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We forecast an early launch lineup for the next-gen Xbox.
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what is that right one
Sweet JESUS those controllers are atrociously hilarious.

welp...i this happens, i may have to dust off my ps3...
I have no Idea what xbox is thinking!!!!! with so much success with the 360, they should have known to stick with it!!
joe kz
If I have a laptop, why I need to buy an Xbox? I pass....
Acho que estão lançandoW Washington...ou já lançaraam, não seei
It will cost $500 when it comes out, which I will not have the money for. What is the point of the new system? 
That is the most complicated controller I've ever seen 
i hope to god the real xbox 720 controllers dont look like that... especially the second one. Like wtf is that? 
WTF, what's up with the controller? O_o
By when do you guys think that going to release the new Xbox?
These are not the real controllers people, so chill..
it looks like something Batman uses to stun baddies...
shit, i will when i get a job :D
To all the people saying why make a new system?

Because they have to. With game developers making all of these new graphics engines, these old outdated consoles wont be able to handle the games of the future.
And, they won't be making any money.
what is up with those controllers... the one on the left is not that bad but the one on the right is a bit ridiculous... what would you use all those buttons for?  Why cant it stay simple like it is now... ugh i am def not buying one if the controllers are like that
Destiny the windmill simulator that everyone's talking about
You can obviously tell that those controllers are fake and just trying to give you an idea. Those games are fake also. Maybe the system :l
Custei compra o 360 kkkk que ja tava caro imagina esse ai kkkkkkkk
i don't think they will be using the controller on the right and what really changed in between xbox systems?
it doesnt look like microsoft will be releasing a new system any time soon. They should and would have announced that at e3.  So watchdogs and starwars1313 are probably out of that line-up
Worst forecast post ever made by a reputable company. I'd -1 if I could.
No shit it's fake. It's all speculation at this point. Any news of console design, controller design etc. would have been released at E3. Not IGN. Honestly, I doubt the next Xbox will be called the "720". Remember the "Ybox" speculation? Christ.
Star Wars 1313 and Rainbow 6 better not just come out for the 720.
Does anyone know if Windows 8 will be able to play 360/720 games? If yes, would we be able to play with console players? If that is the case, I would stick with my PC and buy the games, but skip the console.
The XBOX 720 looks badass.
That Forza 5 is also a fake. It's Forza 3 cover, just with a 5.
i cant wait until it comes out it looks much cooler than the XBOX 360 and the it is so cool man OMG! cant wait for it!
Those pics arnt real ppl Ms hasnt even unveiled the 720. those images r just concepts by game editors.
I like the games for it, but the controller and the console wierd
why does any one think this is real anyone who does is an idiot.
the look sick playstaion beat that
no i said the games  are cool
and no play station can't beat it.. million are using Xbox and only thousands are using play stations
It's out already? Sorry I'm on my iPad or my moms :3. Also, someone said in the port Ybox. Yea, that went not good. I just won a Xbox 360 and a raffle and I dont think my dad would be happy for me complaining for a Xbox 720. Look at the controllers, I mean seriously, look how dumb thoose things look. Xbox 360 can't be taken from Xbox 720. But Star Wars 1313 better not just come out for Xbox 720. It would be a shame if it did.
I'm running out and buying it on day one just for the controllers.
LMAO at that f'ing controller. almosts looks like a BOP-it xtreme.
They are planning on how to get an A/C unit built in to prevent rings of death. After that its gonna be ready for mass production haha JK
Those are not real controllers. Do you really think they'd make something that hideous? But me, I'll be passing on this. I don't really feel like spending hundreds more dollars on updated graphics alone. I like innovation with my products. If you want great graphics buy a PC and be done with it.
The new xbox will probably release around christmas 2013 or 2014.
its supposed to be a prediction i think matthew i hope it looks better than that
Well I agree josh I did think thoose where the controllers cuz one of them looks like WiiU
its supposed to be fake its a rough idea, do you all remember what the ps3 controller was going to look like haha
And I forecast, that IGN is full of HORSESHIT and "His words are like a fart in the wind.  It lingers for a moment, and then disappears!"
I mean look at the controllers its fake
If the difference between a xbox 360 and the "720" is just graphical theres no need to hurry for it. Its pointless to EOL a console just to replace it with another that just looks better (at this point)
why do people always think that they'll put more buttons on the controllers as new generations arise?
When is released I wanna get one?
This is a concept design, I doubt they will change the design of the controller as it's designed perfectly to fit the curvature of our hands
i heard the 720 is wirus games so who is lieing th me
Forza 5 Front.... Fake all the other game cases... Fake and the name of the new xbox... yet again FAKE. You really should do better research and i like the vintage xbox controller -_-
Playstation shitts on xbox always n 4ever
Meh, I can't believe anyone would buy a launch Xbox, after the last disaster, it took 4 whole years to fix RROD and disk scratching problems...

Anyone that thinks Microsoft rushed out console was in gamers best interest, is frankly a total moron.   The Xbox's DVD drive and lack of standard HDD has held this gaming generation back,  $300 every 5 years to play online.

Sony had the right idea (and gamers interests at heart), release when it was feature complete and reliable.

I just wish the American media stop telling American consumers to support the American console, when it's clearly not in gamers best interests to do so.
I will have to wait and see the specs and what not but I'm fairly sure Sony will probably get my money and not MS.
Those waiting for Xbox 720:

Don't expect world-changing graphics- PC graphics right now are only adding frame advantages to what Wii U can do.  Sony and MS' systems will be no different.
Hmm, but it's easier to get cracked games for xbox .... for PS you have to buy them.  I don't agree with such waste of money 
I call sony buying out microsoft if this shit isn't fake. 
I mistakenly thought I might be able to visit IGN to see a sneak peek of Xbox 720 launch titles and maybe even hardware, without being assaulted with T&A advertisements and juvenile "Popular Videos" such as "Instagram Bikini Faceoff".

How silly of me to think that.
After 3 separate issues involving the infamous 'red ring of death'... all occurring within a year of each other, I think it's safe to say I'll be waiting for PS4.
the controler on the far right..... what the hell
people, those images are computer graphics made by IGN.  Microsoft hasn't released any info about it or what it will look like.
It better not come out! They should just keep 360 the way it is. If anything at least upgrade the 360 or something... Not all that confusing stuff 
a technology improve every minent
eu estou em dúvida se eu compro o xbox 360 ou o xbox 720 no ano que vem 
Wow Two potentially good games Destiny, and Watch Dogs
And IGN you better not be bull shitting us
there not making a new xbox the 360 meens 360 percent wich is a circle
OMG look at those retarded controllers...just give the damn thing a mouse and keyboard and be done with it, its just a gimped PC for gods sake...
Give me back my single joystick and a red button... old school, I need to be Zaphod and have a third arm to use these controlers
iv seen the controller on ifunny  plus its not fake so ya
Fran RP
Yo quiero una.
i have a wii,3DS,2 mp3s and no xbox or call of duty!.
How i the world are you supposed to  use that controller?
gotta love fan boy renders - I bet their design influence will be the stuff of future anthropological studies
ja ta ´ra sair huaaal em  proximo e o paly4 rsrsrsr
Sweet! I haven't had one ane the old ones yet.

:} ******@****@******@****@$) {:
It's obviously fake. just look at the controller on the right: 3 joysticks, 2 d-pads and a ridiculous amount of buttons. This is definitly a fake portrayal of the 720
ya ik but the games look awesome!
I dont understand why is the joystick so big
That is doing the must. Xbox 720 is not coming anytime soon. I hope is stays simple like the 360.
is this true then i need a refund on my kinect
That game... is that a penis? Oh, i forgot, it's named call of duty.
po eu quero um
Watch dogs for next gen? Damn
+Manuel Villegas same here. Bioshock infinite, halo 4, re 6, assassins creed and plenty more are coming out.... Basically just matched the New Xbox lineup...
Why did they get rid of the traditional Xbox controller? It works well with the vast majority of games.
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