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Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition coming in 2012 with fresh content in the spirit of the original game!
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BGI and BG2 are my favorite PC games ever. I replayed BG2 a about 2 years ago just for fun... pulled out the old disks and reinstalled them--it was still a blast.
My wife and I LOVE Baldur's Gate. Now there is going to be an Enhanced Edition?!? Nice!
so awesome still play baldurs gate
Wait, what? This sounds awesome....but more Planescape (or something in that vein) would be pimp!
Lets hope the this enhance edition is worth the money.
One of the best games of all time! Can't wait to see what they do with it...
For the GLORY of AMN! Looking forward to this. Go for the eyes, Boo, GO FOR THE EYES!
Another Beamdog exclusive, aka "we hate money" says the developer.
Awesome, totally getting this!
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