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Did you try searching for "Zerg Rush" on Google yet to see what happens?
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Those sneaky Zergs come up from the bottom
this shit is crazy ass hell who post this shit
this is awesome, thanks
kitty kitty, don't be scared!
it gets rough during the second wave
Nem Du
very funny
hehehehehehe............ no im not having sex
Jolme L
cool - and a bit confused waht was it for...
LOL!!! the cat is really crazy, but I am the craziest thing!!!!
I love these easter eggs google makes.
hahahaha this picture i love, i think i might put it as my background XD hhaha this made my day SOOO much better :D
I thought it was the Opera logo at first and that if I used a different browser then a different logo would pop up... Being apart of the 2% of the Internet is pretty awesome sometimes...
Dong D.
ZergRush is also a way to root xperia arc phones
Zerg rush is the name of the player on the SC2 box the game came in too :).
LOL. That's how I feel when I GET Zerg Rushed.
omg i didn't know my cat would be in this photo...
why does every game news site has to report about that silly thing? does anybody want to have original content these days?
+Alexa Rosenberg Not constantly, every single day, no. Besides not everyone follows every game news blog. This was the only page I saw this on and it's the only reason I found out about it.
As a matter of fact, I did. And im not proud of it, they won.
Is there an end to this game?
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