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Teachers call for legislation against the "negative effects some computer games are having on the very young."
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Maybe they should blame the parents for letting their young kids play violent games rather than blaming the games themselves.
It's terrible that games that are made for 18+ are bought by parents for their 10 year old kids and then they freak out because of violence or obscene language. The 18+ label is there for a reason.
Srsly. So much research studying the effects of violent video games on children who were never supposed to be playing them... How about more research on the effects of bad parenting on children who are allowed to play the games they're not supposed to be playing?? >_<
After reading the article, I'm not sure they're blaming video games. They're just saying, "this is the deal." In my experience, teachers are more likely to look at the parental behaviour of letting the kids play the games, which should really be the issue. Case and point the final quote of the article.

"The ATL's general secretary Mary Bousted called on parents to honor game ratings and TV watersheds. "It's about reminding parents and carers that they have a very real responsibility for their children and that schools can't do it alone." "

Glad to see a situation where they're not blaming the games.
I just thought it was funny that in a post about bloody video games there is a message like "Hey cutie Jordon" out of nowhere LOL
This is really stupid, when I was young I used to play violent games for that time (Night Trap, Mortal Kombat 1, 2, etc) and even used to play with friends at school pretending we were MK fighters, there was even a fence at school that we used to climb pretending we were Vega from Street Fighter. I consider myself a normal adult, I completed 2 college courses, I work, have a wife and son, pay my taxes, and the same happened to my friends who used to play those games too, so where is the problem with violent games?
My point is, blaming videogames is much easier than blaming yourself for being a bad parent
Jon Dye
some people have NO CLUE how to use the internet lol.
games never affected me but also can not go against the advice of teachers
how many times do I have to say this GRAND THEFT AUTO IS NOT A GOOD IDEA FOR YOUR EIGHT YEAR OLD. ESRB ratings exist for a reason people, read the damn box before you get your kid something.
I want to say "I cannot believe this!", but I am truly not at all surprised. The problem is that the 99% of children who play violent video games and who are not affected are being grouped in with that 1% that actually does something stupid. The thing is that the video games make no difference whatsoever, as this 1% would just be affected by something else if not the video games.

They used to (and still sort of do) say this about TV, and they used to for Radio. Also, why do they think that they can decide if they can play violent video games instead of the parents? It's a personal decision so they should not be involved.

Whenever we hear of some kid replicating violence he saw or committed on a video game, it's completely blown out of proportion by the media and suddenly the whole younger population must be punished. But we never hear about the 1000000 others who did nothing wrong.

Let's not let these people bully us, make your voices heard!
Same can be said about horror movies. I enjoy watching all kinds of horror movies dripping with gore and violence. Does that make me go outside and kill a kitten? No. Because I know how to separate fantasy from reality

I do give this article props for pointing out the parenting fail their study suggests :D
It's mostly the parents' fault and sometimes the teachers' too. Not everyone who plays violent videogames or see violent films/cartoons become violent or killers.
PLEASE. And +Nellie K. Adaba Is absolutely right. I worked at a gamestop and I would advise the parents who were buying AvP and GTA for their 9 year old who said it's "cool" and told the parents and they were like, "It's fine, all his friends have that game, it's okay".
Two things here. 1. Educate the parents on the rating system so that they are armed with the proper tools to regulate what their kids can and cannot play. 2. Kids do this stuff all of the time. I am a parent gamer and I have an 8 year old son. I hardly let him play any games whatsoever. I don't play violent games when he is awake only after he goes to bed. The second he goes over to the neighbors house all of those boys are playing guns and having "battles". I don't see anything wrong with this. This is something that has been going on for generations now.
Here's how I look at it... we take all the kids with jacked-up minds that are going to use video games to get ideas for violent acts, put them on an island and let them fight to the death. It's called natural selection.
geez my 6 yr old cuzin plays these games but he aint affected. anyway lol
They could do that, or how about the parents take responsibility for raising their own kids? Nevermind, that'd be too difficult for them.
Stupid people who hate video games, they will never realize that a bad kid will do bad things no matter what
Mira G
People, let's get rid of this hypocrisy once and for all!
Gamers didn't invent violence. Children aren't born little angels or tabula rasa. ALL of us are born with instincts.
Before pretending to be some video game character, children were playing cowboys and indians, soldiers or all sorts of real life or imagined characters, playing with wooden swords, shooting birds with sling shots and even more terrible stuff.
And let's look at countries where children don't have computers, TV or even story books. Are they less violent than children who have all that??
Ok, leave aside that, even from my childhood, when computers were still Sci-Fi, I remember children nastily beating up other children in the streets. That's how it always used to be, and will be. They will always find a way to act out on those impulses. You can't raise children in a moraly sterile environment. And you can't freaking numb people, for God's sake!
Some will grow up to be murderers no matter what, if it's in their blood.
Nowadays, I don't even see as many children spending their time outside as they used to. Plus some of the games are not all violence, some happen to have a story and more work for the brain than dumb clicking.
We should think more if those games make people more violent or if they absorb and channel some of that energy.
Some teachers should go back to school and take some political science and philosophy classes and understand how that undermines freedom. And maybe they should also understand that the average gamer is in their mid to late thirties. And that 'children' don't buy their video games generally, their parents buy them for them. The adult has all the control but that's not enough? LMAO This is idealism failing to purify the world. Pathetic. Always hiding behind 'the children' too but really they are just offended by content of games they don't even play.
"acting out game violence" .... LOL You mean PLAYING? Yeah kids tend to do that, act out things they see and play. That's 'child's play'. But if they actually hurt people, that's called getting disciplined and learning the difference between reality and fantasy. Yet again, trying to do the parenting that the parents can handle on their own.
The real reason for WWII? Hitler liked MW3 and Stalin preferred BF3.
Finish Him...FRIENDSHIP!!! looks like she could be pulling him up. :)
It's called parenting, try it out sometime
+Megan Morgan It was originally on Reddit... It was just some kids playing in a mud-puddle and then someone photoshopped it into blood.
stupid teachers dont have a clue there is already age restrictions put on video games all thats needed is to punish those with illegal programs on their phones game machines. I wonder if the damage teachers do to the very young will be investigated...
+Jonathan Freedman
I am with you 100% on this its not the games that are the problem, Its the parents that shouldn't be buying a 10 yr old copy's of 18 rated games, but it dnt hurt them any way in my view did me know harm
I played MK since little, and I can't even kill a rat...
And to think. It all started back in the 50's when society said ELVIS the PELVIS would corrupt the youth with his music.
i've been teaching in public schools for almost 15 years and i've never thought, 'that kid would have a real shot at success if it weren't for those damned video games.'
first of all I agree and disagree with you beacuse (agree) they don't think in anything else but the stupid things. (Disagree) If they wouldn't exist more people are would have drop out of school because most of the people that go there is either to play games or to become a proffesional game designer so you got the Idea Ms. Griffith
A boy getting beat up is funny, but the red paint creeps me out if it were real. O_O
I have to agree with the general consensus here. It's parents, and not even so much that kids shouldn't play these kind of games I think it's actually not a bad idea for kids to play these games AS LONG AS parents are there teaching the kids the difference between reality and fiction. Like many others I played a plethora of violent games growing up. Mortal Kombat, Killer Instinct, Primal Rage, Tekken, Goldeneye, Turok, GTA, Hexen, ect, ect and I've never even wound up in a serious fight, and I can count on one hand the number of minor ones. Only tick remotely associated is I used to practice "sword fighting" using sticks against trees. Sometimes I would use it as an outlet if I had a bad day or something, but I was always conscious of what I was doing and how I was feeling. A lot of people thought I was/looked stupid doing it and I even got questioned about it once. I just told them that it was better for me to do it to a tree than a person. They didn't have much of a rebuttal and I felt it was pretty sound logic. It actually grew into some what of an enjoyment of it as a sport among friends using shinais with strict rules and strike zones.
Ahh, it's nice to see children outside murdering each other in the fresh air, rather than playing video game's all day
guys that is a scary thing to put on here jk
Freaking children on G+... ruining a comment thread more and more everyday. +Lauren Manrell Google the word Fatality if you wish to know so bad. I would figure that it would be self explanatory by the picture of the children slaughtering each other.
that's true my kids have a very extensive game collection and they are aware of the difference. the parents are the children's first teachers.
Can't we just publically shame the parents for letting them play inappropriate games?
i never want to go to a japanese masuse again cause of this
Or maybe old people are just overly sensitized to death. Can't we just go back to the days when we all just pretended that death didn't happen?
The problem is that kids play to many video games they need to do is put down the game controller a go do something outside 
u guys are lames video games are da stuf as long as u dont turn to a game head do u guys even exercise urself
+david mosley Did anyone here say we were against video games? No. We were defending them. We're saying that games shouldn't be blamed for psycho children and the crap they pull. Also, get a dictionary.
+Jeremy Griffith
During my years in high school and now college I have seen Video Games screw over people who would do way better. Some not graduating on time, or even at all because they throw their time away playing games instead.
They aren't the root cause of any problem, but damn they aren't innocent. People can get addicted to them just as easy as anything else. But that doesn't really have anything to do with this article, I admit.
+Garrett Ballendine i hear ya.... a good friend of mine flunked out of college because he stayed up all night (every night) playing earthworm jim on snes. it just as easily could have been drinking, drugs.... whatever.
I agree, but "we" are buying the stupit games. T hey should be banned.
+Ger Nijenhuis Why should they be banned? Because 1 out of 10,000 people is a psycho idiot? Not good enough. Just because someone is a total wackjob doesn't mean we should all have to give up our entertainment.
SWEET FATALITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-))))))))))))
+Lisa Bhajan B***h please! That's all I have to say about your comment. Opinion is one thing; that of yours completely lacks reason. And yes, people play them. It is the ones who doesn't play that does stupid things.
Due to the number of deaths which can be directly attributed to it I'm lobbying heavily for legislation to outlaw water.
Wow I can't believe that a group of teachers coming together would think of this a the issue they should tackle. With how fucked up the U.S. education system is the best idea they can come up with is "let's try to stop kids from playing computer games". Oh shit having flashbacks from school, must stop talking about it.
Did they ever stop to think that he got his ass kicked because he didn't let go of her Eggo?
She a killa thug gangsta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do you think maybe that making a statement about violence by making light of a completely heinous act (in the photo) maybe says something about us as a culture, and why we're having such a problem with this?

I seriously found the picture disgusting and off-putting enough that I could give a crap less what your "greater message" is emotionally. Now it's cleanly filed in the "people who will show images of child slaughter to make their point" bucket.

Which doesn't tend to be a group that gets too much of my mindshare. Even though, that said, I do think kids are exposed to too much violence.
My roommates 3-year old plays incredibly violent video games (halo, darkness 2, fat princess, castle crashers, duke nukem, etc). He started playing video games about a year and a half ago and he hasn't once tried to imitate what he sees, nor does he seem any more violent than any other 3 year old.

Furthermore, his gaming skills rock (for his age)!!!

This article (and its assumption) is pure Bullshit.
I hate to say this, but a lot of you are the parents that let your kids play violent video games. Many of you are part of the generation who's own parents said it was ok to play violent video games and watch "R" rated movies when you were six. And then people wonder why the World is so dark today, go figure?

Each of you defending these game have played a part in why the World is not a better place today. I've been on the side of teachers, and I can tell you that as time moves on, their hands are more and more tied and everyone expects them to fix problems that they have no control over. So, stop tying their hands up, don't let your kids play and watch things they have no business being around! They will be happier, healthier, better students and the World will be a better place. Problem solved. Next...
It's memes like these that are turning all of our children into hipsters...
The most offensive thing I experienced in school is actually what I did not learn in school.

They sure left a lot of stuff out that told the other half of the story.

Now that is and was more offensive to me than anything I have ever seen in a video game. Teachers should be more concerned about that. Propaganda indoctrination. Not cool at all.
- I support the right to produce violent games. As an adult I enjoy them.
- The teachers aren't saying to stop making the games, just reminding parents that they should follow the age recommendations.
- The age recommendation warnings should possibly be reviewed to check that their meanings are obvious to the average parent

I AM, however, offended by violent computer games. What? Didn't I just support the right to produce them? Sure. But I look at the quality, well-produced games, and almost all of them involve the protagonist going out and killing a bazillion enemies. That's fine for a game. But what is NOT fine is if that's the ONLY game.
Where are the quality games where I don't have to play a mass murderer? Some certainly exist. Puzzle games. Even a game where you pretend to be a surgeon saving lives. That's good. We need more emphasis on that.

Kids aren't playing violent games because they're violent. They're playing violent games because they like games, and the ones that are well produced and fun are often violent.

So what do I want?
I want:
- games with excessive, gratuitous violence, for those players who enjoy them. With a clear warning label.
- games with excessive, gratuitous sexual content, for those players who enjoy them. With a clear warning label.
- games with reasonable levels of violence where that is necessary for the gameplay (such as a first person shooter)
- games where I aim for a noble goal. Without having to kill people to get there. (For example, the board game "Pandemic" has the players racing against the clock trying to stop a worldwide disease outbreak.)
- games that aren't about violence at all. (Mass Effects is cool. But I feel like I was playing two games. A first person shooter, and a decision-based roleplaying game. Both were good games. But why not give me the chance to play just the shooter type game. And a chance to play just the decision-based roleplaying game. I can make big decisions as to whether to wipe out the Krograns, even without an hour of shooting Geth before I get to the next major decision.)
- games where violence is optional, and has consequences (if I'm playing a detective game, I'm investigating the Mafia, and I shoot a Mafia thug when it's not clearly self defence, why can't that lead to the cops arresting me, and it being game over? Isn't that how it works in both real life and many movies? That gives the opportunity for a new game experience, where I need to find other opportunities, search for evidence, frame the thug, bribe police etc. to get the Mafia guys locked away or killed.)
- games with cartoony or stylized violence. Sonic the hedgehog was MORE fun because when you bounced on an opponent, the metal robot broke apart, and the cute animal was "set free" rather than having a game where sonic squashed a living creature and blood flew everwhere. Bloody games are fun, but so is a change of pace. It also adds a different flavor to the gameworld setting. It's a good example of keeping the "violent" gameplay, but changing how the audience reads it. Sonic isn't being violent towards a living creature, he is saving that creature, and ending the entrapment/violence.
swim in blood .. lol ,
i started "killing" since 8 years old and now I'm fine and not violent. In the end still have to depend on the player.
that is soooooooooo lame i mean come on. hahahahaha
Mortal Kombat - The Kid Version
Art shouldn't be disciplined as a negative. Art has many value's. ?... rather on paper or or in life?
As funny as this's sick.
Oh I thought it was blood, just paint lol.
How about legislation to make parents raise their kids.
We're professionals, don't try this at home.
1. That image is doctored, so don't worry guys. That was just water.

2. Violent games have little correlation with causing violent tendencies. I would know, especially since I play extremely violent games all my life. In fact, I payed "M"-rated games at 8 years old and now, I'm the most passive, benign person I know. I am against fighting and actually, I believe all that violent gaming helped me control my aggression. In a game, I can beat the shit out of a hooker or stab someone through the stomach and it's all pixelated. Violent games are an outlet for my inner anger, not a deficit on my self-control.

I think this whole battle against violent games is what's causing more turmoil than the games themselves.
Everything they described comes from movies as well... Fucking idiots. Also when I was little we pretended we were from mortal kombat.
Oh, sure! Games like Assassin's Creed might actually lead to scary things like... reading! o_0
I started playing video games very early. I mostly play online violent blood-filled games, with a lot of player vs player actual rage and voice insults. I met some people while playing. One actually is my girlfriend, the other is one of my best friends now (since 15 years ago, when we were 11 years old) and we 3 decided togheter to join the Red Cross. My gf did some major helping on an earthquake, my friend took the medecine path and he's a medic, and i'm a national trainer for social activities and i've been in charge on 2 immigrant waves here in italy. We still play violent videogames, we still rage against each other. Violent videogames lead me to red cross. Fuck you haters :) If you have a child becoming violent/jackass/asshole after playing a videogame, the blame is all on you parent. You can't control him and you can't event tell him the difference between GTA's style and real life style, you're the problem, not the game.
Most of us have grown up with violent video games, movies and music with explicit language. I have four children. Video games are the least of my worries.
PS: harry potter is violent too, don't forget that. deal with violence as every parent should do: not freaking out. teach your children how to distinguish good and bad. keeping them in a bubble, telling them things like "if you do this you go to hell" doesn't work and never worked. people is smart, childs are even smarter. you tell them "don't because you don't" and they'll ask "why?" for the rest of their lives, untill they find out. be a good parent don't be a douche with a closed mind. Books are violent as much as movies as much as music as much as videogames as much as having friends. You can't handle those things? Don't make children, and stop complaining about everything. PS#2: next time you'll eat a steak, don't be surprised if your child mocks you saying "you're eating something that's been slaughtered, omg this is sick i'm going to report you". He's right doing that, you're ridiculous.
To everyone complaining about how bad the photo's not fucking real. Chill the fuck out. See, it's people like you who make video games the bad guy still. Quit fucking whining.
if this was real it was gonna suck bt bcos its nt real its k. kids must nt watch ths its scary
I love this situation.
+chloe davies When G+ first started there weren't any kids allowed on here and everyone liked it like that. If you're offended.. go back to your stupid-ass FB account.
Mira G
"Exposing children to too much violence" - what does that even mean???

+Samuele Mattiuzzo Horselover Fat Indeed!
Though its a photo. But its creates effect on emotion. Its bad
Some people don't even know that there is an article attached to this post as well as the picture. All you people whining and bitching about the picture, read the article and comment on that... not the picture. If you use the picture as your comment jump-off, then you're contributing nothing to the discussion and don't belong here.
Violence in society has always been there, way before games, movies etc. How do you explain Hitler and other sociopaths from history. And how do you explain that the only violent incidents I experienced as a child were being punched in the face by a teacher, getting dragged by my hair halfway across the school by a teacher, being choked with my tie by a teacher...
That was just the first day.
It's amazing what children can do with their bare hands these days...
yac what the hell is that? and who it telling that child to finish him? Surlly its His or her dad, some parents!!!!
That's terrible! But funny, I'm ashamed.
it's amazing how a bunch of words on a picture can actually make people believe shit. it's amazing how stupid our race has become. it's amazing how even aliens avoid invading earth, because they know we'll end dying of ourselves eventually...
+Michael Beaugé beat me to it.. Man, I might go see Hunger Games now after seeing this ad.
@ article... Yeah, since we invented this whole killing and war idea, kids are meaner... We should really discourage the world from doing such things.
Killer lil girl on the lose if u see her do not get close
Jay Tee
1. Blame the Kid
2. If (1) Doesn't Work, Blame the Mom
3. If (2) Doesn't Work, Blame the Dad
4. If (3) Doesn't Work, Blame the Game Maker
5. If (4) Doesn't Work, Blame the Governor
6. If (5) Doesn't Work, Blame the President
7. If (6) Doesn't Work, Blame the Congress
8. If Everything Fails, Blame the Teacher
It's a girl pushing a boy into red paint
I lol'd at all the people who thought it was a real pic. I think if it was real, FBI would be showing up at someone's door for having a baby fight club
It's too cute & bloody at the same time.
Pacification of any society by willful aggression exercises through virtual output, is Great for business and Fantastic for government. Let them fist each other, as long as it's virtual nobody gives a pun intended.
just for the sake of all the god-loving-eeeewww-people in this post: you grew up with this and and the bible (which is wrote by a bunch of people talking about a vendicative god "Thus saith the LORD of hosts ... go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass.--1Sam.15:2-3" i found out searching for "bible death" on google). So please, don't make children and let us open-minded do that for you :) You'll spare a generation of failures and probably-suicidal teenagers.
Yuu Nuz
asian level...
You can tell your child a lie "They're playing in a pit of color" or you can tell the child it's just a "fake" image and explain him the things. We must stop hiding things from the little ones. They learn faster and better at a young age, so just help them grow up, instead of fear for them.
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