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The totally wrong history of the future according to video games
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Are you talking about the self-lacing Air Force Ones, or the hoverboard?

I want both.
If I had $350,000, I'd pay that amount for both.
Here is the hoverboard that should be for sale by the holidays this year .  It's not a TRUE hoverboard, but it mimics the hovering... good enough for me for now, I guess.  Still... 3 years people... get on it.
In "That 70's Show", Red was telling someone how when he was a kid he thought he was going to see a flying car in the future...but he was disappointed
I want the self-drying jacket.
I think acoustic resonance or electromagnetic propulsion are the tangents to explore here.. Got to be a way to reskin this cat in time!
They already sold pairs of the self-lacing shoes identical to the movie ones.  I wish I had been able to get a pair before they stopped... FML #FirstWorldProblems  ...
Screw the schwag, I want Doc Brown's HOVER TIME TRAIN!!
I want my damn hoverboard!
Pfft... They had 3 years after the movie released. i still want one! haha
If you provide, the ultra small gigawatt battery, we can talk.
Haha remember dat movie there invented but not publicly manufactured
And they all thought that would come in 2011...........
Curse You Scientist
+Brendan McNamara I still wouldn't mind one even though they don't hover. Would be fun to glide on one and for pure awesomeness
Silly scientist...Skynet went online on April 19, 2011...I would think we need to shut the Skynet down before we figure out the hoverboard.
we will have the shoes in 3 years according to Nike,  still no response from Hasbro on the hoverboard.  
In the 60's, the government tried to build a flying saucer and we spent a pretty penny on it. I sent for the documents years back for fun. The thing got up about 10 feet or so and wobbled and was very unstable, so the project was scrapped. Not one our best ideas for our tax money...
This is going on my Christmas list. <3
That means the Cubs start a threepeat this year! Yea I know, a guy can fantasize can't he?
It's totally doable if you don't mind extreme high voltage under your feet.
forget the board, I want the shoes lol
back to the future.
watched all three last week.
fun fact. thows bords where allredy invinted just not open to the public because they where not "safe"
Yes, but I could nerd out with them shoes.
Erk Lok
They go hard. I would like two pair please
The future has been such a disappointment!
You can add that to the "Space 1999" category.
The future could be a second after,5 miniutes later...
....I think they were speaking of the hover board....
Sam PF
holy crap i think thats a back to te future scene!
Probably flying boards will be really expensive and a rip off
those skateboards were real and worked!!..but at $300 ea and a 50% garbage rate in manufacturing they flopped... it took great effort to find the ones for the movie and they cost a fortune!!..check the making of documentary
Waiting to ride my hoverboard through the streets of Chicago after the Cubs win the World Series. 
wow cool
me got to get me one of those!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i want those nike mags so badly. and the hoverboard
I wonder, if one could pack enough of nuclear batteries to power turbines.. And that only requires to do some web research to find out the dimensions, power requirements of available turbines, and output specifications of available power sources.
The text crap should be dumped from the image. Just post the photo. I don't need to be preached to - the photo will explain it.
Shea D
i think thats from back to the future the movie 
Lol I watched the movie an hour Ago XD
the reason its still not out there yet is because someone went back to the past and killed the inventor.
hahahaha so funny last time i heard  that i laughed so hard i fell of my horse
I guess it's a good thing Snake (and company) stopped all of those nuclear mechs and cyberninjas! However, in all seriousness, don't be surprised if Dolph Lundgren does retire from movies to focus on a career as a scientist--though I can't imagine Ken is any Dolph.
Hey, Gordon Freeman:  He's a scientist, and he'll never die.
They'll invent anti-gravity before Nike hires decent shoe designers.
Nike Mags I love this shoes to bad there 5,000
J. roto
Video games? That photo is from a movie...
You guys really think those hoverboards exist? The same rumors posted here were around when the movie released. The technology would probably be used for something other than a toy that has no brakes, don't you think?
which is cooler...a hoverboard or a hovercraft? Where's the flying cars you enticed us with on the jetsons? Come on people! Where are the priorities? Forget alternative fuel research...I want my truck to fly! 
Mat Lee
i saw a pair of those air mags on some pawn shop show. Haha, they didn't get much.
they are called the marty mcfly's and they cost about 1200$
Really you need to get out more you deprived person....
from back to the future and hope i can eventually get one.... if they exist....
Wouldn't it be neat if they came up with a two seat auto to zip around in?  Imagine the fuel savings not to mention a set of tires which would last indefinitely.
Flying cars! Heck w a hover board ha
I LOVE THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the third is my fav.
we could all use one of those
My uncle had some close connections with god and together they invented those;)
ahio aisj aied means ARE YOU KIDDING ME
It's almost 2015. Where are the flying cars?!
who thinks the heat are goin to win
and i want to this technology to by in all country 
Those scientists are going to spend three years making those shoes again.  That's it.
oh my gosh!!! i just watched that movie. the picture is from "back to the future" oh my goodness it was soooo good you gize should watch it sometime :)
These boards existed in the 80s hence being in BTTF but only lasted for a short while each time. I'm sure if you search hard enough, you can find them on the net to purchase :)
Frank T
im pretty sure they invented ridiculous hi tops in the 80s when this movie came out...ohhh they were talking about the board... yeah that would be cool
Those kicks are fire, how much for a pair. I'm not talking E-Bay prices I want serious prices. 
I thought it was back to the future. hahaha Can someone please tell me people were snow boarding, seriously Nike made a white guy shoes like those and every brown guy in surrey wears them. I love the person that posted ah some pic
lol hurry up . im ready to get one
did you say future according to "video games"?
Ya I heard that hover craft in back to the future just like this one was confiscated by the government from the inventer
Come on Nikes you can do it! We also need scientists, economists, and factory manages to work on the hover board and dish them out...
Ahhh 2015 flying cars, hoverboards and colour faxes. where did we go wrong? I want my hoverboard!!!!!!
And 7 years for my Bladerunner replicant  I totally want one of those.
Yeah, but I'm not looking forward to the long arm coats and the pockets inside out - although that would be an improvement to the butts hanging out
I am still waiting for my flying car promised by George Jettson
Given the current state of technology, if they did make hoverboards, they'd be glitchy and have low battery life and crash all the time. And the one made by apple would just be a shitty ripoff of another that fanboys would proclaim the best ever.
60 cm is still epic
at leasts it hovers XD
and dont forget about 3 years til the Cubs win it all!
Didn't the first guy to run a marathon do it barefoot?
Screw the hover board, I want the Air Mags <333333
Scientists need to pick up the slack. screw curing diseases, I need hoverboard! I saw a pretty good all terrain hover car/boat that was able to go from water to land to air (~50ft sustained I think) but it was expensive. We need our hoverboards reasonably priced too
Video games? that pic is from a movie 
There is no compromise in this...
awesum the shoes frum bak 2 the future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Orthopedic surgeons: place those Lamborghini orders now!
thats from back to the future but would be cool if it was true
I'd be surprised if they can get the 3D shark to work properly.  WHEN WILL I BE ABLE TO HYDRATE A PIZZA!!!!
Ergh... where is our graphene circuit boards?
Those shoes are way cooler than the fugly new Kanye Nike's, just saying
just saying they already released these but they don't auto lace.. but nike has filed a patent for that!
A dmnd
Now that' M.I.B. = N.I.K
"Scientists! You have 3 years..... invent this.... or may you never go Back To The Future.."
The hoverboard was really made but a parents group stop it to be sold fear of kids getting hurt
Add me guyz


Ps3 only im on it tonight
Wait so your saying this isn't real?! Lmao
Only 3 more years for those Nike shoes? awesome!
The ''Back to the Future'' series is one of the greatest sci-fi movies in film history. If they're ever remade in the future, I just hope that they get someone with enough talent to do them justice.
those look like rocket shoes and i can image that in my head hahahaha 
What are you talking about? I love my hoverboard!
they had a 120 pairs of those marty mc fly shoes on ebay for sale ,one off thing money was going towards parkinsons
Video Game Flashback: What was the name of that Hoverboarding game that was on the Dreamcast? The boarders were dressed like characters from Gears of War. lol
you have0.33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333r...sec...scientists
we got the shoes down now work on the board!
" have three years." What does that mean?
+Marcus Campbell Back to the future (a movie) depicted a 2015 with hover boards, flying cars and smart shoes in the 1980's. We are now in 2012, and still without these things.
So after 2015 if you are watching "Back to the Future" movie , it would be "Back to the Back" ;) lol
Nike actualy made the shoes! Google it and see.
you fool sumanth nayak it is the hoverboard the scientists need to invent- iv'e seen the shoes on the interent aren't they cool?
wow you ppl are dim... notice the hoverboard? noooooooo wheeeeels? according to the movie back to the future we should have those in 3 years
I want that hoverboard, the shoes, and most importantly the flux capacitor! THE FLUX CAPACITOR DAMMIT!!!
back to the future
I don't care what this article is about, it has only reminded me that after all these years I still want a hoverboard! Not so much the shoes.
wait we already have the tech to do this so why isnt it on the market....oh yea US almost forgot
they already made those shoes. science win!
Those air mags are nice but very high priced . 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
сценаристы "назад в будущее" переоценили мощь современных учёных)
Back to the future sneakers off the hook.
Technology is not improving fast enough!
Hey, at least we have quantum trapping already. That's probably further than they'd have thought we'd actually get by now. If you don't know what that is, I invite you to check out this great video. It's really cool to watch. QuantumLevitation
plzz difine a soul mession
They're Nike Air Mags not air force ones they were selling on eBay for MJF's Parkinson's fund and they're not self lacing ;)
The sneakers would look better black.
instead of hover boards, how about hover cars huh??
oooooooohhhh............its copying Back To The Future II. But still hover cars are a 10000000000000000000 times better!
Think big! Flying cars!!!!
I was Wondering where i place my shoes...
I love how this is supposed to be from 1985
SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!! (in advance)
Those have nothing on the Yeezy 2's
At least the shoes are pretty much on point.
Ha! We'll have hoverboards when...uh....( insert joke about either The Republican Party or something ripped of from collegehumor)!
lol we defund and ignore anything scientist do that doesn't blow things up or run on fossil fuel but then want to know why we don't have tech that requires to hold a person , the board and the weight of the fuel .  Stupid people quit fighting the scientist .
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