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IE Castellano
Author: Fantasy and Sci-fi
Author: Fantasy and Sci-fi

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I write stuff about things and stuff.  Some fantasy stuff and some science fiction stuff.

The World In-between fantasy series revolves around a modern man balancing his life between this world and an unknown magical word through the portal.

The World In-between Series:
The World In-between (1)
Bow of the Moon (2)
Secrets of the Sages (3)
Whispers (4)
Hope (5)
Dreamweaver (6 [upcoming])
Yuletide Magic (Companion Short)
The Dragonlands (Companion Short)

Other Novels (Genre):
Tricentennial (Dystopian)
Where Pirates Go to Die  (Space Opera)

Short Stories (Anthology):
The Hunt (Moon Shadows)
Sector Three-Three (Across the Karman Line)
All That Lies (Disturbance)

Links to Stuff:
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Finding new elements for my fantasy series by looking in my "backyard."

#amwriting #excerpt from Dreamweaver (Book 6)

He never knew what all the different weapons stored in the second floor of his garage did, but the variety comforted him. Since his sword was useless, he chose a dream world version, securing it onto his belt near his real one. A secondary ranged weapon would be helpful. Finding the array of bows, he passed, never learning how to fire an arrow. He took a small crossbow with a quiver of only ten bolts. It would have to do. After a final survey of the room, he tucked a handful of small blades into his belt.

Outside the garage, he hesitated. Sidewalk or wooded path?

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Story of language is the story of people. How would you use the evolution of language in your story?

h/t +Jason Wade Howard

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I should set up a collection for talking about writing. Anyway, naming characters is like naming a child. How messed up do you want him to be by the time he reaches adulthood? This month, I discuss things to consider when naming characters. Oh, and dragons.

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When a space ship mates with a tree.

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My mom recently lost her battle with cancer.

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First book review of the year!

Poetry and Ponderings by +Diamante Lavendar 
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