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Microsoft officially announces $99 subsidized Xbox 360 bundle. Sound good?
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It's good for people that don't want to pay the upfront costs but bad in the long run for them.
you forgot about the online paying fee troll face
hmm... i'm not buying it... literally lol. something isn't right about it.
Lol 15 a monyh for xbox live when it is what? 50 or 60 a year lol what a rip off.
that is a lie straight up, someone has to be crazy to fall for it.
especially since it is only 4 GB
Nice,but it sucks y just now?
That's $360 for two years of contract... I see what they did there.
Lol. It's $359.76 for 24 months not including the $99.99 for the system itself. In the end you pay MORE for the system than buying a 250 GB bundle.
This would have been a nice way to pick up the Xbox when it was new. Doing now just before the next gen comes out is really late in the game. I know quite a few people who have used rent-a-centers for their electronics including their gaming systems. I think this way is a bit better because you are dealing directly with Microsoft and not another company that will cause you to spend a lot more in interest.
I have a feeling next gen xbox live will be supscription based;)
That's a bad Google Plus for glitching up in their web browser...
Its a smart business move. Just don't buy it if you don't see yourself being a fan of the service. Personally I will not buy one with a contract
This is nothing new really... Phone networks and outlets have been giving xbox's and ps3's away for years.... Providing you sign a contract of corse!
They need to subsidize the next generation console. This is becoming to expensive. I suppose that this is a pilot to see how this could go for next gen.
This is going to be a great thing to get the Xbox 360 into more households. Plus cell phone companies have been doing 2 year contracts forever now. Nice work Microsoft.
I have to say... that picture is perfect. :D
maybe missing some horns and a tale...
So $360.00 for two years of xbox live, $100.00 for the bundle, and you know you'll need a sperate hard drive wich is another $100.00. NO EFN WAY ! And the xbox 720 might be released at the end of the year. Don't be a jackass! ?????
The online service charge is why I play my PS3 more than my xbox. :P
Only 99$ + your soul... Muah ha ha ha 
Only $458.76+TAX for a 4gb 360??? NICE!
Screw this...they already got me on the Zune pass crap (which I just got rid of).
Evan W
It's a trap!!!
Evan W
I mean come on! Down payments? Really? It's just a video game console! If you can't afford it you can't afford it!
Two one year subs are what? Like 140 bucks? Two years at 15 a month is 360 dollars. So a 220 dollar difference. So you pay around 20 dollars more. for the $99 console.
Basically your paying an extra $40 for the convenience of a 2 year-$15/month loan.
hmmm i guess for some paying it out all at once would be impossible. Sneaky move MS.
If I was going to get one I'd rather pay up front. 
i agree with Phil, if you can't pay for it strait up then save, then get it
They are just testing the water with this , I can guarantee the next system will have this option from the release date if this goes well. Looks like no free online from MS anytime soon
With all the money MS has they really need to just have open internet.
Who buys an XBOX and doesn't get live anyway?
I cancelled my Live subscription my whole family games and I refuse to pay for it on 2 xbox 360s
Contract??? Sure. Let my law-firm have a gander at that contract and lets see what we can come up with
Keith B
I would be all over that, if only I were willing to buy anything from Microsoft.
+Jeremy Kalman. U may be on to something. Since the rumor of them locking out used games for the next system basically blew up in their face this may be Plan B.
yet one more reason not to buy Microshaft crap....
Google should make there own console and Bill Gates doesn't run Microsoft anymore so that is why they suck now
well the reason you pay a month is because it makes it a lot harder for people to hack they even did a test with non-biased people
AND you get a creepy smiley guy trying to annoy you into signing the "with contract"
WOW FAIL!!! 4 Shitty Gigs!!! fail!! good luck on downloading movies or demo before your hard drive fills up!
It is subsidized, but with the caveat that you are contracted into an XBOX Live subscription. It sounds like a deal, but then again so did a lot of cell phone plans with subsidized phones.
I am sorry, this isn't a good idea... but, much like cellphones, this price it going to be focused on than the full retail price. I sadly see this going VERY well for Microsoft.
It is only a matter of time before they all begin using this model if Microsoft manages to turn this into a winner, they will end up going with the model for everything going forward, and the competitors will mostly fall in line behind them. Contracts are for suckers.
Sorry Microsoft... Your fanbase is far too smart for your evil plans.

Huh? Apple announced a subsidized iPhone 4S that's free with a 6 year contract at 100 dollars a month? BRB, Gonna go buy it! It doesn't come out until tommorrow but the sooner I get there..
Ugh, 4 GB system. Little big planet 2 is half the data of 4 gb. That means only two games... Try going for the 160 GB.
So for $460 you get a 4 gig 3shitty really?
I can't stand video games try fishing, or camping, etc.
Yeah, something doesn't seem like a deal here...
okay except for that guy who looks like a if i dont sign the contract u die kinda guy
Is this true me and m dad have been saving up for a Kinect and x-box since my wii broke?
thats a good deal, but it is stupid to sign a contract for a gaming system.
i hope its true.if it is then yeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssss
If you are on a contract to pay it off then faults should be covered. If you just break it well you would have lost the money either way!
F Xbox and Microsoft contracts.
that guy looks so tricky with that wink and contract, what does it say? Maybe (most likely), " If you sign this, you owe us 50% of everything that you earn, including you owe us your life.
No!! No! No! NOOO! This is not good Microsoft! Not GOOD! Bad Microsoft Bad!
360 dollars in 2 years and dont forget than you have to still paying if you want to keep playing online
Nav H.
i don't use my xbox 360 anymore. full on pc gaming now.
Buy me one and I'll tell you how it is.
If that was really $99.00 thn y is there a contract for some business men cn b a bunch of Butt wipes
it comes with the Kinect piece tho!!! And you know you're going to want to take it online!!!!!! ... ... if I could get a steady job or enough $$$? I'd get this.
Thank you are make a heart think many but good
PS3 PS3 PS3 PS3 PS3 PS3 PS3 PS3 PS3 PS3 PS3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
looks cool... if only there wasn't a creepy guy smiling at you
Hidden costs ("with contract") is just false advertising. Yes, it's a lower initial cost, but the overall cost will be higher, for a device soon to be replaced. Sadly, this type of advertising works, since most people only look at the initial cost in big numbers and tend to ignore the cumulative extra costs. M$ will probably sell a lot of systems.
Contract: [Insert terms of service here]. Fine print: We have all rights to rape your house and burn your family...
Still a pos system that was made to break.
+Jason Levy I guess that could be worse... I'm not worried about mentally traumatizing my house and my family can get rehab
its probably $99 because they r gonna come out with a new one
$99 for the console, buuuuuut then you have to pay aprox. $15 monthly for 2 years.... 2 years, like a mobile company contract (if you make the sum, and the end you are gonna pay more for the console than just buy it at the regular price) Nice try MS... we almost believed you..
lol.. alot of us that buy the XBox pay for that gold service ANYWAYS so in the end if you were planning on USING the system online, then that 2 year contract is something you were already going to be doing to begin with.
jazz ko
is he is joking???
He looks like the trolololo guy XD
yea cuz, u know, if the contract is given to you by a obvious troll, u would always accept, pretty legit man
Wake up, IGN. Wake up - and... smell the ashes!
My first reaction "NO WAY!". Learning the truth, my reaction "NO... WAY..." :S So many stupid consumers are gonna be sucked into that.
Nope. Sorry....not doing it. I'm not gonna sign a 2 year contract. What's that monthly charge gonna be like? Do I get an early upgrade too? Naw....I'll stick with shelling out $400 plus thanks.
pc is the height of gaming, The push for console gaming came only because it's harder to break copy right laws with them, and halo gave them an opening for it. Consoles only outshine in games like mario kart and street fighter. group games
Complete rip off £15 a month for 2 years i can get 2 years for less than £100 anyone who buys this is pissing money down the drain
sounds like a crap deal to me
got a new ps3 for $200 so ... this doesn't sound that bad.. I guess it was about time they followed the cellphone model.
Good deal unless you don't want a gold account. Basically pay $99 + $360 (for 2 years gold account)
this has become like smartphone business - give discount upfront - slowly suck blood each month - too bad
And just when the contract ends BAM!, a new console.
This news is days old... IGN be slackin!

Correction.. Its "Official" now.
You all are missing the point. This is not about the console, it is a test. The objective is to see if you sheeple will pay monthly to play games. If you do, the real money will be in monthly subscription based games that you download and save to the cloud. (where's your drive?) Do you think they really care about a measly 15 bucks a month for Live when they could hit you for that for each 'license' you have to play the games you think you own?
Interesting that you have to pay 15us$ a month and then its more expensive then a normal buy :)
face off traitor....
belive me...
$99 + $120= $220 for a 4gb is a bad deal especially if the 720 is gonna come out Ina year
No.. Remember this: No one gives nothing...
only have to spend a quarter of the full up front price each month, and if you want a second controller, pay that. Want to store anything? that'll be more for a HDD. Great deal...
If i get it right, this is 99+15*24=459$
cost of xbox 360 4gb+ kinect in Greece is 250 euro+free kinect game
and gold member card for 12 months costs 60 euro
that means before the offer it was 250+2*60=370euro=482$+kinect game free

So you save 30$ in 2 years and give them back to buy the game..
Microsoft should do better offers for sure!!!
Hey, it's almost worth the hardware inside it now! :D
The idea of this is to get more consoles out on the market. The more consoles out there the more games will be sold. The more games that are sold the more money they will make.

You see it isn't the consoles that they are making money on, it's the games they sell you. To use the cell phone analogy, they don't make money on the phone, they make money on the plan they sell you after you buy the phone.
Anybody else notice the precise timing of this announcement?

720 is over 20 months away, and the 360 is losing steam.

Xbox division is getting nervous.
That guy has a creepy smile. It's like "I know where you live......."
For the 2 years of more expensive XBLA Gold usage, you end up paying about $60 more than purchasing it for full price. BUT remember this is the same concept as making payments on a car rather than paying it all up front.
I got a bad feeling about this....
well at 14.99 a month that's 179.88 for a year so for two years it's 359.76 adding in the 99 that's 458.76... getting close to 500 dollars when right now you could get a regular 4 GB xbox for 198.99 a kinect with adventures for 149 and a year subscription for 48.41 on amazon costing you 443.99 for the same bundle but bought seperately. But you could shop around and find better prices for all of these or go for a slightly older xbox with more space and cost less. So even if you go for the first price here you paying 15 bucks more for this "special deal price".
This officially marks the beginning of the end of the 360 era.
+Chadwick Jones No, it doesn't sound good to me. I don't feel like having to pay a full two year contract for online services and other stuff that makes it more expensive in the long run.
I wouldn't buy any 4GB bundle, but that aside it's not a good deal, particularly since the 360 is so close to the end of it's life cycle, but it's not a horrible deal. A 4GB 360 w/ Kinect is currently 283.38 on amazon. A month to month xbox live subscription is $10/month x 24 months = 240 for a total of 523.33. The "subsidized bundle" is 99 for the console + 15 x 24 = 360 for xbox live for a total of 459. If you look at it based purely on the full price month to month live subscription it's actually cheaper...however, if you buy more than one month at a time of live the price drops to as low as $4 a month, which makes the bargain much less attractive. If you bought the bundle with 24 months of prepaid xbox live at amazon it would be 48.41 x 2 = 96.82 + 283.38 = 380.20 which is significantly cheaper.

So bottom line is, if you are looking for the lowest price you're much better to just by the console, forget the kinect and don't buy live, however if you just have to have a kinect and live, you're better off to pre-pay for a full year than to lock yourself into the two year deal.

I hope the model doesn't take off because I don't want to see a cell phone like situation with the new console where they jack up the price of the hardware so they can entice you into to paying for two year service plans by lowering the price of the hardware to what it should have been to start with.
PS3 eye makes you have 2 controllers at all times. How is that better? I'd say having less you have to hold is better so Kinect is the best then Wii then PS3
Joe Lay
with a bloke in a suit smiling like, you know the deal's a rip off
so it's $99 for the kinect and xbox if you pay $15 per month for xbox live for 2 years.
$460 total
Please my good sir, step into my white van to claim your reward! In case you're wondering, those windows are not diamond reinforced to prevent escape... >:-)
lol and i have some candy for you here. oh.. those aren't condoms if your wondering.
and at the end of your 2 year contract it will only cost you 460 dollars
sounds like a car dealership...
they have always tried and scam us look at the Microsoft points garbage.
with contract... (scoff) what could that mean?
It costs sixty dollars MORE if you factor in the contract and compare it to a standard XBOX 360 Elite with two years of gold. Rip off much?
Microsoft milking you for everything you've got selling doorstops, what a joke
Not worth it! Microcrap it's way down the toilet. Lol
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