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The boys are back in their first teaser trailer!
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60% of the time, it works every time.
the first movie was beast!!!!! cant wait for the new one!!!!
it's a nice technologie
did we really need this sequel? let's hope it lives up to the billing
Ain't this an old fasioned shot to the nut sack
I'm wet as a whales vagina
Clay S
This is gonna make you cream.... lol... LOVED THE FIRST ONE, I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS ONE. It's gonna make me cream in my Jeans... lol
Ahhh, this is too much to take in!
So intense. Looks absolutely hilarious can't wait! #ilovelamp
lily k
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dan Box
Yesss!!! Can't wait for this!! 
I can wait no longer!!!!! I LOVE LAMP!!!!! I AM INVITING YOU TO MY PANTS PARTY. -Bric Tamelin
it's jean creamin time ... LMMFAO!!!!
D Zolz
Preview...? They haven't even started production. LAME!!
This would be cool, but since when did IGN have anything to do with movies..
oh , why did i start watching the old republic trailer? bioware are being boned by ea... in a bad way.
The snow white trailer before this, its intense, it's not how I remember it growing up.
it's gonna make u cream, ha
have u seen that page
Awesome Videos 4 sports
I cant wait, and i especially cant wait to see how cute finnick is!!!!
Will Ferrell is to comedy as Jar Jar Binks is to Star Wars.
Talk about a tease!..Definitely boner inducing
"This is going to make you *****" lol
Theres cream in my mouth. So i cant say i love this, but i do!
OMFG STFU!!!! This is not happening! I loved the first one can't wait to see this one...
I'm not sure what kind of movies you've been watching, +Dustin Jones, but I am interested to hear some of their titles.
Steve Carell was for me the only reason Anchorman was funny.
I cannot wait till tis movie comes out
Oh my God. I love lamp. (You knew that was coming) Great Odin's Raven!
If I could hang out with ANY celebrity for one whole day, it would, without a doubt, be Will Ferrell! I would go watch a documentary about the invention of the zipper if he was gonna be in it!! One of the items on my Bucket List is to someday get to meet him so that I can personally thank him for the HOURS upon HOURS of belly laughs he has given me & my family!! We are seriously doing a countdown on the release of this one & be at the front of the line at the theater on opening day.
probably will be funny, but it won't touch the original.
The Best and wow he stayed Classy
wow one of the funniest trailers I have ever seen!
San Diego baby..................................
How can you have a trailer for a movie that hasnt even started shooting yet?
Lol Will and the guy to his right.. forgot his name but they crack me up. Will never forget wills mtv movie awards matrix spoof and also what's his name beside him in bruce almighty!!
I have the biggest smile right now! I can't wait for this freaken movie!! 
Lucy how you can smile stupidly? you show me stupid smile
Love it! Can't wait for the movie...
Delighted Alan Parsons 'Sirus' bring used as backing track 
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Doug M.
I could only stomach about 10 minutes of the first one and now someone thought that a sequel would be a good idea?
I hope this is better than when that raccoon got caught in the copier...
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