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Microsoft is showing off some pretty slick looking transparent 3D desktop technology.
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Are you sure this is microsoft??
aww snap!!! that looks tight!!
Seems Kind of cool. This seems like a pretty big jump in technology if they were to implement this in anything.
this looks amazing. i cant wait till it comes out
It's a project by an intern at the Microsoft Applied Sciences Group. It's pretty awesome.
Really it's a good idea but i think it's not practical...
+Mohammad Derbas why not practical? If it works it signifies a major leap both in 3d tech and touch tech. Now, if ms can harness this right and not let apple steal their tech, this could be a winner.
woldent that be amazing... i bet apple is gunna steal the idea though
I will wait until I can roll it up and put it in my pocket.
maybe hope for my holographic domain names !
Hah, that's awesome. But like the Microsoft Sphere, it'll probably just be forgotten about very very soon.
little bulky, but very cool
That is lame and will never work for everyday use.
That's what they said about the desktop computer and also the mouse.
Sony had prototyped something like this years ago. Obviously not as elaborate because it was a prototype, but it was there and pretty neat.
This technology innovation is superb can't wait to try one myself.
gonna make porn a whole lot more interesting...
just need these touch enable, a little bigger, and put three of them on a hinged wall mount (like 2 screens fold away from the center one). Yeah, can't wait for that day
MS has always shown lots of interesting research projects but rarely something concrete in practice.

This does not look comfortable. Are you suppose to sit above this screen all day typing with your hands way in front of you? Poor ergonomics for sure.

I think the direction will be to have special glasses that will display 3D objects and you will still use mouse to manipulate them.
All over (watching) it
Bry C
He he - they are finally catching up with CSI and NCIS by the looks of it!
MS has always invested millions in crazy tech like this but they don't have Apple's insight into making tech into great products that people desire.
It's actually a lanyard, it was just there to replace a chain
(It's a style here)
>:D That's funny! I'll try, unless I'm too busy looking at overachievers
It's ok, you can find some good ones either online at Ebay or at your local Wal-Mart
yes indeed, I actually got a few while they were on sale during Black Friday last year
Yep, yep! i think some of the overachievers were even a bit jelly
Oh jelly is a short way of saying jealous
I was saying the overachievers were being jelly at me for getting a life at Wal-mart and Ebay during Black Friday
This is the sexyist thing that Microsoft has made since the Zune!!!
That's awesome! If it's real....
Jie Lee
i had saw this video, that's really amazing!
is that a motion computer???????????????????
its allready out...the first using it on Avatar...hehehehehe....
Just wait till the day you have an itchy nose and you accidentally punch a hole through the screen to scratch it..
wao ..... Amazing .. when launching its
I'd like to see surfaces get a better push first.
Glad to see their finally evolving the Surface Tech
The keyboar behind the screen? Yuck! Future Computer will not using keyboard again.
if plane.Z == move.left + move.up then 3D = pseudo
Getting tired of all this dimensionally offset 3D. Where are all the practical holographic displays that were pimped 50+ years ago? The one sci-fi tech that has the most practical use and we still don't have viable options...
So are we getting close to that minority report like desktop? I sure hope so
Awesome technological advancement
Having to keep your hands behind the screen would really suck after a while. I don't like having my hands and arms in the exact same position for a long time and this would force you to do exactly that.
are you sweety ya i like that youre feelings
carpal tunnel syndrome for the elbows, anyone?
amazing stuff
Microsoft, your going in the wrong direction of technology, windows 8, windows phone, 2G Xbox live is all useless, Microsoft was good until I got my mind of of it around 2010-2011. Go Apple, Linux… many operating system and phone operating system are still going the good way! Microsoft, you need to think again! Good luck! Ooh, this computer, hand behind screen, let me see, useless, I do not put my hand behind any screen to control a pc, I keep it in front unless I connect something to it or that I turn it off! Think again! Good luck!
Well Microsoft is just a corporation anyway!
actually the screen is transparent by itself, but we can navigate with the help of that...
That phd guy is very young and good looking. Nerds can be attractive i guess.
I've always wanted to work with a sneeze guard infront of's like i'm always at a salad bar.
cool, is there any side effects like radiation with this tech ?
Yeah, look out for electromagnetic radiation between 400 and 750nm. Dangerous stuff.
HMMMMM ... Anyone remember BumpTop, which was purchased by Google?
i'm holding out for vr glasses, wireless of course...
wow what is this for a new high tecnology?
developing for future,do you think new computers gonna be like this?
Then the question is.... Why have a monitor at all. Make a OLED into glasses, and frame it around the face in a rolled out fashion like old red/blue 3d glasses were but more comfortable.... then project into the glasses and have cameras over the keyboard at a more natural position.

This allows for screen security anyway. And with a projected keyboard, you may not even need a physical one, or at least allow it to work with a rubber roll up keyboard. Then get cloud computing up and rolling in a local network and we don't even need PCs.

Everything goes back to terminal technology with glasses with built in cameras and roll up rubber keyboards allowing you to use your "PC" anywhere in your office building / home.
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