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Most gamers would agree…
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o meu é o da Sony lá. e ainda por cima é PS2
driving in traffic makes us violent...
tell that to the multilayer admins who let people play from across an ocean and expect there to not be lag... localized servers exist for a reason. You have a huge population of MORONS who think lack of bandwidth is what causes lag. But it's really more about DISTANCE from you and the server you are playing on.
ALWAYS CHOOSE THE SERVER CLOSEST TO YOU. And if you don't we don't want to here your useless complaints.
Na verdade eu tenho 2 video games playstation 2 e o nintendo wii.
Diogo didi - ''Na verdade eu tenho 2 video games playstation 2 e o Nintendo wii''

Hum... e desses ai, qual o que você mais gosta?
looooooooooool , 100% true
Seeing as I'm playing Warhammer 40k Space Marine at the moment it's very apt.
and what is about the buggy thing I mean the patch after the patch after the patch after ....
My name is Bill and I suffer from Lag Rage!!!!!!
Video games can't make anyone more violent. They might actually make u aggressive later on in life. That's a fact which I now know through my studying of Psychology.
Ed Luke
BF3 lag is so annoying, especially when you shoot down a jet, only to ram the debris and die...
it is the inner self they affect, your attitudes, your perceptions, those make you the person they mold you as.
all i heard was video games blah blah blah
Especially if you're playing an 18 GB game on a a non-gaming laptop!!! SIGH
Very much so. Nothing worse in video games then to get to where you wanted to go then have it lag big time because of too many people there.
Yea, i cant stand playing MW3 and some has a bad connection...
TO MANY NOODs are playing that game evey day I can't stand it.
Dat ish so TRUE! I go violent when i get lag and i blame my bro for downloading porn.
No video games make us violent.
Video games dont make us fit either.
Stay Healthy!
I agree. My brothers and I grew up causing all kinds of mayham in GTA and we're not violent in the least. All my friends who played the same games as me aren't violent either.
its kind of true but after i played MW3 i became more alive (alive: violent)
video games don't and war does.
Super Street Fighter 4 agrees
truer words have never been spoken. AMEN to that!
no the people who get in front of the screen do
Lol I love how they put the wemote in there XD. Almost like it us supposed to be some kind of gaming device LOL
but how about violent games
isn't it there own minds that make them violent?
watch ur language!!!!!!!
there is nothing true-er. But losing also makes us gamers violent, too.
Hahahaha I told that to my pearents so they bought me a new ps3 thanks guys
You're saying that as you show an Xbox 360 and PS3 controllers. There games are nearly all M and T. I agree that video games don't make people violet but to say that with an Xbox controler is like saying the sun is cold!
lag is bad i died from lag in minecraft cause i fell down a hole id didn't see
Oh my.....buffering..............god that is com-buffering..........-pletly true.
+Foster Davis because morons like you don't consider it a gaming system because of lacking graphics and third party support.
wow thats believable i totally agree
Brett F
that is so true
LOL, Lag kills...
lag sucks when you play call of dudy online:(
We only get violent if we rage quit. XD
computers do not make us "violent" at all
that is to true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yup lag is the root of all broken things lol especially in mw3
And, that's the only reason why. Devs need to learn that lag in this day and age is unacceptable.
Omgosh im saving that to my pics on my iphone im a major hardcore mother fuckin gamer and i approve of this message lmaaoo
Makes bloggers violent, too. I'm getting soooo much more done since switching from AT&T to Comcast Xfinity.
Depends on the video game: Mindjack, E.T., Superman 64...
when your console isn't fast enough to keep up with your game and slows it dowm
LAG is when the game is moving real slow and it's kinda sticking
haha true
Only a true gamer? last time I checked everyone and their mother knows what lag is...though to be fair I haven't checked in a while.
Yeah.... my bro broke his mouse cause of it...
hell yea its true. im Spartacus205 on Killzone3, if you play that game you know im one of the best, add me
It was right about then that my remote went crashing through the screen.
so true! i hate lagging especially when im playing call of duty
First person to say hi wins!
Duh anyone who thinks games makes people violent should take a look back at cartoons such as tom and jerry or looney tunes. Explain how those things that were watch by millions in there youth somehow did not create a generation of violent kids.
@Those questioning what Lag is

Lag happens when a combination of internet speeds, distance between online players, and other such factors regarding internet.... cause the timing between consoles to be off. For example, when I get head-shot as I re-spawn in COD and then I see the other player appear before me and a flash of the rifle as my character dies...

+Jeremy Phares I am unsure of which post you are referring to, so I am assuming you are referring to where I said, "Lag + Campers = Homicidal Tenancies"... I know what you mean... bunch of 12 year old camper-babies ... then with the rage quitting on the host's end when they suck or start to lose causing a loss for me even though we would have won in the end...... a lot of things I dislike about online shooters.... EA or otherwise.
True I got a 360 and a hacker gave me one bar connection
It's true it actually can help us to blow off steam.
truer words have never been spoken.
PC > Xbox > PS3 > Wii
It's as simple as that, you have some learning to do if you don't know what that means, too.
true because game sistim are asome + its a fun games
too bad they cannot teach you to spell.
Phew.... when I first saw the pic, I thought they were debating the preferred input for gaming. I was about to have a rant about the cons of a joystick vs a mouse!
Duh of course it's the lag... It drives me crazy!!! :P
Yeah i hate lag makes me want to smash my comp :P
The simple answer is (how do your human mind work?) it deals with the mind.
Yes they can in bully the game you have to pass english class by learning how to spell

I cant believe they get violent games and the parents say "you cant play with it until you are mature enough."WTF!!!!
Lag is a horrible thing!!!! Glad my games don't suffer from that :)
The graphics on the Wii make me violent. 
Any resident of Second Life will agree with this!
this is so true for me and for u !!!!! so true
w/out lag...we would have no b.h.a.g
Gears Of War , make me:
when i open the door i use my leg =))
thats like so true true about my lil bro and me
Well you shoot first and ask questions later.
lol dude thats sooo true,nd i play black ops,but i did get mai bro Mw3 for xmas nd his friend jacked it on him so...yea..:/ sucks..:<,btw..i freakin hate lag!DX,lol
ver,very true. EVERYBODY HATES LAG!!! it is EVIL!
Oh so very true. It's the L-word. I've actually learned a fair amount of knowledge from video games, like learning a lot about WWII from CoD and MoH. L**, however, makes me want to smash the screen of my games.
God damn that shit's true haha
Oh yeah. I do agree. People are violent because they choose to be. 
The more buffering, the more blood on the walls..........
Noa K.
Lag doesn't make me mad, campers do
To the Wii knockers.... funny how you wouldn't even have a video game console without Nintendo and how the Wii is Nintendo's first time having the weakest console and this year is the first EVER posted losses (in the mid millions, unlike sony's 4.6 BILLION) since Nintendo's becoming a company with handmade cards back in the 1880's.... lmao... wow. damage our eyes lil' bit. Dats all damage our eyes lil' bit. Dats all
call of duty should be the only game ever
HA HA HA that made me LLN ps if u don't know wat that means than u suck but i will tell u anyway laugh like niall
well I agree with the quote but not some of the comments just because you play something violent dosnt mean you are violent, for example you can brush ur teeth but that dosnt mean your a toothbrush.
the lag does do that. luckily i have a fast pc
That is like saying porn doesn't make guys horny. Garbage in, garbage out.
playing games actually stimulates the brain (frontal cortex) where planning is associated. so games help our brains network better.
I only said what I did because the Wii is not a professional gaming console. The graphics are sub-parr the online play is subpar. True nintendo started some good things but what matters is now... today. At least that is what all the selfhelp books say. Unless we are still trying to live in the past... invent something good and people will buy it. If you can't don't complain just do better. Stop being upset about facts people.
Ehh, I would pick the computer best. Computer is awesome. Then Wii Then Wii Kinect Then Xbox 360.
you know it's true !!!!!! 20 years of gaming and i'm still going strong..being not violent lool
No, what makes me violent is a company firing someone who wrote an honest review after said company was paid off.
Sooooo right you guys!!!! My mom thinks its the games.. POST THIS ON FACE BOOK TO SHOW THE PARENTS THE TRUTH!!!! LOL
And I always wondered where my violent nature came from. Now I know.
"Games make us violent"-R u kidding me, These r the comments that make us violent..
people i have something in common with...
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