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Political correctness in Video Games needs to stop, now
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ı agree very true, ı said that too:))
love playin' games specially RPG and Stealth-Action!
its just not the same after you beat the game 
ha - I'm a girl and I'm more on the guys side than the girls. Never enough games to play.
Hmm... Should I be alarmed that I fit in the man's description rather than the woman's?
tht just happened to me. i got bored of mw3 and couldnt find anything out of like 40 games
i was talking about: the difference between both images..... is interesting, confusion sometismes but overall it show us the different priorities between man and woman... nobody is right!!!!
Did any of you actually read the article, or were you distracted by the pretty picture?

There was an important moral point being made and just about every one of you missed it. Fk off back to facebook if you want moronic statements and status updates.
so true acctuly its better to pay attention to each other then video games or clothes well clothes maybe but its better to help each other out
Srry but I disagree I'm addicted to games especially minecraft.
I fit the men description, too. :)

"If you don’t like it, don’t consume it." Yup. If you don't like it, don't listen/watch/eat/buy it but just because you don't like it doesn't mean others agree. If the companies don't cave to the negative publicity, it can actually work in their favour. A lot of people want 'the forbidden'...someone saying you can't just makes you (some, not all people) want it more. You can't satisfy everyone, it's impossible, but you do want to make sure you satisfy enough to earn that paycheck, and there's usually going to be enough considering the population of the Earth and the fact that we are individuals with different tastes. Even if someone made a racist game where you played Hitler and got to kill all non-whites, I bet there would be enough people interested to keep it afloat for a while. I wouldn't like it but I wouldn't have to play it.
OMG! The truest true o all them!
hm... sounds like i am not a true man
has someone counted how many games there are???
more than that, 89 actually counting nintendo gamecube games as well as the ds games compatible with the wii....
there are........................................................................................................................42!
i beat them all, including half of my ds games... :(
i've beat them all :(
The article is about politcal correctness in video games, not the picture of which people blindly comment on rather than reading the article which is the whole point, although 1 out of 100 read the article, the rest blindly commented on the picture, idiots..
go to the hang out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+Dustin Eytcheson  mind your language smart a** and no, it is about the whole thing not just video games moron! (no offense, but that is what this is about...)
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
Actually read the article, and i agree. Why should games be held to a higher, less reasonable, standard, than movies or books? It, quite simply, doesn't make sense.
You should see my library. All I pay anymore is Minecraft and quite poorly as well.
Political correctness needs to STOP NOW (everywhere).
+Fred gibbons try reading what people say before you comment, ignoramus.

All you have done is prove the point he was trying to make.

READ and expand your mind, what little there is of it.
Omari C
But those games are old!
And he is right by the by way; read the article or GTFO
Well, I see the expected blowback from the defenders of the status quo in rpgs is here. Apparently freedom of speech means that a game is free to have highly sexist or racist content, while those who find those elements problematic are not allowed to voice their opinion.
Totally agree (with both article and picture!). In my country PC-ness is very much alive and kicking and it's ruining people's ability to think and decide for themselves. It's actually getting beyond a joke in some cases.
If you had read it properly then you would see that the article writer is pro speech, and for the right to voice your opinion.

The point of the piece is that nobody should stunt or hinder development just because THEY don't like it.

I suggest you read it again +Eric Tolle 
i agree with that i do that i freak out if i dont have ssomething good to wear before school
People who complain about everything need to get a life.
He's complaining about people who complain.
That is so funny and true.
Rampant sexism in Video Games (and gamer culture) needs to stop, now.
Thanks to online banking play and dlc games never get old
I think IGN may have to stop using imagery in their posts.

Maybe they should have two separate pages? One with articles like the one linked to here, and one that just posts pictures of doggies drawn by five year olds with crayons.

Maybe then articles would be read and the kiddies would have their own little chalk board corner...
damn..thats chick got some wack  clothes...n that dude got some lame game titles..thats
+Michelle Burrows was that particular Goddess chosen just for her breasts though? I've never heard of Smite but I find that a little hard to believe. I'm not disagreeing, but maybe a little benefit of the doubt is in order?

Kali is the Goddess of war and she seems to be living up to it in the picture. I don't think her chest has anything to do with it
Drew M
Political correctness in life needs to stop!
+Steve Davies You're right I didn't read the article - thank you for pointing that out, because i did go back an read it.   Drives me crazy that everyone nit picks games.  Other forms of media do not under go the same scrutiny that the game industry undergoes.  If you are going to have freedom of speech you can't pick and choose who you'll allow to speak freely.  But to play devils advocate - it is rather tiresome, the amount female skin that is thrust upon gamers is a little ridiculous.
I experience both. :) Am I the only one who does?
I have so many games I never play.  Every now and then I think I'll play something besides Forza Motorsport 4, but I end up playing FM4.
did anyone else look at this and go "woah, why does he have 2 copies of Halo?"
Thus we are .. We love the games on everything :)
all the clothes and shoes and always nothing to wear a never ending story for women men dont get it 
Fantastic article! Yes, this is true inside and outside of the gaming community.
Is it ok if we can make it the other way around? ;-))
What abt those guys hu say i dnt hv anything to wear?
political correctness is a douchebag cop out.  Dont like it, play elsewhere.
+Shanna Bosarge fair point about the way women are usually portrayed in video games. It does come across as sexist in some cases and borderline gratuitous in others.

There are plenty of strong female leads though, just not as many in the mainstream as their male counterparts.

I think the scene in the new Tomb Raider story though, that everyone is up in arms about, is justified in the sense that it builds upon her profile as a strong and independent character, it isn't there to titilate or shock.

It is in the same vein as Batman Begins; this is how she became the strong willed and confident woman we know and love.
im a girl and im kinda like the guys xD
+Steve Davies 100% agree with you.  There are several strong female leads in gaming that are not portrayed as a pair of giant boobs.   I tend to avoid the games that have the gratuitous skin.   I don't like it - I don't play it.   I'm not going sit around complaining that about it.
Funny, I just said I have nothing to play the other day. I'm now working through a stack about that large of unfinished games.
HEY!!! my gf plays more games than me this is false
Whatever. All you white people look the same to me anyways. 
+Shanna Bosarge I'm the same. I love the Assassins Creed games but I won't be purchasing or playing the latest installment. As a Brit I find it a little too close to the bone but I don't complain about it, I'm sure it's an enjoyable game for others just not me.
So, tried to read the article... but whoever wrote it must have their eyes shut.

Political correctness needs to end period, the fact they assume it's most prevalent in games (and seemingly no where else) offends me.  You want to live in a virtual reality - fine... as far as I'm concerned I'd much rather this shit stop affecting my real life first.  Video games are a past time and if people are offended by some content your approach the whole time should have been 'Then don't buy it!'
+Steve Davies Completely understandable - but as much of an Assassin's Creed junkie that I am - I couldn't refuse that game even if I was tied down.  And as a non-Brit - it might be slightly fun to pretend I'm fighting for my independence ;) - no offense intended.
i never understood t3h cloths thing until i saw this, thank you g+ for once again enlightening me
+Daniel Baker that absolutely should be the approach, the only approach. But as the author says, one game attracted so much vitriol from the PC brigade that the finished product never saw the light of day. That kind of censorship shouldn't be allowed anywhere. The point is, if the storyline of the game was in a movie then would have been fine but because it was a game it wasn't fine. Hypocrisy? Definitely. Wrong? You bet.

Video games have always attracted more than their fair share of PC crap.
+Shanna Bosarge and none taken :) and I say it now but if saw it on the shelf I'd be more than tempted to pick it up haha
How true (I refer to the games part as a guy).
So true!!
Compared to some people, he does have nothing to play.
So many people are so hypocritical! They complain about political correctness, but continue playing. If you don't like it, don't play it.
+Steve Davies "The point is, if the storyline of the game was in a movie then would have been fine but because it was a game it wasn't fine." A great example of this is Six Days in Fallujah and The Hurt Locker. Both describe the war in Iraq, both are "controversial" to a degree, one is basically banned and the other is awarded with an Oscars. I'd like to blame this on a generation gap and people don't understand games, so I will. And the fact that people look for 2 seconds at a game, say "but they're just killing people" and walks away (like reading the back of a book and claiming you've read it).
Wow +Michael Hughes do you often let someone's rage comic piss you off this much?  You're gunna die of a stroke.
ya i don,t mind playing slingo or slot tournaments online either
Hmmm... My problem is a safe full of firearms, and me saying, "I have nothing to shoot!"
Many thing to wear.many thing to
Political Correctness: The term used by people with power to minimize the impact of real criticisms from people without power.
I think this article is pointless. He says that we shouldn't criticize games because it stifles creativity and creativity causes us to think about things in a new way, but without feedback from players how will game designers gain new understanding as well? His solution is just to let games be produced and not have anyone comment on them which is its own version of censorship. I have the right to make whatever game I want and I have to know there will be people who disagree with it. Deal with it because its free speech and it goes both ways.
telling u the truth i really don't got yr point 
seen it like a million times never gets old hahaha
Nat Fer
its the other way around in the gay world ...
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Enjoy those original Xbox games.
wang kills jews with silverspoon he found in rich whiteman ass. wang never politically correct like oprahs brown saggy tits.
That's me, only with way more games spanning a little over 30 years of gaming. :(
This makes so much sense. Now I see what my girlfriend means.
what i can play all of those and not get bored all day lol
lmfao it sounds like me and my bro (brother)
Omg, I didn't even think about that...I say it all the time, crap! 
Note to +IGN, I doubt these people are actually agreeing with your article, just liking the picture. Please do not misinterpret your promotion to What's Hot as actual support for the arguments made in the linked to article.

What Colin Moriarty seems to have a problem with is business decisions being made based on the negative feedback publishers are receiving. He's lashing out at critical consumers instead of the the gatekeepers of the content industry, the publishers.

We have the 1st amendment to protect our expression whether it be producing games or critiquing them; however, no one said that content authors have a right to express themselves using Konami's (or other publishers) money and name. Luckily, we have a growing indie game market that is democratizing the industry and driving better competition, something we will all benefit from supporting.

I don't believe that blaming the community members for expressing opinions is constructive nor will improve artistic expression in the industry. Instead, I recommend Colin voice his concern to the folks who decide, through choosing to fund or not fund a project, which games come to market.
I think usually if you think you have nothing to play and you have a whole bunch of games it means that you need to do something else more challenging in your life or buy a new game.
Lee H
pic and comment=true
Definitely true gamez just dont have replay value anymore I can still go back and replay ocarina of time over and over and never be tired of it
annie d
I want that  closet :)
I agree.  Push the boundaries and let the gaming community show what is acceptable and what isn't.  If it isn't any worse than some movies, the game will do just fine.
my name is kingkong jaime perry do you want to join my circle
Women can no longer say that we don't know how they feel!
The sad truth its, what many people refer to as political correctness its actually tyranny in a blanket. Far too many people ignorantly endorse blind group-think rather than liberty. You can see this fact its politics everywhere. People done want the truth, rather they want to be lied to, wrapped in a blanket of sheepled-tyranny.

I guess life is better when you all believe in the same delusion.
I worry about clothes more than games. And I'm a dude.

Gotta stay fresh.
lolololol all of my friends say that and the sad part is they have MORE videogames than that..........
I would say `have nothing to listen to`
I would probably agree with this. hahahah
Its all in the game of life..! LOL... :D ;)
ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is actually dead on.
yea its dead on we all do it XD
what are those things on the guys side? books about bands??
Dang, that fart felt good....
but what if I have problems with both
Sensible choices are something to consider. If your game just goes for shock value-- in film terms that's called schlock. Don't go for shock if the wrapper of the game isn't schlock, ie pop Hollywood games-- which these days think they can sell more copies using shock and in my book is tasteless.
I guess I have a massive pair of testicles then.
Tony Ai
Yaoming got shoot, ahahaha^^
We can not deny the social cause in political correctness terms. Big percentage of players are teenagers who can easliy be manipulated to insert corrputed & hatred ideas into their minds in the name of freedom of creativity.

We don't live in Utopian world, we still live in a world where gays do still get bashed. A 12 years old kid playing games of killing and disrespectful to minorities is a grown up hater of others in the making. 
Why not play with her? She has nothing on because she has nothing to wear. Self explanation 
even doe imma gurl i dont be feenin ova ma clothes like wat da hell just pik oht sumthin an wear it 
shockitty friskybun you did not read the arctical. and it is a joke get over it
How telling that the gist of this article was that we should allow developers to push stories and gaming farther by facing potentially offensive subjects-- like the horrors of real war and how sexual assault can traumatize someone-- yet this post just plays up a stupid stereotype. +IGN , you're displaying the exact opposite attitude of enlightenment and respectful discussion that this author was defending. Saying that it's ok to talk about difficult issues like sexism is not the same as saying that sexism is ok. 
the thing is that they want too much... they get soo bored and soo picky they dont know what to do!
Everyone agrees as long as it doesn't offend them. Hahahaha, ah, the plight of perspective.

I agree with the article, as long as they don't take my life and what I believe and make a total mockery of it.

If a person is religious and someone uses their religion in a piece of art, it should not be offensive. But when someone's art depicts a horrid or anti religious view, that is when it becomes an issue.

Don't forget, some people are so deep into their beliefs that it characterizes who they are. Don't hate.
Haha I say that all the time haha :) 
"I'm offended!" is the battle cry of wimps who don't have an argument and can't control their feelings. It's a last ditch effort to shut someone up and it really is juvenile. 
they should have sex cause she has no clothes and sex is a game
It seems that the only truly unforgivable crime over the past 20 years is being offensive. Grievance whores are everywhere, dying to pounce. Remember the taking graduation card that some idiot insisted said "black ho'", when in fact it said "black hole"?
The man looks like Yao?
thing is, it's true. and that makes this sad
Somewhat it's true. Even bothers me at weekend
+IGN Personally, nothing offends me in any games that I've seen, I may not like what I see/hear... but, they're just games. However, I do think that some games are (not, can be) influential in a way that doesn't help attitudes in the younger generation, at least.

Parents are 'not' necessarily saying they are offended by a game, more they worry about the affect games are having on their children's general attitude. Certain dialogue in some games is one concern.

Of course, it's not only games that are responsible, but here we are.
Some people only voice their concerns on this subject in order to try and protect their children, while some take it as... the speakers themselves are personally offended, as an individual, when in truth, they couldn't care less about game composition. You see, we're grown up, children have yet to.
I don't see any Kevlar in her wardrobe. CS: Source is female-friendly. Some of the public servers are PC. Lolz
the universal truth....... :D
+Tor Stimmed games have an age rating for a reason, just like movies. Too young? Then don't buy it.

Don't buy it for your kid and don't allow a kid to buy it themselves.

It really is one of the easiest things in the world to do; NOT buying something is infinitely easier than buying it.
do you have to remind me i have nothing to play.
+Steve Davies I hear you. But, do you know, in fact, how difficult it is to stop children doing something they really want to do? Having asked that, you may also consider the fact that most children have friends.
As a girl gamer, I have felt the pains of both of these situations
+Jonathan Zee quite right, and I was actually defending the sexual assault scene in the latest Tomb Raider offering...
+Tor Stimmed but why is such a huge fuss made over the game and not the movie? Is it not the duty of the store, parent and any other responsible adult to ensure that the children only have access to age appropriate material?

Children are stopped from buying age restricted movies, and they are meant to be stopped from buying age restricted games too.

The argument you make just doesn't hold up. If anything the movie would potentially do more damage as the people on screen are real and therefore their actions are far more likely to leave an impression. So with that in mind, why are movies not given the same over zealous PC treatment?

Maybe because hollywood does not see a big enough slice of the profits? Because a videogame purchased is a movie left on the shelf?
+Tor Stimmed +1 though because you are basically right, but as I said the same applies to movies. It's just hypocrisy on the part of the complainers
The fuss given to games more so than the films, seems to me rather obvious. Of course, I accept I may be wrong. People spend far more time with the game than the film, in some cases, weeks or months. Game elements become engrained far more deeply than those of films.

However, duty, is really the big issue, in my view. And very expansive concerning this subject at least.

The profits you mention are another expansive topic. The gaming industry has struck gold... and they want every ounce.
Still doesn't explain the imbalance though does it? If you find the content of something unsuitable then do not purchase or view it. If you think it is inappropriate for someone of a certain age then the same applies, ratings are there too to guide.

If the minor still views or buys it, they will always find a way, then it is the fault of the minor not the developer. A game developer makes games, they are not responsible for what our children are exposed to. We are.

The blame, if there is any, lies very firmly with the so called responsible adults that are meant to keep objectionable content away from minors.

Control your kids, don't censor or stifle creativity or preach to others what is and what is not acceptable.
Clearly, you have misread much of what I've wrote, but that's fine. Though, I can see you are a passionate defender on this, perhaps, that has narrowed your view somewhat.

However, your last sentence is quite inappropriate, if you refer to me, my initial post makes very clear points.
Now if only I could organize my closet to look just like that...
If I have misread anything then I apologise, multitasking isn't one of my strong points.

I fail to see how I have been inappropriate though.
so ,i have notiong to xxoo,,,,
+Steve Davies Quote "Control your kids, don't censor or stifle creativity or preach to others what is and what is not acceptable."

As I still don't know if you refer to me, I'll talk as if you did.

First off, I'm not offended, but rather, I must say that not only does the misreading apply here, but never have I preached what is acceptable either. As for controlling my 'kids', as you put it... it is not for you to presume how children should be raised by their parents.

You fail to see the gaming industries responsibilities, but that's fine! I understand the power of marketing strategies and there affect on people very well.

All those games and he's complaining about "nothing to play"
even if i am a female, i'm more like the men side i say that like every day of the week! SO TRUE!!!
Both of them are true for me cuz I love video games
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