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IFIA support African inventors

Africa encounters a lot of technical problems that need to be attended to, scientifically and technologically, in order to address the challenges it faces in health, food production, water and sanitation, mining activities, pollution and the environment, shelter, roads and transportation, communication, energy and power as well as manufacturing processes. These challenges if attended to, will help reduce poverty and mortality rate on the African continent.

To achieve this, the African Inventors’ Cooperation Organisation (AICO) is being set up to bring together inventors in Africa through their national inventors’ associations and in liaison with their Intellectual Property Offices to attend to the technical challenges facing Africa and to speed up industrialisation through endogenous technology.

AICO also seeks to promote partnerships between international inventors and African inventors thereby increasing possibilities of joint ventures between foreign and African technology startups.

As a result, the African Inventors’ Cooperation Organisation (AICO) is looking for sponsorship from organisations and individuals outside Africa through grants, donations, and investment including crowdfunding.

The AICO project has received the support of the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA) based in Geneva, Switzerland; the African Regional Intellectual Property Organisation (ARIPO) based in Harare, Zimbabwe and much recently the Organisation Africaine de la Propriete Intellectuelle (OAPI) based in Yaounde, Cameroun. OAPI’s support was endorsed during the ARIPO-OAPI Joint Commission meeting held in Harare, Zimbabwe on 9th February 2017.
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IFIA Hall of Inventions:
Cellular Construction System Developed As Human Body

The construction market is in need of new affordable construction system that is productive, aesthetic, and flexible, simultaneously achieving the three success factors (quality, speed, and cost), in a safer and greener environment, to address the whole society vision about future of Architecture, Structure and Construction.
This new invention would fulfill those needs by integrating Cellularity and Interconnection aspects in Design, Manufacturing and Construction processes.
Cellular Construction System is a construction system that is adopted from the cellular structure of the human body. Instead of using the conventional rigid construction methods, we divide buildings into independent construction cells that are connected together via nodes to form the complete structure.
Our system results in stronger building that can better sustain earthquakes, wind and other natural forces, in addition to being more flexible allowing for new designs not possible using current methods. Our initial analysis also revealed substantial cost savings (20-30%) and time savings (50%) compared to other well used systems.
The art of construction is old. Existing systems for the construction of a building or non- building structure divide the structure into a number of elements, such as columns, beams and slabs connected together as one huge complicated skeleton or cell.
Unfortunately, the art of construction carries many downfalls that includes, for example, (i) complex shapes that lead the complexities of design and difficulties in seismic analysis , and (ii) an extra amounts of materials, equipment, and labor that need to be involved in a construction project.
In our system we divide the structure into a number of separated cells interconnected with each other’s by precisely manufactured node modules. This makes the structure more balanced, efficiently constructed, and give the structure extreme rigidity with overall flexibility leading to the optimum structural performance for complex structures and high seismic activities.

Accordingly, one of skill will appreciate simpler design approach which leads to reduction in costs, both financial and environmental. As such, a structure that can be connected using limited material, time, and personnel, would be appreciated.

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IFIA AS NONPROFIT ASSOCIATION IN CALIFORNIA: It is a great honor to announce that International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA) is registered as an Unincorporated Nonprofit Association with the registration No. 15558 in the state of California pursuant to California Corporation Code Section 21300.IFIA plans to fulfill the following objectives as an acting nonprofit association in California:
1. Encourage the National Inventor’s Associations of United States to join IFIA
2. Create a Union of Inventors encompassing all of the national associations
3. Offer IFIA services to the American inventors
4. Encourage the organization of annual conferences, symposiums and seminars
5. Facilitate the exchange of knowledge between USA and IFIA member states

IFIA is confident that the registration of IFIA in the State of California will lead to the further achievement of IFIA’s mission which is to disseminate the culture of invention and innovation around the world and helps to the exchange of technologies between America and the other member states of IFIA. #ifia #usa #california #geneva #switzerland #invention #inventions #inventor #inventors #innovation #innovations #innovator #innovators #idea #ideas #ip #patent #patents #sucsess 

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IFIA Becomes the Partner of Global Summit of Women

International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA) becomes a partner of Global Summit of Women, the premier international forum to accelerate women’s economic progress worldwide, in parallel with its objectives which is to raise the status of women and encourage entrepreneurship among women.
The 2017 Summit is going to take place in Tokyo, Japan on May 11-13 to honor women’s accomplishments while continuing to explore practical strategies and best practices in improving women’s economic status, whether they are corporate initiatives, public policies or NGO programs. The Summit’s unique engagement of the three critical ‘legs’ of change – government, business and civil society – is reflected in its participants, presenters and partners. Over 60 International organizations representing women from five continents are planning to be part of the 2017 Summit in Japan, along with women government Ministers and multilateral agency executives. The Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus, the Vice President of the Philippines, the Vice President of Vietnam, and the Managing Director of the World Bank headline an exciting group of presenters.
The theme of the 2017 Summit — “Beyond Womenomics: Accelerating Access” — showcases various initiatives developed in different parts of the world to speed up both women’s access to corporate leadership roles as well as strategies for growing women-owned enterprises worldwide. In addition, the 2017 Summit will inform delegates on how to access the Japanese and Asia-Pacific market, showcase women business and government leaders from the region, and provide skills-building sessions, as well as establish networks among such leaders. #ifia #women #womens #globalsummitofwomen

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IFIA Virtual Hall of Inventions:
Ionization Technology for Crude Oil and Bunker Fuel
Antun Drvar is the inventor of the “Ionization technology for crude oil and bunker fuel”. He has been working in the domain of environmental protection and energy savings for the past 40 years, and has also been working on oil and fuel improvement for the past 25 years.

Contact Details
Antun Drvar, Croatia
E-mail: drvar[at]
Phone: 00385 99 742 1000

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IFIA Virtual Hall of Inventions:
A Tap to Save Every Single Drop of Water
In 2009, Claude Waudoit, developed the fastest possible way to get hot water without wasting a single drop of water
and without wasting any energy at all, thus saving 40L of water per day per house or over 10 KWH of energy per day in a house. Claude Waudoit seeks a partner for the manufacturing and marketing of the products, or an intermediary to help him monetize the patents so that he can invest in the development of a freewheeling hydraulic transmission to reduce pollution, mainly in town.
Contact Details

Claude Waudoit, 40 rue Baillet, 6761 Latour, Belgium
Tel: +32496970823
Web site:

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Haller Pro Inventio Foundation Joins IFIA Members

Haller Pro Inventio Foundation aiming to promote inventors, innovators, as well as their inventions around the world and also to support creativity among young people joined IFIA as a Corresponding member.

Haller Pro Inventio Foundation organizes the annual International Exhibition of Economic and Scientific Innovations (INTARG), as a platform for exchange of experience and knowledge between inventors, innovative companies, scientific and research units, industry, business circles, universities and schools.

INTARG plays an important role in cooperation between science and industry and affects economic development of the country as well as competitiveness of enterprises. During INTARG, apart from medals and special awards, representatives of Polish business and industry are awarded with the title of Leader of Innovation.

In the framework of promotional activity, Haller cooperates with Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Main Council of the Research Institutes, Polish Patent Office, Polish Embassies (in countries where the exhibitions take place), local authorities and media.

Haller Pro Inventio Foundation is a sponsor of awards for the winners of the Ambassador School of Innovations organized by the Patent Office. Haller Pro Inventio Foundation founds awards for meritorious Polish and foreign inventors and persons active in promoting innovations.

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Pitchprotect: Protecting Your Intellectual Property Rights

International Federation of Inventors’ Associations signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Iperial, a company located in Silicon Valley, for sharing a product called Pitchprotect with IFIA members and inventors that helps protect the intellectual property rights of inventors and entrepreneurs who need to share ideas and concepts with partners, customers and others before the patent application process is finalized.

Pitchprotect is built on the technology created by Iperial and filed for a utility patent for the technology, both in the U.S and through PCT. The technology itself deals with chaining together cryptographic hashes (“digital fingerprints”) of documents, and combining these with other information like the personal signature and a time stamp. Using the receipts that the system generates the person who registered a document can prove mathematically that the specific document is signed with a certain signature (like the inventor’s name) at a certain time

Following a brief function of the system is provided:

The document’s ID is its digital fingerprint. It can be validated by anyone who has access to the document.
The signature and the time stamp that, together with the Document ID make up the Registration ID are both printed on the registration certificate that can be downloaded by the registrant. That means that those two items can also be validated by anyone who has access to the certificate.
The Registration ID is published in a list of hashes that can be downloaded by anyone (please note that the list only contains the fingerprints, not any actual information about the registered content), and the hash of this list is then published in the Blockchain database (the transaction log of all Bitcoin transactions). That means that the list hash can be validated by anyone who has access to the list, and the time stamp of the list hash itself can be validated against the publicly available Blockchain database using well-known tools.


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The first cooperation result between IFIA AND KIPA
IP Panorama: Free Access to IFIA Members

Join thousands of professionals working in many different industries from all across the world who have decided to further their global competitiveness by studying Intellectual Property through the world’s premier IP educational material, IP Panorama, a self-paced, online educational curriculum created and managed by WIPO, KIPO, and KIPA since 2008.
IP Panorama is the go-to multimedia toolkit for IP business learning, and now as an IFIA member, you will gain free access to your very own IP business asset management course.
IP Panorama’s 13 video modules are taught from a practical business perspective, so you will gain the necessary knowledge you need on how to protect and create value from your intangible business assets.
The course is composed of three steps:
Online Course:
Attend full online course for six weeks, open three sessions a year
IP Essay
Write and get evaluated for selection in receiving scholarship for step 3
Offline Course
Meet, network and connect with other professionals apart from IP field
After successfully finishing the course, you will receive an official WIPO-KIPO-KIPA certificate.
*Watch each leaning module and obtain a 60% or higher on the final exam
All of the modules and downloadable course materials are ready for you to use on our LMS courseware. Simply click on the banner or go to, create an account, and register for the IFIA course.

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The Hang-O-Matic was developed by the husband and wife team of Jared and Karina Rabin. Back in 2008, Jared and Karina were the first time homeowners facing a task that every homeowner, decorator, handyman and even college students have faced at one time or another. As Karina was decorating her new home office, the seemingly simple task of hanging a shelf straight on a wall proved to be a big deal. After making several trips to the hardware store and patching and repainting the wall, the shelf was finally up and proudly displaying an irreplaceable snow globe she received from her in-laws, which was customized to play their wedding song from the 70’s. Needless to say, it had immense sentimental value. Before she could finish decorating, the snow globe fell, shattered to pieces, and water spilled everywhere. The shelf was tilted by only a fraction of an inch.
It was then, that Jared remembered a picture hanging tool he had invented in college. He dusted off the first prototype of the Hang-O-Matic and hung the shelf perfectly level in one try. This tool was just too good to keep to themselves, they had to share it with the world. With Jared’s clever design and Karina’s vision for success, the Hang-O-Matic was born and together this couple set out to pursue their American Dream and make your life a little easier along the way.
Fast forward to present day where Jared and Karina are now proud business owners. Their desire to solve a simple problem with an innovative, yet easy-to-use solution led to Hang-O-Matic being a household and DIY essential.
To gain more information about Hang-O-Matic, check the following website: #ifia #inventor #inventors #innovator #innovators #idea #ideas #invention #inventions #innovations #innovation #patent #ip #usa
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