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Hyun Lee
I love tech. Also a digital marketer.
I love tech. Also a digital marketer.

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My first #C# program on #Unity. Made a text-based game with very simple functions using lots of "if" statements. 

Favorite #e-liquids?
Mine's DIY nana clone but a close second is Adirondack's flavors.

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Getting started with +Blender  #Blender3D

I wrote about my experience as a complete newbie with Blender. +CG Cookie, INC helped out a lot.

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A #blog post on how I improved my quality of #life by simply "doing less." #reddit   #steam  

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I stopped doing stupid tests under the domain name and decided to make it my personal blog. Visit :)

What's your setup? Share below!
I'm currently using an #IPV  Mini V2 along with #Subtank  Mini running at .6ohms. Made a DIY nana's clone juice at 6mg.

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Hyun Lee commented on a post on Blogger.
Google, evolved. Feeling great to be a part of history.

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I created a community for #electroniccigarette  and #ecigs  
Join if you're a part of the movement!
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