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Nintendo announces New Super Mario Bros. 2!
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I CAN'T WAIT! I just hope it's August for NA too.
With this Im thinking about buying a 3ds, btw, Nintendo really needs new franchises, at least for the upcoming wii u
ti titi titin titinti...tu tu tu tu tu tu...uuuuuuuch..gameover
Das sollte jeder mal spieleb,denn da null Gewalt,des neue Version,schön wie sich Dinge auch verbessern,gut das es Google gibt,das verstehen bald viele mehrrrrrrrrrrr
look very nice ..............
Love Mario. Just amazing that they can continue to come up different ideas to implement in each iteration.
The 3DS needs all the help it can get.
is it going to be aveilable for Android and iOS ? ;)
want to see on this platforms!
Evan W
Looks just like the one on my ds...
Sweet! Yet another awesome game for the already amazing game library for the 3DS!
Erich W
if nintendo were smart it would get out of the portable hardware game business and just release software for android and ios
+Erich W I think Nintendo's large bank balance is encouraging them to keep playing by their own rules
+Erich W Well considering that they already make tons of money off of their portables, I think they're pretty smart.
Erich W
yeah but how long can they go selling $30 to $40 games and $150 to $200 systems when the cell phone ecosystem top games are under $5. I think its gonna go the way of dedicated gps devices. People want one device to do it all instead of dedicated devices for each task.
Am I the only one who thinks that they should stop making Mario games ?!
..why should they have to stop Mario games ..??
this game will be sold very bad :/
Ich liebe Supermario! Nur leider, wie du gesagt hast, ist das 3D bild nicht besser. aber das spiel wurde besser!!! :D
warum habt ihr fotos gemacht aber gut
weiß jemand wann nintendo das spiel rausbringt und ist es für den 3ds
<- want. I love the 2D-Platformers with Mario. Couldn't really get a grip on the 3D-ones, I'm pretty much the only person in the universe that doesnt't like Mario 64.
nachdem ich super mario 3d land durchgespielt habe finde ich die ankündigung zu new super mario bros 2 etwas enttäuschend. vielleicht weil es zu sehr dem vorgänger auf ds und wii ähnelt keine ahnung
very nice game love itttt.....
Nintendo = Mario zelda donkey kong , Mario 2 zelda 2 donkey kong 2…… its good to see apple, Samsung and htc take nintendos place
Rakyy a
+Anil Can And they are only competition because Nintendo doesn-t consider Sony as competitors
Nintendo -.- Gamer plays PS3 or Xbox 360...
Has better Graphic then Nintendo
I didn't realize this would be the true follow up to the original NSMB, but it sounds awesome.
That's cool and all but when does Luigi's Mansion 2 and Paper Mario 3D come out? 
Love Super Mario Bros from the time Nes 8 bits!
I have mixed thouts about this game...........
If they make this game for IOS and android.......... A BIG HIT!!!!!
its cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wonder if wario and waluigi will be part of this...
+Erich W That whole casual gaming will kill off dedicated gaming devices thing has already been proven wrong. Sure, it's nice to have an all around device but many people prefer quality in depth games rather than games you only care to play if you have absolutely nothing else to do.
Very cool, as I'm excited for this Mario game! But...

WHY.. do they have to keep re-using the same god damn backdrop for the first level.. EVERY TIME??!? World 1-1 , SAME BACKDROP. Even in Mario 3D Land, they kept the SAME Backdrop for the first level!!!

SMH... -_-
only reason i play the wii it is collecting dust right now
das kannn ich für meine kinder kaufen
Sony and Microsoft say lets announce a new Halo and God of War. People say let the franchise die.. Nintendo announces the 296th Mario game and ppl go crazy . WTF!!!!
Now this looks good.Looks like the fun Mario from the super days,which wastje best in my opinion
+Erich W I fully agree with you on that,That is really a smart idea

Stop making Mario games!You are out of your mind.Mario revolutionized video games,that would be like Nike not making any more jordans
@Ben Lynch,

But what if Sega does something "Traditional" for Sonic???

> Nintendo makes a Mario game EXACTLY the same as the others, or adds some gimmick that probably wasn't needed, and people love it.
> SEGA makes a Sonic Game that resembles the Classics (Sonic 4), People bash on it for Slightly off Physics, and say the game is ruined forever, and it wouldn't be worth buying.

> Nintendo makes a Classic Resembled game for Mario, but adds a gimmick or something new to it, and people love it.
> SEGA tries adding a new gimmick to Sonic, not too big of a gimmick, but something possibly entertaining (Wisps in Sonic Colors), People hate and say it sucks.

Nintendo needs to stop making the same darn thing and make something new. At least Sonic gets new things with his games, which increases the replay value. With Mario, it's the SAME Thing. I don't mind Mario. I honestly love Mario, but if I play the same game over and over again, it gets REALLY Boring.

With Sonic, now there are Red Rings and Missions, and Side Quests that make the game more fun and intuitive, and has a longer replay value. Mario is just "Get to the goal and save the princess". No real replay value, unless it's addicting like Super Mario World for the SNES.

That's another thing: Nintendo makes Mario's stories SO SIMPLE. With Sonic and other games, they make a deeper story, AND make simple and fun levels. There just seems to be a lack at story for Mario games.

All I'm saying in conclusion, is that Mario needs something different for once: Not a Sports Game, Not a Classic Super Mario Bros resembled Game, but a game like "Super Mario 64" or even Super Mario Galaxy.
That's what I REALLY hate about this topic: People just seem to be easily pleased with Mario, while when it comes to Sonic, people judge, even though it's pretty much the same exact thing. People (Purists) of the Sonic fanbase will ALWAYS find something to pick on about the game, but if Mario had a problem with it's game, people just don't care. They just pass by it like nothing.
+L carter if Halo and God of War were made of 10+ games over a 25-year time span, AND were all AAA examples of their genre instead of reuse of the same engine in less than 10 years, you'd have a point.
+Tobias Swan GOW 3 is in the category of best looking PS3 of all time. If most ppl looked at random Mario footage it would be hard to tell which console it is on. Despite the engine used each GoW is better looking than the previous one. Other games franchises have to be better looking , have a story that is better than the prior one and it has to have better gameplay. Mario titles don't have to live up to those expectations to live up to . Mario has subpar graphics , a reused story and subpar gameplay. I just played Mario 3d land and the only time it became difficult was certain areas of the level. The enemies weren't an issue all Mario does great is the level design. Now before you comment back +Tobias Swan go play a Mario and you will realize I am
This is no different than the first one for wii. If you have the first one, why buy this one? Same game, same music, same, same, same!
+L carter Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 ARE the best looking Wii titles of all time (barring Skyward Sword and Prime 3). And I'm fairly sure that people can tell the difference between Mario Galaxy, Mario Sunshine, and Mario 64 once a ton of polygons start showing up onscreen. Each Mario game is better looking than the previous one.

"Mario has subpar graphics"

Mario Galaxy is one of the best-looking games on the platform. Clearly. Mario Sunshine had the best water physics of any title last generation. Mario 64 introduced the world to polygonal graphics, and analog control, and camera management on hardware that had no match on the PC in 1996. You need to seriously adjust this flawed statement.

"a reused story"

Name two Mario games that have the exact same story. Mario 1 and 2 (US) are drastically different stories, in entirely different worlds. Mario 3 exemplifies Mario 1 (Mushroom World instead of Mushroom Kingdom, and Bowser didn't kidnap Peach, his children did). Mario 64 involves power keys and stars, and Bowser's abuse of it. The game all takes place inside of one building. Mario Sunshine doesn't take place in Mushroom kingdom, and neither is Mario Galaxy.

"subpar gameplay"

LOL at this. Mario games are world-renowned for being THE BEST platformers in the industry- nobody comes close. Super Mario Galaxy 2 didn't get perfect scores because the gameplay was "subpar". Only fanboys would even think of making such a statement.

If you're complaining about difficulty, I dare you get every star in Super Mario Sunshine. The special stages alone in each level are more hardcore than any part of a GOW game on any difficulty.

GOW games are extremely linear by comparison, and do too much hand-holding. You can't even manipulate the camera, and the platforming is horrible. The hardest game in the series is Ghost of Sparta, and that's a PSP game! GOW's advantage is a great combo system and a variety of weapons to dispatch enemies. Otherwise, it's a fairly rudementary action adventure game with shiny graphics and high production values.

The fact you're even trying to compare the two makes me wonder if you're really a gamer, or just someone on the "it looks cool, so I'll play it" bandwagon like most of the anti-Nintendo fanboys out there.

If that's the case, then support your statements, or think about them more carefully.
+Tobias Swan whoa now sir ! Please don't take offense to anything I say it is just an opinion.

From the games that I have played super Mario 1-4 , sunshine, 3d land , paper Mario , allstars , the Wii 4 player Mario I haven't been impressed.
And look its ok to question my my argument but don't question me as a gamer . If you want my gamertag for Live and PSN let me know . I game I know games I play games , I could go toe to toe with anyone in gaming knowledge, skill , challenges , whatever.
Whether you're impressed or not doesn't give you the right to make up facts about the games. The stories are not the same, the platforming is generally renowned by the press and consumers alike, and the graphics usually are the best showcase depending on the platform it's on.

"I could go toe to toe with anyone in gaming knowledge, skill, challenges, whatever".

Not if you're saying one of the highest rated franchises in the history of the industry has "subpar gameplay".
+Tobias Swan no point in arguing with you when are taking offense to this. I love my Sony products but i didnt give birth to it. Mario has some critically acclaimed games and also some busts. most of them despite the setting have the Princess being kidnapped for Mario to rescue her. I complimented the level design but the enemies are not challenging . I play Mario games beat 3d Land and all I am wishing Nintendo would do a new IP instead of dumping every resource into Mario game Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games
Mario Kart Wii
Mario Party 8 & 9
Mario Sports Mix
Mario Strikers Charged
Mario Super Sluggers
+L carter There is no offense- just whether something you say is accurate or not.

Your statements were wildly inaccurate, and it has nothing to do with brand. If you said something incorrect about a Sony or Microsoft game, you'd be seeing the same type of response.

For instance, you list Mario games above as "examples" of Nintendo "dumping" resources when in fact Nintendo only developed one of those games in the list.

And Nintendo does new IP's- Wii was full of them, and you may have heard of Wii Fit, Wii Play, and Wii Sports since they sold more than any other console game this generation.

Other new IP's on Wii:
Fortune Street
Rhythm Heaven
Endless Ocean
Disaster: Day of Crisis

They also "dump resources" by publishing other games like Fatal Frame, Last Story, and Pandora's Tower, developing, manufacturing, supporting, promoting the 3DS, Wii U, and Nintendo Wi-Fi Connect/Nintendo Network for dozens of territories all over the world.

Again, you said you could "go toe to toe with anyone in gaming knowledge, skill, challenges". That statement doesn't appear to be true either, considering everything I just mentioned in this post is common knowledge to anyone moderately interested in how the industry works.

Perhaps your knowledge is vast on the Sony side, but it sure isn't on the Nintendo side.

Ironically, that's the case for most people with complaints about Nintendo- they have no idea how that company, or the industry as a whole operates.
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