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Marina and Bruno, two of our delegates, were in Lugansk, Ukraine from 21 to 26 August. In this video, they describe the precarious situation in the town as shelling continued to endanger civilian lives and damage essential infrastructure. The supply of food, medicine and fuel is erratic and there is no electricity or telephone connection.
The cities of Dohuk and Khanik in northern Iraq are overwhelmed with families who have fled the fighting in Sinjar and elsewhere. Many of these families spent days without food and water on Mount Sinjar before finally finding refuge in schools, cultural centres and buildings under construction. With the Iraqi Red Crescent, we have launched a major aid distribution in the two cities, and are providing food and medical aid in 12 provinces across Iraq.
Armed clashes in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of eastern Ukraine have forced thousands of families to flee their homes. Reportedly, hundreds of thousands are now displaced both in the country and in Russia. The living conditions of the resident population are worsening also. We are stepping up activities for the affected population in deteriorating humanitarian and security environments.
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Shocking! Porshenko's strategy all along was exactly this...Destroy Eastern Ukraine leaving it uninhabitable as no one there would ever support Porshenko and the fallout will be nil since Porshenko will not be pressured to do anything about the living conditions since most of the citizens fled to Russia or were killed by the shelling and air-bombing. In the end though, Ukraine will still be Russia's neighbor and Europe will never really want anything to do with them.
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Children kidnapped and trained as soldiers, girls snatched and forced to be “wives,” entire villages reduced to ash. Between 2008 and 2011, communities in Orientale province, north-eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, were struck by waves of extreme violence. In villages such as Banda, people have been left severely traumatized by the atrocities they witnessed. But through drama productions, these villagers are learning to recover together. Take a look at this photo-reportage by Pierre Buingo, from our delegation in Kisangani, and freelance photographer Martin Van der Belen:
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¿y dónde ha quedado la "ayuda humanitaria" de la ONU y los países que la integran?
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"I've never seen such massive destruction ever before." - President Peter Maurer in Gaza

Live coverage of our president's mission in Gaza, Israel and the West Bank:
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Sending you all <3's. a BIG HUG 
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We recently organized a water and habitat course for 55 Syrian Arab Red Crescent volunteers. During the course, the volunteers learnt how to install water tanks and test drinking water.
51 days of conflict are still impacting the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in #Gaza.
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To whom it may concern I consider Varmcconnesa Island there are children who are now in distress Atnolu not any food or water since two days I've Nadar in the case of death and Harpo Gedo death Ontdharhm please, help and compassion.
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Was one of your relatives held prisoner during WWI? We've just launched a new tool that could help you find out what happened to them. Take a look here:

Data on 2 million prisoners, primarily from the Western, Romanian and Serbian Fronts have been collected during the war by the International Prisoners of War Agency, set up by the ICRC in August 1914.
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Super Fantastic. <3's. 
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On his visit to Gaza, President Peter Maurer has seen for himself the suffering of civilians during a month of hostilities. In Shijaiya, Gaza City, he saw the destruction of thousands of homes by heavy bombardment and hostilities. And in the children's ward of Al Shifa Hospital, he met families and young patients who have been horribly injured in the fighting. Take a look here.
During a brief ceasefire, Gazan residents return to find their homes reduced to dust and rubble. Heavy shelling of Shijaia in Gaza City has left scenes of appalling destruction. For residents searching for personal belongings among the debris, the future looks bleak.
Fighting in Yemen's Amran Governorate has left many families desperate to know what has happened to missing relatives. We are providing hospitals with vital supplies and have offered to trace missing persons. Here's the latest update on our activities:
It is a great problem. It creats stressful life for near & dear. Redcross is the institution to serve the HUMANITY in this dreadful condition. I salute Redcross volunteers for their humanitarian service. 
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Ensuring humanitarian protection and assistance for victims of war and other situations of violence
The International Committee of the Red Cross is one of the world's leading aid organizations helping the victims of war and other situations of violence. Every year, our 12,000 staff provide relief assistance, clean water, sanitation and medical aid to millions of people around the world. This work is also made possible thanks to the tireless efforts of thousands of dedicated Red Cross and Red Crescent volunteers across the globe.

We strive to protect the victims of war by preventing or putting a stop to violations committed against them, and defending their rights under international humanitarian law.

We're part of a big family that helps people across the globe, known as the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. We also help reunite relatives separated by armed conflict and natural disasters, and visit detained arms carriers and civilians to monitor how they are being treated and their conditions of detention.

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