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It’s easy to park in Perth using a custom mobile app to plan ahead.

IBC Digital custom website development team built a Drupal website and a mobile application to help Perth visitors to plan ahead for parking, or to find car park availability in real time.

Available on IOS and Android, this custom mobile app allows you to search and locate the closest available car park near you. You can filter your favourite car parks, or put a pin on your cars location and set a timer which notifies you when your ticket will run out.

If you want to know more please read through the full case study.

Or Visit City of Perth Parking website for Download and more information.
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What software do you need to grow your business (and where do you go to find it?!)

Chances are there is new technology available that could make your business life a whole lot easier, more efficient and more productive – but what are the options and how do you know what’s best?

I’m excited to share that IBC Digital will be at the Business Knowledge and Software Expo in Perth next week to offer guidance for online solutions that established businesses need to stay competitive and grow.

The one-day expo features experts in the fields of technology, software, sales and marketing – three areas that are critical to success. Devoting one day to business growth just makes sense so we look forward to seeing you there.

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The sign niche is a competitive market online and recognising this Trident Signs have improved their website to better meet the needs of their customers. Trident Signs contracted IBC Digital for custom web development and design to provide a Drupal website integrated with MailChimp. The design is user centric, responsive, clean and on brand. The integration with MailChimp compliments plans to engage with clients more regularly with updates and newsletters.
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Smarter Business for free

The Business Knowledge and Software Expo 2016 is free and gives attendees insight into smarter business systems so don’t miss out on an opportunity to learn about software that can make the running of your business easier.

Then drop into to see Shane, Chris or Chelsea at the IBC Digital stand to learn more about how to integrate the systems together and with your website to achieve maximum business efficiency.

Reducing our employees manual labour with automated systems mean they have more time to work on billable tasks that make a difference to the bottom line.

Coming along to the expo may highlight areas in your business where smart technology could save on effort, time and improve ROI.

Some things to think about when looking in to new systems include:
1.       Will the system support /automate existing business processes
2.       Is the system interface intuitive, easy for your staff to use?
3.       Are workflows built in to the system to support business processes and reduce human error
4.       Is data accurately captured and processed in a timely manner
5.       Will the system integrate with existing systems and your website?
6.       Etc.

Would you like to know more? Contact IBC on (08) 6555 1838 or catch up with us at the expo
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Travellers Choice website is powered by Verdi CMS which allows for multiple websites. Discover Travel and Cruise have joined the Travellers Choice family with this new website
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At a loss for words?

At a recent awards night we had the opportunity to meet a lot of new people, brilliant business professionals, and I was occasionally stuck not knowing what to say. “I like your necklace”, “excuse me is that glass mine to use “. These are just two of the things I said that night and you might notice that neither gives the impression that I am a business savvy entrepreneur.

I was thinking too much and focused on not saying the wrong thing or making the wrong impression leaving me at a loss as to what to say at all, especially to the people seated at the table that I had never met before, three of whom were nominees for the #40under40 award, two of whom won.

After a time I began to realise that I did not have to say the perfect thing and it did not have to be business related or even witty or clever. The “I like your necklace” comment actually opened up a discussion about the lady’s profession as a jewellery photographer and the fact the necklace was specially designed just for her. The comment about which glass to use actually revealed that a number of people where not sure given we each had at least three different types of glasses and a number of cutlery options.

Giving in to curiosity, asking questions and listening in to the conversations around me gave me insights into how I could relate and join in conversations. What tips do you have to avoid finding yourself at a loss for words?
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When I heard about the ability to nominate an entrepreneur for recognition I had no idea how inspiring and humbling the process would be.

IBC nominated Shane Kelly in the #40under40 awards this year, in recognition of his commitment to the success of his clients and passion for his craft of custom website development, software and app design and integration.

I was proud to be invited to attend the awards night to support Shane, to be included in the glitz and glamour and meet hard working business people making a difference in WA communities and the business world.

Hearing the nominees stories of success and failures made me realise that they all deserved to win and gave me insight into the drive behind successful entrepreneurs. The ability to not give up, to keep trying. The belief they have in themselves and their cause drives them to just keep trying no matter what. A quality we recognise in Shane.

If you need some inspiration to move your business forward this year, why not take a look at some of the winner’s stories.
Home | 40under40
Home | 40under40
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Get your business on the right foot with free tips on the right software, applications and websites, all integrated to improve efficiency and engage your online customers.

Come and meet Shane ( and Nilesh ( at the B2B EXPO, they are friendly and ready to help. Not sales people -Shane and Nilesh are expert web, app and software developers, the very people who will manage and work on your online solution so take advantage and ask them lots of questions for inspiration and insight into your next project.

IBC Digital offer initial consultations and quotes free so be sure to book a meeting on the day. Plus meetings booked on the day that result in us moving forward with your web project recieves a discount and you could win a prize.

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Sharing the Love. Online Reviews

Online business reviews can really make a difference to your bottom line.

With it being Valentine’s Day week we were inspired to do a little research on reviews and its impact on business. Here are some valuable resources;


You can really enhance your website with client testimonials and reviews but you can also utilise different platforms to collect reviews such as Facebook and Yelp.

How to get your customers to leave a review

Set up profiles on relevant platforms such as Facebook, Yelp, Google + etc. Include a section on your website for testimonials and reviews. When you are helping your customers just asking can often bring results. Make it easy for them to leave a review with direct links in your emails and website and any handover material you may give them.

Leave reviews

Make sure you get back to your reviewers and thank them. When appropriate make sure you leave a review to help out others, good karma can’t hurt.

What do you do if you have a bad review?

Not to worry, we know how hard we all work to please our customers but sometimes things can go wrong. If you receive a bad review all you need to do is work hard on getting lots more genuine good reviews to drown out that one bad one.
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How was business in 2015? Reflecting back helps us to learn and improve for the year ahead. Who will be holding a reflections meeting at their office?

IBC Digital says goodbye to 2015. Reflecting back can help us move forward in 2016. What worked, what didn’t and how will our new knowledge impact on the 2016 business plan.

Why not gather your team and hold a reflections meeting and use what you learn to review your business plans and directions. Of course don’t forget to think about website development, software development and any application developments that could enhance your business.

Here are some resources we found useful;

IBC Digital Highlights of 2015

·  Meeting clients and professional friends at expos with great results
·  Proud to have developed excellent websites and software
·  Branching out in Melbourne
·  New office on Lord Street Perth
·  Hanging out with the IBC team, learning and growing together
·  A new and successful process for meeting sales targets

What’s in store for IBC in 2016

·   An IBC Digital blog
·   Encouraging the team to have an active presence on LinkedIn
·   Welcoming new people to the team
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