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Are porn and games basically the same thing?
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jejeje lo jugaba ya hace un rato jejeje
que juegos aquellos jejeje
Yes and no. In games in which the main plot isn't that important, but you want an immersive RPG world (pretty much anything by Bethesda) I would say graphics are more important. For example, I probably would never play Skyrim if it looked like any Star Wars game for the Wii.
On the other hand, games with fantastic plots don't necessarily need awesome graphics, such as Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, Shadow Madness, and most Final Fantasy games.

Also, I hate porn with plots. Gratuitous smut please. You don't need the facade of being a lonely housewife/babysitter/teacher/girlfriend. It's just annoying.
I like Porn better...I always know the ending.
Well, there are some tales, in which they most certainly appear to be. Personally, I can recall an incident, where a guy shouted out "This game rocks so hard, I have a boner, man!" (in German, of course) at a SNES night we had He stood up, and there you go, he really had one.
Yes, because for both games and porn I usually lose interest before making it to the end...
yeah yeah yeah... suikoden II is the best! ...and it´s in 2D
because they have the same meaning
Graphics is not the same as style. Sometimes you need a strong graphics engine in order for the designers to complete their vision. And, sometimes you don't, look at Journey.

But I do get the point, just because a game looks good, doesn't mean it is good.
The graphics of the video game is obviously an important aspect of its appeal, but it's certainly not the most important. In my opinion (depending the game and its genre, of course), the video game's story and overall gameplay is the most important part of what makes it an enjoyable and worthwhile experience.
+Daniel Price I agree, it should also be noted that there will be a time - probably soon - that hardware will no longer be a major constraint for designers.

When this happens, creativity will need to be at it's highest. Or marketing, depending on how you look at it.
that's why i used to tell my friends nintendo DS better than psp
This sounds nice, but is horribly wrong. Graphics can give you an immersive feeling that you can't always get from just the story.
+Jack Musick IMHO, you're misinterpreting the analogy. It's that you shouldn't play games JUST for the graphics, same as no one would watch porn JUST for the story. Totally agree that graphics can make a good story great, but the best graphics in the world couldn't save a crappy story.
Graphics are great but I have to admit that I'm still the storyline type. If it doesn't have a good story I'm just not that interested. Unless its racing of course...then car-candy FTW!!
i'm sorry... but the comparison does not hold.
More like "Playing Video games for graphics is like watching porn for the tits" they are cool and all. but it's not all there is. :D
All jokes aside, i find the whole video games and porn to ruin humanity... stupid in at least 10 different ways. When are the so called "experts" going to leave us gamers (and games) alone?
+Kevin Lambert I get that and wanted to say more, but I've talked on the internet enough for the day. All in all, I don't see why this is even a topic. How many people really just play games for the graphics? Even if there was a huge crowd for that, so what? Let them enjoy what they want.
No one really plays purely for the graphics. Otherwise why play? Just watch a movie. 
And bad graphics are like ugly porn stars...who wants to watch?
Nostalgia is such an interesting phenomenon. Nobody would play Mario Bros today, the graphics are horrific and the game repetitive.
This is why I appreciate/play older games. Substance over flash.
Jaja no entendieron . . .
Se supone que son correlaciones
Que cada uno es de otro
Lo generalizan, ya que los gráficos del juego
Son lo importante para llamar la atención . . .
You have the wisdom of a six or seven thousand year old medicine man!
He debatido sobre esta publicación con 1 persona en un hangout.
A few games get it right. Like Mass Effect and Max Payne. Love those story lines.
Gameplay is nothing without a good story. Story is nothing without good gameplay. Good graphics enhance gameplay and story.
I agree somewhat some old games are better than new ones.
Finally, a comparison I can give to my friends for giving me a hard time when I play low graphics games.
This is not completely true. Graphics allow for deeper immersion within their world and can make a more believable story and characters.
Also, it shows that the developer puts the time and care into their game to make it look good instead of just pushing it to production.
hey i thought every body watches porn for the plots..
I actually sometimes watch pron for a good story. And sometimes play video-games for graphics alone. It's all up to one's tastes. The article actually is about a CNN "report" on how games and pron are bad for you. Like drugs, killing and poverty are ok and games are the cause of all evil. Yeah, I heard that already a thousand times before.
ya I would have to completely disagree with this
Del chico siempre jugaba supermario y ahora los juegos es muy moderno es dificil jugar es mala suerte.
If that was true why would mario of bothered going 3d he could of coined it in as a 2d hero for generations if graphics were as unimportant to video games as a story is to porn.
Playing video games for graphics is more like watching porn for bouncing boobs.... visuals
+Jonathan Freedman
To be fair, 3d doesn't really make the actually graphics better. A game can be 3d and still have poor graphics 
Since when did Mario have an immersive storyline though? Gameplay was great, no argument from me, but the storyline was next to nonexistent..... Bit like 2012: Great visuals set pieces joined together by a weak as p*ss water plot.... Except Mario had great gameplay in place of visuals.

As for porn I don't need story with my boxers round my ankles thank you very much!
+Jonathan Freedman
No... In the case of mario going 3D, that added in a new gameplay dynamic: being able to move in 3 dimensions.

IMHO, the most important part of a game is the gameplay. Graphics and Story are extras that are more or less important depending on the genre. I love a game with good story and graphics, but if they sacrificed quality of gameplay for better story or graphics, then the developer can go fuck themselves. If you don't make sure your gameplay is solid, then you're doing it wrong.
How a game looks only matters in drawing the consumer in. Its sort of like those Lamborghini mod kits they used to make for the Pontiac Fiero. Gameplay is and always will be what makes the game. Its the factor that inspires consumers to reccomend a game to a friend. Gameplay is also what keeps independant developers in the spotlight. Without interesting gameplay, games like fez and minecraft would have never acquired attention from gamers.
Uhm... I was playing text based games (no graphics) before "video games" were around. The text actually printed out of the terminal ON PAPER. The ONLY reason to play VIDEO games is for the GRAPHICS, otherwise they're just GAMES, derp!
I actually like some story in my porn or at least roll play 
The best porn movies ARE the ones with stories...
I still enjoy some NES games, even more than PS3/Xbox games.
if this is true, then is it ironic that story is usually weaker than graphics in most new games?
+Soo Whan Lee
I didn't until I saw that there were practically no good third party games that were not ports for the system that I bought on launch date.
This how I felt watching the movie "Alice in Wonderland". Boy was that movie pure eye candy, especially on blu-ray, but the movie itself was horrible.
Matt I disagree with you completely if your first sentence is comparing mario a 3d graphical game to a much earlier fps wolfenstein(the first game to use the 3rd dimension of movement in an fps) which did not use 3d graphics but 2d popups in a 3d environment much easier to pull off. To enjoy a truly 3 dimensional game you need 3d grapics otherwise I agree with the rest of what you said as gameplay is important but it is wrong that 2d mario enemy graphics would of been acceptable in the new 3d environment.
no... games with good graphics...Modern warfare are way more fun than playing marrio with stupid 1 demention graphics!
+Anthony Palculict, you mean 1 (one) dimension*. "Demention" isn't a word, although similar in structure as "dementia" which is defined to be "Dementia is a loss of brain function that occurs with certain diseases. It affects memory, thinking, language, judgment, and behavior." according to the National Library of Medicine.
Except Super Mario Bros. has amazing graphics.
All those good graphics haters should play text based games then... problem solved. It's all about maintaining balance. Some games fail at that, some excel in it. Don't write off all good graphic games, just because you think of this cliché. If skyrim looked like daggerfall, i'd toss it aside too...
+Jonas Van Dorpe i wouldn't say "graphics haters". to me at least, graphics is more or less the least important when it comes to games. to me the first and most important criterion is gameplay and atmosphere, followed by story and characters and possibilities. then comes balance (mp) & map diversity (mp) and then how the game looks, but rather how everything fits together, like GTA SA f.e., graphically it sucks but everything merges together very well and thats sucking you into the world (also WoW). i've never bought a game just because it looks awesome, thats just plain stupid imo. because after a few hours you get used to the looks of the game and won't even notice it anymore. the few things that actually keep you playing are gameplay, atmosphere, characters and story. as you can see: for a multiplayer game, only gameplay and atmosphere count to me.
+Daniel Laubacher Graphics add up to all the other stuff. In a sense that it creates more realism to the world and more interactivity. Eg. tossing a nuke in fallout, even though it only kills the characters. V.S. shooting wildly into the environment in Crysis, where it destroys trees and buildings. Also, seeing a world you can recognize as your own, adds a new sense of perception in that game. I mean... if you play an old elder scrolls game, and you play skyrim... You're going to be sucked in more in skyrim, because you connect with the environment. Whereas the world of morrowind (however nice the game was), doesn't have this... Also... to add to the comparison. Imagine porn without a story, just 2 people doing their business in a neutral environment. With no story whatsoever. That would be less exciting to watch, no? It'd remove some excitement if there isn't a story :p
I disagree. I just want to fap to people fucking, not be entertained.

Same with games really. Of course graphics are a really important factor, but the priority for me has always been gameplay. That's the console with the best graphics of the generation has never been the best-seller. In fact, since the Playstation days it's always been the system with the worst graphics that has come out on top. Coincindence? Probably, but the games are what really sell a system, not the graphics.
Get real, if it weren't, we'd still be playing text based MUDDs. As for watching porn for the story... WHAT story? O.o
lalala hahahahah so true but some do watch porn for story so yeah
Dude wtf! That was the best comparison but wat is CNN talking about? The end of humanity? Give me a break
the only ones we have to worry about are those otaku who only like 2D women.
+Jonathan Freedman
No, my sentence was comparing a 3D game like Mario 64 to a 2D game like Super Mario Bros, since they are the same genre. Also, even if we were to consider 2D sprites in a 3D world, you can't say that you can't truly enjoy it, considering that the Super Mario RPG series has been doing just that to much success.

+Jonas Van Dorpe
You're full of it. When the first madden was coming out for the Xbox 360, I remember them praising how you could see the sweat on the player's skin. That adds absolutely no benefit to the game, yet it gets praised because it's "better graphics." Graphics do not add up to the other stuff, they can merely make a game look better when it DOES the other stuff. Your example from Crysis has nothing to do with graphics. If the trees change because you shot at them, that is not graphics, that is gameplay. Graphics is how the game looks during each of these gameplay moments.

While I do not dismiss the benefit of good graphics (and story) in creating a more rich world for a game, if the game doesn't have good gameplay, then it isn't worth it. (There are exceptions of course, like porn games, where people don't exactly need to play and just want to look)
This analogy is completely WRONG! Playing video games for graphics is more like watching porn, PERIOD! This is from the impetus of visual appeal. Think about it...
What is Peach doing in world 1-4? O_o
Un ante y desde pues en el mundo de los video juego
Don't forget that this is the same Philip Zimbardo that thought a brutal experiment on Stanford college students was a good idea.
+Willie Washington
I'm not sure you understand analogies. The point is to compare similarities between two things that are dissimilar. Your comment that it is more like watching porn, period, suggests that people play games for graphics and watch porn for the same reasons, and I am pretty sure that the people who were praising how you could see the sweat on characters in Madden were not fapping to it, which is what most people watch porn to do.
If the point of the analogy is that no one really does either thing, then it's probably a good analogy. However, while good graphics can enhance a game that already has good gameplay, I'm not sure a good story would add much to a porno...if such a thing has ever existed. I don't watch that much porn, but when I do I pretty much just fast forward over the "story" parts anyway....
The point is neither that no one does either nor whether one enhances the experience and the other doesn't. The point that choosing to play a game based on only the graphics (which many people, sadly, do) is as pointless as watching porn for the story.
I think graphics are just a bonus for the game. I don't know anything about porn because I'm not a pervert, so I can't say anything about it.
que graficos un clasico
+Ian McCullough
It's fine to not watch porn, but to make that strong of a comment against it makes it look more like you are trying to deny that you have watched porn before.
+Matt Sterritt that's an interesting conclusion. I give it two thumbs up for original thought there!

Personally I don't really see the correlation other than both are visually stimulating activities. Besides that, in general the best games are those that are immersive in my opinion.

I guess to some degree games may be like porn in that everyone gets something different out of it and they may use either at different times for different purposes. Personally I like immersive video games and graphics do a lot to enhance the fantasy. Of course graphics without depth in a game are like you said, "like watching a porn for the story".
yes it does! nowadays it seems like game creators enhance graphic substances of their games and in that case... specially alluring characters are the reason why do perverts rejoice for...
I can't wait to see a video gamer ditching his PS3, Wii and/or Xbox to go back to a monochrome display and an Hercules Graphics Card.
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