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Microsoft confirms no next-gen Xbox at this year's E3.
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they should stop producing consoles anyway. i have no money for such things the next 2 years...
Big mistake. Xbox 360 is getting way too old.
Please Linux/Debian fans stop act like the dumbiest teen ever! You make look all the Linux community really really bad!
Microsoft is trying to make more money off the Xbox 360. All consoles are sold at a loss and they make money on selling games. The longer the console is out, the more they make. None of them want to roll out a new console until they absolutely have to.
I'm fine with this! ME3 shows how much more they can squeeze out of the current gen.

Next gen will almost certainly have to be a home entertainment system, especially with Apple getting into the TV realm and Google refining their Google TV system. So i'd rather wait and have them release something polished than rush and release something that would be a disappointment.
Yeah, I'm hoping for 3 or 4 more years before I have to buy one.
jejejejej genial, ojala que existiera la siguiente plataforma de microsoft para xbox
Good. 360 has plenty of life left in it. I've been replaying bayonetta and after 2 yrs it still plays as good as n e thing released within the past 6 months so i am in no rush. Besides....all the negativity flying around based on all the "bad idea!!!" rumors flying around lately about the next system probably has them rethinking a few things. Lol
I see MS taking the apple route and haivng their own show to demonstrate their products. There maybe too much noise at E3 and CES which was MS's last appearance there this year. They probably wanna show it off when the focus is on them and just them.
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There's a cat in the box, KAWAIII!!!! :3
Love the pic. But honestly, we don't really need to see any new consoles this soon anyways. Unless they have already made significant profits on their sold games to recoup the loses of bad systems and updated system rollouts to warrant a new system, which I really doubt, it won't look good for them. This applies to both Sony and MicroSoft.
They could still make great games with the current systems. There's still some good potential in these consoles if developers put their mind into it and publishers support those developers. Releasing new consoles so quick is bad for the business. Every time a new console arrives, developers spend like one or two years experimenting on such console, and that cost a lot of money. Real games from a new console start arriving three years after the console's release and that's when all of the effort from those first two years starts to pay off. When developers are used to the hardware, news of new consoles start arriving and all of the effort from all of those years gets wasted, only to be repeated again once the new console arrives. I know that new consoles have to come out, but right now is when truly awesome games should appear. The devs are already experienced on the hardware and that leaves room for more innovation because they will have more time thinking about games instead of getting used to hardware like years before. That's what really matters because at the end of the day we want great games, not eye-candy only games like we see on many games in a console's early years.
I wholeheartedly agree. I was merely speaking from a financial point of view before, with regards to MicroSoft and Sony. You took what I said and expounded upon it. Thank you for that.
I'm not ready for another Xbox.
720 is needed,,, coz some of the games that are coming in 2014 Q3 wont run on X Box 360 or current version of PS3..
Well this is a sad news, sound like Nintendo will get a head start on the next console wars.
Good! Don't need to invest in another damn system!
The product itself is still in maturity; they'd be silly to make a new console now and not milk what they can out the current system!
Good hopefully it will allow Microsoft to use a gpu based on this years models getting heat profile down, use less energy and better graphics
Could you do an editing more than this ?
But that's not the problem,
I'm waiting until XBOX 720 come to my country,
It looks great than PS4,
But i must waiting IGN to compare that...
yeah, that was badnews with bad exspression of cat ><!!!
No new x-box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY,WHY,WHY,WHY,WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
xbox Sux..if it wasn't because they make people pay to play.they would have been comes online GAME SYSTEMS.....watchout crappy game systems and game makers...HomeBrew Games are coming in hard........
Haha. Pay to play. Pay to play online, maybe. Pay to play on an online service that never crashes on you and that lets me, in Norway, play with Americans without having any lag. Right-o.
yeah..i have a ps3 i play online at the moment...but when i had online, it was soooooo laggy...I like the Sinticate..on you tube....he has a record for most solo zombies killed.....
It would take away from them rerererereleasing the Star Wars special edition console. lol
why maaannnn wtf?!?!?wen is it goin to b released cuz i kno diz right here the xbox 720 is microsoft's secret weapon if sony comes out wit dat alien stupid azz ps4.....ugghhh i hate ps3 n ps4 sony most all dayy buddyyyy....=D
This seems like a good thing for XBox owners. (full disclosure I have a Wii and PS3, Xbox is cool though).

Getting a longer life out of your Xbox is a good thing, I guess it would be rad to get 1080p but im not certain that would make the game that much more fun.

That said, I am interested in the next steps of consoles and there are a few things I really want them all to start doing more of:

1. Open up the process for getting indie games easier into their marketplace. Seriously, you want a ton of awesome games brought to your device.

2. Allow apps on your console. Pandora, Twitter, Netflix, Amazon Video, CNN, Angry Birds, whatever I want anyone to make an app that you can put on your console.

3. Stop charging for your Internet connection. I am not XBox bashing, I just don't like that to access things like Netflix you need to pay for XBox live. They can do a for-pay on certain features, sure, but not to simply play online games and access netflix.

4. Backwards compatibility for downloads. Seriously, our money isn't infinite and I am tired of buying stuff a million times over.

I have more, but this post is way to long as is... :)
lol, putting a 720 after xbox is just stupid. the 360 already tells you it does everything!!! Be better just to keep the same name and constantly make it better, maybe a solid state drive or a processor with more cores.
xbox sucks...ps3 does everything and more lol
hell naw negga....the xbox does everythin so get it right mug...."
U kno xbox its the best duh so shuuussshhh n stay quiet....";)hahaha
sorry bro i ONLY play sony
microsoft aaaaaaalllllllll daaaaayyyyyyy shittt..,."!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~!!!
GTA V will push both push both X Box 360 and PS3 to its boundaries...!!!
I doubt that Microsoft is putting the amount of skills in tweeking the 360, coz i know the Americans have more potential than those japanese shitheads.
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