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Check out what Epic’s Unreal 4 Engine can do.
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I have low fps even while watching the trailer. Can't be a good sign.
I'm awe struck, the close ups of the metal seemed like it was a real statue wow!
BEST GAME ENGINE EVER ! ... 1+ for those who want to see a new "Unreal Tournament".
BJ Cardon
Come on +IGN you've been getting this wrong for a freaking decade now. It's "Unreal Engine 4" not "Unreal 4 Engine". Are you guys amateurs?
whats the hardware required for 4 engine games
Not impressed. Chances are it will never play out this way.
Frostbite 2 vs unreal 4 
Frostbite 3 vs unreal 5
pulento de que consola es
It doesn't look as good as SQUARE'S new engine IMO.
True but its still cool looking regardless.
Yes, it would be nice to have a new Unreal Tournament!
Gameplay looks incredible....oh wait!
Looks like Assassin's Creed graphics :/ nothing new
Uh oh, a squeenix fan boy.  Guess I have to check out this other new engine.  Is it the Crystal Engine(I think that was the name of their older engine)? 
Agreed Square is ahead in graphics by a good 10 years from this if this is all they bumped up after a few months (still love that they won't stop till we revolutionize)
that is so cool and creepy at the same time!!!
+Ventus Osorio Are you daft? The transparency work ALONE on that mace to make it glow like that is something that hasn't been seen in the world of 3D LIVE RENDER graphics before. That is INTENSE.
I really, really hate the lava scenes inside the castle.
@Shane Martin -Blah Blah Blah You haven't played any good games recently :/ go play a bunch of games that came out this year then tell me they did something others haven't :/
The Devil on his throne? Satan himself projecting himself as the ruler of the world dominating all life. Yet he is a trickster and looks nothing like this. He is beautiful to the eyes, a fallen angel, not appearing as this mace wielding being. He would have you to believe him ugly and easy to identify. This is one of his tricks. Don't fall for it. He, the Devil is a beauty to behold but a terrible horror if you don't get out of his hands. Flee to Jesus. 
Yeah's Unreal Engine 4. Not sure who made that mistake. Anyway...Epic Games is the king of engines! And those graphics are EPIC!
This game looks alright but any game can put out CGI effects. Just look at the Dishonored trailer
Yawwwwwn. Cinematic trailers don't show you anything. If you want to prove that you have a good engine, you show in game footage, not this crap.
+Max Jackl afraid to have to let you know... that was all rendered in-engine (meaning it was not a cinematic).
That dude with the big hammer looks like he could do some DAMAGE!
For those who are worrying about the gameplay:
 - position the Dark Lord on the rocky outcrop (of Doom)
 - fling the Enchanted Flame Hammer off thee outcrop
 - try to hit as many penguins as possible!
I remember when the first Unreal engine rolled out and we all pooped our pants over coloured lighting.

This is nice, and I agree, a new UT game would be just fine.
New tools look great, cant wait to experiment with Blueprints and the new editor interface.
Unreal Engine makes  unreal things real..
Right. Now when does Angry Birds get this? Imagine how realistic roast pork would look. Joking aside, nice work on the engine :)
...its a tech demo. I won't be imperessed or interested until i see a game built from the frame up on this with actual gameplay. If the gameplay can replicate this tech demo then yeah its an amazing accomplishment but until then its just smoke and mirrors. In my opinion it looks like current gen cg scenes and all this looks like to me is a cg trailer for something. If u want to impress/garner interest for your game engine show legitimate IN GAME footage even if your showing your hand early against competitors. For all we know the gameplay could actually look like this but be so buggy ajd have so many framerate issues and slowdown its an unplayable mess.
Impressive.  Probably the best game engine I've seen is CD Projekt's RED engine that was used for the Witcher 2.  It definitely pushes the hardware envelope, but man oh man, is it fantastic!
It can resurrect the Lich King into a non-Blizzard demo? That IS powerful!
those were really frozen snowflakes, they got close to the lava and they didnt melt.
The video is cool and all, but these videos have always let me down when I finally see it in front of me. I mean, these graphics are what the Ultra64 (N64) was supposed to look like if I were to believe the videos I saw at CES.
need more time to fully stabilize
+Sean Wilson i understand that but as +Troy Lauffer said these demos never live up to their hype. I jus don't believe in getting excited about ANY trailer that doesn't have actual gameplay in it. Its their job to sell this as amazing groundbreaking tech but if the proof ain't in the pudding its jus useless advertising for quick $$$
The big selling point of the new engine is not the graphics but the real-time editing/tweaking in-engine and the tools. The development time is greatly reduced in this version so the fidelity can be boosted even further (if you so wish)
pretty good looking, but the magma looked a little "claymation"
You have to understand what the new engine is showcasing here, the U4 Engine is all about particles.

If a machine, PC or console were to attempt to render every little bit of ash, snow, and ember in the demo, you'd experience some of the worst frame drops ever to plague a modern GPU.

That they can pull off that much particle processing in that demo AND for it to look that good, after only being thrown together inside of three months is quite a feat. They executed a Blizzard-esque cutscene - only that it wasn't a cut scene - that was all rendered/processed in real-time bears some applause. There's also another tech demo out the for the engine called "Samaritan", I believe.

Also, this isn't a game trailer - for those citing a lack of gameplay. It's just a display of horsepower, if you will.

Lastly, and on a somewhat related note, check out a site called "Deadend Thrills", and have a gander at how amazing modern games can look, once all the 'crap' is stripped away.
Well well well, it's real after all...... or did I just wake up to the mixture of HOT & COLD hype?
Looks good!!!!!! For a Saturday morning

Beats the rain here in Spain, look out Lava Man....... The Avengers will sort your bad ass out......... Bring on the Hulk..... He is mean & green
Sorry, the lack of sun does daft things to folk on holiday, but I know now why it's always raining, thanks for the info
That's amazing, I've only seen that level of graphics in CGI films and from cut-scenes in very high end games, the money put into those graphic, and it was created in just three months, I can't wait to see what's next
Is this the opening to Diablo 5? (To be released in 2023?)
That's a dumb question. Epic has nothing to do with Blizzard.
And the joke just flew over his head...
+Phillip Rogers people like you is what make others hate christians. Go preach to those who want to be preached to. Let us gamers enjoy the art being portrayed.
As a worshiper of Loki, I am offended by the insinuation that this so-called "Devil" of yours, is somehow a better trickster. Please, subject me to this religious discrimination no further! WILL THIS WAR AGAINST LOKI WORSHIPERS NEVER END?!
awesome yes... but i want to see what can do in game, and not in pre-rendering videos
Very nice. Tim Sweeney has changed video games forever, again.  I just hope it finally does a proper rag doll. Unreals only weakness. Well, that and a proper debug camera. :)
+Justin Albert Samaritan is actually on the most recent build of Unreal Engine 3, which Star Wars 1313 uses.
The crowd says 'wow'..yet the crowd has consoles
Wot ever engine god of war is running is the best by far.
To bad for us ut3 pc players, They have forgotten us, Come on epic we need that engine and new UT
Ugh ut4 better be a good predecessor to ut2k4 or 2k3 even. Ut3 was terrible. Especially the format.
This new engine is just beautiful though!
Unreal was my very first PC game in the mid 90's....many hours spent playing this game! lol
It looks pretty good but graphics is not everything I wanna see games developed with great story lines... Its a good all an all can't wait to make a game with it..
Cant wait till the first game comes out with unreal 4
Now for infinity blade 3
Creative, it's a work of art.
Comes up very well on my handset
Need $500 video card today, On your cellphone/glasses in 5 years.
after he unstick he'll get that other guy in Diablo , for shure
Look at my photos!!!!!!!!!
Mark Ng
Glad that Tim sweeney still got the chops to pull this off after all these years.
wait i dont get it is this a real game cuz i am really confused
That didn't show shit. Only cg. Need to see game play to be impressed
Is the focus/out of focus feature something common these days ?
The real quality in game remain the same as the video shows?
Thats what the game engine can do, it's not what actual games will look like in the next couple of years.
The company is a devil worshiping one, since the chose this for a promo they have made it obvious! 
It doesn't impress me, still looks plasticky. Where is photorealism? Shouldn't we be there yet?
+Kenny Montenegro ok... Sadly they cant make a good game to save their life.

More games will use ue4 and will be better games.
I would like to buy a home and raise a family inside the Unreal Engine 4.
That's how I wake up in the morning. 
This is EPIC, it's UNREAL!

Get it? :P
+Franco Cavecchia , yeah i thought that too.. 
I just went to the page and it is a game engine for PROFESSIONAL GAME DEVELOPERS. Meaning it cost is way up there.
I'm tired of cinematic displays. Impress me with gameplay.
only if they developed before hand to use it on Fable :-\
Fable it's my favorite game. +1 from your Epic and I love your company Work in the same spirit.
I can't wait to see the visual flavor UE4 based games will bring 
dynamic lighting, shadow management, live rendering and preview within the level editor
Just saying that when I watch the video provided by this game I do not merely see "graphics" and/or its quality or lack thereof. I see an agenda and a monster on a throne.
+Phillip Rogers It's not a game. It's more than that. It is the future of gaming. Something that will make everything either come faster or better. A 12-month project w/ some other engine takes 6 months on unreal engine four. This means that even right-brained folks can develop not just the baddies, but EVERYTHING. For more on this, buy the June copy of WIRED. (It's the one with Adam Savage on the cover)
Call Of Duty will look so good with Unreal 4. And Battlefield will become amazing on a whole new level.
That video was impressive. Imagine if Bathesda redid Morrowind with this engine.
This video is boss XD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Looks beautiful, but why would you demonstrate something like this with a low frame rate?
OMFG hurry up next gen consoles!...Oh wait im a PC Gamer :D
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