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Geeks FTW!
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Geeks....we must unite!
Ray A
FB? WTF? this is G+ dude..get it straight!
Whenever I ask someone whose Facebook was "hacked", they always say, "Oh they knew my password", to which I call them a fucking idiot, but has anyone's Facebook been actually hacked hacked?
Dawn B.
OH YEAH! nerds rule!
Don't know Facebook just said some1 from another country than I live in tried to get into my account. lol +Jan Franco
A good lesson regarding spring cleaning, give all your devices and sites, new passwords, it is good for your memory to remember new things and your safety.
How will you type after I break your hands?
Awesome Go GEEK's I <3 geeks and nerds
I see the attempt in humor. Not very empowering unless you're desperate to find it funny.
..I should start threatening people who make fun of me with that.. I can't hack whatsoever, so I'd get my friend to do it, but still.
Lol, That won't go over well for Franklin if Rocko doesn't have a Facebook acct. It'll be Faceboot for sure.
i'm still wondering when they are gonna realize they could hack someone's computer instead
im srry but since my pass
is 32 char and
comprised of numbers and letters
it would take u 730 quadrillion years
for u to crack my pass
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Geeks deserve your respect and Call Of Duty 9 beta codes!
hey kristian tutenkovski, u cant say retarded unless u know how to frickin spell it.....
Revenge of the nerds in 3D!!!!!!! LOL :D
Oh sure - and NOW they start the Anti-Bullying campaign. It figures....
ye the dorks a geeks are fighting back wooo!!
I liked the original one as well that said
"Give me your Lunch Money or I will hack your homepage".
The geek shall inherit the earth (dodging lightning bolt from above).
Awesome! GEEKS RULE!!! Except a few of us are too nice to hack anybody, including me.
hack into facebook or +google account. ;)
Shouldn't that say "...or I'll hack into your Google+."
The bully beats the crap out of the geek "I dont use any of those"
What true nerd has that kind of courage? If he was brave HE WOULDN'T BE A NERD
I guess this is what nerd bravery is called nowadays o. o
what the heck is wrong with the that person
Clayton Niblow thank you for well pointing out the obvious....
thats my people for ya
I'm a nerd in 1 million years...starting when technology gets better.
Yet more self-assuring geek fantasy.
That's totally bullying what the heck..
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That's what I call a geek advantage!
reckless i tihnk the big guy would just knock him out and delete the old facebook account ... doesn't matter cuz i'm the genius and the cool kids combined if you don't know chuck inglish don't ask who the cool kids are.
I have seen this happen but with school records and grades. . . it is amazing how quickly the bullies becomes the babies. . .
they always said nerds would rule the school
"Sapiens" means "thinking", so this must be Latin for "Think Geek".
ha ha ha!! i dont have a facebook so im safe.
"Oh, Thanks. You'll make me not waste time."
i wish that would have worked when i was a kid
I do or did, but someone has messed me up so I am suspended due to someone getting into my account.
What about those of us the are both big and geeky? Ultimate evolution? :) Better be or i'll..... lol
He may very well be right - I have heard rumour of how easy this is and that many persons are doing it on FB.
lol!!!! ouch my wisdom teeth are coming in and it sucks
hahaha now bullies can't do shit
I learned it best to have a couple of geeko in your back pocket, you never know when you need to make that call at 3AM in the morning, because you got lost and ended up deleting your BOS and password protected the BOS and for got it. Without that evolution the PC I bought yesterday would be in the trash, but praise to the Geeko Sapiens they saved me $4000 dollars. Love you geeks, the best friends ever.
Jacob M
Well Jacob, if you say Power to the geeks, then you mean me. I'm the geek of the school when it comes to electronics.
Olu Man
Bully of the future
Ha! Finally! I should say that..... I WILL RULE MY CLASS"S FACEBOOK USERS!
haha im not a geek
the bullied guy looks too much of a loser to have any friends on facebook anyways
tyst _
Just anyone claims that he's a geek nowadays.
Well, whoever said that must be really tech savy!
I'm a geek and I hope it pays off one day
But, what the heck! It's really surprising that the bullied guy is bigger than the bully.
Isn't that line part of the Terms of Service for Facebook? Or is that the new Google privacy clause?
man the bully is wearing purple. purple means u will pwn anyone in ur way. plus they have twitter not facebook
The power of intelligence! It's absolutely amazing
om gosh!!! thats noot totally wierd!!
I just the guy in white would not be so bold.
i am definitly a nerd i play dungeons and dragons and games on here all day
ever been fb hacked
You would think that little Timmy would be smart enough to know that big bad Brian has no computer, and can't figure out how to use one. He has no money cause his family is poor. That's shy he beats the bullion out of Timmy for his lunch money every after noon.

"Give yer own lunch money looooser! I aint gots no Facebook fer you to heck! hahaha, come back here! you ain't given me yer lunch money yet!"
Well, this conversation could go on all night, bit I want to get some sleep.
im not a frikin GEEK
Just one last thing. What is your email? Any of you
Im watchin tv and a gay fag name jb came up den I dipped
not really funny... in reality... the bully would threaten to break all 10 of his fingers rendering what he is purporting to do... IMPOSSIBLE.
Now thts wat i call a giant leap for geek kind :P
You know geeks won't rule the world unless they DO
FAKE!!! The bully would just beat him up, stalk him to his house, and destroy his computer.
yoni L
who hacks face book i can do better then that >:(
The geek should hack the accounts first, then set up a deadman switch to distribute incriminating and/or embarrassing data to interested parties in the likely event he gets his face pounded in.
As if... but funny nonetheless
if I was the guy being bullied by the geek, IT WOULD BE ATOMICK WEDGIE TIME!!
Well I don't have FB anymore! hahahaha try if you can hack my g+! hahahaha
I don't always say I'm going to pull someone's underwear over their head, but when i do, I spell "atomic" wrong.
millions of years ago i also had a facebook profile !!
On the other hand, in this specific situation.. one slap from the bully would make the nerd give up his lunch money and Facebook password!
...and the geek shall inherit the earth! :)
Really But lol:) I gotta say U taller than that dude so u should be able to handle himand change ur password to facebook man use ur common sense!!
Geeks are more likely to use Google plus, threatening the guy's Facebook makes it even funnier
HA!!! Love it!!! Not real fond of evolution tho . . .
not anymore. The Geeks inherited the earth. Then Jobs made the "i" everything and gave it right back to the assholes
rj eno
that is weird but ok
Uh, no. The bully says, "you are using patented software to hack Facebook, and I am the rightful owner of that patent, so give me your lunch money or I will sue you for 10 million dollars in royalties."
GEEKS ROCK !!! THEY ALWAYS HAVE AND THEY ALWAYS WILL!!!!!!! THERE'S NO DENYING IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gggoooo, GEEKS!!!
Attention: Take note of the names of everyone posting! :)
lol great way to threaten the shit outta humans !
hahahahahah..... the revenge!!!!
Jo Mead
i think evolution is full of crap.
Lol hacking is used so liberally these days. Brute forcing via a kiddie script program isn't really the same thing.
Ur turn pal!!!!!!!wish u luck on what u r doing.
that so wierd what the heck its so wrong
Geek(posting on the Jock's wall): "Why you hackin yourself? Why you hackin yourself? Why you hackin yourself?"
Geeks have the upper hand. Well, online (only) anyway. And it took millions of years?
Mohan P
makes me smile.. how funny has truth become.
I wouldnt hack the FB DIRECTLY, I'd keylog the pw, change his profile pic to that of a severed horse's head, then change the password and email then charge $20 for each character in the login info. $20 or some good old fasioned public humiliation. 
Jo Ru 10 years the geeks will be the bullys... and then the then bullys will bow down to us!!!! =D
Awesome! I would change his relationship status to its complicated & say it is with his hand. BUUUUTT I don't really care for FB.
If Harry Potter lived in the 21st Century, that would be him.
Lin Jie
come on dudes! It's our time! Let's mke it rock!
Well, I wouldn't say it took millions of years for that.
Technology, Internet and Science belongs to Geeks!!! That's basically everything!! :) 
Go on youtube and Check out Laughing Skull Productions for cool beats
That's good for starters. Now about the girlfriend...
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