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ha ha!
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Hmm. No, this one is off. As a gamer, my life just ain't that simple.

And no, I like this meme. As long as it's not that Skyrim 'arrow to the knee' bullshit, I'm happy.
for me the parent one is the only true one
Love the wrist guard. Ha!
lol... What's with the knife on the desk. This is pure comedy.
Yeah I don't see the photo for masturbation inbetween game sessions. This is all wrong.
< face palm > can't believe I dated a guy like this - complete with tacky 3/4 baseball tee, might-as-well-be-laying-down reclining slump and messy apartment. and learn
That's one of the funniest thing I've seen on G+... xD
hahaha thats some funny stuff
For real! So very very very funny!!!
The definition of my friend farley
did it hert when you got hit by the balls of pan
not true...the "I think I do" is wrong
I still don't like having a term that describes someone who plays Pen and Paper RPGs for years before the video game industry co-opted it. And why do we get saddled with Pen and Paper or Tabletop RPGers? We were here first, you are VideoRPGers or actually guided story players since it really isn't an RPG.
What I know I do.. Actually I've been having a break off my Xbox for today but I'm reallllllyyyyyy missing Gotham City Impostors!! It's such a good game!
That's me all right (except when I'm at the gym working out)
This is from the WoW episode of South Park, which I recommend all gamers watch.
So true..except I have less hair
Can this meme die? usually the least funny ones find their way to Facebook quickly. This is one of them.
Yeah I have noticed these memes popping up like jackrabbits. It was funny at first, but like all memes, it gets exhausting.
I don't mind funny ones that get overused, but I don't know, this never should have caught on outside of old people humor haha.
sorry, not to be a downer but i gotta go with +Alexander Saunders Saunders . this is lame.

ign should remove this thing from the internet pronto and be ashamed of themselves for ever having made me look at this picture. everyone who has looked at this picture, read the caption from beginning to end is now dumber... for having done so. i award you no points +IGN and may god have mercy on your soul.
being a gamer is not cheap. I got to work my ass off just so i can afford my hobby.
u must be careful n choose things u do cose the eye of the public alwys watches wat u do
That's the best one I've seen yet (what yada yada yada thinks I do).
+IGN I know you took this from the WoW episode of South Park, which the guy is destroying WoW. pretty funny though, a great gaming episode too
one and only reason why i don't begin gaming.
aww... that makes me wonder what all that stuff i've been doing for the last month is, cuz this sure wasn't it. note to self: do more of last month.
Well I literally got back from the gym 5 minutes ago, but it's true half the time haha.
Cant get any better than that
marry him, the games gets better
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