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We're giving out XBox One Titanfall Beta codes! Comment below with a quick reason why you deserve a code! We'll be picking out winners by random & reach out to you! Good luck!

ALL CODES ON GOOGLE+ HAVE BEEN GIVEN OUT!  Please check Google Hangouts for the code.  Congrats to those who got a code :D
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Because every time I watch a video of the beta I get pumped for this game and can't wait to play! And read all your reviews!
Because I'm sick of COD and would love a breath of fresh air 
I deserve one bc I love you +IGN more than anything else on this Valentines Day. Pssst.... Don't tell my wife. 
Because xb1 sucks 
Because my girlfriend got an Xbox code today and I don't want to be alone on Valentine's day. 
I deserve a code because I save peoples lives every day ( work in health industry) and I want to kill some fake people and robots lol
Because im single and its all i have to do this weekend 
It was just my birthday on the sixth and also my friends won't believe me that the Xbox One is a good console. Titanfall will prove them wrong.
I bought a day one Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. I'm devoted +IGN
Because I truly want to try something next gen on my Xbox one and this seems like the first game that fits the bill 
Because this game looks AMAZING and I would love to be able to get in on the beta
I would like to be part of beta testing. I've never been in a beta.
I have been with Xbox for 8 years I'm a truee gamer. Please I would love to play this game.... Thanks for the chance btw
Because its mechs and parkour solders XD
Because my gf says she would blow me if I got this code for her on Valentine's Day......

That's all I ask
Because its valentines day and I need to do something special with my special one...that is Xbox One.
Because I need a date :(

In other news: Holy shit for some reason I thought this was an official Halo 5 art just announced... but no :(
It would be nice to play the game that goes with my sexy new Titanfall controller.
Even I don't have a Xbox one right now I still want a code I want to future proof my Xbox just incase I buy a Xbox one in the next couple of week,
i think i deserve a code because im better than alferdo and bobby :)
Because i need reason to turn on Xbox One after 2 month.
Back in 2004, I remember watching all your footage of Halo 2 from E3... We couldn't wait to play that game. This is the first time in all those years that I've been as excited to play a new game. IGN has always been awesome... Prepare for Titanfall!?
Because I convinced all my co-workers to buy an Xbox to play Titanfall and they all got a code except me! 
I have a week off work
:-) code plz! 
my friend got in and i didnt! i would love to play with him :( we dont really play much together anymore
Because I have been working 9-5, taking 20 credits of classes, and have been online since yesterday trying to get a code. I have not slept. And I only have weekends to spend gaming. So please let me have a weekend to relax with some Titans. 
I need something to test out my Xbox One with, right now it is an expensive Netflix player
Cause mechwarrior was once of my favorite original Xbox games! 
I would love to play with my friends!! I was the only one who didn't get it D: This would mean the world to me!!
i love fps games. i made it to 4th prestiege in all the last cod games.
It's dangerous to go alone! Take this
Insert beta key here
Because titanfall is one of the best fps and I really want one ~(°-°~)
I deserve one because this game will probably turn me into an Xbox fan.
Because I have fully paid for the game. I just need to know if my investment was well worth it. Also I believe that this game will break the mold for FPS
because iv been written up twice at work over the last two days tring to get in this beta. EA screwed me on the alpha and sat on the phone with EA support for 4 hrs 
Because this is the one and only comment I've ever made, or will ever likely make, on a Google+ Post
Because im a gamer
Because my curiosity is getting the best of me. BEYOND!
Because titanfall will be legend...wait for it...dary!
I need something new to try on my Xbox one, essentially something to hold me over for a little bit till I can play as Fulgore in KI.
because i want to see if it will run on my computer before i buy it
Because I cleared out a large space in my back yard in anticipation of a "Titanfall" this weekend...
Once I receive the code I've already signed up for, I will immediately give it away online.  Paying it forward is the best reason for a code in my opinion! 

"I have come here to chew beta codes and kick ass...and I'm all out of beta codes." :-(
because im a gamer and a true gamer shouldnt wait on a beta
Cuz xbox is the best and I deserve to play the best game soon to be out on any system....Gimme, Gimme
Because I used crappy Google+ to try to get a code ;___;
Caught the flu yesterday and have been waiting patiently since for a beta invite. And the fact that I'm alone on valentines day just rubs salt in the wound.  In invite would just be awesome!!
The skin is peeling off my thumbs from too much Killer Instinct. Titanfall Beta access will start taking the flesh from them! 
I would like a beta code because this will decide if I buy the game or not. I need to experience the game before I buy it.
Because my luck is low as shit and I am the only one who CAN'T get into  a beta at all!!!
Was probably the most excited for this beta and all my friends got a code but me! 
Bc I wnt something diff to play on the one
Already played & owned bf4 & ghosts on 360
Now playing the same shh on next gen
My gamer tag is drastic V1RU5 look me up
I need it! Come on man! Grad school is killing me! 
I think I deserve a code because until recently I had not seen a reason to come to ign much but after all your titanfall coverage I will definitely be a regular on your site and a beta code will be tremendous incentive to get active in your community as well. Thank you for your time. Plus the beta was my Valentines day plan.
There hasn't been a game hyped so much in forever. And i was praying for a key which never came and so here i am hoping for a key.
Because I +1 people comments just to get there hopes up. Power to the gamers. Power to the Troll
I think I deserve a code because I have no one with me for Valentine's day :( I am lonely and this game might make me happy!! Also because I love all of you guys at IGN!!!! (Alfredo is my hero)!!!  To be able to play this game would be AMAZING!!!! Thanks!
Because I never win anything and I really want to play this game
Because every spare moment (between classes, while doing homework, etc.) of mine is dedicated to watching other people play Titanfall because I can't myself. Every hour I have to settle for watching other people play rather than play myself I die inside a little.
If I got the beta, this would be the only thing I could play on my Xbox one. My CoD disk got damaged last weekend. :-(
I'm the last of my friends without one! I've had my xboxone since launch and have been waiting for this game for a long long time.  comeon hook a brother up!
Bc ign is the greatest, and I missed out on the alpha
Ive been gaming my whole life, all my buddies are online playing as we speak and ive been on twitter trying to copy paste a free code for 3-4 hours now, also ive always loved and valued IGN's intelligent insight
Because my hype train is off limits and i need to check it now. Choo choo :)
because i have to work T_T i need something to cheer up, i got 6 more days to go T_T i would love to play some TF as soon as i come home 
Because a titanfall beta code would be the best valentines day present. And I love my wife.
Because I was looking forward to play titan fall all by my self on valentines day, but it seems EA has denied me that!!
Hmm....kinda odd explaining why I deserve a code, but I guess I'll give it a go...I deserve a code because.......shit...think...think....Oh! Because I Yeah...guess thats why I deserve one because I want one......I'm not very good at this
No other original IP has excited me more than Titanfall a beta code would make my night tonight epic!
Hello ign I always go,to you guys for reviews and all my game news. I really deserve a beta code all my friends are playing it right now and I'm the only one outta luck. Many thanks if you choose me :)
Because I watched IGN's entire Titanfall Live Stream yesterday and think I've got what it takes to give Alfredo a run for his money!!
Plz pick me i have an XBONE and have lots of free time to play and im bored really really bored help me
I believe I should get the TITANFALL beta code because I don't have a Valentine and this can make up for it #TITANFALL is my Valentine
Because all I want to do is play this game the only game I have is Bf4 and I'm tired of it I need something new
Because this is the only thing keeping me from buying a ps4.
because I've been checking my emails all day and i think I'm starting to go insane.
I'm in the military snowed in at yokota air base and can't leave my home.
Because being from latin america they wont give me beta codes ever.
Because I'm unlucky persone and I would like to finally roll the winning dice
Because I have a 1 year old daughter who has waited her whole life for Titanfall.
Because I traded in all my current gen games to upgrade to next gen. The only game I have for the xbox one is Ghost. Need something new to play. Thanks!
gimme a beta code ill owe you a pizza
Because I never got on board with Call of Duty but am really interested in Titanfall.
I would like a beta code please , I didnt get a chance to play the alpha beta . I have already purchased the game in full and am very excited to play this game. I have the xbox one and use I.G.N for all my assisted gaming reviews and streams . YOU GUYS ROCK !! Thank you 
I served my country in the corps.. Now I want to serve it in a mech 
Because my Xbox one has a thick layer of dust on it!  Were in a game drought here and my Xbox is thirsty for a fantastic shooter.
Because I have a ton of work I don't want to do this weekend and need a good excuse as to why I didnt do it
Because I have a false sense of self-entitlement.
Because my wife likes to watch me play Call of Duty and likes to call targets out. Titanfall on PC would be a great way to spend Valentines day together.
Because I have a shiny liquid black Xbox one and no games that would make my PS4 friends jealous yet!
Because my titan is awaiting titanfall and I can't get in
Because my woman left me for the weekend, I've watched all the Ign Titanfall videos more than once and I want to play badly
Ign is giving away xbox one beta code for one of the most anticipated game of the year!! Please count me... Looking forward to playing against Ryan in #TITANFALL
because titan fall is supposed to be my xbox one's valentine.  and him sad right now! you have a chance to be my Xbox's cupid!
I should get a code because I check your site everyday multiple times a day to see what's new. IGN for my info most of the time. Xbox one code would be awesome! 
Well I have no one to spend Valentines I could celebrate tonite with a Titan instead!!!
I would love an Xbox One code because I spent all day working and not being able to participate in giveaways, and now Valentines day plans have fallen through because I feel horribly sick.  Playing Titanfall tonight would be a nice reprieve from the day I am having.
with a quick reason why you deserve a code! because i am a beast thats why... so please common :)
I want to be able to use Upload studio to be able to share exciting clips and offer unbiased options on the beta.
I'm sick with the flu and my fiancée has gone out for dinner without me. A Titanfall beta key would certainly make the loneliness and pain easier to deal with. <3
Because I need to kick my mates butt and I am so ready to play this game. An Xbox one code would help me beat him =P.
Because I just turned 40 years old..and titanfall gave me the (second) WET DREAM of my life meter...:)
Because you should make me happy on valentines.
because i bought the collectors edition for  Titanfall and the XBO day one edition waiting for this games release. Battlefield 4 was a disappointment for me so I really hope this game gets me back into the FPS genre.
Because i need to be one of the first ones to try it 
Because I have to work all weekend from 7pm to 7am on night shift :(
I deserve one because the wife is working on Valentine's Day and its just me and my Xbox One
Because i have applied for a code through every single one of your social networks!
Because I hurt my back shoveling damn snow. It would help wit the bed rest please 
Because this would be a great valentines present becaue my gf didn't get me anything .. :( 
Because I want to play the game.  Do I need a better reason?
I would love to treat the love of my life, my beloved xbox, to a special valentines treat. If I'm good to her I get to tickle her bobbly bits. 
Because it's the real start to next-gen. Been looking forward to it for a while
Because I haven't turned on my Xbox in 2 months.  I need a reminder why I spent $500 and went to the midnight release.
I deserve a code just as much as everybody else
DJ Spin
I couldn't wait for any Xbox One, I had to have the "Day One Edition" ... Getting in on the beta would be like having a "Day One" edition of the game before it drops next month!
Because IGN is awesome, and the code would rub some of that awesome off on me!!!
Marty G
Truthfully, I don't really deserve it. No one does unless they've bought it. Or unless they made it, then they probably deserve it. But if you're going to hand a beta code out, I'm as good as anyone else, maybe even better, I don't know, it's hard to say. Thank you. #igntitanfall
i love ign NK is the best and i would really like a chance to see what all the hype is
Kal El
brazil needs some love too man.. please help a brother out! 
I pre ordered the collectors edition and didn't know I had to register for beta code 
I deserve a code because I'm a magi and I'll turn you into Cheez Wiz if you don't
I think I deserve the code because I already have the game pre ordered and I want to make sure that the game will be any good.
I could use this beta code because my long-term girlfriend and I broke up this week right before Valentine's Day. Not that being single on the holiday is a negative has just been very depressing because I had rather elaborate plans I had cancel bit by bit, with each cancellation being harder to do. Playing Titanfall this weekend could really lift my spirits.
Because Titanfall drops on my birthday and I will cry if I don't get it!!!
Newly divorced on vday and sold my ps4 for an xbox last week just for titanfall...time to start downloading
I deserve a beta code because I got nothing better to do.
Because I'm so utterly bored of checking my email for a code.... 
Because my comment is beta than the rest... Eh .... Eh..... I'll show myself out 
I deserve a code besause I've used +IGN for years and have loved it.
Because it's Valentine's Day and you forgot my present last year! 
Buys a shooter every now and then and i want this game to change that. This is the best shooter I've ever seen and I want in on it.

Because titanfall is now my sole reason for gaming. It is the reason why I bought an xbox one. Without it I'm lost! Sad but true! #titanfall4ever!
In truth I don't know what the game like and if is worth my $60 or not. sure I seen you guys (and girls) and other play the game but playing it and watching it is too different things well too me personally.
Because I've tried everywhere else, none stop all night..... IGN make my day! Plz
I need the beta because it's awesome and I'm a bored leprechaun and will give you my pot of gold. Love you guys, IGN rocks.
Because I have prepared for Titanfall
Jesse E
CLEARLY ... i should win because i got hit with snow and have nothing better to do AND i'm from New Jersey 
I pre ordered the special edition, I would love to play and experiance it. Tgis game might be a system seller for my friends. Yhey will try it too on my system. Thanks IGN if I am picked. 
I think my life will be better with titanfall. I hate my life, actually. My father kinda hates me, and I did nothing to him. I love video-games, and I think Titanfall will somehow make my life better.
Because no pilot should be without their titan on Valentine's Day.
Because gaming is my only getaway and what better way to "getaway" than to drown my sorrow into an awesome game :)
I deserve a code because I have nothing to do on my snow days plus ign it's valentines day share the love over here ❤️
Been an avid Xbox Live Player since the Halo 2 days on the original Xbox...looking forward to playing Titanfall since it was why I bought the Day One Edition of Xbox One for.
Because I need something to play after finishing Dead Rising!

Aj West
I was gonna get a ps4 until I saw titan fall
I really love to have a code. I never really win anything and plus I watch all your live videos and daily fixes etc. IGN rocks
It's the only reason I own a Xbox One! Devoted +IGN follower for years and years! 
Sorry the Justin Reed was my Brother profile and I accidently forgot to go to mind my back :}
Because I'm unsure if I want to get the game at launch and this will help to convince me if I want to shell out the money. That and I'm hoping the beta won't be infested with children talking about what they may or may not have done to my mother.
Because it took me five minutes to figure out how to post this. 
Because I went all out on Valentines Day presents this year and I think that deserves a little reward...In the form of giant stompy robots.
Because I have an Xbox one!!!
I been playing video games since Atari and Commodore 64 were systems and I will never stop playing.
But I never seem to get accepted into Betas I apply for unless you count the money I spend on Steam Early Access.
beacuase my dog ran away and im sad :[ i need some fun
W Jay
Because Piss Off IGN. 
I have the game preordered for PC and Xbox One and have been an avid fan since the firs game play trailer. The beta code I would like is for Xbox One, and I deserve it by showing my commitment to the gaming industry by owning an Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS Vita, PS4 and Nintendo 3DS.
Because I smell what The Rock is cooking, and it's Titanfall.
Cuz I bought the Titanfall controller today and I need to break it in right. 
Some of my friends already got into the Beta, and I need to get into the beta so I can play this game with my friends, and have my weekend complete by playing my most anticipated Xbox One game of the year
Im from a small town, on an island, and nobody else here got their hands on one. Theres about 9 feet of snow surrounding my house and I would rather spend hours on Titanfall then risk being blindsided by a Polar Bear/Wolf
So I can get out of Valentine's night movie.....The Notebook
I didn't get anything from my wife this valentine's day...LOL
Because I will cook you whatever you want for dinner!
I need the code cause I want to kick some butt with a big robot and think am ed 209 from RoboCop and spread those bullets into something preferably not my team mates though that would not be to good !!
Because of unicorns playing leap frog
I signed on to G+ just to get a beta code! +IGN 
Ive been a first person shooter multiplayer player since halo revolutionized first person games, and Titanfall looks like the game that will do the same!!! 
I think it looks cool
Because I need something to play since my Collector's edition of LRFFXIII is in limbo because of the winter storm on the east coast!
John A
I love IGN. That's why
Mr Wise
Sometimes I navigate away from IGN only to reload it immediately.
Because a) i cant afford to possibly buy a game I won't enjoy b) I haven't had a reason to use my XB1 since I beat BF4 and DR3 c) my g+ picture
Because being turned down for the alpha stung like an arrow to the knee. Took the adventure right out of me. Can't have that again, I am but a simple guard now and can't afford to miss out on this...
Because Valentine's Day will be so lonely without one. :(
I've been a follower of ign and titan since then both started!!! And would be killer if you guys helped a brotha out lol
Since xbox one came out I've not really had anything to play,
I deserve a code because I spent my savings on an XBox One and have nothing to play. 
Because we are gamers and we should all get ond
Because I bought the xbox one for the sole purpose of playing the beta and the game when it launches
I am not sure I can stand another weekend playing CoD Ghosts.
I watch Greg and Brian force imprisoned pigs to make love everyday. That is commitment. 
Dear IGN, you have been my home page  since MW2, ive always came to you first for information please help a long time user out this is stresful
I ate all my peas tonight and have been a very good boy!
Because Respawn is the ultimate underdog story. A Phoenix rising from the ashes of an increasingly political and commercially driven industry. I want to be a part of that rise!
I'd like a code, because practice makes perfect, and a beta is the best way to do so for this game, already pre-ordered it and I'd be thankful for the chance.
Because I can't wait to get my butt kicked ;)
If you give me a code :D. I will be playing all weekend long. Looking forward to this game. The primary reason I've bought an Xbox one. Please let me enjoy it early! :D
I need this code because I'm awful at first person shooters, and from what I've read on ign, titanfall is good for people who are bad because of the bots.
Because the east coast snowpocalypse cancelled my vacation. 
Because I've beaten Left Behind already,and now I'm just eating Cheetos watching cartoons.  Also my friends have been rubbing it in my face that they have one.
I need one because its valentines day and i'm "titan-falling" in love with this game.
Because I've been trying to get a code for the past day. I haven't slept... I'm frustrated and I just want to play the damn game! XD
Don't give give me one because I don't have an Xbox One. However, if one were to come into my possession.......
I am a huge fan of the fps genre, but cod has grown stale for me and I've overplayed halo to be honest. Battflield 4 is nice but not the excitement I'm looking for. So excited for titanfall!! 
We do a weekly gaming show from Live from PlayStation. We actually get a lot of viewers watching the show directly from their Xbox One's. It would be awesome to be able to give a Titanfall beta code to one of them on our next show. 
I feel like I deserve one because I am a HUGE fan of the FPS genre and have been checking this thing out since the day they announced it. I've followed up on all the updates so far. I also am so excited to try this thing out on my Xbox One. It's looks like this thing could take over Call of Duty honestly. 
Because I'm on you page every day. Because I leave tactful, poignant and un-biased responses in the comment threads. Because I am 2600 Alumni.
Because it's all I can think about...
I should get a code because I want to make an enemy's "Titan fall."
Because I need to play it to be sure I want to buy it 
I would rather enjoy a code so I could feel cool.
I haven't played an online game since Quake 1... I know, I know... I really want to see what the hubbub is all about.
Because all the games I currently own for my Xbox, other than killer instinct, are ports of games on the 360..... I want to know what playing a true next gen game feels like
Just bought all my PC parts, and I'm ready for my first PC gaming experience with Titanfall.
I should get a code because I stand up for the Xbox one when anyone says its crap.  Day one Edition owner!!! 
Because I want to play it, bad 
I signed up for the beta with 5 different emails and still didnt get a code. please i need one
I am more of an open world, adventure gamer, i dont really play much of multiplayer fps games, i want to see if this game can get me back into fps gaming.
because I have been supporting Respawn since the day they started their studio
I'm a ready for the next big thing and not the S5!!!! Ive been wait for this since the leak! Fps is my thing from cod to bf4 and the god like halo (2) . I need this :)
Al B
Because I work hard....Play Hard....And never get S*&t for free
Played the alpha so if I miss out on the beta I don't mind but, I'd love to get myself a code. Titanfall is currently my favorite FPS game. BF4 being a close second.
To prevent an apocalypse of gargantuan proportions, cataclysmic dimensions, core earth combustion. Fuming in my mental like its fuming in my engine, engineering my profession, titanfall my lone mission.
Time for a different game to play. Iam hungry 
I am just gonna put it out there I deserve this code because I will be away from my epic xbox 1 for awhile due to work so I just want to experience it before I leave for a few months guys so let me in!
I got a broken day one xbox one, Microsoft replaced it and all I want this console for is to play Titanfall. 
im getting a double hand amputation in a couple of days time please give me a code so my hands can go out in style please 
Because the game looks amazing and you want me to try before I buy! 
Simple... if you cut me I bleed Gundam, I eat Mech Warrior for breakfast and I take daily shots of Hawken and Unreal Tournament 2k3 when I'm not drinking large amounts of COD. And Titanfall looks to be my cure..... I need that to survive.
Well i don't see how the titanfall developers have the audacity to not give me a code on my birthday and give them to my friends
Because I would be super grateful.  Like, give you a cookie grateful.
Late last night, while deep in slumber. I so vividly dreamed I was playing the beta...then I awoke. I am still devastated
I deserve the beta code because I am ready for Titanfall, are you?
Just a little taste for daddy please! 
I applied for PC key and got an xbox one code. It's been 7 hours since I asked for a new PC key and still haven't gotten a message. I gave the xbox code away to a friend. Pls IGN I was so close :"(
Because my kids r gone this weekend and would love to play titanfall before they get home ! Evil laugh hahaha
Saul C
Lol people can't read. The codes are gone
I would love to experience the game Iv been listening to Ryan talk about for months! Every scrap of info about this game has made me a huge fan of both the game and it's creators! I'd love to experience the next generation of multiplayer! 
Because its v day and ign wants to be my valentine? 
Because I just became jobless. And feel like a loser...and would love to devote my fps time to something other than cod. Beta code please!!!!!!!
Because I had to use my Google + account to enter.
Because......... I wanna work in the gaming field!
Because I need a reason to buy an xbox one a few weeks early.
Because my girlfriend and I want to play together :)
Cause i wanna play new first person shooter another cod ghosts &bf4 dammit
Xbox one Exclusive of the year. I need it :D
I like the graphics in this game it look so crazy I been on Twitter for 2 hours trying to get a code people be putting this code in so fast I don how they do it I hope I get one for Valentine's day
I love +IGN  and Respawn, and really would love to give feedback on this amazing game. It think it is awesome that your guys are giving codes out! Thank you!
Was really hoping to get a chance to play before my brother gets back from vacation and takes back his xbox one
I would truly love to have a Titan fall beta code I have been signing up for 5 days now and waited and still haven't gotten mine yet. My friend let me add his profile to my xbox cause he got it. It took me 8 hours to download and I still couldn't he could but it would kick me out. I was searching on the internet of how to get the beta when a ran into u guys. It would help me out a lot if u could great thanks for the offer again
Because I'm a faithful gamer and I would love to test out one of the best games releasing this year before it comes out 
Because my 10 year old daughter is a gaming prodigy and has had a miserable valentines day and she is looking forward to titanfall.  I would love to surprise her and make it special
I can't afford any xbox one games and I've already put way too many hours into Forza. I need this beta!
I"m single and the only date I want for valentine is a 20ft titan
Because I just watched The Road and I need something to cheer me up.         :(
In a world, within our world, Respawn created a world, unlike any other world........and there be titans in need of pummeling!
Because all my friends have the Beta and I don't, so I'm left out :(
I deserve a code because my friend got the alpha code and beta code and he didn't make even have any clue they were doing alpha and betas I sent him to both the sites and I didn't get in either 
Because I will otherwise be forced to play Madden, FIFA or COD:Ghosts!
joe may
I love videogames
waiting since the announcement to play a game which reminds me of Mech Assault with amazing graphics
I'm super excited for Titanfall and would love to be able to play the beta!
My boy says the game is over hyped n I am a defender. This game looks amaxing
I really want a shot at this, the game reminds me of playing old style Mech Warrior with my dad back when I was like 10 years old or so.  Its just amazing to see games like this come to life that can resurect your imagination!
My friend of a code and plays playstion and won't give it to me I really want one 
I would like to critique the game also see if I still want the game when it comes out
Because my right hand left me on valentines day
Everyday I get made fun of by a flock of midgets on stick ponies. I deserve this!
The original bash and armiastic COD'S die hard fan will deserve this..and so I am the ONE!!
I deserve a code because I don't own a xbone or 360 and my pc is too shitty to play the game
I would love a titanfall beta code because it would be an amazing v-day surprise for my boyfriend who is absolutely dying go play this game. It would be greatly appreciated!! :)
I deserve a code because I've been a long-time subscriber to IGN's youtube channel, and I currently have no games for my XBOX One.
I deserve a code because I signed up my friends and they gone in but I did not. ;-( My Xbox one is not getting any love.
because the beta codes are given at random and this comment is random.
Because I rock. I'm sure you didn't know this but I do. Now that you know how awesome I am you have an obligation, neigh, it would be your honor to give me an access code for Titanfall. 
Rene S
 because i spent all my money on Xbox One that i cant afford any games..thank god for free games to xbox live customers..PLEASE PLEASE..
Because my xbox one has been sitting here unused, waiting for something to do.  Up until this point all I've really done is look it, hoping for a day when there is something worth playing on it. 
Because I'm all alone On Valentine's Day day and This code would fill the emptiness deep inside my lonely heart 
Hey guys. First off let me start by saying I am a long time follower. I rely on ign for all things entertainment. Anyways. I have always been an xbox fan and eagerly got the day one xbox one. I didn't really get into any of the launch games.. And I have been dying to play titan fall. My xbox controller doesn't work with either of my 2 mics(yes I thought they gave me a faulty mic but it was a faulty controller).. So now I'm out about 100bucks cuz Its not like I can send in my controller duh. Thanks for the opportunity guys I hope you read! 
I deserve a beta code because out of all my friends I'm the only one really excited about this game, and they all got beta codes instead of me.
I really enjoyed all of the call of duty's and seeing that this was made by the developers that one of the best call of duty's ever !!!! IT WOUND MAKE ME REAL HAPPY : ) P.S. HAPPY VALENTINES EVER ONE AT IGN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Because I want to truly try out the first "next gen" title, and cause i love Ign! 
Because it looks like the greatest game to grace the X Box One!!
Well, you'll never see this because there's so many comments, but id like to play because Im so ready for this game, I'm so bored of cod
Because I got the Xbox One day one edition just for this game!!!
Because I'm a huge fan of anything with Mech Robots
i.e. Robotech, Voltron, Gundam Wing, Esca Flowne, Rah Xephon, Robot Jox, Pacific Rim and Titanfall ;)
i want to comment that west and zampela are 2 of the most smart n creative developers in the business n i like to try the game in a beta to get a taste of what im going to enjoy in march i wish them the best success  like they had with modern warfare even i knw this game is a huge treat to the competition without mention any other company
I need too do something until Dark souls 2 comes out, and I've been actively following respawn ever since they split off from infinity ward... FPSs haven't been the same since. Until now where I can finally get my FPS fix that I haven't experienced since CoD4. I would be honored to get a taste of the first next-gen shooter experience. Otherwise I'll go play some LoL. Xbox one!
I deserve a code because I have spent all day with my other half for valentines day and deserve the night for myself. Please!
Because I have tested many games, such as Wow, and others. I am very experienced.
Because Im desperate to play a new IP
Since you're picking winners at random, it doesn't matter why I think I deserve a code. It just matters that I commented in some fashion. So here is something to boost the comment count and maybe get me a code. 
Because I'm standing by for titanfall 
Because I had a the worst Valentine's day of my entire life. I won't go to full detail but I've been looking forward to this beta for a while now and it will really cheer me up if I got a beta code. P.S. thanks for the opportunity I love IGN !!!!!! :)
I have played mech warriors since I was young. I have also been a loyal ign and xbox/Microsoft fan.
Because I'm pretty active on xb1 and would use it to get more involved on ign. Besides, this is the big game we've been waiting for. Who wants to wait til March? 
I want play this awesome titan game thanks
Because nobody likes being the last kid picked on the team. Because all I want for Valentines Day is to Titanfall in love. Because I believe I can give Alfredo a run for his money!  Because every time you tell me to "keep it here to IGN" at the end of any of your videos, I really do. But most importantly, I really just wanna get my hands on this game! Preordered already!
I need this everything been going good this will complete the day it will be the cherry ontop
Because I am really, really looking forward to this game and I am really excited! Can't wait for the release ! Always on ign checking all the news :) 
I need one just git home from back surgery got nothing to do. He'll I can't even take a bath
I deserve a code because, i was in the original cod teams Beta - And my code still has not arrived :)
okay no offense but screw all these people spouting meaningless crap trying to get the code, I just want to play this game to see if it was worth the preorder and the actual purchase. also because it look like the next take-over shooter game!
Because I love make the explosions and shoot the guys with the things. If I am honest, I want to record it and talk about it to be the first big video I do for my channel. 
Because i love gaming and i think this game could be revolutionary, and i cant wait till the game comes out
Because I've never actually been able to get into a beta before and I've been stoked about Titanfall since I saw your preview from E3! 
because i never get anything and i always sign up for stuff and end up sad and disappointed :(
I have been an extreme FPS fan for the greater part of my life. From Halo to Call of Duty to Metroid Prime to Killzone to Battlefield, I love the FPS genre, and I believe Titanfall will be the next great FPS. Also, I am a big advocate of IGN. 
because ive never won anything i signed up for
Prepare for Titanfall! 
Roses are red, violets are blue.  I've been trying all day to get a TF Beta Code, here's hoping your generosity will come through!
I just lost my job. The bank took everything. My wife left me. I just want to find the time to enjoy myself. Enjoy the good things in life. Enjoy my X-Box One. Some fun to take my mind off of what I've lost and have some fun. Then, I've just noticed something... How can I have fun with no great video games on X-Box One? Then it hit me... "Prepare for Titanfall", I say! And that is why I need that Titanfall beta...
I deserve a code because this game looks amazing.

This game will be awesome And im valentines is not treating me well i need the build #titanfall
Lol these reasons are pretty good. I would really appreciate a code, I don't have a reason beside that I just want to play Titanfall on xbox one because it looks awesome.
If I don't receive a titanfall beta code my pet spider monkey, Leroy, will shred all my old SNES titles. Given the recent eBay auction for the ultra rare cartridge such a travesty could cost me 100k!
Why do I deserve a beta code? Because...for reason...reasons and stuff...
 beacuse i want experience this revolutionary style First Person shooter
I deserve an Xbox one code because I have more hair on my face then that guy from jumanji and I'll rip it off if I get to play titanfall!
I really want to be one of the first to play this revolutionary new fps. 
Because I have 2 kids that take up all my time and I need a little me time.
I deserve a pc code because i forever alone this valentine days and the only thing i can fall for is titanfall. 
I would like to have a code b/c I signed up for it... and I have 3 days to kill (thanks dead presidents)
Because my roommates and I drove around in a all wheel drive car pushing people out if the snow.
Scott W
U should not..... I have one! 😃😱😆. Anyways servers have been down for a while. Can't wait till tomorrow! Btw the game kicks ass!
I would love a key so I can play something else online besides ghosts and battlefield 4. 
I think I deserve a code for one of many reasons, reason number one being I've beat 5 launch games... Assist me on a joyous evening of titanfall to quench my insatiable bloodlust that is next gen. Or else... I'll beg...
I would deserve the beta code because I feel like getting one 
Because you have extra codes to give out.
Cause Ive been trying insanely hard to get one and titanfall makes me drool!!!! :)
I bought the Xbox One for this game. I would greatly appreciate it if you would be kind enough to give me a code for the Xbox One.. Thanks!!
I don't have an Xbox to play this on but if you take extra pitty on me you can give me one of those too! 
I deserve one because... I've been a prime member for a loooooooong time now... I love IGN and Xbox!!! 
I deserve a titanfall xbox one code because I am always watching your ign videos and would greatly appreciate it if I could get one. Thanks
man jam
I deserve a Titanfall  beta code because i fell in love as soon as i saw this game and i want to play it NOW!
I deserve one because I can sing The IGN Anthem in the bathroom and make it sound exactly like the original by Nickelback.
The only game i own is battlefield 4 help a brother out .
Jay Tee
It's been my dream since I was a little boy to be granted access to Titanfall beta, and now the chance to cement my legacy is simply an email away. It' fate. :]
I  have been dying to play this game. Im gonna end up getting it in march but , I am sooo ready to play NOW. Watching all these videos on youtube, is not enough .lol Please IGN. Thanks
Just because, just because...........................................
Along with many others who genuinely beta "test", I think we deserve it because it gives us a chance to help the development team polish the game for launch. 
Because it would turn my Netflix console back into a gaming console...
Posting on this thread on valentines day should give you enough reason. Obviosly we have nothing better to do, or anyone to do it with.
Because I can't wait till March! 
Because I'm home on paternity leave with my first child and I've got time to kill between night time feedings! Plus my wife says she misses watching me play video games. True story!
Because i want to experience new game and i want to see what this new company can do
I would love to receive a beta code. I love gaming to the highest degree. I wish I could always test games it exciting to see new things come to life. Thx for listening please consider me.
because its what i live for cant wait to start kill streakin on everybody 
Im picking up an xbox one and my buddy has the game. Not inly rhis but total mech warfare come on who doesnt want to destroy with a mech
I really want to play the beta my brother says the game is amazing. 
Because I am MaKin BaKON and BaKON makes everything better
Love EA game love IGN and would honored If I could have a first look at the game before I get it
Need a game to see how well my laptop can handle games 
My son and I have been waiting forever to play Titanfall. We even bought the epic Titanfall controller for the Xbox One! All we need now is someone generous enough to let us use it!! :-D
Because i want to be a pilot in real life and in titanfall!!! help one of my wishes come true ign!!
because I study Computer Science at a university and I want to examine the mechanisms behind the game and compare it past games
I have been trying sense the start and have not gotten anything.
Jab Ba
i want to run on walls, that looks incredible ;)
I need something that exploit all the power of the xbox one
Cause I need or death situation
I deserve a code because this game was the reason why I bought an Xbox One.
I dont "deserve" a code, but a code would be a miracle to the off chance i should get one it would possibly be the absolute GREATEST thing ever to happen to me.  no BS.
Becase I have been wanting to play since I saw the teaser trailer.
Wai Tam
I just had a newborn baby this will be a good stress reliever.
Cause I have been waiting since last night and been hitting refresh for 20 hours lol
You would help a Afghanistan combat Army Veteran relax a little bit.
Because I listen to all the podcast and because I would really like to turn my xbox one for a change 
Because  i have been following ign for the longest time and always go to ign for game reviews, ign daily fix, and for updates on games. I love ign and all the content they provide on their site. I have also downloaded a dew of the ign apps including ign, ign skyrim map, and ign skyrim companion. I give you guys a lot of support and i would be extremely grateful if you guys gave a code to me. Thanks again for everything ign. Love you guys!!
Cause I haven't been able to play any new games lately and I have been looking forward to titanfall since it was announced!
Bought an Xbox One exclusively for BF4 on launch and have barely been able to play it. Titanfall is the only other game I've been looking forward to playing and I'm hanging out alone a Valentines day. Seemed worth a shot....
I don't care if I don't get it but I just wanted to get a taste of it before Amazon delivers it to me
Because Titanfall and Gamespot are awesome!!! I mean IGN... This is awkward...
I would like a code due to the fact I have been waiting for this game the most and the halo and c.o.d traits in it work very well together. 
I just got over a crazy addiction and Im trying my hardest to keep my mind off of it with games and other things that will positively impact my life, plz give me a key it would mean the world.
Because titan fall is the reason I purchased my xbox on Wednesday. 
I would love to get the Xbox One code of Titanfall mainly because I've been following the upcoming game since its release at E3 and I just love mechs weather its anime or in gaming I hope I get a chance to play. :(
Simply because I am a true gamer and titanfall is something i'm looking forward to playing
Because I'm a bad person and absolutely don't deserve it
I am asking for the code because when I get it I will love it call it Lola and take it out on a nice picnic maybe even a romantic date because my current situation with my right hand just isn't working out.
So help someone in need of a healthy relationship and give me a code
If you have anymore beta code can you please send me. I need to play the cod killer. 
because todays my birthday and I've played every single call of duty and want to try something new.
because my son is looking to play the game and want to try it really bad.   
I need to be convinced its worth £50
Please choose me ...I need a new game badly
f you for getting all the codes so more people couldn't get them fairly
NOOO!! I knew I should of been stalking IGN instead of spending time with my GF!:(
Because ur awesome and I really want one ; )
I deserve it because they sent me an Xbox one beta key instead of the PC.
Please need a PC one
Because I love love love love IGN did I say love? I mean luuuuurve IGN also I have an XBOX One and only one game - Call of Duty Ghosts and every time I play it tears flood my eyes. I hate it ign I really hate that damn game.
Cause my gamer tag is Tera Patrick707. Who does like seeing that? Oh plus I've been on live for 10 years
I went on EA web site to get a beta and made 10 new emails to try get one and I still haven't got one :( please ign help!!!!
Because I'm up at 4 in the morning trying to understand parametric equations and I couldn't think of a better break
+Thomas w
Because I want to try it on PC.
the wifes on overtime all weekend, got a weekend pass!!!
Because I'm 64 years young and would like to learn to play to pass time!! Help
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