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Battleship is a frustrating film that fails to ever fully engage.
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I can't wait for the movie of Hungry Hungry Hippos.
I thought it was going to be a "sinker"
that is............................................................................... AWSOMEEEEEEE
Did anyone expect this movie to be more than a trashy summer movie?
+Khris Benford Sorry, we could have let you down a little bit nicer. In the future, remember that games based on video games tend to be pretty bad, board games even worse.
I love sci-fi.
And the Aliens were the cool guys.
What's next? A movie based on a random road sing or toilet graffiti? Modern generation doesn't remember and doesn't care what battleship was anyway, so they could have called it "kaboom" or "aliens vs sailors" as well and wouldn't lose a dollar.
Looks like that cat is on steroids
Not true, its an OK story with amazing sound and cool special effect. I liked it a lot!
that is the remake of battleship... lol :)
The title generates more hype than the trailer itself. I still think its a good movie but take the name out and it would sell half of what it will
Mines was just a simple comment. I saw the movie last week, I don't need comments NOTIFICATIONS that are posted on this pic. Google don't punish me like in the hell do I deactivate notifications????
+Erika Martinez Go to the post you don't want notifications from, click the triangle at the top right corner, and choose mute post.
lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!! attack of the cat fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaa thts so funny!!!
The important question is, do they use the line "you sunk my battleship" in the movie?
OMG it's super cat! (look at the totally bored expression on his
it's done well overseas.where it was released last month.
Lwin Ko
Woww................ nice photo
morre gato!!!!!!!!!!!!!!kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
giant kitty, G A M E O V E R
llegara el día en que....los gatos nos van a invadir jajajajaja
We don't even wear those covers with that uniform.

Think I'll wait for It to be out of theaters. I already figured it would be a crappy movie when they decided to make it a fight against aliens.
a movie based on a board game is bound to fail... Whats next Monopoly the movie?
Who funds these movies like do these ppl like losing money
Kinda disturbing how cats don't like water , loud noises, and fire
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lol u guys need 2 watch kittens inspired by kittens :3
SEE?!?!? this is why you dont ship cat nip by boat!
Hello good afternoon AP Kasey ho apka nam kay he
this the cat waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar bom bom booooom beowwwwwww haha :D
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