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The Star Wars: The Old Republic 1.2 patch update is HUGE!
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Tomas M
Oh....the good old days
This sounds good. The game needs this patch ASAP.
I love this game and the pvp. I hate hutt ball though. Sith do not know how to pass!
Hate Hutt Ball?!? Hutt Ball is our personal favorite. Yes it sucks when players get the ball and cannot pass the ball, but when everything is clicking it's a lot of fun. It is quite unique to any other PVP I've done in an MMO and I often do very little damage throughout the entire match.
yes I hate it. So does everyone else we play with lol. Problem is the noobs grab the ball but then never pass it! sucks!
trane the noobs.....waves his jedi will become like Kobe!!
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