow raiders to beta.
I am a vanilla player as well, and have been around for a long time, and to get in beta would mean alot, I want to get testing, and see all the new stuff! =)
I love wow so i want to try out the beta
I would love to try out the new changes to the classes.
Because I would actually do some beta testing as opposed to 'gief me free games early plz'
Just trying to get my raid leader a  code. Cuz he a nice guy
Beta key please first time being apart of it if possible. 
Because i was one of Leroy Jenkins guild mates!
WoD looks sick I can't wait to play!
Bart B
if i dont get it my guild will beat me up 
Been doing these kinds of betas for a while. Would love to give this beta a shot!
Please - I keep writing why I need codes but with no avail it seems - I need 'em to make my hubby happy.
please I've always wanted to play a WoW beta, be the first in try thing out, let have a code pls!
I would just really enjoy trying it :). 
 I would like one because I never got into a WoW beta before and I been playing since Warcraft: Orcs vs Humans! Love the story!
Been a wow player since vanilla, haven't played a single beta, come on help me here. 
I would love to be able to take part in a beta, which I have never gotten the chance to play in despite playing since Vanilla.
knock knock.
who's there?
I who?  
i want a beta key.
been playing since vanilla, and been a veteran player since and im so hyped about WoD and wud be nice to get a quick glimt of it before launch. and Hots! :D
Been playing since the original game was in beta. Would love a chance to win a key. 
Been playing WoW on and off since vanilla. Applied for beta for every expansion and never got an invite, hopefully I get one this time.
Been playing since the beta...I even liked Cataclysm!!!
Mind if I roll need??

I would love to be able to play with my friends, who have already gotten their codes elsewhere. Thanks IGN.
Need/would love first hand experience to see how my favorite classes and specs are changing. Gimme plz!
I deserve it more than anyone else because reasons!
I haven't had the chance to play with high-level characters often, so I'd love to see the new systems and how they work with the expansion. Plus, I don't have a job right now.
I'd like to see if WoW is worth coming back to after 3 years away, thanks!
Well judging by the comments i have no chance, but here goes. Played WoW for 6 years, left the game after Cata. Would love to see the new changes, and i've never got into a beta for any blizzard game ever. I'll love you long time IGN, you want dis.
My first child is due in January! If they release in December, I will have no time to try out the new expansion. HAVE MERCY, PLEASE!
I want a key because my horoscope told me this would be my week. Either that or I would lose my loved one. So you know, key plz
i want to try before i buy! and fine as many bug that i can i guess too!
If still posible , I would try beta , see is worth coming back as well
Wow. Best game ever made that why should get a code
Jesse E
I've been playing since closed beta. AND i'm from Bayonne, NJ 
Because it'll allow me to forget about the futility of existence for a span.
I would love a chance to try out the beta because I haven't given up absurd amounts of my life since I got 3 characters to 90 and want to do it again.
Hook me up! Would love to see the new models/lighting. Long time IGN reader. Help me make my friends jealous.
Played since original beta. Would very much like to continue my adventure.
Trying to see if it's worth getting back into.
I would like to get  a beta code so I can bet a test and keep the game as great it has been. I would like to honestly help out.
1. I'm the top player on my server. (ilvl and heroic progression) 2. I've cleared all content normal and heroic except the last three bosses HSoO.
3. I've had the expansion pre-ordered for months and I'm itching to see what's ahead :)
because if i don't get a code... the terrorists win.. you don't want that do you? of course not..
Because I skipped the Pandas, and now I need to know if it's worth coughing up the dough, before I have to cough up the dough.
I never get codes to any beta tests, would love to try out Warlords of Draenor!
I'd love to play Warlords of Draenor because I know a lot about the Warcraft lore.
The first game I played was Warcraft: Orcs and Humans. And I loved that game.Years later, I was able to play Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness and Warcraft 2: Beyond the dark portal (The first expansion with Draenor features), wich was my favorite of Warcraft Series, I even know a lot about Draenor, specially about the map. But in 2007, I was very surprised and in love with The Burning Crusade expansion (I'm talking about World of Warcraft), that I think that BC is the best expansion set for WoW.
And now I've seen a lot of new features about the new races models, the new features, and specially about Draenor. I'd really love to play the beta to create guides, report bugs and some feedback.
Thanks for reading IGN ;)
Oh god please, I need to frolic in Nagrand again.
Because i want to see if the old can be new again.
Being able to go to Draenor would be great.  I always loved Outland, and it would be awesome to see this old and improved version.
Want to play WoD Beta  with my old guildies and friends
Interested to see if they can bring back that old WoW feeling :)
To play the new content out in Draenor.  To test the new dungeon content and tanking as well.  Biggest is to give feedback and ideas that could enhance gameplay in live.
Would love to see the changes and if they've fixed hp scaling in pve/pvp
Allways wanted to give the beta  a try !
insert first world problems here
Because my DeLoean's Flux capacitor ran out of plutonium and this is my only way to travel back in time.. And of course because i'm an avid player and have a passion for the World of Warcraft!
I have played since Vanilla and I would like to explore Draenor and see the new talents!
I deserve one because I am a darling of a WoW player <3
Playing Wow has been a favorite past time for me, and people say i've wasted nearly my whole life on it, but it can't really be wasted if i enjoyed every second of it, i would like to play WOD because it's related to BC which was when i started playing, and would bring back valued memories to me.
John x
I'd really love to get one! Been playing since BC and I am a passionate explorer. So a beta key would be really awesome!
If I receive a beta code I will make you Pie.
I'd like to see the new char models. :)
Id really like to join all of my apparently extremely lucky friends who have beta keys. I've been playing since BC and still have yet to ever get a beta key for any of the Xpacs.. T_T
Play this game since 2006, and very want to see new world))
Wow addict for 8 years and rly want to test and provide feedback.
gimme it, and victory shall be yours. (but you know....really its mine)
If you give me a beta code, I'll sign up for IGN Prime!
I would LOVE a beta key to this awesome expansion! I PvP all the time. This game is great. Let me keep rocking at 100!
Would love to have be able to obtain a beta code so I am able to experience the changes to individual classes in WoD making it easier to decide classes that I may want to main!
Mike M
I've been playing Warcraft and since 2004! That's day 1 in Warcraft days! Playing Beta would make my summer that much better. Let me explore Warlords and leave some good feedback! Hook a brotha up with fix.
I have played WOW for a long time now. But it's starting to get old for me. So this beta/expansion might re spark my love for this game.
Wow someone actually using google+. I really hope to get a code. Time travel is awesome.
I have three kids and a loving wife. They would be devastated if I were to start playing wow again. I know I'm just a stranger to you, but if you care for their quality of life, keep those codes far away from me. 
Make me love this game again.
Played on and off for 8 years, would love to try out the beta. 
Because I love beta testing WoW and so far have missed out on doing so this time. 
Want to help my realm community by bringing back valid information. 
I've been playing WoW since release, and never had a chance to beta test it or any expansions. Would LOVE to test WoD out, and I'm on summer vacation, so I have plenty of time :)
WoW has been a major part of my live I basically grew up with it! I've never been given a beta key before in all the years I've played WoW and it would be a great asset to my guild to be able to take part in beta and provide feedback in order to prepare for release.
Would love to try out WOD,  a key would be much appreciated
I am a very dedicated wow player, and i can help for the beta process
I would love to join my guild in beta for raid testing and to check all upcoming changes. Im also very interested in those Garrisons.
I deserve a beta key because I it needsss me my preciousss.
Love to see all the changes they have added as being a dedicate WoW player also means i've pretty done everything there is to do atm.
I've only been playing since late LK. Translation: It is unlikely that I'll getting a beta key anytime soon. WoD is something that interests me greatly and I would be using the beta to have a good hard look at the Garrisons. I think that it's awesome that they're finally adding an equivalent to player-created housing to this game. Furthermore, as the guild master of a large (ish) guild (Discipline of Chaos - Proudmoore), I want to see all of the changes that are coming to guilds firsthand before they come so I know what to expect come WoD. I would also be filling out bug reports and such on Blizzard's beta forum in an attempt to assist them in streamlining the process of getting the game to market before the date that they've set out. Thanks IGN.
Just started back to WoW.  I would just really like to see how the game is changing and evolving in the new expansion.
Love wow, and love betas, heres for a code!
Have been playing since 2007 and never been invited to Beta Before so would be really nice to get a Beta Code :)
Been playing since early wow beta days. Ive been in nearly every mmo beta in past 2 years including the likes of swtor wow:mop and recently wildstar. Would love to beta the new improved wow to see all the changes 
I really need a beta code, please FOR THE HORDE.
Because even my noobiest friends got it but I still haven't got one as a Vanilla player and 3 times Beta tester!
I'd like a code after missing all the other betas. I've played since launch and grew up with the game. I'd also like to share the beta with others who play classes that I do, and the roleplayers too, for the interesting lore. 
would looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove a code...i need a reason to lose all my free time again
Trying to get into Beta with my guild, to help test raid balance.
Because my friend on chemo got in and has no one to play with
My friends already got key's and it would be nice to play with them.
I'm not gonna lie how long i'm playing or whatever. I'm just so excited about the new expansion, that i would love to join beta. That's all. Ye and i finally killed Garrosh yesterday! Just sayin :)
I feel like in the spirit of beta's it should go to players who respect it the most. I've played WoW since shortly after BC and never got chose for betas due to my terrible luck. Change this unfortunate souls luck IGN. Very much appreciated.
I've been around since the beginning. Every dungeon, every raid. Every landscape... ever made-- okay, no rhyming. I've been around for a long time and would enjoy to see if coming back for WoD is worth it in the long run.
Like everyone else, been here since Vanilla, 3 accounts, no beta invite yea, as much money that I have put into this game, I want one...yes please...
Dedicated fan since vanilla. Btw ,why not make a vanilla server too ? Would love a key
Man, are you kidding me?, World of Warcraft, too much anxious. Like ACUnity.
I've been playing since open beta of Vanilla...Took a break for 2 years after my guild fell apart in Cata, but have been back playing every day for a year now. I'd love to try out the beta!  There's even an NPC named after me, but no beta invitez!
Because I really want to play WoW again and I'd like to see if WoD is worth going back to.
love wow and been supporting it sience the very beginning. Would love a beta key :)
Long time IGN reader and WoW player since release. Would love a code!
Been playin since the beginning never got a beta key!
I would love a beta key, been playing wow since early vanilla and iam very excited about WOD
I want to be the first WoD black beta tester!
I would really love a beta key as a late birthday present, my birthday is on the 21th of july. I have been really wanting to try the beta out since it started
I would like a beta key please, I will give lots of feedback to help Blizz improve this expansion.
Adam S
Would love to get in and check out some new mounts, they are my favorite thing to collect
Thrall: Lok'tar friend, what is it you wish?
Me: A beta key.
Well, I want a beta key because I love Draenor (even in Warcraft 2), wich is Outland in the present (BC).
I want to see the new features in game and make feedback about things that need a little upgrade or fix.
I need a beta key, im in his universe since orcs vs humans and never left it.
I really need a beta key, it's the only reason I bought a nvidia geforce
gtx 760...
I would live in Draenor like FOREVER
Re-entering cuz I didn't fill out the form the first time. :D
I really need a beta key, it's the only reason I bought a nvidia geforce gtx 760...
I would live in Draenor like FOREVER
Would love to get a beta key and join my guild in testing WoD raids
i always played WoW, in all expansions since i was nine years old, and want to see if there is a chance to World of Warcraft became good like it was in 2007 :D need to see if the old can be new again
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