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UPDATE: All codes for today have been accounted for. Bookmark the article below and try again next Friday at 2pm PT!

We have more beta codes for the World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor expansion!

Leave a comment below telling us why you deserve one and then fill out this form:

To increase your chances at a code, go here for more opportunities:
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I would love to get a betakey so I won't be the only guildie sitting warming the bench for upcoming raidtestings. I would also like to test out my current class and more...
I have a very stressful job at the moment so I cant enter most of the contests :(
Cody D
Automated gaming
I need a code to test how my axe fits Ner'Zhul's skull.
Beta code for my (1 day late) birthday gift!
Omg i deserve i beta code because i love WOW so much and i love IGN so much D:
Cuz I'm you number 1Fan and for the horde!!!
I'd love a beta key! I haven't played WoW in a few years, but the Draenor expansion actually looks interesting. I'd like to see how they've advanced the game along with the character models.
Because WoW is my favorite game of all time i have so many fond memories from playing this game!
Because I don't even play WOW, but my brother does, it will save me from buying a present for him when his birthday comes up. That way I can buy bread and survive for another week. So basically, you will be saving my life. Thank you
I hope I'm not too late.
  I would like one because I would like to test out the new content.
It's a beta so I would help test their game out.
I want a code because I play for years and want to make new addons.
I would love a key so I can sheep Garrosh with my mage and save us all before he does anything.
First HWL rogue on my server, back before they ruined pvp.where is the love?
I want to hop in and help make the game better through my feedback. Nothing creative or sad, I just really want to play the game and make it better for everyone!
Because all these other folks just want to play it and not actually report any bugs. Don't let Blizzard release another buggy expansion, IGN, give me a code!
As a current top level raider it would be great to start testing new class changes for encouraged changes in upcoming beta builds.
I’m the raid leader of a 14/14H raiding team! I’m a prime member! I’ll be your best friend, and bring you punch and pie! :D
I'm one of them, nostalgic players. I miss old TBC times so much and can't wait to get into Draenor and see its former glory
I would love one to test out my monks healing capabilities!
Hello, IGN! I have been a WoW player since the early days of vanilla. I've seen the game change in many different ways over the years, as well as the people. Me and my friends have a motto when it comes to WoW--it's like your local comic con. No matter how stressful things get, you'll always be back next year.
Despite leaving many times over the years, I've still returned for the various expansions and patch updates to see how the game has developed and changed.
Warlords of Draenor is no exception. I've pvp'd, I've raided , I've played casually, ran my own guild, had a blast in other people's guilds.
IGN, I believe I deserve a beta key as I plan to see this journey to the end. WoW has been a meaningful part of my life and given me some invaluable experiences and friends.
Lok'tar Ogar!
For the Horde!
Because I'll actually test and provide feedback to help Blizzard get a perfect xpac. Wow addict for 8 years.
Art G
I deserve a code because I still make pew pew sounds with my mage.
Because IGN rocks compared with other sites that can't organize a giveaway properly!
Because 10 years and 0 beta codes is a bad ratio.
Would appreciate one as a long term wow player and a Prime Member who saw nothing but error messages trying to get a key
Test the content before release is always awesome for a GD :D
Have played WoW since vanilla and have never been in a beta before and have always signed up for them, would like to be able to participate for once 
because error retrieving promo code that's why :P
Because i really want give a feedback for the beta so they will release it without any problem :)
because if im not getting a beta key, ill cut my arms off, tyvm :-)
I want a beta key to test new models, and also meet but sink to get ready.
I've played for a long time, and never had a chance to be in a beta, so I'd like to! 
I've played since Burning Crusade and have never gotten to play any sort of beta and I am a biiiig gamer.  This would be awesome to play WoD.  I'm super excited for it.
I would love to get a key since I've been playing WoW since TBC and I love the game. Being able to try out the beta would be amazing.
Because Blizzard won't give me beta access :D
Because if I get a key it would make my day to play WoD
tj Brag
I am just a normal gamer that loves playing so hope that is enough for a code !
I want one because i want one.
I want key or I'll kill myself because i have no life
Because I play World of Warcraft since Classic with my three brothers! :D
For a chance I'm looking to continue my never ending journey in the fairy tales of Blizzard. The code must I use to make my first step into Dark Portal of Draenor.
OMG im a World of Warcraft fan since when i was 20 and i already have 30...please give a key as a birthday gift!!!
Dylan M
I would love to get a beta key because I have been playing since vanilla and I am 14 years old now. So I was 5 or 6 when I started. I played a warrior named "Chimungo-Spirestone" Gnome warrior. I only got him to like level 10 hahaha. So I just started getting into the game in MoP. I am loving pvp and my fave class ( warrior) is being changed around ALOT. If you let me in I will pvp pvp pvp level level level... hahaha.
After all changes in moonkin, i cant wait to test it!
8 years to obtain rivendare's deathcharger 
give me a code so i wont terrorise the village again!
ooooh damn i'd love play wod ♥♥ pvp with my lock or monk :O
I think I deserve a beta key because I just got the level 90 character boost with the WoD pre order (digital deluxe btw) and i would think it would be nice if i could possibly understand the new xpac so i wouldnt be the noob i am now.
bcs i love the expansion story...its so awesome :D and i want to help to solves bugs and other problems for shaman and warior clases :D
I've participated in a number of betas, and have quite an enthusiastic approach to testing games, thinking of ways to do things that the developers might not have thought of. More than all that, I've been a fan of the series for many years, and I'm stoked to get my hands on WoD!
Prime member for a long time. Does Beta and Alpha phases on a regular basis.  Love to explore new game.  I seek the scenic route while leveling up and try to always report bugs.
I've played wow since the beginning and i took a break a couple months after mists of pandria  and if I like the beta I might come back to wow.
If I get a code this will be amazing opportunity to continue my website with guides, videos about the game and other games, more successful streams. And of course my feedback about the glitches will be 100%
Perfect brirthday present for a wow enthusiast
If i get the code, i can get a look on how my class will do in the next expansion, for the alliance!
Can I please have a key? I have to try out the cool garnison thing and cant await to see the lvl 100 *ding* 
I would like a  WoD Beta Key to test out next expansion's Challenge Mode Instances. I've been a diehard fan of CMs since their announcement of at Blizzcon.
Hi IGN! As for me, WoW is my childhood memories and it saves me in times of trouble. My dream is to connect this warm memories with society, with people who understand me. I say about equal WoW players. After death of my mather, my father bought me Warcraft 3 and this is one of picteresque moments I remember from that dark days. After that my best friend shown me WoW BC and I made a character I play nowadays. This moment I play WoW not for the progress, I play WoW to relax and become happier.
It will not be a great present for my birthday (16th of August), because it will be the greatest present for my soul :) I understand that keys are limited. In spite of this I want You to give them for people who really need them. I dont want You to cry with me for my life, I only give the information about why I want to have this key.
Sorry for my bad English
With best wishes,
Marat Shigapov from Russia
I want a reason to stay inside, because the sun is to strong for my gaming skin!
Because Reasons. Personal Reasons... Uh... Do i get one now?
Tom C
Hook a brother up with a Beta key plx
Thx ign for giving us beta keys...... you`re the best... that`s all i can say
I would like to have an beta-access so i can test the game and help to improve my favourite mmorpg of all time. I havent got any WoW Betakey for the last 8 years with the except of MoP- i had to buy it-.- Im very pleased to get on the realms and test my rogue- it looks awesome on streams:)
been playing wow since 2007 and i would like to be a part of the new expansion pack so i can explore the new content
If I get a beta Key I will bring, Death to the Iron Horde!!
Can i have a beta key plzz because my friend got 1 because of his girlfriend and i got nothing :( not even a girlfriend xD
I would love to get a beta key so i can explore everything! I am a explorer and achievement lover!
I would like one because my b day is soon and Im tierd of SoO I play wow a lot and give feed back on the PTR and it is fun just to help make the product I preordered to make it the best
I need  a beta key as a raid leader of a top guild on our realm. To be able to achieve another west 200 rating on wowprogress, I need your help! Pretty pleasssseeeeee! :)
 GIVE ME A beta KEY Plz!
my game time of wow has finished so i need a beta key to keep playing wow and explore the new places
I've been playing World of Warcraft since Korean beta, it've been a great part of my life, also I'd the chance to give feedback in every expansion until now and I would want to have that chance again with Warlords of Draenor
I'm player from BC and was not invited to the beta wanted to have a chance to be able to test the WOD, I need a key
i quit wow since soo wasnt fun anymore and my guild broke up. i really enjoy wow but this addon wasnt that great for me. but i have big hopes for wod. i am very excited so far so i need a key to be able to test it for myself and report bugs to make this game better.although i really want to check the new warlock stuff. cant wait to enjoy my beloved warlock in wod !
Who doesnt want a key? I wont say I need a key, but I'd love one to be able to stream content!!
Because i love the game 
Azu 90
I want it because I've been a good boy all this time :p
I would LOVE to be picked to receive a Beta Key!! I have never been picked before and I will actually beta test and stream to twitch and help balance the game out! Thank you for your consideration!
Illa Di
I would love to help in the development of wod, especially considering that that i first started playing during BC. Receiving a betakey would make me more than happy!
If you could give me a beta key sir, i would really appreciate.
I've been playing wow for a long time now. doing hardcore raiding, casual raiding, pvp you name it ive done it. made tons of friends, lost tons of friends i even met my girlfriend who moved across the country to live with me on wow! ive unfortunately never been invited or won a beta key for any of the past expansions and im probably more excited about this expansion than any of the past ones. I would love to have the opportunity to test this one.
I've been playing wow for a long time and Blizzard said Veterans first and i havent had a beta email or key yet and Warlords of Draenor looks amazing and im very excited by the new things that are coming into the new expansion and i would love to be in the beta to report issues, bugs and glitches. 
19 level 90s and counting. Going for 11 Horde 11 Alliance.
FOR THE HORDE ! One beta key please and IGN will be the first page i open every morning not that its not right now :3
I would like to win a key so I can test this expansion out, and play through the zones. I've been beta testing in other games aswell, and I report everything wrong that I see :)
It will become the best present ever!
i deserve one because im a good person. and actually i want to experience the content before hand so when the game gets released ill level up faster than usuall
 hey u  because i would love to see draenor before it got destroid  plus, ive been playing wow since vanilla US  AND i follow ign since 2005  :)
 I would enjoy a beta key. I've been in several Beta's already, Cata beta, SWTOR beta, Smite Beta, Transformers Beta, Landmark Beta, and so on. I've been playing WoW since BC. I've been raiding that entire time including currently being 10/14H. I don't deserve the beta I just think I'd be a good addition to it.
Because I really like to test new things and help the developers to make an awesome game for us .
Would love to get a chance to play WOD beta. I was very lucky that via Raptr, they gave any users who played a certain amount of hours or higher of WoW a key for the MOP beta. Unfortunately they changed their rewards system, and that's not an option for WOD, so a key from you guys would be great!
I deserve to get beta key bcs i wanna help fixing bugs,and wanna do the storyline big fan of it :D
No sad story here, I just want to get access into a beta once.
Well...i've been playing wow since TBC with my friends and we had the oportunity to play wow in its apex ( which was for me TBC and WOTLK), after that the game became too noob friendly and was getting worst and worst, even though the game still pretty awesome I was forced to quit playing because all my friends wanted to stop.
So, i think that i deserve the oportunity to get a key because this expansion looks like that is going to "revive" wow, and all that i want is to show to all my friends how awesome warlords of draenor looks like, so i can play and share again good moments with my friends while playing WoW.
WoW is only one mmorpg which I really like to play but my game time expired so beta key would be great to continue my adventure in draenor:)
My days in this forsaken land are dark, working hard everyday without rest. I need a relief, a new reason to wake up each morning and shout: "For the horde!".
I deserve it cause ive been playing wow since it came out. Also, i´ve been a good citizen, i help people and try to be a decent guy. :p  
my email:
Kit Kat
I would 'really' love a beta code.  I've been waiting patiently watching my emails for one but always saddened when I get everything but a YAY from Blizzard.  XD  Send me some love, please!
I've played since vanilla and never experienced a beta. I would love to give PvP feedback
It makes me sick that I was sucked into paying for a Prime Membership, all these years, and they don't have enough keys for those who have paid for the privilege.  I won't be renewing.  Why should I waste money on nothing.  Obviously, week after week .............................. NO KEY
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