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You've never played Tetris like THIS before!
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If that were an apartment, I don't know if I could sleep with bright squares falling down my window every ten seconds.
(see's the building, finds the controller)..Challenge Accepted
lol yall crazy! hahahahahahhahahaahah
Kann ich die Rechtschreibprüfung DEUTSCHEN!!!!!!!!
Unlike you ^ ohhh snap jk I love you random person
sam el
stupid gamer. =___=
You* are* worse, you*
And Vagina should be capitalized. :D
i saw this while crossing memorial!
That Is so cool!! Loving the colours.. >,<
everyone saying "He sucks" let's see YOU play building tetris and see how you stack up. Pun full intended.
tetris is already addicting enough now on buildings i have to play it
That is so usage of today's technology.
Holy Snap! I'm having a hard time believing that! Man would I love to play on that! Where is this awesome creation?!
Almost perfect. They just needed the soundtrack playing on two giant Tesla coils.
I've seen this in Hong Kong. man! Is a tablet not enough, KAHN!!!!
Donkey Kong.. we must achieve Donkey Kong!
We can do it. We have the technology. We can rebuild him- Crazy Climber!
whoa...thats awesome!!!
that looks like the funnest game of tetries ever ^__^
That's really clever!
I hope nothing bad happens when you clear all the levels and everything falls out the bottom. ;-)
tt is awesome!!!!!!!
i wannna try tt out!!!!!!!!
how can you suck that bad?
still fuckin sweet tho
Eazy C.
that's really cool
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Bina Y.
soooooooo coooool <3
Haha wow wish this was my house
I thougth we were trying to save the earth
Like a Boss (I just like saying that :)
He does suck though lol ... but maybe he reached a higher level and they caught the picture towards the end of his game ... lol just saying 
omg I want to do that
i wonder what the cheats 4 that is......XD
yep I think i will add to the "Very Cool" as well
what a place in this World.......
I wish such a game could be built in HK!!!
Now that BiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiG screen to
wow... and they'll got headache after playing the game :)
I guess being good at tetris is not a MIT requirement.
omg... who's people behind each block to turn on the lamp? :D
So this is how it all starts.... Next some1 will do the PCMan, then Mario, Then small car racing games , then they pump up the resolution and finally the PS3 and the Xbox - Connect to your nearest building ... Niceeee
My wife wants to know if it runs Bejeweled 3 too?
I'm just wondering where is the place which shows us the upcoming block.
should be more joyful to play TETRIS like this...
Amazing...We're busy looking to see if we can recreate this in our London Head Office now. Things look doubtful! This could probably work with Nokia's SNAKE game on a wider building too! ; )
wheres the joysticks. Time for a game of breakout
Count me holiday inns on this.
wow cool and nice .............))))
That's way cooler than my dad's phone! lol
That is actually an M.I.T. building created by a graduated student. The reason was actually to build the tallest building in Cambridge, but the limit was 21 stories(before), so he created stilts to increase the height. The Tetris game was a hack(which is legal in M.I.T.) created also by an M.I.T. student.
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