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It’s rather joyless despite its incessant action set-pieces.
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I feel like Colin Farrell is a good actor, but his movies are simply incapable of reaching success. Weird. 
However movies of Colin Farewell is too interesting
How could anyone forget the masterpiece that is SWAT and think that Colin can't perform better than Arnold did 20 years ago? 
Remaking films that were already great is always a #remakefail , they should have done a new story with either another planet or a continuation or something more creative than the same story.
yeah, a sequel would had been better than a remake. Anyway,  i'm still going to see it...
We should have brought back Arnold's old ass.. I worshipped the old Total Recall. Jessica Beil even said on the Daily Show that remake is all about the graphics and action scenes. What a joke! 
Guys, the story wasn't about Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was just an actor that portrayed a role in the original movie. The story is more important than any actor. Move on and broaden your horizons a little. Maybe Adam West should play the next Batman? Geez, guys.
+Anurag Rekhde Agreed. If they'd cast Arnold again you'd have tons of people whining "But's he's, like, 70! WTF?!!!" Can't win.
This movie is not better than the first one I know cuz I just went and saw it
I watched the first one last night and thought to myself "Goddamn, Sharon Stone was hot!"
sascha worst then batman rofl!! that destroys a character 
+Jesse Tavares The Dark Knight Rises is a masterpiece compared to this "oh let's take the old story, add a little bit of blade runner atmosphere and pump it up with the cgi and special fx guys"... this was horrible.....

p.s. oh wait, i just figured out that you guys are talking about the game, right? that's even worst!
it's awesome because the movie and the game.but it's still fatastical.
whoever's it is look's just like the darknight
hopefully doesnt sound like batman (apparently batman only speaks in death metal)
Very good movie!! they need to remake big trouble in little china now..
Even though it has a bad review I will probably still see this but I'll prob just wait till it is on DVD...hooray for Netflix!
I am from the old school. I enjoyed the original one better.
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