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Our Top 50 Game Makers list is now complete!

Who's your favorite game maker?
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Nintendo and naughty dog but for different reasons. 
I live for nintendo
Star fox,Mario,link and samus how ever you spell it. 
Definitely +Ubisoft because of games like Assassin's Creed, Splinter Cell, Far Cry, etc.
I love too many to pick just one. Maxis, Runic Games, Nintendo, Bethesda ... I could go on all day.
vamos pero Zelda tiene lo suyo !! o no ?? un buen gamer sabe reconocerlo  
español men !! español !! si no sabes usa el traductor de google !!! xD
IGNs list is only of big publishers, and a lot of them are horrible. Like EA for example. Voted 2011's worlds worst company
Star fox Mario link and samus love Nintendo and the one game all four are in. Super smash bros 64!
Link! All the time :)
debemos reconocer que la mayoría de nosotros creció con Nintendo luego fuimos definiendo nuestros gustos con el tiempo 
+Eryl Talbot Yeah, I'm sorry, but Im a fan of both Nintendo and The Legend Of Zelda, 'cause they made amazing sagas :)

P.S: I'm sorry for my english, I'm from Chile :P
Ademas casi todos nosotros tuvimos algo de Nintendo y que valoramos en nuestra infancia ya sea una consola portátil o un juego.
+Eryl Talbot Yeah! Zelda is, actually, one of the best games of ALL TIME, great to meet a fan of Zelda :D
i know 1 of them   and it is mario and who r the other people.    
+Eryl Talbot  No, I didn't, but it sounds very interesting :D

P.S: Can we talk in the chat?, it would be much better :)
I have never really liked Nintendo... Valve all the way.
Anybody who would disagree is bat-sh*t crazy. Nintendo EAD all the way!
J Krah
Where is Sega? LOL I just read the article... Sega not being top 5 or top 10 is a joke. +IGN how old was the person who did this? 15?
Does anyone think that they should bring back Dr. Mario?
mario, sega, legend of zelda i could go on forever there all good
There are a lot of great great game makers. Nintendo ( and all their satellite studios ) is definitely at the top. Because so many great games came out of them. Grasshopper, lucas art ( sorry but I loved all their games back when they used to do great games ), bethesda is huge, konami, capcom, so much more. :). Thanks for this article. Great to read the Top 50.
Frixas, Paradox, Kerberos, and Stardock
josh l
THQ wwe games awsome.. story and all...
Nice games , how day come new (( world of warcraft )) 2012 
Whoever made the first Starcraft, and Shigeru Miyamoto
Bethesda, Skyrim and Fallout rock!!!!
A bit of Nintendo because of Twilight Princess and most of Metroid, especially the primes, fusion, and zero mission. But excluding other m. Media Molecule because of LittleBigPlanet1&2. Bethesda because of the Elder Scrolls, especially Skyrim and Fallout. And Zipper because of MAG. :D mathematical 
Do u have a front pose as to c ur pretty face?
Mario Bross is fenomenal ever
ho the hell is the ornege
Mario is the best one of them all
Luh O
My heroes! Such brave characters standing before us. Love Nintendo.
Nintendo and epic games...also naughty dog 
i dont like of the nitendo only playstation 3
Ok people will always debate #1 or #5.... but Sega lands at #29 behind companies with only ONE good title under their belt? Seriously?
capcom, sega and kairosoft (maker of gamedev story)
Yeah!! KONAMI in NINTENDO... Awsome!!
Westwood (RIP)
Looking Glass Studios (RIP)
Pre-EA Bioware
I think Valve should be higher up, but still. Good list.
i have a nintendo game boy
+William Henshaw the Tales of Series has always been better, even now they produce games that keeps close to their roots and stays fantastic. Final Fantasy was better in their older games, with that being said Squaresoft and Enix were fantasitc BEFORE they joined up.
last decade ROCKSTAR alltime favorite NINTENDO
All of them, but id rather Mario and Metroid
Santa monica and Naughty Dog
Namco, CAPCOM, 2K czech, Ubisoft, Bohemians Interactive, EA, Nintendo, Remedy
WTF?? Nintendo? You f**kin kiddin me? with no doubt Ubisoft and Valve if we are talkin about REAL GAMES!!
Edios Interactive, Ubisoft
And the legend if zelda ocarina of time is the greatest game of all time. XD
First: Square Enix (if im counting their past titles before merging)
Second: Valve
Me.  I'm my favourite game maker because I'm an indie dev who makes games the way I want to play them... Your own custom game, just the way you like it... Yeah, doesn't get better than this.
look  nintendo theres beter systems now so make something more creative
sadly nintendo keeps rehashing ideas and they get worse and worse with each remake. . . Skyword sword. . . wtf were they thinking?
Bethesda, if they could make a glitchless game, Bethesda all the way, unfortunately....
viva nintendo! os habla el mayor fan de mario luigi y link
That was a great list +IGN . I truely enjoyed the trip down memory lane remembering all the games I used to play as a teenager and the games I play now. I'll have to visit xbox live arcade and grab a few of my old faves to play again. :)
Motivational speaker Tony Robbins "fired up" a crowd of about 6,000 in San Jose Thursday, then turned the crowd loose on 12 lanes of hot coals where people could "unleash the power within" by walking across them barefoot. 
What, no Ambrosia Software? What about Pangea? 
Konami seemed to have a stretch there of really awesome games like the Metal Gear and Castlevania series. 
I wanna say 2k games because of borderlands
I love Nintendo, I own every system minus the New DS's and Zelda games are perfection. Star Fox games are greatly adventurous, remember star Fox adventures for GameCube? So Nintendo tops my list, but second has to be rockstar. How can you do better than gta, max Payne, and red dead coming from one developer.
Naughty dog has been making great quality games since they started. I would go with rock star next because they always take games to the next level
ps para no ser imparcial elijo Super Smash Bros :3
Brilliant list. Spoiler alert- the picture gives away the winner.
Star Fox!!!!!!! Star Fox is the best classic video game for Nintendo 64 of all times. Fox MCcloud Lives On!! R.I.P. James MCcloud.
Wow... I think (and hope) Nintendo is getting more popular
why does the newcompany 1st it should be capcom or sainta monica. Also Nitendo 4 eVa and Dbz i guess :)
1 Dice
2 Game Freak
3 Ubisoft
4 Valve
5 Silicon & Synapse
all ov em cause withought 1 i would die
Valve is the pixar of game devs.
sorry but these guys got me through the best games ever, star-fox! Mario! Link! Samus! i remember when i thought Samus was a man.
It is true that Nintendo doesn't have games with awesome graphics, awesome cars, "pretty" guns or with references to terrible real world wars that appeal to the lust of violence in human hearts.
But few companies can match Nintendo's franchises, Zelda, Mario, Metroid such games have written their names with pure gold ink. A lot of gamers know of games thanks to Nintendo's great work. Admit it even you used to say: "I'm playing Nintendo" whenever your parents asked you about.
A kids company ? Yes indeed, forever ! Nintendo managed to revived the industry thanks to its "kid-company" format, and even today tries to appeal to young ones, may be coz all those little gamers playing Nintendo games will take our place very soon and Nintendo wants to remain a choice for em in a near future.

Drew R
Bethesda...Naughty Dog...
Long live Nintendo!! Love it for life!!
Then Square Enix
Then Atlus
NINTENDO is a boss 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃
As said by Tobuscus..."WIIIIIIIIIIUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!" (no copyright infringement intended)
Nintendo are the best of gane makers of ALL TIME, but they're struggling because Microsoft and Sony keep stealing their ideas and we're not supporting them anymore. NINTENDO = LEGENDARY.
Lately Ubisoft has been rising up my board.
uh aha
Rock star- gta & Max Payne
i love every nintendo game i have ever played and more!
I was Square Soft, but since they aren't around, and game quality tanked after the merger, I'd have to say maybe Bethesda. I have some bones to pick regarding their optimising only for the 360, though... >.>
Oh, and Double Fine. They rock, hands down. :)
HA! I have that picture as my wallpaper!
Without a doubt nintendo is top dog here, however I truely enjoy the squere soft/squareonix tittles
So many too choose from but personally my favorites are Rockstar, Valve, Ubisoft and Naughty dog.
IGN, why did you copy McBaby art for this post ? What a shame.
squaresoft/square enix, but I agree with how influential nintendo has been. 
Rockstar and Ubisoft for now ,Nintendo for all-time
ubisoft valve rockstar infinity ward activision!
It's a tie between Valve and Rockstar. 
True gamers don't choose! We know variety is key and enjoy the games for what they were meant to be and achieve.
Game Makers:
~1. BLIZZARD (+++++)
~2. Bioware (++++)
~3. Rovio (++++)
~4. EA (+++)
~5. Ubisoft (+++)

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