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Totally true...
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Ssame w jerking it upwards to make Mario make it over that ledge.
hahaha i used to make fun of people doing it but when it was my turn to race i would do it too
is there a matching pic of some1 jumping to try and make the char jump higher? :)
Never had done that but when my little sis play i think she move better the controller than press the buttons xD
Also true: dodging out of your chair helps you avoid getting hit and moving your head sideways makes you see around the corner.
It helps on the Wii playing Mario Kart! I'll have to dust mine off and play again one of these years.
I actually never did this. I still push forward on the control stick, though.
And self emitted sound effects!
Little kids do it.
Well with the new XBOX 360 steering wheel does help you turn better !!
Its just like lifting the controller to make you jump higher or further. Science proves it and is repeatable with super mario on the nes.
Circle me google+er's and i'll do the same! <3
that shit does help XD
no really if yuh have a xbox kinect it really does:}
My favorite is when bullets are shooting at you and your buddy is trying to the bullets with ducking while playing the game.
youre not a gamer if this is not common
Haha I've definitly done this!
I think after years of gaming, we had almost learned to control that temptation and hold the controller still. Nintendo realized this and promptly decided to released Mario Kart on the Wii to make sure we got back in the habit.
Those are classic gestures that help us get past 'impossible' jumps lol.
If u haven't done it at least a few times ,then you've never been really into a racing game.
i never do this i must admit...only people who play mario kart wii would really do this
would u consider mario kart double dash a racing game?
It's okay to that, until you try while driving your car...
I do this om almost every game I play even before the wii came out! +Malcolm Mee. And my sister did it so much she fell once that was way b4 wii came out
The wii made this true ! :)
the Wii U is gonna be awesome
ok mr smith, time 4 bed, mine tilts 2 but 4 1 i ain't got time!
only on wii or a apple device...
hahahahahah or my fav was Standing Up and moving, also! While tiling the controller as well. xD
Lol... Deep within our did
I hate when people do that. It just makes me want to rip my hair out and puke up baby kittens. lol
its a natural instinct ;D
of course it does. if you say it doesn't your not a gamer
The move of a true gamer in the 90s.
Ahah that looks like me when I play hard mode on call of duty

haha :) dont know how many times ive done this and still lose :( lol
Play Folklore on the ps3 a little while. he he he. And some racing games now respond to this on the ps3 by the way. -_^
Mar g
I do that! And then my friends always yell at me that it isn't gonna help.
reminds me when I played RACE/AIRship games :3
Also moving the controller rapidly upwards helps you jump.
Still do it with the ps3 controller, tho not as much as I used to with the old Nintendo/SNES games. :)
I swore it helped me push the buttons harder, too!
especially on ps3 wen u r playin gears of war
Are you a rock star?????????........
i'm rock star famous in the world
what about you?
I wonder if this is how Nintendo came up with the idea of the Wii controller.
Tilting your body also means you dont get shoot also???
I don't do it but my friend does and claims it helps.
That's why I now have the Microsoft Wireless Speed Wheel: tilting required!
when that guy in the picture was young he never would have expected that tilting the controller would actually mattered one day XD
Thats why I changed to a mouse and keyboard, it was getting embarassing.
filled with great concentration!
omg parents always did that
for some controllers sure
Can't win Need For Speed without it
A requirement for all driving games and platforming games.
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