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Check out our picks for the best armor sets in games. What's your top pick?
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I choose Nightmare from the Soul Calibur series...
I'm either ignorant, or those images are really small: I can only recognize half of the characters there.
definitely assassin's creed suit...............
that is a one hell of a suit...........may be not suitable for modern world.....but what a's one of my dreams to wear it
Mr. Freeman has my vote. That crowbar brings back lots of memorys.
I really liked Shepard's N7 Defender armor from Mass Effect 3... doesn't look like it's on the list, though.
It's hands down Otocons camo suit of the once great solid snake! 
But i do agree the crysis nanosuit is pretty sweet! That thing saved my butt many times!
Dead space armor is the best looking and the Nano-suit is probably the most effective.

Mario can't win at everything....
No Hellgate London armor sets? LOL
Gotta be the mario squirrel suit guys xD.
Master Chief! Mario is too classy to be amongst this rabble. His trendy Raccoon armor belongs on the streets of NYC.
Half life 2 best game last decade!
Ezio in Altair's Armor, Isaac with the Engineering Suit, and Alcatraz with the Nanosuit 2.0
Half Life 2 is the best game ever made, by a considerable margin.
i'd go with the brotherhood armor it gives you a badass helmet
I'd honestly prefer my Skyrim character in Deadric armor. lol
Elder Scrolls Skyrim Daedric Armor
seriously tanooki is called an armor suit?
*Snake and Mario beat them all.
front mission + armored core or macross planes= best armor
mine would be the Assassin's Creed suit, the Half-Life suit, the Dead Space suit, and the Halo suit. Those sooo rock!!! I wish I could wear them especially the Dead Space one!!
forget all those suits in all those other games, gimme that Tanooki Suit any day!
Some of them are totally absurd.
(4th row down first picture??)
But Mario still shines through. 
+Clark Daban I agree on that one. Space Marines armor should be here. Totally. Unless it was ruled out by its own awesomeness - since it would just win the contest outright, without giving chance to lesser creations. :P
i want the master chief because out of the hell he's been in his armor has helped him live through hell
no need armor like Kratos GOW..
also can live through hell..
The chiefs, it's a futuristic classic :)
Alex Mercer had a badass looking full body armour in prototype 1! 
what is the one in the farthest bottom right pic
my top seven would be ac, killzone, half life, crysis, fallout, halo, and the warlock
what is the one in the farthest bottom right pic
Collector armor in Mass Effect series (only 2 and 3).
thank you i guessed it was from mass effect just wasnt sure
sad day...apparently no one at IGN is a fan of's fierce deity armour for the win.
agreed, i dont think some of those should be on there but i think its personal opinion.
Links red tunic armor in Twilight Princess.
When I think of armor in games, I think of something you generally work hard to get that has some sort of incentive. Therefore, I'd definitely put Skyrim's armor in there, and take out Master Chief and Jim Raynor and a few others.
HEV suit and the Phazon Suit are awesome. Personally, I've always like the armor that the Combine wear.
Devin G
Fae slayer armor from KOA reckoning
wins all
The Mark VI MJOLNIR armor is top! What other armor (besides Noble Six's) has a regenerating shield with it?
wait a skyrim armor?
Snakes chameleon suit. Hands down. Ofcoarse he also has a plate carrier.
AC Revelations- Ishak Pishas armor ;)
i hate gordon.
samus & hilda i like
Finn Or
as long as dead space, half life 2 and halo are here, im satisfied
I like the Daedric armor from Skyrim, I though it was really well done.
Why isn't daedric armor from skyrim in there??!! BOOOOO!!!
Gaberanths armor or the guy from assassins creed's outfit
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