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We're giving away a bunch of beta codes for the World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor expansion.

Leave a comment below telling us why you deserve one and then fill out this form:
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Looks interesting my husband of 25 years would love to play it with or without the codes
I have been playing wow since beta. I have played Warcraft since it first came out. I eat sleep and breathe this universe. I very much would like to continue my journey.
I started playing this game when I was 8 years old and have been looking for a reason to get back into it..Maybe this beta test will help me renew my account!
Been playing since vanilla as well (good ol' days).
Played WoW for several years and would love to try out the new expansion. 
I would love to experience some of the new content before I decide to preorder to be completely honest...
I've been playing for a long time now and i really really love this game and this franchise I have a lvl 90 worgen warrior character and 3 more death knights please give me a beta code!!!!
I played this game for 7 Years now, i have never got in to an beta or alpha. I have been active on the game for almost the whole time. This beta will really make me happy.
I'd like to get into the Warlords of Draenor beta because I've been a WoW subscriber since WoW came out and never have gotten into a WoW beta. WoD also looks like a fresh and interesting new direction for the series in terms of location and lore.
Been playing wow since vanilla been leading guilds for years!!!!!!! hook me up please!!!!
How can you say that someone doesn't deserve this masterpiece? Everyone deserves it and NEEDS it(and of course I'm no exception).
I love world of warcraft.  I have all of the collector's editions (even D3 and SC2).  I would love to get into the beta!
Been playing wow since vanillia off and on, also have been able to able to get in previous beta's would love to test the beta once again.
me orc, me smash, no beta, no smash, me sad orc
WoD looks like it might be my favourite expansion since TBC. Losing interest lately so I'd like to the beta to really pick up my interest again. I'll always love WoW!
9 Year old account and still not classed as a "veteran" gimmie gimmie :D #NoBetaClub  
Been playing wow for years, never been in a beta. Would love to try it out before the retail release. A beta key would be much appreciated! 
Been playing for over 7 years, haven't unsubbed once, and super pumped for WoD. Would really appreciate a beta key! :)
I've been playing WoW since Vanilla, I'd love to experience it before the actual release. I'm in love with the game and Blizzard doesn't love me since no key ;///
I've been playing off and on since the stress test. I would like to see how the characters art and animation has evolved over such a long time.
I'd like to get a key to give more feedback, especially for monks which is one of the least played class.
I deserve a beta key because I have already purchased WoD and I would like a chance to help Blizz make it the best expansion yet.  So in other words make sure I get my money's worth!
Well I started playing WoW in March of 05' and still have an active account that I play on my main arthanias a warlock lvl 90. I got into the brand when Warcraft came out on mac and played it on my aunts PowerPC when I was a kid and i'm 32 :) So lets just say I'm pretty invested in Blizzards Warcraft IP and would love to play and test the Beta.
 I've been playing WoW since the end of Vanilla, I've gotten to test every expansion except Cataclysm, leaving feedback as asked for for almost every bug I encountered, every issue I encountered, and overall every problem. I believe I deserve a beta key because I'd like to see where the game is headed for starts, I always leave feedback unlike many people who play the Beta just to play it.
I've had an alpha twitch stream running on my second monitor since it started, you could say I'm a little obsessed? A shiny beta key would help me feed that addiction.
Lets explore.....and take down some orcs :P
We must defend against the Iron Horde! First though, I need a Beta Key  because E.S.O. and The Secret World aren't cutting it for me!! Please? THANKS!
Love Blizzard games, love IGN, give a loyal fan an early chance to try it out!!!
I deserve one because.... I like fun and this looks fun? Played WoW a lot and want to see where they go with this!
Got my 90 ready and hoping to have a chance to continue my quest. Thanks 
Because i actually plan to spend time testing,giving feedback and reporting bugs.
hmm, no flying, and garrison seems like another facebook game integration.
I deserve a key because i actually want to help then test and fix the game. 
I need the code so I can answer the most obvious reason, so I can complain about class Nerf that aren't even my own class
I might not "deserve" one, but I sure do want one and would do my part to test and report bugs.
+IGN You really want to give me a beta code mate.  You really, really do :D

Ignore the follower count I have.  I've just been a Blizzard nerd for 15 years!!
I deserve a beta code because I absolutely adore the ign staff! And new character models!!!! <3
I think I deserve a key because I've been playing for 7-8 years now and never got into a beta before, even tho I always tried. Should be time for my luck to turn around, right? Thanks for doing the giveaway!
I want one because..... well, who the hell here doesn't want one?
I deserve one of the fabulous beta codes because I need a fantasy world to escape to because my real life is so terrible... Just kidding, I love my life. ;D
Playing this game for so many years (since 2005) and never had the chance to test out the game (with the exception of MoP Beta Test) in their beta status.

Asking for a key in order to test and report stuff for a better game. It isprecisely what we all want! A better game!
Would like to try it and see if it´s worth reviving my account. Thanks +IGN 
ive been playing since launch on spinebreaker server would like a beta code please ty
why not? I am as good as anybody else
S medly
I wants a code
I've been a Blizzard fan since the early days of Starcraft, and I always jump at the opportunity to help beta test one of their games. Although the meaning of, "beta" has evolved over the years, I still approach every beta I apply for with the same mindset: find the bugs! And I welcome the opportunity to ensure that Warlords lives up to Blizzard's own excruciatingly high standards for quality.
I've been playing for ages, and have not gotten into a beta yet for WoW. I have beta tested other games though. I enjoy providing feedback to ensure the game ends up polished.  
Obviously Blizz wants my money. I have no interest of buying it and the beta could help persuade me to do so, I was going to quit back in WotLK but I got the Cata beta and that got me to stay.
Well if I got a beta code, I could look for reasons to go back to Azeroth.
i would like to get a beta key!

ive been playing WoW since early release and i would like to see what has changed in warlords of draenor.
because i would be VEEEERY unhappy if i cant play this and will most probably suicide myself ><, na just kidding i wont kill myyelf, but i will be sad as hell!! dont make me sad
Lok'tar ogar for the horde that is why
I would like this for our grandson who just had a very bad accident on the ball field. A concussion, mouth wired shut, a plate in his fractured jaw. This would make him happy.
if you dont invite me to the beta im going to break one of my fingers on each day i dont get a key, after 10 days i wont be able to play, please invite me fast...
Simple enough, the Horde needs me. Also the Prime keys took about five seconds to run out, before the email link even opened. I will take what's mine! XD
As a veteran player that has made desperate attempts to get into any WoW beta, it would be nice to break the curse for a change.
Been supporting Blizzard for years! I would love to try the beta instead of maybe playing Wildstar *wink *wink..half-hazard blackmail ftw!
Alex Ro
I want to see those legendary heroes.
My boyfriend would love this... Once I had to cut out the power to get his attention, hes so sumerged into that game sometimes. I bet he would forget to eat if he had a beta key. His birthday is very soon and I would like to make him that gift
I want this key because i started playing in MoP and want to feel the thrill of a new expansion
I would like a key because I have been playing since the release of vanilla and have only gotten into the MOP beta because of the annual pass.  I will give lots of feedback and do my best to test and help improve the game to make it as good as it can be!
Hail Blizzard! Hail IGN! Consider me for the Beta guys
Follower since 7 years
I've been playing for years now and would love a chance to try the beta!
I've been playing MOBA's these months - I'm sick and need a decent MMO now, this would be perfect in addition to my old WoW acc.
Because this is the MOST anticipated game ever! Everybody is going crazy to play, even the orcs @ IGN!!
Please invite me to the beta test guys - thanks!
Cant wait for new expansion. Beta code might just save a life.
Would really like to check out the beta to see if I would come back and play WoW again. I've been playing since Vanilla. Played all the expansions and have taken a break recently, but would love a chance to see WoD. 
Cuz I'm Betatest Man, and my special superpowers are:
Orc smashing and submitting feedbacks, and being hairy!
I defended heavily durimg both scourge invasions , fought in a day long alterac valley , Provided a Main tank for many raids and 5 mans, provided a whole guild with meckaneer choppers and  have several monty python and the holy grail quotes macroed on my paladin .
Gray En
The Hoard is calling me again... Do not dare stand in my way, insolents!
I have always came back to wow after playing many games i would like to see if this next expac will wow me enough to come back again
I love playing World of Warcraft I have 3 90 characters.
I want beta, I payed for a full year of prime to then find out you were all out of keys (didn't tell me you were out until after I subscribed). False advertisement in my eyes...
Looks like a very fun expansion and I've played the game for quite a few years... Would be very interesting to see all of the changes and take part in the bug finding / fixing process. 
I haven't had the opportunity to be in any of the WoW betas. I've always waited patiently until the final product release. This beta would be pretty cool to play though.
I deserve a key cause i'm fascinated and i played Warcraft since i'm about 7 and i would enjoy to take a part of the dev of my hobby! :P
I want to play the pants off this game! Please give me a code, I have beta tested 2 other expansions for you! 
I like get a code for my youtube channel. I have more 450 video guides about WoW and I couldn't get alpha. I need new content for my guides
lol this is the third thing ive done today to try and win one im super excited and hopefully I can get my hands on a beta key! <3
Help me, IGN; you're my only hope! I don't know how many more No Beta Clubs I can handle.
TBC beta? No.
WOTLK beta? Nah.
What about cata? Nope.
Diablo 3!? Open beta weekend woo!
MoP? No!
Hell, my WoW career even started with me listening to my friends playing vanilla closed beta on ventrilo (though I didn't really sign up for that).

I did get into the Starcraft 2 expansion beta, though! But i got that key from a twitch streamer, so I don't know if that counts.
So yeah, I would love a key!
Day Lo
I don't always ask for Beta Keys... but when I do, I comment on IGN's Google+ page.
Would love me one of those sexy sexy beta keys, been playing since few months after vanilla launch
been playing since like a month before Burning Crusade came out, hope the return to Draenor is as amazing as it looks
Can't wait to see what they do with Garrisons, and I've never been invited to beta. ;_;
I've been playing WoW since Vanilla, and I've also been an active sub the whole time. I would love to get into Draenor
've been playing since Wotlk and never got beta access. And no one of my guildies got that too. And Draenor looks so beautiful!
 i deserve it, because i play wow since 2004 year, but not recieve a key in official "veterans giveaway"
Because I'd like the experience of being in a beta test, and I'm one of the few who can't remember when I started playing.
I think I deserve a beta key because I have been playing wow since 2 months before bc. I have multiple friends who also play who id like to show the beta to, and would love to get a look at the new content and the new type of questing!(the quests as well as the various chest like timeless isles.) FOR THE HORDE!
Brazilian ppl are suffering because of "World Cup" I Hate Football but i love World of Warcraft. So i need this key to rescue me.
Would like a key please :)
Please dear marry mother of jesus give me a key.
If I get a key, this might be the first time I ever participated in a beta test :D
Really want to experience Outlands in its original form, just can't wait.
I played WoW for more than 9 years. I expected each new version of WoW because I believe blizzard can bring me new fantastic contents to me. I played a lot of other mmoRPGs, but WoW is still the best mmoRPG for me. The second war is my favorite era in the Warcraft history. I can hardly wait to have a see in the old Draenor. I am a Chinese player, I am expected to access to the WoD beta to share the latest contents to my Chinese friends to let them know more about the new expansion.
Been playing since vanilla beta, and at this point not giving me a beta code would be the games loss, not mine.
I'd like to give something good to my husband to cheer him up - he's been working so hard in the past few months and beta key would make him stop and rest for a bit.
Giving an ex crack addict crack is what giving me this code would be like... Time for a relapse!!!
I would like a beta key because I find that Warlords of Draenor is one of the best products on the gaming scene and definitely worth more to test it and report feedback to Blizzard's possible to improve it further.
I've been playing WoW for ages and I would really love to get acces to the beta!
So i can continue to raise the next generation of n00b pwning camp monkeys! My girls love playing! I've taught them well haha
I would like a beta key, because i am awesome. Only reason you need to give me one.
I'd love to see the new things this expansion brings us sooner rather than later.
My wife and I are newbies, we love the game, just dont have enough time to play.  If we dont get it we are ok being Pandas for a while longer :)
Because my wants to play with my friends.
Since I do have pretty much every other Blizzard game this beta would be awesome so I could get my hands on the expansion before others, for bragging rights.
I want a beta key because I have played wow since vanilla and I really love to see the changes that they make through every expansion.
cmon, I dont want to wait anymore
Never had a beta code... since vanilla...
Adam H
I plan to work in the gaming Industry after getting my animation course done and helping Blizzard would be a good experience to lean what its like to game test.
I'm very excited about the game and i can't wait to play it ;)
I've been playing WoW since I was 11. I'm 18 now. I can literally say I grew up playing it. I think that deserves one ;)
Because I switched accounts a few years ago so do not think I will qualify as a 'vet'. I want to test the challenge modes and raids.
Active player since 2005. Thrilled and cant wait till I'm able to experiance Warlords of Draenor ingame! 

//Adhius, Magician of the arcane specilization
Played since beta quit on mists of pandaria and now i want to see if there are the most needed changes in beta so i will continue playing.
Been playing wow for years, never been in a beta. Would love to try it out before the retail release. A beta key would be much appreciated! 
I need to beta test the new moonkin <3

/)__)/~ pew
I've been playing Wow since vanilla and want a beta key to see changes.
Because I love testing games, played Blizzard games for over 10 years, Warcraft, WoW and Diablo. Never invited to one test. I've tested multiple games for 5+ years, hopefully one day I would get to do that with Blizzard Games as well.
I want it i want it i want it i want it  !!!!! plssss
I deserve a code because blizz never gave me one in my 7 years wow time...
Who knows if I'm deserving or not I can't say I've been the most loyal fan but I have been playing since vanilla off and on have played all the expansions and plan on playing the newest one already preordered it. I have never beta tested any PC games but im keen to put my name in the hat good luck to all see you in Azaroth.
Because I'm crazy enough to crash the game in every way possible before actual release. That's what beta testing is all about, anyways: I'd rather do that before it goes live...
because am a huge fan and really wanna try out the new expansion !
Been loyal as a WoWer since 2004, been a prime member of IGN since it started, I mean, can I have something in return? ╮(╯_╰)╭
I need a key to test the game and support the alpha phase please. :)
Well, I'd love to beta test the game and give feedback, especially to Retribution Paladins, with their new level 100 talents test out and give feedback. I'm a vet Ret paladin. And an experienced raider.
I'm a Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo and WOW veteran. I love Blizzard games and I love WOW, and even if I don´t get that beta key I'll keep playing WOW :-)
I'm looking to get back into Warcraft when the expansion comes out a beta key would be awesome. 
I want to help make the expansion epic!
i put alot of money into blizzard. maybe not as much as some others. but enough to the point of being a loyal customer. give me the code
Grew up with this game started in Secondary school in 08, never been in a beta before would be soo stoked if i got. Thankyou!!
Because if I don't get one I'll be forced to make chocolate pudding at 3 in the morning because i've lost all control of my life
I love blizzard and purchasedall their games.
I believe I deserve one since I have been playing WoW since Vanilla and not once have they offered to have me in one of their betas. I even have WoD pre-purchased, just waiting for it to be released now.
Love to see the beta and try to find bugs for the devs. 
I've been playing since the end of wrath. I've completed each tier of content. I have nothing to do in live. I would love to have the chance to play and explore in the beta. I would love to receive a code from you. Thank you.
I am the member of IGN Prime and I found IGN by searching WoD beta keys. Actually I found more interesting stuffs beside WoD betakey so I will maintain subscribing IGN Prime. And maybe I will introduce IGN to my friends. I really want the beta code I waited to play beta since the WoD was announced by blizzcon. I will play WoD in future and make lots of feedbacks while beta. I played Wow since Burning crusade.
why i need a key???? hmmm wait...a key its for open a door...right??? soo i need one to open the door to the blizzard dream world :) ... 
I think that I deserve a key because I play a lot and both aspects of the game pve and pvp :) 
i deserve the key because i have been playing wow all these years, went out of it and now wanna get back in to see the new stuff. please give me a beta invite.
Been playing this game since 04/03/2005 and i've never gotten a beta invite, i paid my way into helping them design MoP and they actually listened to a lot of my feedback, mainly how leveling a monk from 1-90 on beta felt and what stuff i thought they should change. remember how they couldn't figure out if blackout kick needed a debuff? ;)
If I am selected, I will embark on a quest to rescue all the orphans and stray animals in Draenor! If you'd like to watch my efforts online, give me a beta key! You don't HAVE to give me one, but if you don't that means you hate kittens, puppies, and cute, fuzzy creatures in general.
long time Prime subscriber ... would like a key, when possible, thank you
Because I'd like to explore Draenor before everyone does 
I deserve one, because I've been a loyal player for 7 years, and I'm awesome!! 
ive never once in my life ever been able to get into a beta EVER and my friends all have and always rub it in, it would mean the world to me if i could do something for once that they have all had a chance to do, i been playing wow since day 1
Sejong deserves one because Wow wants him to come back!
I dont know if i deserve the code but i would really want to get the beta atleast once , been playing the game for 6 years...
d d
I have never been accepted into any wow beta! I really want to experience what it is like!
I'd like to receive a beta key because I have played wow since vanilla, and i love wow
I've been a long-time fan of WoW, and this could be just the excuse to get back into it. I have about 2 max-level characters, and I'd love to return to the lands of Draenor and get a look into the Orc homeworld.
Julie W
Im a rare wow chic and I would love to give feedback on the new expansion and we all know how much girls like to talk lol ive been in game for since its first year have a few max lvl toons 
So many years. So soo sooooo many years. Screw it. Might as well keep going. My belf isn't going to level itself.
I started playing wow in Cata, I play it everyday never have quit or cancled my subscription. I would really love access to the beta to help out on finding bugs/glitches, so that the game is perfect when its ready to  be released.
For 7 years I did not cease to love this game (at official servers i came two years ago), and i am pleased to take part in the draw key.
To give myself a chance to be able to help the shadow priest community by providing feedback. :)
I love ign, i love wow... so getting code from ign... nothing could be better
I've played the game since Cata and have been eating, sleeping, and breathing Azeroth ever since. I'm a huge lore junky and would like to get a taste before release.
I've been playing since pre bc and id truly enjoy learning more about the new expansion first hand.
I would love to get a code so i can help make the game reach its best potential
I pre-ordered the WoD just so i wouldnt be left out of the mix, and because playing wow keeps me somewhat sane as I'm a stay at home mom. Lol.
Been in WOW since 2005, and raiding for most of that time.  I play all classes and specs to maintain familiarity with them and maximize my power to synchronize myself with my raid time, though I main a Fury Warrior for my raid time and have since Wrath (previously I mained Arms, and before than I mained a Paladin pre-BC).  I'm there for Convert To Raid on Sunday mornings, and Final Boss in the evenings, and I keep up with the bigger players at Twitch.  I'm alert, aware, and in-tune with the metagame; I know what to look for in testing, why, and how to give good feedback.  In short, I'm the veteran player that should be given a Beta invite.
as a prime member i feel i should get a code maybe :D but i have been playing wow from the start and not once have i ever been invited to a wow beta would love a chance to got on it and give some solid feedback on the game to make it the best expansion they can. 
i feel i deserve a code because i have played wow across 2 accounts on and off since 2006 and never got into any beta.
I just became a IGN prime member, hell yeah!
I deserve one because this is my favorit game and i have been playing and paying for it every since burning crusade..!!
I want to help blizzard by testing the game and report buggs!
I deserve one because I have played the game since beta and I will help Blizzard get the game nice and polished by sending in lots of feedback and bug reports.
I deserve a key as mine from pax was stolen!
I deserve a key because I actually plan to provide quality feedback about the beta.  My qualifications for this are that I've been playing WoW since August 2005 (For 9 years) and am currently 2480 3v3 rating so, I can provide quality feedback for the PvP side of the game.
i deserve a key because i have been playing since vanilla and  am ready to explore dranor
really need to see what blizz can offer now , give feedback and experience a whole new adventure beta hypee!!
WoW got a humongous upgrade and looks more promising than ever, this a mustt buy for every WoW player out there
Please send me one code I've been playing wow since 2006!
Hi, give me beta key of wod plz!!
Because I am a good warrior... and world needs good warriors!
Never got a beta key since 2005. I actually provide feedback and bug reports unlike most people who just see it as an early-access game.
I've been playing WoW since the beginning of Vanilla. Would like to test out the beta.
i would send feedback and tell them about some of the bugs if i find ones.
I do indeed need this for, umm... medical purposes, so would you please  give me this beta key, kind sir, kindest of all in the lands of azeroth.
I want this game <3 love wow =) 
I'd like to have a key, since I have some weeks off and lack something interresting to do.  gl @ all
Never been in beta. Literally, never. Though as high-ranking raider and thoroughly knowing my class, alongside being TBC-veteran I would make actual contributions for the beta instead of just logging few times, raging at unstable servers +bugs and leaving it all alone. So beta key because.. I want to help. :<
Wow is doing something great, here. Bringing things back to normal proportions - going back to the basics that made the game great!
Can't wait, looking forward to how the game has changed for a few classes. Hopefully for the best.
Because I'm a warrior and I want to test ravager and Bladestorm = nutellastorm
because I'm part of the number one oceanic guild, and we don't get the recognition to be given guaranteed beta access.
i started playing WOW in cata. Since then i attend every beta&ptr to check out character changes, new raids dungeons. Currently im in a hardcore raiding guild and need to see new mechanics to adept new raids before live. Thanks for reading this :)
I play WoW since ending classic and never got a beta key. I made many beta's but never had a WoW Beta key. I'd like to help improve the game by requesting bugs and things for a better gameplay and I  really wish that this Addon will be great.
I want to test out Challenge Modes so Blizzard doesn't mess them up like they did in MoP.
Cel Win
Nerf warlocks
I really want to win one of these, have never won anything before and I have NEVER received a beta invite for any of blizzard's other games and I'm really hyped for this one so much as a vet of WoW for almost 10 years
Because my girlfriend got one and I didn't, and she keeps telling me about it instead of letting me try it :(
I want to play WoD so bad and I want to tell my friends about it!
I’ve been playing WoW since Vanilla. Would like to test out the beta.
I play WOW for almost 10 years since vanilla. WoD seems very different and had much of exciting changes, want a beta key to feel all of these!
Because I love savage looking things so much!! <3 Orcs 
all I wish is to get a beta key, been playing this game for 8 years.
I think I desrve one so I can right the wrongs I made in Azeroth by failing to kill Garrosh, the damn King showed up with loads of others and they took him to jail instead.. Which he now seems to have escaped through some portal... I need to make this right and me and my team need to go cath him deal with him once and for all! Thanks!
I deserve a shot at a beta key, because numerous reasons that I will discuss below:

Firstly, I have played world of warcraft since 2004 and have a m t of experience with the games mechanics and story.
Secondly, I have been involved in numerous beta events where I would reported several bugs in the game.
Thirdly, I understand the purpose of a beta. It's not to simply enjoy playing the game, but to be critical on its performance and mechanics. The ultimate goal is to ensure the game is not only functioning as intended, but is fulfilling its design an an MMORPG and that it meets gamer expectations.
Lastly, and this is more of a bonus; I will also stream my beta test on twitch so that others who did not make the beta, can get a nice glimpse of what to expect in Blizzards upcoming expansion!

This is why I deserve a beta key. Also you got to admit my response is probably the most constructive and organized one here ;)
Hey! I'd really like a beta code because I think I have a passion for WoW and other Blizzard games. I started playing World of Warcraft when I was 13, I'm now 20 and the love hasn't stopped. I don't get to play it as much as I'd like to now that I'm older obviously, but I have a lot of time on my hands right now and I know that if I had access to that beta I'd probably never log off! Would just be really great to get a feeling for the new expansion and what I'll be able to do with my guild and my characters. I hope you guys take me into consideration, thanks a lot!
I played WOW since 2006 , so I always follow everything about it !!
 I'd really like a beta code because I think I have a passion for WoW and other Blizzard   WOD  go! go!
9 years should be a enough of a reason for a Beta Key.
Give me the beta key please, because its 262nd comment
I've been playing wow for nearly 9 years,I love this game so much and I really want a beta key for me to test the brand new expansion.So would you please just give me a key?
I just wanna play it i have no special reasons other than that it looks amazing an i cant wait
I love orcs and I want to go explore their world!
Been playing for 6 years, havent gotten a single beta key to WoW and im aiming to make a record with my buddy when WoD hits live so I could really use that key
I need a key becouse i have been playing this game for 10 years and i would test the shit out of WoD and report every god damn bug i will find. Also it would greatly help my youtube channel to start growing becouse i could make some content out of wod. Yeah and lets not forget that ofc im the best mage in the world so they will need my feedback for that class. Also trying to get dat server first achievement when it goes live.
I have played WoW for half of my life
Ante Marusic
Well because i would love to check all stuff on beta see how my class is doing report bugs and stuff to blizz so we dont get game like always full off bugs

i would like to have one because I can be there for my friends in the beta and its great to see all the changes to all of warcraft around the place with new looks, new feels, and new ways to play online or with your friends. that is my top reason for me to get a key but if I don't then its fine for im not a bad sport about things like this. thank you.
Because I have the original Warcraft: Orcs and Humans on ---->CD Rom!!!<-------
I deserve a Beta key because I’m in a top US Guild and will be looking to complete cutting edge content as soon as it is available. I would love to test this beta and provide feedback to Blizzard to help make the release as good as it can be.
Edwin C
I've also played WoW for 5 years. I started during the burning crusade, I would love a beta key.

Would love to tame all the rare pets so on live I know where to look for :)
Would be nice if i won key ; )
I have been playing World of Warcraft since it first came out, and I haven't been more hyped for any other expansion. Also it would be an honor to test out one of Blizzards games / expansions since I've never had a beta for any others.
Like to Play wow WoD Beta to find out how the new addon works for me.
IGN ist the Best Gaming News Site. Pls send me a key
Eww i'm a Super Saiyan so i deserve a key for this ! (And i love IGN but that's a secret)
WoW My favorite game ever
Playing since WoTLK 
main a SP 556 
Please IGN can I have a code?
plz i never got a beta code plz 
I became a prime member just for the code, but missed out. I've been with WoW since BC and it'll be awesome seeing Outland before it was  ruined.
Mu sh
I'd love to get a beta key!!! :D
I want to be a part of the BETA test not just for experiencing the quests and the dungeons but also sharing the expedition in Draenor to everyone else who's not got the chance.
I begged my mom to buy World of Warcraft when i was younger and the only person who regret the buy now is my mom!
I've been suing wow since first beta and have had almost every beta since, I would love to check out this new expac before it launches 
I've been a member in the World of Warcraft community since around 2006. I've never been able to participate in a closed beta, but feel like I have been a dedicated member of the game for several years. I've purchased in-game mounts and pets and spent hundreds - if not thousands of dollars on the game over the span of me playing it. I want to be a game developer and am currently in college for computer science and software engineering. I love watching the game be built around my very eyes and seeing how I can improve it.
I'm a veteran player (since the first day the game was released) who loves Blizzard games, but I have always had bad luck getting beta invitations.  I actually LIKE beta testing - documenting bugs, sharing feedback, trying to be helpful. I'd love a chance to beta!
Ive played since I can remember and have never gotten a Beta for wow
I deserve a key becauseeeee:

I know enough to know that IGN is - always - the source for beta keys. I can't always keep membership intact financially but whenever there's a key I desperately want, even if it's all out everywhere else...sure enough..IGN has some. First time I became an IGN Prime member, was precisely for a beta key. So please do keep them coming, they're a huge incentive =)  

I also merit a key because I get that being part of the beta isn't just about getting first dibs at what's coming, but about actually testing the look and feel of the game and, novel idea I know, actually submitting feedback about what you find in that regard..both good, and bad, so that hopefully any kinks have been well and truly ironed out or any good additions lost before release date hits. The idea being..making it better for allllllll of us that indeed do love the game.

I have only been playing WoW since Wrath, but it's..home online and I'll no doubt be playing it for years to come. That said, while I've participated in a number of other betas, it's a bit of an irony that I haven't yet managed to be involved in one for the game that I play the most.

A key would, to say the least, be awesome.

If those reasons aren't enough, I will also be sure to thank both IGN and Blizzard for their generosity by sharing the enthuasiam for both WoD and IGN's Prime access to its beta, with family, friends and acquaintances =)

And yes (lol) that's a serious wall of text..but you guys diiiiid ask why we thought we deserved a key. xD
It would be a great 40th birthday gift
Haven't played in a while ,so i really wanted to try it out a bit and see if they did anything better with this expansion than the previous ones ,which will ultimately help me to decide if i should buy it.
Been playing since begin of vanilla wow and have supported multiple blizzard charity's previously including purchasing a retired blade server.
Warcraft is love, Warcraft is life.
would love to try my luck at getting beta key love the game and would love to experience the beta for it :) 
Adam J
I've also been in the Mists of Pandaria Beta, and I helped out wipe out some of the bugs, started in vanilla. I love the game as it is, cleared Siege of Orgrimmar, have AotC, ready for more betatesting, and new content. 
I don't think that i deserve it more than the rest people here but id  like to be a part of the WoD beta testers, Thank you!
I have played since the beginning of WOTLK and I have played almost continually ever since. I don't deserve one, just as my mate above said but I would like to have one!
Been playing since BC and would love to receive a beta invite!
i deserve a key because i have played wow since the file planet stress test and still use my vanilla wow ce account till this day :D
Im not a well known veteran. but im am a Warcraft fan and i would like to play the beta. 
Because I like chipmunks like... Alot.
Yeah, I fcking love chipmunkss!!!
Ni Ta
I deserve one because i never got a beta invite from Blizzard it self beside MoP that they made me Sub for 1 year. Played since 2005
I have been playing WoW since it first was released. I remember the times where hunters had mana, Where you couldn't get riding til 40 and those long pally and warlock quests to get your level 60 mounts. I have never been in a beta before and my hope was that My first beta would be Warlords of Draenor. I have played WoW ever since it was released and i'm still playing it today. 
I've been playing since 2005 and never been invited to a Beta... Can I get a little lucky now please? :]
because I'm Greek!! Gia tin Ellada re gamwto!!
Tom San
Been playing since BC and would love to test the raids/etc come WoD, would greatly appreciate a key.
Playing in Apex On Al'Akir, World 7th Sha of Fear, World 9th Leishen & Ra-den, sadly we lost a lot of our core members to Envy before SoO so we only ended World 39th this tier, so therefor we didnt betas from the early wave like usual, so i beg you, please provide a beta so we have the chance to prepare for WoD!
I like Warcraft and always broadcast our guild raid. I deserve beta codes for sharing with friends and making many wow videos for my fans. It is awesome that IGN gives away beta codes.Brilliant!
I love this damn game and i would like a chance to test it out before it goes live to make videos etc.
I make the guides of Ret Paladin PVP on youtube, the main one of my country - Beta Key is a must right now. LF Beta Key o/
WOOT! How about IGN giving all these keys away! Man I'd love to get one and join the testers already on the servers!
I don't deserve the beta key.. it deserves me. :>
Love how you guys are giving out keys! I really want to play on the Beta servers because I'm interested in EVERY CLASS and have a max level character of EVERY CLASS because I want to get the most out of the game as possible! And to be honest, I'm bored on the live servers and I need something NEW and I want to help blizzard revive WoW to it's former GLORY!
any chance to get a warlord beta key? let's have a try.
because i love IGN and i love wow
i deserve one because i have been playing wow since '05 and playing warcraft games since humans and orcs and gave blizzard thousands of dollars and asking for a free beta key isnt too much.
Rest of my buds are playing it and plenty of my guild "Luce-Draenor" is playing it. I wanna play it aswell 
I kept playing through Cata, and Pandaria with out a break... c'mon, that's rare now.
To be a beta tester in World of Warcraft Warlords of Draenor would be such a privilege and fantastic responsibility given from two great companies, IGN and Blizzard entertainment. I believe I deserve to beta test this game due to my long term commitment to WoW. 
Want to learn how everythink works before release to do my best in raids after release .
I've always wanted to experience a beta test, and this xpac feels very promising.
Because it's my childhood, I met many wonderful people in that game and I would be with them in the beta, greetings from Spain!
I'm curious how a lot of the recent changes will pan out for the game, and I would love to experience the Burning Crusade esque theme since I was not around when The Burning Crusade was active.
Fer nan
I would like to have a key, been playing since the first day it came world of warcraft, thanks.
because im playing for like 5 years and i didnt received a beta before :c
i play wow 7 years and i didnt receive a beta key before. Please let me play wod beta:)
I would love to receive a beta key been playing since vanilla and stop when cataclysm was released I have tried several times to get a beta key before but it didn't work I would love to start playing again.
I would like a code because I've never been invited to play in beta of anything, and to be able to experience everything first hand before all the guides are out would be absolutely amazing, to for once get the experience of learning it myself along with others learning it at the same time.
So much potential no-lifeing in just one key.
Been wanting in on this for a while now.. fingers crossed!
because I have been playing this game for 6 years and never ever recieved beta invitation or key so i have a good feeling about this one LETS PLAY SOME WARLORDS OF DREANOR!!!! :D
It's been 9 1/2 years as a gnome and counting.  Just wrapped a huge long term project at work and feeling the need to raid the epic Draenor bosses. I'm afraid I just won't have the time in a few months.  Help me, IGN, you're my only hope.
I deserve a beta key because i love this game! And also i can't wait to see Thrall's father, Grom Hellscream and all the other orcs! Lok'tar O'gar! For the Horde!
I would love a beta key, because I've always loved the game and cannot wait to see it expand further!
Played this game avidly since vanilla, never been too lucky with betas. Hopefully that can change in the near future!
Good luck to everyone who enters!
give me beta key of wod
Wei Wu
Been playing since vanilla,I Love WOW
Its the one game i always come back to have fun with friends, exploring and questing together such good memories 
Love to get one i play since bc and it was the best Expansion so far hope to get one <3
been playing wow since vanilla would love to get a beta code for WOD im so pumped for it i cant sleep!
Because I never get a beta key before :(
I would love a Warlords of Draenor key i've been playing for years now and still playing now will always be a fan and will never stop!
As a WoWer for 8 years. Just as a video saying: I Love This Game.
Hopping for a code:)
I have been playing Wow since vanilla. I  tried a lot of different MMO games and I would say none of them could be better than Wow. Wow is not just a game but really means A WORLD to its fans. I had so much fun in this world and I really hope I could get a code to continue my journey in this world. Thank you Blizzard and IGN. :D
Because I got into MoP beta and got 2 extra keys, but instead of selling them i gave them to 2 lucky people to pass it forward :) karma hasn't been good for me though this time around (yet) as I have not got a WoD beta key :(. I'm also bored and now that Summer is here I need something fun to play :D
 I think I deserve a beta key, because I've been playing this game since 2008, I might not be a veteran player back from Vanilla, but I've played so much to become as good as I am right now. I want the beta so I can make the game better, when it's finally releasing. Good luck to everyone by the way!
 I  played wow for 9 years,and once into the beta when it's cataclysm.I would love a beta key
Well... leaving behind the fact that I'm into the Warcraft universe since I was a stupid toddler chewing the keyboard buttons while my dad tried to play W1 and later on i was kicking his ass in W2... and that I once lost my fiance and a job due to WoW (now I'm lucky.. my current fiance is also a hardcore player ^^).. and that almost my whole guild got a game key and went to check out what’s going on there while I don’t have ppl to raid with anymore and that after all these Blizz forgot about me… so, ignoring these I would have no other reason except my huge curiosity and addiction to the game :P
Cause im a koala bear and im also addicted to this game xD
Been playing since Vanilla plus i have been in Wrath beta and Mop would be awsome to get in WoD as well.Helped a lot with class mechanics commenting on all the issues and problems they had in previous betas so i wanna do the same to make the game better for next expac!
Because I have been playing since 2006 and I have never recieved a BEta key. I am a good tester that gives alot of feedback etc and always been a blizzard fan.
Im loving WoW for its amazing lore and gameplay mechanics. Im just playing for 1 year now but, i'm a absolute fan of it. with finsish 14/14hc in SoO im also finished with MoP and cant wait for WoD coming :D
Never been in a wow beta, lets hope I get a key
Because I love the game, want to show for my boyfriend who is an excellent game even more with this new expansion, and I think unfair the girls rarely win keys of games.
I deserve one, the reason I deserve one is actually a national secret that I can't tell you about but believe me... I deserve one...!

ryo liu
I am very interesting for the wow,i hope i can get a beta code of the WOD
I have played blizzard games since the day i got a computer. My account was made in late 2005 and i have never been invited to any beta or alpha from blizzard ever. I even had to wait for the open beta of hearthstone to get in! For once, id love to be a part of the group that gets to try shit out before everyone els. 
Worth a shot posting here, never been in beta, been playing since Vanilla
im a feral druid, im fluffy and stuff
Never been in a wow beta but i've played wow since ver1.0. let's hope i can get a beta key.
i am a chinese person and i like WOW very much.i am a shadow priest in the game.
i played this game in 2005 and now had gone 9 years. i am desire to get the beta codes so that i can play with many american friends,thank U.
 My account was made in late 2005 and have been playing wow and other blizzard games for years. With the release date for WoD so far away, i want to get into the beta to help blizzard with feedback to make the game better. and i really want to get a jump start on the raiding strats. 
i havent been in a beta yet. Playing since Dec 2004 hook it up!
I am one of these nostalgic gamers, I miss TBC times so much and can't wait to see Draenor in its full glory
Have not gotten into a World of Warcraft beta yet, would love for this to be my first, been playing since 07!
Gotta check out what is happening to my mistweaver!
Played the game now for 7 years hope i get a code soon :)
I want one because I'm finally free of college and really wanna play some new content!
Mistakenly joined the WoW world in November 04, havent strayed away since that winter day. Though having a full constant subscription for the past 10 years, plus being in numerous top world guilds over that time frame, I have yet to actually access a Beta related to Warcraft. Would love to dive back into the best world WoW has brought back to life, and feel the nostalgia mixed with new blood, and see what is in store for the future!
Would love a beta code! I am so exited about this x-pack. It will definitely be an adventure :-) 
I would love to give feedback, try to find bugs, brake the game and make them fix it. I would like to be Blizzard bitch. 
Because I would like to help Blizzard by testing new content on beta!
i really want beta key. i want try pve ! Good Luck all !
I've played WoW actively since Vanilla (without canceling the sub) and I also have lot of experience in beta testing. I've been closed beta tester in many mmos so it's familiar to me.
I am a lover of warcraft series. I started from warcraft 1 through to World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. I've tried many other MMOs but none sucked me like WoW did. I would like to be able to try out the beta WoD and delve into the wonderful story.
I deserve one because of 3 reasons:

1. playing active WoW since 2004.
2. never got any beta access :( im pretty dissapointed about that
3. i bought access to 4 pages with monthly payment only to get beta
4. im cute ;-)
 I would like a beta key because I find that Warlords of Draenor is one of the best products on the gaming scene and definitely worth more to test it and report feedback to Blizzard's possible to improve it further.
I top player in the world, and I play world of warcraft 10 years, I streaming my raid everyday and played in all Blizzard games
Scott L
Played wow since mid vanilla,took a break in cata (as most did) , WoD looks soo good , gief key!!!!
i wanna test the latest changes to my favorite class & spec "BM hunter"....had been playing a one since 2007!! ^_^
I would like to play with my friends and have fun in this new extension :)
John x
because I'd like to play it. Simple as that.
I have been with WoW since day 1. I have watched the franchise grow over the years and this xp pack seems to ne the most ambitious yet. I would love the honor of giving back and help fine tune it to further its success.
Because I want to rock the beta on my lock instead of wiping on Thok, which really sucks **
Because I love the game and love helping improve it for players like myself so beta testing would be an honor an fun too.... lmao
Been playing wow since vanilla, and I love high end raiding (can't wait to try mythic out :D). It's Independence Day and I'm active duty military! 
hope to get lucky with at least one giveaway :)
I wan't the key because i like so so so much play wow, and biscuit  ;D
I deserve a key because, well, I deserve it! Also Lok'tar Ogarr!
I hope I'll get a key because I am playing it a long time and want to make another batch of (useful) addons. :O
Need a key, have to go on and prep with my guild!
I've been playing since the EU launch, and have loved (almost) every moment. I would like to help keep the game going strong by smashing as many bugs as possible before launch. Getting to see content ahead of time is nice as well, but not the most important part
Everyone has a BS reason as good as the next guy or girl, I just want to make some sweet sweet beta vids for the internet.
i have been playing wow since vanilla and im bored to current content and want to explore something new and test different classes to see what i want to play when WoD comes out
I've been playing world of warcraft on and off since Vanilla, and have never participated in a world of warcraft beta. I'd love to get the chance to test endgame pvp.
 This is my shot :) I hope i will get one :D
Wanna be the best frost mage in WOD :P
Jay Fil
To serve the Sin'Dorei in the fight against the Iron Horde, and to slay the entirety of the Alliance! Tal anu'men no Sin'Dorei
I've been playing since vanilla and I am so excited to learn about all the lore from the original game! I have many friends who play this game with me and I'd love a chance to play this beta with them! Please don't be afraid to give me a code :)
Hype En
I haven't had the chance to try out any blizzard beta games yet. WoD would be my first one if I was given the chance :)
Max xq
9 Year old account and still not classed as a "veteran" :D give me the key :3
i deserve one because i have bad luck and won't get picked by blizzard
Aside from playing since early vanilla, I've always been a top-end raider/pvper and have mastered several other aspects of the game including things like pet battles, auction house playing, quest routing, leveling, and several others. I also spend hours upon hours of time assisting other players (mostly tanks) in doing so as well. I deserve a key because I need to have the information gathered first hand in even the earliest parts of WoW to continue to be a contributing member of the WoW community.
I am super excited for the expansion and hope I get selected. I have never won anything or been selected for beta before.
Would love a key, Thanks guys!
I deserve one because i'll probably never get one with the giveaways of the others websites and blizzard, even if i'm a "veteran" on wow >:D
I can't wait to play Warlords. I feel it could become one of my favorite expansions.
I'd like to get one so that I can test out the content for bugs and help make the game better at launch.
just wanna try out the new addon - i've been playing wow since it was released so i wanna help them testing, write some error reports(did that in wotlk beta quite often xD)  and check out new class mechanics/changes
Is this it? Are these all the keys you can conjure?
There are two kinds of people in the world, my friend. Those who have a beta code to give and those who have a gatling gun. Choose wisely.
I have been playing this game for 8 years.The Burning Crusade is my favorite edition..So ,I think I will love this edition very much. PLEASE.....
Because i wanna be the very best!!!
Like no one ever was!!!
Because we all love our Fury Warrior and want to donate it to him
I just need a key to make one of the best progress among Russian guilds!
It has been my favorite game of all time, and I feel like I deserve a key! :D
 have no money,have no GF,even have no i am a poor coder in Beijing,now in this beautiful summer,what can i find to spend my time,i hope is WOD,the thing i only have chance to own...
I want it so badly! This is something, something I ALWAYS...doh!...<lost consciousness>
I want to try out the new class mechanics to decide which of my alts to play :) They've pretty radically changed the styles so I would like to run some numbers on new abilities. I've beta tested in the past (MoP and Cata) and always provide a lot of bug reports and feedback.
I wanna try out WoD coz it's best expansion ever, and i think IGNs are the best, so gibe code plox, yes.
I want a beta key so I can actually help test the game and report the bugs. Way too many bugs and unbalanced things end up in the real game because too many people only prance around during their beta access.
Been playing wow for about 5 years now would love to be able to just see what they have done differently in this patch and would also love to be able to stream it for people or just make little video's for people who missed out on this so i personally could keep them up to date
Ye Tian
I really love this game,this is the only mmorpg which I am playing. I really want to experience the new part of WoW. Thanks, IGN!
I would like to try out a bear tank for WoD. Try to find game breaking bugs, so everything is ironed out for release.
I would like to try mages in WoD. I'm pretty good at finding bugs from the sort of going underground and stuff, before flying was introduced in Azeroth I found over 12 ways how to go under Stormwind, also like 6 ways to go under Orgrimmar aswell as going though walls/roofs in few of the SW houses. I'm playing the game from early 2005 and I know pretty good most of class mechanics and I'd really like to try out the PVP in WoD.
I would like to try out any for WoD. Find game breaking bugs. I'm playing the game from early 2005~2014  and I know pretty good most of class mechanics.
i want get the beta key haha
I played this game for 5
 Years now, i have never got in to an beta or alpha
would love to test beta, already got draenor pre ordered and I'm curious about what's to come :D
I like WoW since the beginning. Playing since 2004. Can't wait for the Expansion. 
Because i Pre ordered it and can't wait to Play. :) 
Emma Ui
Because I want to play 10 years later to continue playing
i lost half of my life on this game and i want to lose the other half XD. i want a key!
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