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So how would you like to pay for video games in the future?
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Lol... I now see the future!!!
lol good, very fun, i like this photo =D
"I have to smash my fucking skull on a block just to get a mushroom that tastes like shit and that doesn't even get me high!!!" Mad Mad Mario episode 2
I supply Mario with his shroomage...
I think episodic could work and I wouldn't mind never buying a disc again but you are killing me with dlc I would like to pay a yearly subscription to publishers that would allow me to download as many games as I want it's never gonna happen
This would make an interesting addition to Mario Bro's
Who pays for games anymore? It is like music and TV. Only old ppl pay. :)
Jon Dye
Well when you wanna play online, you pretty much have to pay.
LOL that just made my day
You got the mysterious floating gold coins, man? I brought the stuff, now pay up.
i just don't like DLC. it makes me not want to buy the game in the first place.
Lol this reminds me of the RobotChicken Skit with Luigi, LMAO
actually mario doesnt got what i want cause i never wanted a mushroom
Hahaha il this :)
"Hey wanna buy some 'shrooms?" -Mario
Prem, here is the shroom for u =D
thanks i am not the oney one that dose not like it
please circle me google+ers and I will do the same back! <3
Well it's agreed, you have soiled the name of Mario, thank you for ruining our childhood memories
I would like to pay $30 for a NEW game I download on my Xbox 360. DLC extra, of course.
well to bad sucks for u and i am fistest
I think games will be cheaper in the near future because we'll possibly play online and the expensive stuff would be the console.
Shrooms....its all a hallucination ...
and the small blue ones :P
i had to send this to my e-mail. too freaking funny!
hahahah lol........super funny bro
Me i wanted the fire flowers or the star for invincibility.
I would like to see video games being developed by the education sector for learning, by government for civics teaching and also to create new ideas to solve complex problems. These games can be static such as khanacademy to teach math and science or dynamic to teach civics and include the issue of the day. Examples could be budget deficit , over crowding prison population and so on. These should be the majority of games. The entertainment only based games that are paid or ad based should be developed but not on the scale it is now unless it serves a humanitarian or societal purpose not simply making money for a company.
pay with cold hard cash of course
My son, Zachary, would fall for the guy in this cartoon if I hadn't raised him to be smarter than to "buy off the streets".
I disagree. That would utterly throw off the color scheme of the picture.
yeah something more to pay for.....
None of your poll options are appealing to me. For many its about value no matter how things are paid for. Its also nice when the full game comes in tact and isn't sold to you piece by piece. Gaming to me is a form of storytelling or art, would you sell chapters separately? Maybe only sell the first half of a book? What about a painting? Would you chop that up? Maybe these aren't the perfect comparisons for some people, but for me its always been about the experience. The amount of money that goes with it depends on how I'm sold on the experience. (Which is another topic / issue I can easily go into but wont)
don't like the red ones the greens one, i don't know how to say it, they have more life.
It would be great if the single player campaign of games were longer. It's so disappointing when I spend $60 on a game, and finish it in 10 hours (Assassin's Creed Revelations, I'm looking at you ಠ_ಠ ). When I played GTA4, it took me about 50 hours to finish it. I like longer games like that. When I finish a game in 10 or 12 hours, I feel like I got ripped off.
làm thế nào about super mario bros crossover 2.0
No more paying for anything, resource based economics.
is "mario - corruption land" going to release?
i wanna see a funny fan game where mario is a shroom drug dealer just like how this picture jokes about that would be funny as hell
I'd like to pay for video games with chocolate coins.
not like that obviously
with as little money as poss - they are far too dear .
I will never buy PC games that haveto have an open internet connection to work. Not everyone has free internet connectivity (yes EA Sport take note) and now have very expensive games lying around unused. I have receipts for the games I have bought at ripp-off prices and that should be enough. Even spend tons of money on the howmanyith upgrade of my PC and games are still not working.
Sure here 9$ Mushroom s DLC
that's the reason why he has spent more than 15 years rescuing the princess
+Arlenys Ramírez you'd think he'd be smart enough not to leave the dumb bitch alone lol jk. Bowser always kidnaps her
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