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IDO Designs- one of the best #eCommerce website development companies in India, provides custom #design and #development solutions to various business types.

Increase your customer base and turn your sales around with our robust yet highly affordable ecommerce website design.

For Free Consultation Call or Email IDO Designs now @ +91 9656 314098 /

Checkout @ for more details.

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“Marketing without Data is like driving with your EYES CLOSED”
~ Dan #Zarrella

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Enhancing your businesses through digital solutions....

IDO - Digital Marketing & Web Development Company, Cochin

We Promote your business online with our #digitalmarketing experts. We use popular platforms such as Google Adwords and other social media optimization techniques such Facebook marketing, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram marketing and more...

For Free Consultation Call or Email IDO Designs now @ +91 9656 314098 /

Checkout @ for more details.

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Google Introduces Q&A Feature for #Google Maps

n an effort to assist prospective patrons, Google is bringing a questions and answers feature to Google Maps for Android.

Google’s Q&A feature is not unlike similar features you can find on travel sites such as TripAdvisor and Expedia.

Businesses can add frequently asked questions to their own Maps listing. Searchers can also submit questions to which businesses can respond. When a user submitted question is answered it will appear along with the other Q&A’s.

In order for businesses to respond to customer questions, they will also need access to Google Maps for Android.

Provided they can access the service on Android, business owners will receive a push notification when a new question is submitted. This will provide them with the opportunity to respond to questions as quickly as possible.

If a customer asks an especially pertinent question which others can benefit from, business owners can upvote it to push it closer to the top of the Q&A’s.

Over the coming days, users will only be able to see this feature on their own listing.

Checkout @ for more details.

#digitalmarketingagency #seocompany #cochin #webdevelopment #kerala

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Check out our new website!

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10 #Web Development Trends to Watch Out For in 2017

The field of web development and design is improving at an incredible rate. The growth is increasing on a daily basis and it’s become incredibly difficult to keep up with the changing times. This makes it even more imperative for the professionals and developers to keep themselves abreast of latest trends of web development in order to create engaging sites that can keep a user’s attention for more than eight seconds.

The following web development trends will be the highlight of 2017:

360-Degree #Video
The 360-degree video is poised to provide incredibly interactive experience, making a huge impact on the web design trends. Today, this feature is primarily used for online #videomarketing. However, it’s estimated that 360-degree videos will attract more attention, drive more interaction, and the views will grow more rapidly.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence is going to impact the future technology in a big way. In 2016, there had been multiple advances being made in the field of AI, so 2017 holds even better promises. The technology giants like Google, #Facebook, #IBM, and #Microsoft are developing powerful artificial technology to be used by the users.

Internet of Things (IoT)
Internet is no longer limited to just computers and mobile phones; it’s moving to our household appliances as well. Using apps on our smartphones now, we can remotely turn on our heating equipment, switch on the light bulbs, and even process food well before getting home.

Virtual Reality
Virtual reality is the future prospect of internet with which users have already started feeling in virtual environment using computer #hardware and #software. The gaming industry is using this trend comprehensively in web development process. The visual displays used in virtual reality allow the users to immerse in the virtual world and stop the sensory impressions coming from the real world.

#Google and #Mozilla are making pioneering efforts on APIs with which virtual reality will transition to the web. In coming months, we will see more and more virtual reality in many applications.

Static #Website Generators
Static website generation is increasingly becoming a significant part of web developer’s toolkit. These generators are very handy, as they create websites from plain text, usually stored in files rather than databases. They are benefiting the developers in terms of security, speed, ease of deployment, and handling of traffic.

Today, the popular website generators in use are: Jekyll, Middleman, Roots, and Hugo. Many developers consider it as an interesting area to watch out for in the coming months.

Rich #Typography
In 2016, developers showcased a number of creative uses for typography, and 2017 is only going to feature a much richer typography. The designers are putting more efforts in order for type to take up more space on the screen.

It can be expected that they will come up with even more creative typefaces in order to keep up with this trend. The typography used in websites will have more contrasts by placing a variety of effects, images, and videos.

More #Javascript
In terms of using Javascript, 2016 saw a significant change, and 2017 will only take it further. This evolution and growth in Javascript are responsible for bringing up the language to chatbots, virtual reality, internet of things, and much more. Its role has become more established and integral.

There is a widespread adoption of ES6 + features, improvement of language grammar as well as efficiency in writing applications. For example, Progressive Web Apps are the user experiences within the reach of the web that are reliable, fast, and engaging – a significant collection of techniques and best practices.

Micro-interactions are those specific moments when a user interacts with a website, such as liking a post, sending a message or filling in a form field. Primary aim of micro interactions during these moments is to provide feedback and guidance in order to improve UX.

They are increasingly becoming popular because well-designed micro-interactions are extremely useful and can define the entire product. For example, is a tool that helps developers to quickly test and iterate their web mobile application designs.

Collaboration Between #Design & #Development
2017 will see an improved collaboration between designers and developers. With the help of better prototyping tools from Invision, Webflow, Figma, and some others, the #designers and developers will share greater understanding that will increase their workflow speed, which in turn will enhance the productivity and output.

#GIFs and #Cinematography
The cinema graphs are making a significant impact in terms of getting higher user engagement, which is why there is a wider adoption of this trend. The human brain tends to engage more with visual information and cinema graphs do exactly that. A creative video capture’s visitor’s attentions more than a still photograph.

At the same time using cinema graph doesn’t weigh down the website load speed. The Graphical Interchange Format (GIFs), on the other hand, enables the developers to tell a story in far more effective way than could be with a still image. So, 2017 will see an increasing use of GIFs and cinematography.

Read more about web development @ IDO Designs -

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Excellent SEO Tips to improve On-Page #optimization
>> Interesting and Descriptive to read
>> Quality of the Content
>> Short and Sweet Title
>> Relative Meta Description
>> Use this Optimal Keyword Density Ratio in content
>> SEO Friendly Url
>> Keywords in First Paragraph
>> Use of Headings
>> Focusing #Keywords
>> Image Optimization

Interesting and Descriptive article – No one is going to like boring long articles so write your content interest to read and descriptive content that will clear all things about the article title.

Quality of the Content – Don’t copy Paste whole content from the other website that never going to bring you traffic. Google has very good eye to find out the Duplicate contents. Avoid Keyword stuffing and other Black-hat SEO tricks.

Shot and Sweet Title – Title must be relative and the Key phrase Keywords must be present in the Title. And in length is better to keep it between 40 to 65 Characters. To make website title tag to more search engine friendly read this Tips to optimize the title tag .

Relative Meta Description – Writ a short and sweet 156 Characters that will explain your whole story of the article will help to know better in Search Engines Results Page.

Optimal Keyword Density Ratio – Maintain your Keyword Density in the Safe manner to not getting Google Algorithm Penalties.

SEO Friendly URL – Url of the content must be meaning full to the content. Then search Engine highlight the Url Keywords also it’s a boosting signal for the SEO.

Keyword in First Paragraph – Use the Keywords in First Paragraph so search Engines know this is the content really explains about the Title.

Use of Headings – Use prober headings tags h1, h2, etc… It will make readability easier and Nice Chapter wise content.

Focusing Keywords – Highlighting the Keyword with strong or em tag will increase the visibility of the point you are really want to reader by people also it’s add some weight in SEO.

Image Optimization – One Image can explain everything better than long story content so add an image and Optimize image using proper Alt Tags.

See more at

#seo #digitalmarketing #webdesign #webdesigncompany #ernakulam #kochi #cochin

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Greetings from IDO Designs !!!

We are a young and energetic technical savvies and in hungry of latest technologies. We will apply all the newer strategies in our projects.

Our Services Includes :-

• Website #Development
• Web Designing
• Search Engine Optimisation
• Social Media Optimisation
• Google Adwords
• E-Commerce Developmet
• E-Commerce Marketing
• Pay Per Click Services
#Web Hosting Services
• CMS #WebsiteDesign and much more which helps to BOOST any business online

For Free Consultation Call or Email IDO Designs now @ +91 9656 314098 /

Checkout @ for more details.

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Want more clients and customers?

IDO Designs will help them find you by putting you on the 1st page of Google.

Search Engine Optimization (#SEO), Internet Marketing, #PPC (Pay per Click), SMO (Social Media Optimization) etc.


GIVE US A CALL: +91 94472 00931, +91 96563 14098


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Convert your #website visitors into paying customers!!
Get to know How?

For Free Consultation Call or Email IDO Designs now @ +91 9656 314098 /

Checkout @ for more details.

#PromotingWebs #email #marketing #conversions #increase #visitors
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