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Did Apple just patent a game controller?!
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So basically apple just patented the playstation controller....Apple vs Sony lawsuit incoming.
Apple patents the dirt that their office buildings stand on.
+Andrew Trimmell 


A month later, the news top headline:

oh lord.... now they are going to sue Sony, the controllers look similar
mais que belo madafuck!!!!
eu n entendo nd que vcs falam
Did they patent the controller, or the method of mapping controller buttons to specific games.. :S
Did anyone actually read the article? Apple is just showing how their devices will sync with NFC
(staring at this pic while holding my Dualshock 3) there's something familiar about the patented game controller...
See in this case Obama could say "you didn't build that" then I would believe him.
Ian Wood
Really Apple?! I'm sorry but can this company just go and die ready.
Come to think of it, as a remote, the PS3 controller IS more comfortable to use than the traditional thing. Not so sure it'll appeal to non-gamers, however. 
if they did, then how freaking unoriginal of them. this control looks awkward. Goodbye to Apple's innovation...
Aww hell naw. Apple thinks it can ignore/undermine gaming for 20 years and then just show up to the plate and say "me too"? Eff that.
are they really prepared to take on the likes of Sony? this should get very interesting
it looks like a ps3, it's going to function like a ps3. I want to see how they explain this as a new idea, or bettering an old one
Little behind the times with that cord coming out.  But yes, that is a Playstation controller.
Reading the article shows that the patents are mainly for NFC I believe. But knowing Apple, they'll probably start telling about how it's the best controller ever, even though it's pretty much modeled after a PS3 controller, if it makes it to market.
Yeah the Playstation controller. Apple enters gaming expect a lot of lawsuits and non sense
Competition may be brewing, which means a win win for us consumers. YYeeaahh
Apple will patent all things.  Whether they are currently being made or not.  Welcome to the United States of Apple!
+Brian Jackson Not really. Apple and there stupid patent bull shit holds back innovation. I can't see how any good will come from this. #patentreform
Yeah so they can sue other companies that they copied their idea.
Apple patented the ability to link two different devices via NFC through an iPhone. They didn't patent the controller design. Quit spreading FUD.
we cant afford it anyway its like a 1500$ gaming console..prestige items these days
I would be happy if they brought back the Dreamcast controller.  That thing was awesome.
Fig 45C looks like a NES controller. If Crapple even tries to bring this to market, i expect Sony and Nintendo to ROYALLY SHIT ON THEM, with the lawsuit of all lawsuits
Looks like a sue to Nintendo, Xbox(Microsoft) and PS3(Sony) I don't want them to screw videogames #boycotapple
Blame IGN...they put the question out there expecting exactly that reaction...and at the bottom of the article they even say  

"It does not mean that Apple is patenting its own game controller, although it does prove that gaming applications are on the company's mind."

Nice work though IGN...way to get everyone commenting on Apple patents...
I hope they're paying sony for that design
It comes complete with a fucking wire. Way to bust out the technological advances crApple.
I hope it was only a "generic" model. the controller with the "console" looks like a mix between the SNES and the dual shock controllers
If it's true, it probably has thousands of patents. Lots of bullshit lawsuits will probably ensue
What a waste of time, Crapple: Y U NO patent water too, so you fuck everyone at the same time?
look how they reinvented the game controller, sony better change their design now I'm sure its now patented by apple
Great headline! It has nothing to do with the article. It's a good thing everybody on G+ can read for themselves...
Gee, that looks remarkably like a Playstation controller on the right, and an NES controller on the left...
PS2 controller this is not really from apple there designs are more complex and easier to use
Headline: "Did Apple just patent a game controller"
Article: "It does not mean that Apple is patenting its own game controller"
I wonder if Apple will sue SONY for plagiarism.
No. Apple will tell on their another presentation that they have invented the first gamepad ever.
I'm sure Sony has patents for everything they have created. 
NFC is the way of the future. Bluetooth will die out as more start using NFC.
Did anyone actually read the article?

They aren't patenting the PS2/3 controller. 
"an iOS device allows you to pair a number of controllers to a videogame console, including the iPhone itself, which then displays a simple, digital gamepad."
Matt C
Looks a lot like a PS controller to me.
they di but it just look a little differnt. so is it just the controler or is it making something new. do you all know
So Apple patented the playstation controller
I don't think that this would be successful even if they did make it because they are not professionals in gaming, for their MacBook products they don't take gaming as their main priority so how can they make this?
LOL@ +Jac Thomas People don't read articles, that would be self educating and self defeating. They can't appear smart fast enough if they read the article first. Problem is, the opposite occurrs. lol
Wow they just can't invent anything off their own back... first stealing the idea of a tablet... now controllers.. 
Hi, we are Apple and we want to patent things that have been used for years, but we are Apple so it shouldn't matter.
You heard it will be gone in the next 5 year's 10 tops... industry can't sustain their bullshit anymore
They could have zero income and have enough cash-on-hand to keep their company afloat for 13 years. unpossiburu!
"Looks way too much like a Sonys Controller, people will get confused. And further more..."-Apple Lawyer
 "Ban on U.S. Sales and Export Banned."-U.S. Judge
Everything works on a mac @defcon oh wait no it doesn't ...flash
While I can't get the article to load, I'm guessing on the picture here. And its the PS Dualshock controller. Even up close you'd be hard to tell it apart.... in short if this picture is right, Apple has their photocopiers running at full speed as always. Can they seriously not at least try to make something original/innovative without blantly patents others works?
I think that Sony may something to say here....
Awesome! I had no idea you could just patent a Playstation DualShock controller to get money! Tophats and monacles here I come!
If this is a serious patent then Sony definitely has a case here
+Kevin Todd yeah mate that's the idea!! I'm thinking of patentings the tea cup and coffee mug... cherrrrrr cching!
Actually they just patented the NFC pairing of devices... Which is already in the market. Not necessarily a game controller.
I'm just waiting for the day that Apple messes up and ends up suing it's self over something :)
Haha, wow - most misleading images ever...
Apple is preparing to sue Sony for ps3
Wow!  Apple invents the NES and the PS2 controller!  Now, how am I going to stop goofing off when the second coming of Steve Jobs happens?
Sony you better hold on to your asses.. APPLE IS COMING FOR YOU.. and when i say coming for you i mean they are going to patent your controller design and then fuck you over big time hahaha
Man Apple's so innovating! They patented EVERY controller after 20 years of prior art with the design they stole.. 
Absolute stupidity. And yet, if it's for real, people will buy it and once again Apple will force proprietary formats on an unaware populace.
failed!!! This is a cheap copy of the sony PlayStation :S. Definitely I don't like :P
What a bunch of losers over at Apple - but with the money they have, they can buy the Patent Office and get such a ridiculous thing patented (I'm just going by the pics here and haven't read any claims as a disclaimer).
Oli Lan
So that's another headline which is a question to which the answer is no. The article even says "It does not mean that Apple is patenting its own game controller". Sheesh.
Let me start with saying they haven't patent the controller. They have patented how A controller will communicate with tablets/phones and TVs. Well saying that I still see how Apple in five years will say they invented it and all fanboys will believe it.
Isn't the ps3 controller exactly like that?
The console looks good, but the controller could easily be confused for any of the PlayStation controllers! 
Hey that's a PS3 with a old SNES controller upside down on top of it. And here I thought apple was an innovative !!! Apple is acting like a big brat who doesn't want to let the other kids to play with other toys that is not even using. 
its magical! its revolutionary! 
It's obviously fake guys! Apple would not be able to do that, simple digital art made in Photoshop, it's not that hard. Sony would be allowed to close Apple if this was real, so just chill.
The question is not what Apple cannot patent. But my question who are the assholes at USPTO granting these patents to Apple blindly.
The DualShock4gs... so original. So revolutionary.
Forget the controller. Its patenting a universal NFC pairing device. Isn't that exactly what the Nexus Q does?
Looks like a play station controller 
I knew this day would come theve made everything

No Evan. If it's on the Internet it must be real!
Apple should make condoms and then sue anybody who uses them. #sarcasm  
So.... Lawsuits - How things get "done" and big business stays big.  The attorneys make money all the way around.  Innovation and progress stifled.
Looks to me like they are just making it possible to pair play station controllers to an iPhone, which should be relatively easy since PS3 controllers are BlueTooth. Not gonna work with xBox though since Microsoft went with proprietary wireless for some dumb reason.
The standard was developed for the market. they are now taking it from the market with patents on an obvious idea? this is getting way out of hand and the consumer will suffer (actually already suffering) if this is allowed to continue.
Behold... the iPlaystation
maybe a  extra thing for macs and i products
So .. If u really read this hear is what it is saying, the next apple tv will play video games
Looks like they invented the PS3. Huh...who would have thought?
I didnt know you can steal designs from other major companies then patent them... interesting...
If this is true then o.m.g.. The scary thinf is; i think apple might win the lawsuits coming after this... =/ (Written on my iPad, even though i hate Apple for things like this!)
Apple patent trolls strike again. They'll sue Sony in a couple of years.
Tom, you say that like it is a bad thing...
They will b suing Sony soon for the dual shock design 
That is a rip off of the PS3 controller. they added 2 buttons
o its not a play station controller with an apple logo. Apple didn't go wireless this remote will be wired to the console.BAhahaha
even if they did come up with a new games console it would still be very expensive
Similar controllers are in use in the manufacturing world as well, for controlling certain robotics.
err what is this?

Now Apple can get sued for kind of/sort of/not really ripping off someone else's designs. That will be a nice change for them...
+Xatolos Wired I'll give you the short of it since all these idiots here commenting didnt read the article. 
"An Apple patent published today shows the iPhone being used a universal remote to pair NFC devices. an iOS device allows you to pair a number of controllers to a videogame console, including the iPhone itself, which then displays a simple, digital gamepad."
The patent is about the NFC technology and pairing devices NOT reinventing a new controller. 
That's a PlayStation controller...
Apple will probably sue Sony and Microsoft now.
Apple have joined the video game market at the very wrong time IMO, too little too late, c'mon apple stick to your tablets and phones and touch screen technology, leave video game consoles to the big boys! I.e -Microsoft & Sony 👍®™
why didnt they use an NES controller sheesh
Yeah, they're not patenting the game controller, geniuses. Try reading the article.
omg! sony copied apple's controller ;)
Looks an awful lot like the PS controller... maybe Sony should talk a page out of Apple's book and sue the heck out of them!
o ** that would be cool if apple releases that
+Scott Wolf Your right.  People focus too much on the title, the picture, and Apple.  But I've used mobile devices as remote / gamepad during the days of Windows Pocket PC.
Shaking my head in sadness. So many people believe everything they read.
Looks like a playstation controller. Sony should sue them
Nintendo and Sony should sue Apple for copying
Of course they did.  They invented it, didnt' they?  DIDN'T THEY?!?!
Whatever they do it is going to be deemed revolutionary and sell millions, smh.
Apparently people on the internet only read headlines and look at pictures...
What that's playstation's controller
Yeah if they did, Sony's got a good lawsuit.
If someone hasn't coined the phrase, this looks suspiciously like a "piss-off patent" remember.. apple came up with the idea first.. its their right to litigate (there's that word again) and go after all the other companies that are using that idea.
Wired and looks exactly like a PS controller in Fig 6 and a old school NES controller in Fig 45C?  What exactly are they patenting, extinct technologies?
A lot of you didn't even bother reading the clearly says the pic of the controller is used purely as an example...the entire article is about them using NFC.
Are there any patents LEFT for a game controller?
They will now sue for the ban of Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft products that uses a "game controller"
M Rod
+Devin Siguenza your right & God is suing them for that....! Something about it's his dirt! Unfortunately no lawyers in heaven to help out.
I really hope someone smacks down Apple very soon.
blah, it doesnt look or feel like apple to produce this type of product.
+mark lewis The "big boys" have their heads up their arses.  Apple has a really fast hardware cycle, which is what's needed to keep up with desktop & laptop speed improvements.  As an indie game developer I can tell you that the consoles all are very painful to deal with when it comes to publishing games.   Hook your mobile device to a TV and have a bluetooth controller (I already do this w/ my Android), and you've got an awesome portable game console.  Touching the damn screen isn't the best way to play a lot of (most) games, so I'm excited about the NexusQ, GoogleTV, Ouya, and  AppleTV (or whatever this is for).   Why?  Because they don't suck to make games for.

XBLIG is a disaster.  Sony's new indie marketplace is a clone of XBLIG with no way to address quality and discover-ability issues.   Just like multi-game playing consoles killed the dedicated Arcade machines, General purpose (mobile?) computing will kill consoles.  They're just neutered PCs.  Which can you do without?  Your PC or your Console?
SOMEONE'S going out of thier comfort zone...
Apple just need to get out of the way to everyone they just cant stand there is someone better thwn them
This would be a step that Apple should take note on. Sony is MUCH larger than Apple, and this blatant attempt, is just making Apple look really bad. They really do want a monopoly. I wish Anonymous would hack in and just destroy every file and business record that Apple has. That would be Epic!
Controller looks too similar to the Playstation. But, what would you expect from Apple.
If they did I don't think it would ever be disgraced by a wire
This is just very sketchy headline writing by +IGN. The article says that there is no evidence that Apple is actually patenting a controller just the technology to link them together with and iPhone and NFC. People need to RTFA.
Oh look, something else to ruin the gaming industry.
So they've patented pairing a controller with a gaming device?...XBox and PS3 do that. Hmmm, they must have patented controlling a computer with a mobile device?..nope Remote Mouse and dozens of Android apps already provide custom controls for a PC. So they've patented adding controllers to a mobile phone? Nope plenty of bluetooth controllers for android too. Based on that article there is no indication what the patent is actually for...
If apple makes a gaming console it will cost $1000+ and cost u $200 a year for membership and $90 for games and $100 for extra controllers. I really don't wanna see this. But then again let them try and I will watch them fail
expect this soon from Apple:"Before the apple console, controllers didn't have two analog sticks, a d-pad, or any R buttons. They were utilitarian controllers that did not allow for console control."
Also apple could do great things here. I already like playing games on my iPad/phone on my apple tv. It has some lag issues but if they can sort that out it will be perfect. A game controller would only make it better! It wouldnt even be require just an accessory if you don't have an iPhone or just prefer a controller with hard buttons.

So far I am loving apple wireless gaming style and this could only help.
Also I would think the "console" would just be the apple TV itself, and it would just play apps, or use the individual device for the heavier gaming computing.

Just my thoughts
The fact that it looks kinda like a garbage can should tell everyone something...
i am just wondering what is that controller hooked up to a new system in the ps organization
Remember the all mighty expensive neo-geo console back in the day? #neogeo  Apple would be right on the same price point! 
Extra humor that the concept looks like half a trashcan.
okay... the console looks like a wastebin, and the controller looks like a PS2 ripoff.
I thought Apple... designed stuff?
NO - note the "N" they patented a RF-over-WiFi or Bluetooth replacement that allows you to dump all remote controls and only use your smart phone to control everything.
Fuck, why doesn't Apple just patent breathing?
For everyone saying that "Apple is trying to patent the Dual-Shock controller": take one minute to actually read the article before embarrassing yourselves
Well they patented the iphone when they ripped it from a sony design
Did any of you commenters actually read the article? The title is link bait, they patented a system to pair an iphone with an NFC controller.

And I quote "While it's unlikely that Apple is patenting a DualShock-style controller ... It does not mean that Apple is patenting its own game controller"
i have a ipod and i never heard of it. wow!
Problem there is that Sony has a decade and a half of "Prior Art" in the form of all of the dual analog stick controller lines dating back to the mid-nineties.  Sony is the worst possible target when this controller most closely resembles that line.
Typical apple,next they sill be saying that stuff that comes out of your arse is a product of there's so if that's the case I will bag it up and send it to them gladly....typical apple.

+Surbjit Singh yah, system has issues but you can still very easily blame Apple, and should!

If your car is stolen because you left the door unlocked do you say "I can't blame the thief, he was just taking advantage my poor thinking."

Ethical behavior extends above and beyond the law.  The tech industry unfortunately has a great history rife with companies operating in a heavy handed and unethical manner; and Apple should be held accountable for such behavior just as others have in the past.
Just another average controller? I would expect something revolutionary from Apple - this is definitely not.
I'm afraid Apples revolutionary days died with Steve.
They trying to compete with Microsoft some more?
Awww mannn... PS3? I'd buy it anyways or look into it. Might not have much lag or something
What isn't Apple trying to patent would be a better question. Apple is a joke.
Are u kidding me! Google has been using NFC for a loooong time now!!! And of course apple copies google and patents it
I hope Apple does enter the console market. They'll go head-to-head with some of the most litigious, IP-happy companies in existence, firms who will cheerfully sue Apple out of their market sector.
They patent a lot of stuff... maybe just wanted to get the idea in before someone else. It may come to nothing. There are many times in the recent past that Apple has taken good ideas that have been around for a while and made them profitable. Maybe they can do the same with the game controller. Who knows, right?
Did anyone read this article or just over react to the silly link bait headline?
And what if the controller isn't intended to go with a console at all? What if it merely pairs with their other technologies?
Just another sign that apple are losing their cool..........
You know, my favorite console right now is Android, for reals. If Apple ships a console, after all the stupid BS they've put my Android device manufacturers through over petty bullcrap, you think I will ever support it?

Fuck no.

I will remember. And you bet your ass I will dedicate as much time and energy as I can muster to making sure Nintendo, Atari, Sony, Sega and Microsoft sue the ever-loving shit out of them for years to protect their intellectual property.
I hope so! I've been waiting for an Apple game system for a long time. Let's just hope it's not a thousand dollars.
I wonder who they are going after next with a lawsuit.
The console looks like a waste-bin. Man oh man, with Jobs gone their design has gone to the dogs
+Zach Tirrell based on what I've seen, no. However, the prospect of an iPhone, iPad, etc. being able to replace one as a device (as proposed in the article) sounds amazing.
Great, now people can pay 3x the price for the same games that Sony and Microsoft are releasing.
So sounds like Apple thinks NFC is a good idea.... hope they don't start using it then sue Google for Android Beam.
huh looks like the playstation controller, guess apple couldnt settle for just stealing from samsung
That game controller looks sooooo familiar. I wonder where I've seen this before....hmmmm.... Oh well, I guess I'll go play with my Sony gaming console.
I can more than guarantee that prior art will take precedence here. But Apple seems to have think tank, that'll patent any idea they can or dispute any prior art or previously patented idea. I wish someone would go through and review/invalidate numerous apple patents that are causing a ruckus in the technology field. 
Wired controllers? What is this 1990???
wait, apple is gonna patent the playstation controller?
I bet they are planning to make additional and interactive content available to iPhone through the use of special game controllers.
99 percent of the people who commented before me are either do not actually read, or are just ignorant about these things. It is obvious that the patent is for a very specific usage of NFC, and the patent has absolutely nothing to do with gaming other than using a mock up game system in the example sketches. The patent is for using iOS to serve as a sort of hub/remote that can connect not only itself but other NFC devices together as well.
Although I suppose it IS ign at fault here for such a reaching and horribly misleading article.
Misleading article. That Figure 6 "dualshock" style controller is just a place holder. But even so, I find it funny they ripped off Sony for the pictorial.
its just a matter of time before they patent breathing
Why would this be surprising to anyone ... it would surprise me if apple had a patent for flying cars, flying skateboards, invisible capes or a mind controlled tv... it's funny how they can patent just about anything without having to show a working prototype of the idea
This thread is a perfect example of how America votes and the main stream media knows this and uses peoples stupidity with implicating headlines, with speculative remarks, and emotionally charged accusations with no foundation. 99% of the commenters here didn't read the article. Apple isn't creating a controller. 99% of American voters dont educate themself on a politician or an issue. They rely on headlines, taglines, and commentary, regardless of any facts.
frankly, I am of the opinion that this is fake propaganda in this new "Anti-Apple" phase the world is going through.
And coming next an Apple gaming console that everyone can afford for the low price of $1,200!! Pre-Order now!!
Ah, "taking inspiration" from Sony again.
Apple can kiss my [insert body part here]. Their iPads are useless and so are they as a company. That whole ''suing every company because we're anti-competitive arseholes'' isn't fooling anyone.
Looks like they took a trash can, sliced it down the middle, and then hooked up a ps3 controller.
Is it just me or does this share a striking resemblance to the Sony playstation controller?
Don't worry Raffaele, the revolutionary aspects will be explained by Apple marketing - and seem entirely plausible when presented.
The real question is whether they I'll actually build it, or just use the patent to sue somebody
Looks just like the Playstation controllers.

Hope Sony sues. You know, that whole 'what goes around, comes around' thing.
Since when has apple been concerned with gaming? O_o
"Unlike our competitor's controllers, the iController just works. "
+Matthew Rentz Apple is concerned with making the highest profit margins possible. They will jump to any electronic device that fulfills that goal.
Crapple with gaming......lollllll failure imminent proceed to emergency self-destruction
I see.. It looks like Apple invented the Playstation controller as well..
Read it. 5th paragraph actually says its unlikely. Then why did the author title it that way? Probably to get some apple haters to comment on this. 
So what you're saying is that yet again Apple is jocking off someone else's design.

This is the single worst company for plagiarism.
But that's okay, unless you do it...
Here's what I hate about Apple now. The take a uubiquitous technology, think of a POTENTIAL application for it. Then just wait for someone to actually CREATE a product that uses that already available technology; then claim it as their intellectual property...lame.
apple did have a console... and it sucked.'ll want to get it untill it breaks or the reviews on it are shity.
+ Stephen Henley

Apple is awesome and what your saying that Apple does is what actually Microsoft does, at first Microsoft said they were never going to make a phone and they laughed at the iPhone! Then after the iPhone's success, they made the windows phone! The same thing happened with the iPhone!
The only thing this post proves is that people can't read. 
Looks like a pathetic version of a PS3 controller. I can't stop laughing.
Kevin, windows phones have been out for a long time. I think you meant to say a "Microsoft" phone. Please remember that Android and Windows Mobile will run on more than one brand of hardware.
Apple's strategy = make as many enemies as possible then disappear into obscurity with all their hidden cash
Apple has more patents than products sold. It looks like they'll be suing Sony soon.
thats just an unofficial ps3 pad nothing else
Nah. It's a toilet flusher. Next patent will clean things up.
Fantasy: Apple creates amazing console
Reality: Apple becomes bankrupt and closes shop
"While it's unlikely that Apple is patenting a DualShock-style controller, Apple is likely going to allow the iPhone to pair all your NFC-capable game devices, and possibly use your iPhone for simple NES-style game input." +Bernie Breslin 

Bernie, it's not that they can't read, it's that on Google+, they choose not to.  If it's anything that has to do with Apple, plussers will come out in full hate mode.

In case any of them actually care, from the article....

"While it's unlikely that Apple is patenting a DualShock-style controller, Apple is likely going to allow the iPhone to pair all your NFC-capable game devices, and possibly use your iPhone for simple NES-style game input."
The answer to the headline question is NO Apple didn't, but so far only 10 of the 346 commenters actually READ the article.
doesnt that look a whole lot like the Playstation controller - should Sony litigate? or will Apple litigate???? #herewegoagain  
Apple doesn't have a 'patent' on that business practice.  Let's see, Window$tm was stolen from PARC Smalltalk, the Apple was developed by an Atari engineer (the Wizard of Woz) while working there, MS-Dos was purchased by Bill Gates on the way to a meeting with IBM executives, and tokenized B.A.S.I.C. (Microsoft Extended Basic) was common knowledge among the computer scientists of the time.  Except for Mr. Balmer, none of them were really professionals in the computer science field, just kids in the right place at the right time with zero plagiaristic compunctions.  In other words, 1st generation pirate-hackers.
+IGN so what is apple actually trying to patient here?
Oh shit. They're invading!! AHHHHH!!!! XD
I herd sony, nintendo, and microsoft will be filing an injuction 
Looks like Sony is next in the lawsuits after they sue Samsung a few more times.
Any of them could have been sued for their thefts of intellectual property and if they hadn't been minors at the time, they probably would have been.
+Wayne Martin The answer to your question is Nothing. The headline  answer is No, it is just to get you to read the article that was poorly written.

while I'm not an apple fan, this is misleading.
Edit the headline:  Did apple just patent a Playstation game controller?
Read the damn article people...

"The generic controller displayed in the document is most likely being used strictly as an example of what this NFC patent could be used for. It does not mean that Apple is patenting its own game controller, although it does prove that gaming applications are on the company's mind."
if that is the controller i hope sony sues looks like a 3rd party playstation controller!
I can do the same thing with a headline like Did Kate Middleton just have an affair behind Prince Williams back ? and then write a cheesy article about how she was seen with an old school buddy having tea and that she is extremely moral and would never cheat on him. 

The title is created to get you to read the article. But the dubious intent is to smear someones name that you don't like.
I seriously doubted the chance of an apple TV unit, but then cnet found some pretty cool drawings of an apple patent. I don't know that it will look like that, but I'm excited to see it.
Really looks copyrighted from PS3
Genius, once again, on Apples part. This is how Apple will one day run The competition into the ground. On the flip side ... to all those who think Apple patented a controller: learn to read something longer than a Twitter or Facebook post.
Its a patent to control a "controllable device" people. Its probably an App for the next gen iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad making them remotes for your next gen house. Once you pair (yes I'm using Bluetooth terminology here) the device to the other (tv computer game console whatever) you can then control it in any method the other device can. Say you have a TV that only receives infrared, it'll control it just like any remote. Want to use your iPhone as a controller for your X360 or PS3? (most likely as inferred by the images) Yes you can, SixAxis(accelerometer), Nintendo U and all probably. Even looks like they are incorporating internet based controls too so you can watch what your kids are watching on your Smart TV when you're not home and turn it off. This picture tells me one of their ideas is a classic nes controller probably for a Wii.
Apple going to be suing like crazy with this patent.
And I thought all the real geniuses where only working at Apple Stores.

Learn to read the FREAKing article before you start blaming Apple.

They are looking at a way to connect controllers to their devices.
Looks exactly like Nintendo game cube and a mixture of PlayStation controller... more patents coming from Apple! Let's hope they don't ruin the gaming industry too.
It's aw right for apple to file a lawsuit against everyone else but think its aw right to steal a controller design..... F**k apple.
If this actually has a wire it like all other apple products is out of date before its even on the shelves lol
Yup looks like a ps3 controller hope Sony sues them too lol.
i think this is a stupid conversation
There is this one guy whose name I forget that actually owns the Patent on video game controllers all of the major consul developers have to pay licensing fees to him. Recently Nintendo was able to get around that was their wiimote.

At least if memory serves me correctly
The controller doesn't even look the same in all 3 pictures.
I doubt that's the design of Apple's controller but rather a mock up for lack of a picture. If anyone knows Apple, they're hard pressed to give up product designs until the day it comes out.
Apple will hit Sony with an injunction to stop sales of the ps3 controllers because they look too similar.
+Arjun Sumal Why read the article when you can form your opinion based on just the vague headline?
Apple had to patent to keep up with all the Android devices coming out that will turn your TV into an Android tablet. #OUYA
A wired controller in present world.... It doesn't sound like apple. 
Wow ... These comments confirm that no one knows how to read anymore or doesn't care to.
If the diagram above is any indication, I suspect Sony will have a lawsuit on their hands soon for "stealing" Apple's idea.
Where have I seen that before? XD
That is the ps3 controller lawsuit spoiler
If this is real then apple have lost there mind coz the controller look like play station controllers..
As always, great job revolutionizing the PS3 controller. Gaming would never be the same again. /s
"Did Apple just patent a game controller?!", lets hope not....
If only you guys could get this passionate about things that actually matter.
Franc T
so.... turning the ps3 into apple.....making a barely decent gaming system into a pile of shit
Watchout Sony and Microsoft, you about to get sued.
Way to use a shocking headline with a mundane article. It is an nfc patent.
Someone please explain!?! My mind is being blown.
Apple are idiots, its a copy of a PlayStation.

This looks almost identical to the Dualshock controller's design...
Lol everyone is saying its a ps3 remote and I agree
Lol, then they're gonna sue Sony because the controllers look like theirs.
it is a playstation controller just it is made by apple
19 out of 20 people who commented on this are stupid... read the article!!!
How can they grant a patent like NFC when the have no current product using it? Patent system is retarded. Google is even more stupid for not putting a patent out first. If Android goes down, I will still not buy an Apple product # boycottapple.
So, I guess that Apple is going to sue Sony for creating the same gaming controller they did...
I'll take a dump on Apples chest....
whatever .. who is buying apple useless expensive gadgets anyway !!
Why dont Apple patent the toilet paper I am about to go use cause what I am bout to smear on it equates to what their products are hahahaha
Well they needed to copy from the best controller ever made.

You guys should start reading. That is really a PS3 controller. The article says that the patent deals with communication between Apple products and the Dualshock controller. iPhone can be made into a universal controller... Dualshock can be used for iOS games.
Playstation should sue Apple right now. If Apple starts messing with my favorite console, I will smash all of my Apple products - and never look back.
Apples newly registered patent:
- Scrollbar
- Face unlock
- Game controller

any other new?
all u people who think that sony is better than apple better shut their mouths
Now there's a patent fight that apple may think about twice.
Sony is waaaaay better than apple ;)
Yes (its a clone of a ps3 controller ) yes a lawsuit iz coming money money n more money??
Ok, this is really sad. Apple didn't patent a game controller. You idiots did not read the article. They are simply patenting an application that lets you use a ps3 controller through an ipod onto other products. Apple did not make a controller, and ign just put in a misleading caption to get attention, and you fell for it. 
Way to go crapple, you've came up with a playstation controller.
now and forever.
I hope they have copied something from the Xbox 360. It would be great to see apple getting sued!
If Apple does make a game console, it will be similar to Ouya. Seeing Ouya will be Android based games also incl. OnLive and the Apple game console will be iOS based. I do have a feeling that the Apple game console will have the Apple TV built into it.
Have to love the patent system... They took a generic concept of using a device to interact with other devices, and added one the words of "Near Field Communication" and now, with apples magic, its a new and innovative technology that gets patented.
I have a feeling this isn't going to happen...
+Jesse James Ettebe  Except that Ouya will be open source, and anything made by Apple will be a DRM-infested control freak. And ya, they'd probably build Apple TV and everything else they do into it.
+Andy Green I could not agree with you more. I was just stymied at how many people raged at apple without reading the actual article
The controller on the left next to the console is different than the one on the right. Uhmmm....why?
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Does anybody read anymore, or does everyone just look at the pictures? Ok, the title is maliciously misleading too. Apple is not attempting to patent a Dualshock-like controller. They are attempting to patent a means to use the iPhone as a universal wireless Link between the controller and another device.
Ian Ho
Once patented, apple will be suing Sony...
Yeah thats totally a playstation controller
I hate Apple. Apple is just Anti-Progress
For me it looks like the super nintendo remote control upside down with sticks
^ haha for real...I hope VHC pulls a good 500mil outa apple they are the only ones trying to claim patent rights over Virnetx' intelectual property thats already PATENTED!!! gogo VHC infiltrate the 3GPP
Funny, it looks like a ps2 controller with the wire, and an oversized X-box console. A law suit seems to be brewing.
Apple trullybinnovated here because their functions are not "jump" but "leap" and "feature list" instead of "menu"
LOL, people act like only Apple has patents. I guess the fact that Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft have patents on their game controllers should be entirely overlooked ;)
it would most likely be cool apple has made some good stuff
Apple should just stick to making Ipods. PERIOD! cause i love ipods!! :)
unfortunately it won't be able to play games.
I wonder if the hardware tech guys die a little each time they see a curved console box like that. "I'll just make a curved circuitboard".
Great strategy. Start patenting things that look similar and let other companies Sue you.. then you can either say "see it's not just us" or if they don't Sue then they make money on the win. Brilliant but evil.
I hope sony sues them soooooo bad....
Why is there a playstation controller attached to a trash can?
Apple NEEDS to stop making bloody patents...
Their patents are just restrictive on iterative engineering. Iterative engineering has brought us most of the things we use everyday. For all of Apple's "genius", they sure aren't too smart about shooting themselves and everyone else in the foot. 
For all the Apple fans who keep saying We have failed to actually read the article: you are right, I tried, I really did but something magically happens when I see the word Apple that shuts off all interest...and I know it is dumb to comment on something I haven't actually read but my comment isn't really related to the article as it is really to show my distaste for Apple products. I am not jumping on any bandwagon, I have always hated Apple, so much in fact that I have actually bought blackberry phones voluntarily untill I could stand it no longer and moved on over to the dark side...I got an HTC ONE X and love it :)
J Krah
Looks like they patented a garbage can to.
it looks like a playstation controler
What will Apple think of next?
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