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Valve developing a new console platform dubbed "Steam Box"!?
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Can't wait to see how it turns out. The consoles need innovation to keep up with the PC.
this is pretty cool but i wonder how it will compete against playstation and xbox?
i wouldnt put it pass them to do that lol
New J
What a clever idea Valve made. Now if only they stop being lazy and fix all the glitches Steam has so the Steam box doesn't fail.
If it doesn't contain proprietary parts, then I'm all for it and would praise it for its ambition. If it does, then it's just missed a huge opportunity to revolutionize console gaming. No compatibility issues with old games or wondering if the next console will be backwards compatible, no HD revisions of HD revisions. Just one ultimate library.
It will most likely fail unless it has decent price tag.
Really,this console is awesome! I want it right now!!!!!!!! Someone can buy it for me ,,,,,lol
As long as they bring me HL3, I don't care.
hmm no official new on this anywhere from steam. seema like more vapor warez commin from steam
Well I really liked Left 4 Dead, so I don't mind a third part coming out.
But it doesn't even play in the same league as HL3 ;-)
New Console Never.
Fortnight, i have goOd feeleing about that.
Maybe Hafl-life MMO.:D
I finished Left 4 Dead 2 and it was awesome,i really can't wait for the 3rd installment.The Steam Box seems interesting,but is it an idea that will last though?
something like Onlive??
Something like OnLive for Steam most likely. Streaming only.
All About Cloud Gaming:D
This is... really interesting. Valve making a hardware play, even if primarily through partnerships, is a fascinating play. Really ambitious move. I love Valve, so I'm really looking forward to see where this goes.
Okay - question: In order to keep up with the gaming tech and how games keep needing higher and higher amounts of RAM, better grapics cards, etc then how will this console keep up with the games any better than your average gaming computer?
Comes with a copy of Episode 3 and Team Fortress 2: Meet the Pyro Edition.
Very interesting, Valve, very interesting.
Adel O
For real?
I see this a very positive step for PC gaming as a standard hardware set for devs would mean better games and hopefully way more reaching the platform.
Wow. When do these hit the shelves?
I hope to see a companion cube model in the future.
and a portal gun while your at it.
This is honestly what I have thought should happens for ages. The bigger market is consoles so no questions they want a piece of that.. Testing the waters with steam on ps3.. Big screen support that they have been working on for ages.. Upset by Microsoft position on xbox dlc. Capitalize on huge existing membership on steam. Infrastructure in place, etc. It absolutely makes sense to me. I also wondered why nobody seem to be trying to compete with onlive so theres that too. For hardware they just need to release target specs every year for devs to target for. and the windows is an obvious choice but it would have been an amazing opportunity to cement some real standards for gaming in Linux. Will be interesting to see.
that would be sick ive been thinking bout them hooking up 1000 $ system
The name for Valve's new "steam box": Sauna.
There's no reason they can't be any of the things people are saying.. I'm surprised steam hasn't even got a say 3 tier hardware certification system they can 'sell' to companies like hp and dell. +Keith Hair there's no reason you couldn't do that still pc's aren't going anywhere. this steam console would just be another way for valve to increase market share, strength, influence, revenue, profit, etc. If it is true the expected time for release would put it up against the next nexgen consoles.
I think the biggest thing holding back PC gaming is the myriad of products available. I think producers have to spend so much time/money accommodating hardware differences that the amount of time they can spend creatively suffers. I see this product as an attempt at solving that issue, which I appreciate. I sincerely doubt that making a "PC Gaming Console" is the solution here. I think the solution lies more in hardware manufacturers playing nicely with each other and closing hardware gaps.
Make it Linux and I'm sold. I'm not buying Windows anymore. Only two things make me hold on to my Windows box. Games and Bluray. Give me steam and bluray support in a Linux box and I'll buy three!
It can't be true. There's a "3" on that picture. We know very well that Valve can't count to 3.
In all seriousness, I'm not sure about this. I mean I might as well just build a PC myself and then I could upgrade the hardware as needed.
I will buy this in a heartbeat! ... as long as they don't involve Microsoft at all.
Valve console = FAIL
I agree with those who say this will be an onlive competitor, but I'm not so sure it's particularly useful for either Steam OR onlive to have a console. You can just as easily connect your PC to a TV and use a controller. TADA! Why spend a lot of money and take up space with these consoles when you can play the games with what you have already. May cost you a couple bucks for a cable or two, but that's a huge savings. They should just stick to improving the service itself.
Reminds of me the Companion Cube from Portal
+Melissa Bryan The advantage of streaming consoles is that you won't need to upgrade your hardware. The game is rendered on a server and streamed to your home, where your hardware only adds the controls and sends that information back to the server.
That way you only need a fast internet connection and no longer state of the art hardware.
Plus it consumes a lot less power than a high end PC.

If you ask me, that's a really nice technology for gaming.
Fuck steam, Team is a rip off I want to play my games at home not on line but steam wont let me back into my account. RIP OFF
I did but they too me off my account now I have all these usless games I can't play RIPED OFF
Can you put my account back in? I liked killing zombies
I woke up one day and I couldn't play any more with out a pass word I put my pass word in it said no I tryed another day thinking they were fixing somthing but no cant play any of my valve games any more
I can't get any of the ass wipes from valve to help me with this
they don't talk to you on their help page ether
never cheated I had 2 gigs of zombie shooting fun, is it because I wouldn't buy new games, no more half life ether I lived for new half life games. I was going to get left for dead 2 but my account was fucked up for no reason I was working on more content for left for dead 1 god I loved that game, you know how much stuff you can get for left for dead?
Why would I want your money I want to kill zombies
oh well its been a year I'll have more fun at the nudist farm playing Frisbee
maybe I should thankful instead, but I really miss the game selection that valve has
Watch Microsoft try to prohibit windows from operating on these. Wouldn't want to compete with Xbox now
OK, So, who didn't think? And just "made?" :D ...... Steam already killed one of my harddrives. Now they want me to buy one right from them? Why? Like they got some hidden manufacturing process that's better than the rest of the world? F off Steam. :)
This could be the final device I need to kick my Win7 machine over to Ubuntu...
If a single game patch cost 40 000 $ to deploy on 360/PS3, developers are going to love the rumored Steam Console and users will benefit from up to date + user created content.
The project could really be interesting as it seems to combine The best of both worlds. Also if streamed video games set-off it also give them the vehicle for that in the future.
Now I'm hoping for a Valve MMO for a full Valve/Blizzard competition too.
Valve FTW! So say we all :)
I doubt it is a 'propietary' console. It is most likely a 'custom pc case' featuring the Portal theme with state of the art PC hardware.
yes!!! Now i can play with out any online interruptions, and have a kick-butt time
That would be cool but Valve games better be for more than just this console.
Wonder how much this is going to set me back.
Consoles suck, if u love consoles its prob cause ur FAIL on a PC/Mac so u gotta go back to games 3 yr olds can beat! And LOL VALVE? they have some of the easiest games in the world to RE so this will suck for sure!
I'd like to see this promote console-PC transfers, would be really nice if you only need to buy one game on steam and be able to play it on both.
2 me it looks like the box from portal
If its true...only few title on launch day then its a fail...
I think it looks pretty cool. Uh Oh XBL, another good free online service and reason people shouldn't waste their money on paying for XBL :P
Id buy this if it looks like that cube thing. Just cause it looks cool
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND as of March 8th, 2012 this has been both unfortunately and expectedly debunked. Drat.
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