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Internet spaceships are serious business!
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Heck yeah!....but only if they were real!!! Oh how I wish I was a Starfleet officer!!
That was a GREAT article +IGN EVE certainly seems like a pretty unique MMO
Cool love the design of the ships
exactly, idont know.
but i think, it's game online.
you can see at the link...
It's a game. EVE Online actually just celebrated its 9th birthday! Great game that gets better all the time, the developers are always working to improve and release two major expansions per year (plus a series of minor expansion/updates). Well worth a try!
Nice article about an interesting and time consuming game
just another spaceship battle game....
EVE its pretty awesome, however it drained my life down to 5% Shields Hull the lot, so I stopped playing, looking forward to Dust 514 though ;D
zhe you xi zai zhong guo da lu kai fu le ma
That is just a sick scene right there man. Space doesn't look that lonely..
wow cool picture really beast
Isn't DUST 514 coming soon and I think it's part of the EVE universe.
Unfortunately my computer can't handle EVE so I'm going to have to play DUST 514 on my PS3 when it comes out. Hopefully it's as amazing as this sounds.
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