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We're giving out PC beta codes for The Elder Scrolls Online! Comment below with a quick reason why you deserve a code! We'll be picking out winners by random & reach out to you. Good luck!

All codes have been given away. Check your messages!
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Because I was the first one here! Don't get me wrong, yall are cool and so is TES.
Because I'll be playing it the whole weekend until the server crashes
Because I was the third... And because I love IGN and Elder Scrolls. :)
i'd certainly enjoy the gaming after stressful work days...
Because I've played and bought every one 
I've been dreaming to play Elder Scroll Online and i'd be happy to be one of the first to try it out
Because i've seen almost every mod for skyrim out there
I've got time kill while I'm out of work lol
I have one PC code going spare : WKLFAHGJWPDKFP7FCYAF 
Cause Skyrim, fool! (Mr. T voice)
I loved Oblivion, but I never got a chance to play Skyrim. I don't want to miss out on this one, too. 
My brother would love to get one.
The best pc game going is now online? ! Book it
I'll continue to read your post, I'd like to see what they made
There is no deserving reason as to why I should have a code but it would be a welcome break from my studies and it would be a great first game on my new laptop 
hey, now i want my code please
Because this is America, and we are the best country in the world, and beer and boobs.
couz i love TES! and nespresso, what else.
Because I want to show my son skyrim online, and rub it in his face that he doesn't have a code for it. Ha ha ha.
The Elder Scrolls Online would a great game to play early!  I'll show all my friends who are undecided as to purchasing the full game.
Because I won't be able to afford the $15 a month!
Because I want to try this game without a subscription fee I cant afford
Because odds are, playing the beta is the only way I'll get hooked into playing an mmo long term. Seemed to happen with me and WOW. And the game looks pretty rad.
I would really like one because I think skyrim was one of the best game besides GTA5

I don't deserve it but i want it because i played elder scrolls since morrow wind and i love elder scrolls 
BC I need it like air right now!
I need a code because I was told my gf should get a ring before I bought a ps4; so I had my mom get me one for xmas... and I'm 31.... 
I'll take one because I'll have worked over 90 hours by the time the weekend arrives.  I need to spend the weekend in another world.
I once trained a monkey, who went by the name Phil, to wear a cowboy hat and enjoy fine cigars and great whiskey.
Cause I've IGN has been my homepage for at least 6-7 years haha!
I would like a code because I put 2000 hours into Skyrim Thank you very much
Skyrim was the main culprit behind my divorce. 
I'm not the player this game wants, I'm the player this game needs.
I like big swords and I cannot lie!!
Because I love the elder scrolls! Huge fan! HUGE!
I'd love to try this game, that's why!
I want the code because I'm really on the fence on this one, maybe playing the game will convince me this is another great game by bethesda.  I'm not biased, and consider my opinion on everything. I would give feedback honestly and truthfully so the game will be great. The Elder Scrolls is an important series, and this could be their next step to the best developer of all time. Creativity is one thing, but ambition is one bethesda knows very well.
Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start
Because it may change my decision to buy it!!!!:)

I would like to have a game beta code.
This is awesome, I've enjoyed Elder Scrolls since Morrowind. Nothing else like these games. Hope there's room in beta for one more! 
Because obviously no one else wants one
Because i want to destroy the shit out of monsters
I'm unemployed with plenty of free time...
#IGNESO  I'm doing my senior thesis on the beneficial aspects of gaming, and this could help...
i would like to try the game. the sooner the better
I dont have a reason!! But I do love me some skyrim tho and down to play this.
Elder Scrolls with a cigar and beer again...can't wait.
I deserve a beta code, because I do. Also I want one.
I'm ready for some real online RPG adventures. My bow and swords have been restless for too long!
I'm married with 2 children and been gaming since Atari so a little escape in to some ESO would be just what I need. 
I deserve one bcuz my heart will break and my soul will no longer know compassion if I'm not playing this beta. You will doom me to a life of sorrow without!
Would just love to continue following the series and exploring the lore and vast array of environments offered by the Beta!
i have been trying to get in beta for so long, i really love tes series
Because I need a great game to keep me busy until Fallout 4! 
Because I'm probably the only Mac user here?
i SWEAR i bought a beta code, and they NEVER sent it to me. Promise.
Because I have been playing this series since morrowwind and I love all the lore of this entire series + a true fan like me can give REAL reviews for u !
Because I built a pc just for this game! 
Beta because it's one over alpha, and also so I can surprise my brother for his birthday.
Ill share it with my 7 year old and make a future ESO fan out of him!
I like the premise but is the game worth 15 dollars a month after buying it. I want to see.
tona 2
Can i have a code because I would like to play it!
I've played every single TES game and purchased all dlc's since Morrowind, so it's only natural that I also play TES Online!
I stealth killed all of the guards in a city in Skyrim once just to see if I could
Because I religiously play Elder Scrolls and I cannot wait to play this game!
Because I've waited too long for this. This is my one shot to end the madness of waiting for a beta key.
pick me, because I've never played any of The Elder Scrolls series, and would LOVE to try it out.
Huge Fan of Skyrim and ESO in general!  Please and thanks!
Im Excited For The New Elder Scrolls game,i cant wait
Really want to give it a try and determine whether I, or my friends, should pick it up. It looks great, but I've been hearing some mixed feelings about it.
Because I commented using google+, I never use google+ 
First reason I have never been afforded the chance to beta test anything. Second reason I will dedicate an obscene amount of time to the beta to ensure maximum feedback. Third reason..... because Molag Bal Ordered you to do so....
I believe i deserve it because i need to get on level with my brother who Praised every Elder Scrolls, and i want to give him a chance to taste this one since he introduced me to Skyrim.
Because i have no face on Google plus ESO! ESO! ESO! 
cause DDO is sucking ass and I need to try this.. lola
Because I am well, bored and depressed
Why do I deserve a code? Simply because everyone deserves to play TES
It would be great on my newly built pc!
because i scrolled to the bottom of this comment thread to ask for it
Because I love the elder scrolls and mmos. So elder Scrolls Online is like my dream game.
Because I'm just an average joe trying to get by. Also, all my friends got their beta keys :(
Todd M
A different take from the standard MMO, want to see how it works out.
Because I might explode if I have to wait any longer to play it. 
I wont aim for the knee cause im nice like that.
My friend Matt Geyer and I grew up on the same street and I would always like to come over and hang out. He was really into gaming and one Game he played (and quite proud of) was Morrowind. Since then we have parted but I have continued on the series and loved it. I have morrowind, oblivion and skyrim. I'd love to try the beta to continue on my path of story!
Because I put in hundreds of hours into Skyrim and I need a new reason to be a social recluse.
I would absolutely love a beta key. I have played so much Oblivion and Skyrim alone, I need to try it with other people.
because my favorite RPG game is The Elder Scrolls!
Because I can't stop til' I get enough!
Because I'd love to try the game before shelving out 75 bucks!
Because I ain't never met a Khajiit who didn't wanna party with me.
I want one because you can't spell ignorance without ign. 
Jason B
I've been playing since Elder Scrolls Arena back in 94. I absolutely love the Elder Scrolls. And I've been beyond curious to see and feel how the Elder Scrolls online plays first hand. I seriously can't wait any longer haha
Hahaha I have like 4 codes I am not using.... I have played the beta 5 times so far, 5 level 20. Now I am so fed up with the starter missions I can't convince myself to do it again. 
1. ign is pretty cool. 2. ign is more than pretty cool. And 3. This game looks.......... AMAZING!!!
I'd like to see how the Elder Scrolls MMO plays - I have my doubts.
Tony P
Because it would be a great present to my brother ...he loves the series and would love to play with his little boy
I played Skyrim and Oblivion and I love the Elder Scrolls series and so does my brother we would both really love to play it! And the I have seen videos of keeps being taken and it looks awesome!
The Elder Scrolls series has been my favorite since I was first old enough to appreciate it(8).  I have had experience with beta testing before, with MMOs like DC Universe Online, FreeRealms, and PlanetSide. I bought the Elder Scrolls Anthology set, for the sake of living the memories of Daggerfall, and those nice little moments with the NPCs.
Honestly, I love TES, and I'd love to beta test TESO.
My wife and I have played since daggerfall and have been dreaming of ESO since then!!
I don't deserve it, I just want it ;) 
The elder scrolls are my favorite games. I really like how each game has a unique story and I would like to see how the story in this game is like. I hope it is as good as the previous games. So may I have a code IGN?
I have been waiting for ESO for quite some time...hopefully I'll get a chance to test this game before its full release 
Because elder scrolls is better than all other MMOs 
Because I'm stuck doing nothing but engineering all the time and I want to have fun :P
Jason D
It will make me a beta person
Deserve is a strong word. But it sure would be a blast to finally play Elder Scrolls with live players!
Cause elder scrolls is an awesome bunch of games.
Becuase its eaiser for you to give me a code that list the reasons to not give me one :-)
Big fan of the games would love a code....PLEASE
Been playing elder scrolls games for years, love the game. Pls, i'd luv a code
I deserve a key because I'm a massively physically disabled widower.  No, I'm not joking.  You guys don't owe me anything, but the universe sure as hell does.
I need a code for my kidney operation! AND I AM RADIOACTIVE ☢ ☢ ☢ ☢☢ ☢ ☢ ☢ ☢ ☢ ☢ ☢ ☢ 
I am currently majoring in game development and i love to study and pick apart video games for ideas and inspiration. My gf and i have also been huge fans of the series since morrow wind and would like to continue showing our support
Because i want to help improve this game!!! (and because i gave my first code to my girlfriend..)
I want to convince my friends to get into this game and perhaps if I show them some gameplay, they'll be hooked.
I want a code because that guy in the picture took my lunch money.
I want a code because I'm deciding if I wanna shell out for this game or not.

I've been playing Elder Scrolls games since Morrowind. I dug my heels in about TESO because it wasn't playable in First Person, but now it is, so now it's a proper Elder Scrolls game, so now I neeeeeeeed it.

Oh, and my secret memorable location with my bank's telephone banking is Tamriel.

And my wife might let us name our first child (due in May) with the middle name Ulfric.

And I played 73 hours of Skyrim in five days last week.

And I neeeeeeed this.
Because I am a father of two young girls, and the Elder Scrolls is the only game that has kept me sane since 2006!
Got it! Thanks ESO! Busy weekend ahead although I might wait for the PS4 version.
Google+ is so convoluted.  But Elder Scrolls will make a man do anything...
I have a Skyrim hoodie that I've worn through the brutal Wisconsin winter.

Give me a challenge... Or a code!
Screw school. I want that beta code! 
I want the beta code.. i fucking love elder scrolls !!!
Can't wait for this game...anyone played it yet?
I deserve a code because.. Umm.. I don't really I suppose, but I would really appreciate it if I did get one. :)
I deserve a code because I'm English.
I deserve a code because I need that monkey vanity pet.
I just built a brand new PC and I've been visiting IGN for a solid decade
Need my Elder Scolls fix, need my Elder Scrolls fix!
I deserve a code because I don't deserve a code.
Because I'll find a way to advertise at my job!
Because the game is amazing..I would love to get a copy plz
I don't really have a reason other than one played Elder Scrolls since Arena days and would like to see the changes they have made since the last beta I played 
Jim R
RPG's are my favorite! Gotta feed the addiction! Pls, hook a brother up!
Im in beta and never play any of them.
I would really love those codes, but I have no good reasons why I deserve them. So just give it to someone who can touch their nose with their tongue. 
Because I want troll beta players until ESO has its own version of the Fus Roh Dah!

Also, i want to keep my combat reticle handy for IGN staffers who have access to the beta. I need to keep it "Locked" on IGN.
I love beta testing, I am going into the field of creating video games for a living. Any way I can get in on the development process, I will! 
Because I live in Tamriel!!! Among Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim ... Over 1,000 hours clocked!!! (OSX or PS4 key please!!!) 
I deserve one because I put the rad in radical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Looking for a Beta code if you have any extra, thanks :)
Because I'm elder than those scrolls. 
I deserve this code because I have skyrim on PC and Xbox 360 and plan to get Oblivion too.  Also, I have a few friends who would love to know baout it and whats new!  I love the elder scrolls!  Thanks IGN, you guys are the best.
Because argonian princes got nothing on these spells.
Please can I have a code because I asked nicely :)
Because I have never beta tested a game before and skyrim was awesome.
Cause Im awesome and I wanna play
Because my computer doesn't meet the minimum system requirements. 
Not sure I deserve one for any particular reason, but I sure would love to be pleasantly surprised with one. Happy Thursday, +IGN crew!
Well, if you're truly picking winners at random, then there really is no point in giving you a reason, is there?  ;-)
So I don't spend all my money getting drunk at the weekend... And I suppose it would make Win 8 something I would want to boot...
Cos i updated my Google+ app just to post this reason!
I deserve one because gaming is in blood and soul. PLEASE GIVE ME A KEY!
Because I have been a decidicated Elder scrolls fan my whole life. And I have been waiting for this game my whole life!!!!! 
Cause I played over 200 hours of skyrim and still never beat it
Umm cause I love you? Like in a heterosexual way like your my bro and your car broke down so I drove 8 miles to pick you up then made fun of you for having a broke ass ride type of way
Because its taken me a month to come with a few names in case the ones I choose are taken. Believe me, you could make a 3 course meal in the time it takes me to create names! My hubby kept coming back when I first got Skyrim saying " you thought of a name yet?". Its important lol. Pweaze can I have a code. 
It's pretty simple really , I play Skyrim religiously and it would be a travesty if I didnt get one ,I'll even take an arrow to the knee
Because I grew up playing Elder Scolls games and I don't think I can afford a subscription fee so this is my only chance to play.
Because it's this or snort coke, save me for drugs plz & thanks. 
Because I've played hundreds of hours of tes
Been a fan of the elder scrolls since the first one. And it looks brilliant
Because I think this game might end up being a flop.
Because things like this (and YouTube commenting) are the only reason to have a Google+ account.
Happiness can be contained in a game. I WANT it!!!
Because I have always loved the Elder Scrolls series and I'm looking forward to playing the next installment!
because i want to try it out and see if its the mmo i am looking for
I would love and deserve a code because knowing what I do about previous games, I would definitely be booking time off work to give the beta the love and attention it rightly deserves!
Because I want to try the game without paying £9 per month to play it.
I wanna try the game to see if it's better than Warcraft, and maybe buy it if it's the case.
Because i'm in Ireland for work experience and don't have a tv at my appartment!
Because i'm Leonux of the House Litheon, the First of His Name, King of the Online Gamming and the First Gamers, Lord of the Three Kingdoms and Protector of The Elder Scrolls Realm!
I have one spare code, first to contact me gets it
I have time to find bugs and plenty of ideas to make the game better for everyone.
Why? Why not I guess... wouldn't mind a preview already got the CE on preorder :)
I have never convinced by Oblivion and even Skyrim (my record is only 5 hours of gameplay), so I want to prove that TES Online is really the game for me and worth my full attention.
Because I'd take an arrow to the knee, for ign! 
me love u long time. can haz beta key preeeez ?
Because I want to try it now because I won't b buying to play because I don't want to pay a fee!
Because I want to play this game...I don't deserve it but I need it!
because I never played any elder scrolls game :)
I love it but I can't effort the payment each month
I was playing all sorts of games. Until I played Skyrim where I took an arrow to the knee. Only thing that will heal it is a beta key. So I can take another arrow to ... you know.
i have been a fan of the elders scrolls series for a long time and i really wat to see this game as it develops and share my thought about it by playin it 
Sean C
I've been following IGN since they were GameSages. Because I'm a CS grad and I tested the LOTR MMO and I love Elder Scrolls. 
Because ive played every game and I love them so much 
I have been playing Elder Scrolls since Morrowind, and I still have it installed on my PC. Introduced my new wife to Skyrim before we got married and she loved it so much I chose the main theme as her processional music during the ceremony. I need to introduce her to ESO now.
I have been playing Elder Scrolls since Arena. Looking back, I can remember going through Arena & Daggerfall growing up, Morrowind in college, Oblivion near the end of college and after my wedding. Also, my wife & I took 4 days off from work when Skyrim released. 
I think I deserve a beta code because I love the Elder Scroll Series and I think I could really help as a beta tester.
Hm, because Aliens: Colonial Marines burned me and it's not too late to cancel my Elder Scrolls Online pre-order? :-P 
I deserve this code because tragically my son got an arrow to the knee....... im sorry...... its just SOOO HARD........... anyway i deserve some compensation and this will have to do....... Esbern didnt even give me a sweetroll :(
its the only way to keep the grandson happy.....period
Because I cry every time I look at my ps3. Knowing that I'll likely never have the money to afford a ps4 so will probably never get to play TES online. :'(
[Insert obligatory "knee" joke here]
I LOVE the elder scrolls, I got the limited edition of Skyrim on the day it was released, I know most of the lore, and I have the Elder Scrolls Anthology. If I got beta, I would be so happy.
I want a code because... I just want one? No sob story, no begging. I just want to play the game. Oh and bacon salad. 
Can't wait to play this game!
I need a beta code so that I can prove to my sons (18 and 22) that WOW is dead!!
Because ive taken all this weekend off work just incase I can sit with my skyrim goblet and play the beta until my eyes bleed!
Because I'm a stay at home and could use a good escape into a fantasy land!
I've been trying to convince myself to start doing new things and I don't want my Ps4 do go to waste.
Because I love mmos and an Elders Scrolls MMO will be a master piece, I really want to play it as soon as posible!
I want a code because I've had a craptacular week,Getting a code would be the shining spot for my week.
TES brought me into open world gaming, and it will be the game that takes me out of it. I want to help try and break the servers so they will be ready for launch when the IGN legion will flood the servers. What server are we going to play on anyways? 
i want the code Pretty Please .......pleeeeaaaaaseee!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I want to be legendary
Being in the Armed Forces (Army) I believe I would ask nicely to get one but at the same time I would enjoy being selfless and just wait till the release. Thank you either way. Huge fan!!
Because it would be the first game I play online 
I need to fullfill my mission to be the most wanted man in all Tamriel, by killing one chicken in each city.
Because I'm in college and the stuff I'm studying are like scrolls and I'm older than the rest of the class. So I'm an Elder studying Scrolls. Nothing better than do it online in a game... just for the sake of training. :P
I am a totally elder scrolls maniac :). I almost finished skyrim my 5th time :). Its an awesome game and i want try this one to :). Thanks IGN :)
I just want a code because I'm undecided if I want to put the amount of time required into this game lol
I was laid off from work and if anything could brighten up this snowy winter that will not end, it would be one of my favorite games of all time!

Hey about that code... I would like it and it would make my day!
I would like the code too...Been waiting soo long to play this game and I can't wait for it to come out...
I'll take one because I'm curious
Because I am a poor student and would be very grateful...sniff!
Because I'm moving into a new apartment next week and finally be able to use my pc again! Witch I hadn't had in two months.
Because I've played every single TES game and all the DLC but still don't have a key to try out ESO and truly say I've played them all. 
147 hours put into Skyrim. I'd be a good crossover evaluator, if you select me please.
Please whatever you do don't let me play, even when its released. I worry see since Daggerfall Ive been lost in the world of Bethesda creation... Dont even ask how many hours I wasted in morrowwind. (I bet my wife could tell you)
My boy knew That the glass sword was shit in Oblivion before  his 2nd birthday, (I feel somewhat responsible.... I warned him not to start a character... Typical toddler wouldnt listen.. )Now I see My dragon hunting Video card will be useless... Off the the computer store I go... I will see you Online  The world will Know Lord Gloosekap  and men will flock to my banner. Heheehehehe I cant wait!
Plz I've played all of them from dagger fall to sky rim and want a chance to try out eso
I sure every reason imaginable has already been used, so I'll just say pretty please with a sweet roll on top.
Devin B
Because I need this, man!! (In my Chris Tucker voice) 
Hello, my name is Alan and I'm an MMO addict.
hello my name is austin and i love the elder scrolls series 
Can't honestly say I deserve it but I know I'll make good use of it. Plus even tho it doesn't show it I've been a follower of ign since it first started as gamesages. Please and thank you
Most likely won't get it, but thanks IGN for the chance.
Give me one because I have nothing else to do this weekend :)
Elder Scrolls is the best RPG series in my honest opinion. My first Elder Scrolls was Oblivion. I was awestruck by the gameplay and the freedom allowed. It was literally the best experience I ever had. Then I went on to play Morrowind after I played Oblivion, eventually getting Skyrim, the best RPG of all time. I deserve a key because it would be an honor to be a tester for ZeniMax Online's first MMO. Thank you considerately if I do win a key, if not thanks for just reading why I deserved one. 
I want a beta code.  give it.
IF you give me a beta code, I promise to shoot myself in the knee and post the resulting video, in all of its gory-glory, on the YouTubes!  Thanks!!!
My wife already has beta client loaded for this weekend and I DO NOT. :( We are long time team testers and would love to do this together!
Because i can't afford a holiday but I can afford to play this! besides a couple new friends won't hurt ;-)
K Bee
I want one copyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! pleaseeeeeee
Because I'm a pro gamer and I wanna continue my line of pro gaming because as a gamer I feel the need to expand my gaming
Because i would like to try the game, to see if paying the sub is worth it. As my love for the ES is eternal, i would like to support it.
Is this gonna be worth my time and money?beta code would certaintly help!
I deserve a PC beta code because I'm a fan of the Elder Scrolls franchise and I want to play it online. IGN, you guys rock! 
Because I'm your oldest fan at age 40!
Because I have to go to a funeral so I'd rather have something fun to play to get over it
I want one cause my mom says I'm cool
I want one because I don't think it will be better than WoW, and I want it to prove me wrong.
Because I am the most beautiful person in the world
Because i have 3 kids. Those who have kids understand.
This will be the first TES game I won't be playing. They made a mistake making this a MMO title. 
I'm ready to get down on some Elder Scrolls goodness
Cause I'm a competitive girl gamer who loves Elder Scrolls, and will play as much as I can :P
I got the beta key before but didnt get to play it at all, had to BE away för the weekend :(
I have played all the other elder scrolls and love the game. 
Love the elder scrolls franchise would love to give EOS a go I hear it's a lot of fun!
Because my nickname is fudge, seriously.... People actually call me fudge! That's gotta be worth it right?
Because, because I am the wizard of ooh's and ah's and fa-la-la's.
I'd love a Elder scrolls online Beta code to see if it's really what it's cracked up to be :)
I deserve it because I would play the Beta as a Beta Tester. I would search for as many bugs as possible to report. I want this code because I want this game to be amazing and the most it can possibly be. Plus Bethesda + Elder Scrolls is amazing lol I've probably spent at least 7 - 10k hrs on Elder Scrolls total.
Because my roommate is in the beta and its killing me that he gets to play and I don't. :P
I have never played b4 and I would like to see what the hype is all about:-)
I loved the who OTES but online is just turning it into warcraft.
Because I am tired of playing Morrowind to make up for my lack of beta key -- read... TOO MANY CLIFF RACERS IN MY FACE!!!!
Because Nords, and I have no MMO to play right now :(
because skyrim is the best game coming to next gen
Because I've played every Elder Scrolls game, and far too many MMOs, so you know I'll get a lot of use out of it!
There's probably only two people that actually deserve it on here. But I wish the best of luck to all of you!
I want the beta code so I can play the game before it comes out to decided whether or not I should get it.
#IGNESO because I'm sick of work and have a couple sick days I'd use on the beta lol
Because I love the Elder Scrolls!!!!!!! And id simply like to have it :p
I deserve a code due to I have purchased every game that has released in the series from Arena through I am flat broke from moving and stuck at home with a broken foot!!!
Because I am a die hard PC gamer who has invested a lot into my PC and well as The Elder Scrolls series!
 i really like the elder scrolls games been playing since the 1st game and i know every one asks but please spare a beta key for me
Because all the Elder Scrolls games awsome, i really want to play The Elder Scrolls Online it looks amazing!!
This would actually be the first time for me to participate in a beta for a game... if I could get the chance to that is...not to mention I love Skyrim :D and the ESO trailer is awesome 8D
Because gamer girls are cute, and I have experience Beta testing other games as well.
I need a game to get into and Elder Scrolls has generated a lot of loyalty over the years.
I played through Skyrim twice on PS3, I need more Elder Scrolls now!
Because all my friends have it and i dont.
 I have been playing elders scrolls since day one. I want beta...Make it happen
I need to survive highschool...
Because I played all of the Elder Scrolls,and I won't be able to buy Elder Scrolls Online,although I really wish to buy it
Jon G
Just a fair warning - some of the codes emailed for 'friends' to use this weekend are not working.
Because I'm awesome! and you need awesome people in this game!  Please send me the code! :)
i have one beta code, anyone want it?
I have played all the elder scrolls games. My favorite type of games are MMORPGs and I have been waiting so long for this game... I just can't explain how much I want to play it...
because I can only afford to read reviews about this game over our college wifi using my my friends phone and only dream about going back to Skyrim again. I got to play it on by brother's friends pc once fir like around 10 minutes
cus i am a youtuber and i will review your game
Cause I have bought, played, and worshiped the "concept" since I tried and fell in love with The Elder Scrolls: Arena in 1994, all those hours spendt on that game"worth it"
then came the Daggerfall in 96 or 97 (don't remember it exactly) but I remember all the bugs and frustration, so I just waited patiently for their next project Battlespire(Dungeon of Daggerfall), Redguard and who could forget Morrowind oh I think halv of my youth went to play those games.
then in March 21, 2006 came out OBLIVION( my birthday is 21.03.1980) I got the greatest gift "Oblivion" which I still play sometimes. I though can it get better than this...and guess what, yes, it did after 4-5 of waiting patiently the SKYRIM came out finally in 2011..OHH JOYY OOOH GLOOORY!

and when I first heard that there would be an ONLINE game, i could not believe it, since I am not big fan of WWC(World of Warcraft) but I love the warcraft games.

I have used half of my life on The elder scrolls, so yes I DESERVE a REDEEM CODE, I should even be the test pilot!
tbh i do t really think that i deserve it but it looks so amazing and i really wanna try it out. i played through skyrim and oblivion several times and now i want to see what comes next
because i want to play and you guys are awesome and want me to play too. (:
I would like a code because it will make me a beta person
Because its March and I'm still playing skyrim on the 360 waiting for eos 
Because I had fun playing the old elderscrolls
I am currently doing my senior thesis on the beneficial qualities that are enhanced by gaming. This could help!! ;)
I have always enjoyed elder scrolls game and I have pre-ordered it and I would like to test it out
TES is the best game series ever.
Because I am a youtuber that would like to get this game recorded on to share with the world
I've played all the elder scrolls game and am super psyched for this one, i just hope it lives up to the rest of the games and doesn't sell out to the mmo culture, but i want some badass pvp too beta key plz ;-)
Im a student ı cant buy ıt but youcan gıve me :) i want to play it so much
Becouse i have nice eyes =D
Becouse i am from Ukraine, and i have a lot of problems now 
I will be someone you'll remember forever.
i deserve it because i have been a fan of elder scrolls since arena, daggerfall, morrowind, oblivion and skyrim...and i have also been a fan of IGN too
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