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BAM! This new Expendables 2 trailer hits like a roundhouse kick to the throat!
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Hopefully it'll be better then the 1st, I was a tad disappointed I must admit with The Expendables.
So much Botox in this movie, it's ridiculous !
Why do I suddenly have a beard on my face? :)
I have a feeling most ladies will need to trim their beards after seeing this movie -- to say nothing of the dudes.
Holy criznap!!! This movie is truly going to be action movie hero heaven!!
Um, WOW! It is an action hero fans wet dream. Damn near every single major Action Star is in this film doing what they all do best, blow $#it up!
I wanted a part in this movie so bad....I can't wait to see it.
Because I'M SO SURE Stallone can hold his own against Van Damme. Lol. Looks like a good time as long as u don't take it seriously. Good to see Arnie back too.
Chuck Norris will be in this one. That'll make it officially epic.
Nah! if Donnie Yen was in the movie that would have made it officially the baddest action movie of all times in the U.S.
Aman Gill
Chuck Norris said, "BOO" and everyone in the film died, the end.
Donnie is a beast. He can cause a watchtower to blow up just by punching it. No shotgun needed like in the first movie. Lol
Extrodinary....too much of expectation
Perfectly over the top. Looking forward to it!
WOW .. the gang's all here!!!!
Love it...can't wait to see it!! Exploding into theaters when?!!
These guys just decided to follow CHUCK NORRIS around with a camera and the sequel was born. No stunt doubles, no fake weapons and no BOTOX! What you see is what CHUCK goes through every ordinary day.
I'd rather contract AIDS from a toilet seat than watch this movie!!!
what? this looks amazing if you take it for what it is, testosterone fuelled scenes filled with the biggest action stars ever. yeah its not Shakespeare, but its not trying to be... this looks like a big fun movie.
I'd rather contract AIDS from a toilet seat than NOT watch this movie!!!
The first one was a lot of fun. What do people expect? Ill watch it.
ok seriously? i loved the first one, but how many sequels does hollywood have to make? the only reason they do this is because the actors need money to maintain their snotty rich lifestyle!!!
And Mr. Norris makes his return to awesomeness...
1) Zip-line .. FTW
2) Loaded finger .. FTW
3) Nice Bruce Willis line .. "You can your little psychotic gang of muscle!" ROTF!!

But .. where's Kurt Russell?? He would have been an awesome addition to the group. He has the action hero status + the emotional sarcasm to +1 it up!

Oh yeah a must see!

And .. if they throw in another scene of 'fry and die' .. I'd like that MUCHO!
Nice! This looks pretty cool!
I hope they spent some of the budget on a script this time, first one was a bit pants IMO.
yes i think it should be set in a morgue
Hahaha.... I'm Back!!! It might be worth checking it out.
the best i own it its a great movie i love the abs on the younger ones
If there was steven segul it would reach the perfection
They should have waited 15 more years so they could do a Expendables/Grumpy Old Men mashup.
If Chuck Norris didn't ruin this movie I might have gone and watch.....who am I kidding. This is crap.
hey Sallone why don't you take me in your movie I could play a decent role......try me
hey sarita are you there Can I have some words with you
hey david would you please help me
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Jen S
A smart car? really? Ahnold ripping the door off the smart car looks awful.
finally after years of saying "ill be back" he says "im back"
he aint tht cool but WE ARE YOUNG BY FUN IS COOL
LOL...yeah I will go see it. Just who to vote for mmmm.
OMG, the first one was just awful. I mean it was 2 hours I'll never get back. You can't slap crappy dialogue to a bunch of explosions and think people will come back for seconds.
i am so going to see this.!!!!! Stallone has changed the Hollywood ego and gave the people what they wanted. A movie with a bunch of One-Liners.
+Michael Tilton True, but we both watched it and this trailer, didn't we? lol I'll wait for Red Box myself
Old action heroes still kick Ass, definitely have to watch it this summer.
Rubes M
WOW... cant wait ! CHuck Norris !!! really lol
Ben Dan
Chuck Norris!!!
i loved him in the Rocky Balboa movies they were awesome
I gained 20lbs of muscles just by watching the trailer...
No mames se be que va a estar chingona!!!
Sweet, four best actors play there: jean claude van damme
it's like watching a mash up of all the 90s action movies, but it's fun, fun violence i'd call it. And Chuck Norris is there, you just can't get more bad ass than this. This is one of those movies that need no plot. You can just watch stuff being blown up and ppl shooting the crap out of anything and still enjoy it.
he's struggling to spit out the words
They are missing Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee to reunite all my childhood's movie stars in one epic movie. This is one I will see. I don't even care if it is a good movie or not. Respect for all their work and joy they brought to the younger me.
I see the guys who refused to be in the first one managed to get into this one. I don't think I will see it. While I really enjoy action movies, I get tired of the good guy always winning. Always walking away without any major injuries. I mean how can you walk into a hail of gunfire and not get hit ? At least one of them has to get hurt, injured or tired. The never run out of energy, bullets or knives.
Hope its better than the 1st one. The characters in these movies never change.
Too much awsomenes for a single brain to handle
Looks promising, but that's what I said about the first one.
Are they just having the best fun finding a role for every old friend? Love it!
Joe Tee
i'll wait till it is on netflix!!
I have to say the first movie only had one tiny scene (when jason Statham is in the front of the plane)...the rest of the movie was a pile of crap.
no. NO!
bad Expendables 2... BAD!
smacks it on the head with a newspaper
Naaaaaaaaaaaah me want to see this in #BigScreen! This looks Fun and Big #Entertainment :) Great cast
ya i want to see that
You, Adrienne...It's Time To Reload BABY!
Filmed (partly) in my neighborhood. Sweet.
ivan G
wooooooooooo. can't wait to see it
cant wait til it comes out...ima go to the theater with my friends!
To the throat? I'm more excited about this one than Avengers.
OMJesuws that was so frigin awesome I just shat my pants
Holy shit! So many action heroes in one flick. I was expecting to see Batman at any moment.
Man. These stero headphones... Every gunshot, every explosion. Total emersion
Avengers VS Expendables. I wonder who's going to win? Yep, the team with Chuck Norris in it.

(Chuck Norris never laughed in the face of death...he finds nothing amusing about his own reflection.)
If that's the case, why would I want to see it? I love my throat. :{
omg! my kids and I love this movie! yep yep1
Sylvester and al Pacino look alike while they are in guns
Hey, one of the worst movies of 2010 is getting a sequel, yay!
If I see this sick cast, I think they did I more for fun then for the money ;) Don't wanna know what the evenings looked like, after the camera shots where done.
seriously....The first one was cheesy enough...they had to make a second one?
Dj Rafa
Chuck Norris from Bruce lee ?? waooo... what about Steven Seagal lol..
I think it's meant to be cheesy. Like limburger. It tastes great in the right situations, but yeah... cover your nose while you're eating.
This movie is going to be tight Wow they brought Scot Atkins on board too.
well, nice movie action, clear picture and nice sitting...that's good.
Stallone is officially now the god of the "awesome trash" movie genre hands down.
Yup. Movies so pulpy and badly executed that they're just badass.
is it true that Chuck Norris is going to be in the movie ?
F@*king Kick Ass!!!!! Van Damme & Chuck Norris!!!
it's fantastic
this movie was bad ass, they should make a part 3 next
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