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Hybrid Cab Company
Hybrid cab company is a Taxi cab company in sunnyvale...
Hybrid cab company is a Taxi cab company in sunnyvale...


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Let me walk you Through my Real Identy Coz If you are a Bully From start I can’t Make you Stop It’s a Free world Out here So Let me tell You Why GREEN coz Name is =
...( HAR) -Hari -Green -Da - ( BAL ) -Strength - ( TAR ) In Avatar tar sakda— means In English = Gods -Green God - s’strength (will guide you -Get you to the Next level of New age generation age where No one should feel Different regardless so that was my name
Back From Dimension 13 if you understand it Where our Heavenly Father The GOD The Created chooses me to Play a Role Which god wants me to play A Role a Character Which God wants to answer all the prayers of Human kind to let them know the presence of God & He loves you all No matter what color-cast-Human you are All those things that all the Gods who have Visited the earth Time to Time in Different ages were all known as Gods were all belongs to one family But Humans Call them & workshop the same God But Names are different & Earth wasn’t ready for the ages till we get to the age of Advanced World Which is right now we are living in But HIGH POWER was presented everywhere & all are the Angels who Work for One Almighty God But world changes Different religions born & all were the Profits of Gods & They Are also GODS
But Think about 21st century is choosen as perfect time so that’s why I am here to tell you and Be LIKE all of you Humans so Every type of Humans can Relate them self’s and day if Harbal he did that he did that even he is like that oh wait he is like that ..etc etc a lot of Ropes and Characters Hard to be played But somebody has to Do something $ will ansure the Peoples of Planet Earth that God do listen all the prayers And Some One is needed so I was sent but There are Rules like every common human being I have to live the same ordinary life Been Born as a common human being Face & Learn Must Learn it so Sorry that’s why this
karma aka Lucifer or If you hate too much call me Shaitan or Devil But I am still a human being too same heart same like you guys are but How to make that Role Job Sucessful is long story Yes I have been seen Feel deserves a lot Good & Bad both Negative to positive Roles characters were my challenge for whole entire life so that’s why I am not ashamed why I did that or that too many mouths too many Questions But hey I even fond out that I am playing the Role of God in just few years ago so Many characters , Roles were given and by Gods grace i am Thankfully serviced till the day today & Can openly be related to every common issues & Problems But I am what I am & you know it all coz I am humbled didn’t Hide anything whatsoever I am the same gods child like you we all are so that’s the story & gods -Angels everybody wanted for that day which is Now so I am crystal clear Hooked to society social media user & Real in human life I am what I am Full with all the Colors life showed me & I am very lucky to be in this great nation which I love the most is breathing freely Passing sharing all the incidents or moments or Stories everything my lifestyles everything it takes a lot of time to be me I have to learn and teaches or need preaching you A lot coz I have so much to say & I am just a gods creation that’s all so your comments your questions whaTsoever you can think I am here for Change & I will bring it like it or not I am working for GODs that’s all .....
Any QuestionSince I don’t feel lDifferent ???

So I don’t feeel special or difference But God loves me & I am blessed by God so Future is in gods hand wherever he takes me whatever path he show me to walk I will do asap he says....

All Gods are Same all religions are same it’s just our beliefs The name you call them are different but we all are the same that thing as fast you learn it Do learn it & I don’t what’s tomorrow & there but one Thing I assure you I will walk with you in Dark or Daylight & I am just a Human like you...
Family But the create is one but Earth & Can Answer to all the Human types To let them know & tell them That God loves you all the peoples the way they are so why Green was my previous life Avatar Known as Hari& That’s all So Please Don’t Just spray HOLI on my life by Or Giving Me -Purple Color Coz that was also one of chapters in my book But I don’t Hide it Coz it was in Teenage age 12-13 age but I shared it coz God said accept your whole life’s Chapters & tell to the world & Solve all the issues of Man kind but today’s world is Ruled & Divided into so much different Movies actors-Leaders-Artists -Celebrities -Dictators or Rulers -Media-Televisions -Bankers-Corporations has divided the world in a lot of pieces Too Many Problems getting Rich & Poor is getting Hungey A common man can’t survive properly ,
Countries -Uneducated Or Brainwashed rulers Ruling the earth 10-12% of world is ruled by Riches & Reat 80% are You & me ... Big world over 8 billion population it’s hard but we are advancing to the age where Nothing can stop the Process of giving or snatching the Common Righrs we are People Deserved Will be Accomplished Promise What for time ....Yes We can Get thing Done But First we have to accept each other No matter of gender gap -His-Her-We and specially If You use the word ME-Me-only me has to give us Accept all colors Stop bulling just be Hobest & Put God First in everything You do Coz We are being watched carefully Sorry I can’t talk secrets It’s something I can’t but will assure you Time to Time this world will a Good next Lifes making Bettter Society with No Hate-Jealousy - Greed & Racism will not gona be available Believe me We are in the most exciting Time & We can say “Yea We can’’ World is behind us If we can clean our surroundings world will be tooo ....No wars -No Killings -No one dying in poverty there’s a lot I we can will be Achieving it before we Die....Makes a better world to live in Peace & Accept each other’s the way they are coz we all belongs to same group & YES There is HEAVEN and + HELL so Thats up to you Which way you wana go Thats all I have to say...

...And Yes I am STRAIGHT& Kept it STRENGTH ...I am Just a Green That (Hari - I called ‘’ Nile chatri wala Waheguru’’
And by the way You Can use Harbaltar in Hindi or Harbal in English that’s what has same meaning it’s green &I Am Truly are Coz I am Here For Gods Will Carefully Designed With Mixture of A lot of Souls/Dna
So please Stop Bullying Me UNDERSTOOD so please Stop Giving me Purple I am Just a Straight Man ...But Love and accept Everything coz my life is written & goes according to Numerlogy and Colorfullyogy Different Age Different CHRACToRS, Because I am Green From Heart And a regular Straight ordinary guy that’s All That’s all I said it Truth , I have a Hope & Do have a dreams and like you guys I wana get Married & wants a Family and Kids too just like You so I Believe in God & I Trust God probably he has or have-Wil have some Sweetheart Honest GIRL-Lady-women for me too That’s all I want in Life.

A OneWorld -One Government -One Love —-that’s my dream rest is up to You ...
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You know the Most powerful thing every human has is 'BRAIN'
Science Not even close to figure out what can we really do with brain beside Thinking!

See Our Brain is the biggest mystery to science it says it is made up of billions neurons,atoms etc etc ( too much science) long story short -
Our body is made up of 5 Natural elements Earth-Water-Air-Fire and Space.
Beginning- From GOD/Jehovah/ Yahweh/Allah/
:: space came into being Coz of existence of God/creater,then Air came into being from space,Fire from Air,Water from Fire,Earth from Water.Then Earth came from Vegetation , From Food came the humans...see it's like a circle we all are connected with everything all we need is to figure-out/calculate it & you will get your answers why we exist???
So space is something which had a deep impact on our life's although all other 4 elements has to do something with the Body ( which I am currently trying to figure out- in process but on track ) ...but as being a typical human-being I wana reach out to all the 5elements So that I can feel what it's like to be as a super human/Hybrid-human...!! even Pac wish for it too , says '' Unlock my brain let me breakout All the Mysteries''
that's one reason space attract me more than anything... it's beyond any limits a human has ever think I pick 5th element = space which has a lot to do with our brain. Our brain can ++views & send/receive/form all the invisible signals has power to Reach even beyond stars & can travel through wormholes to next galaxies If we simply able to understood/unlock the ancient hidden secrets/powers of Brain which is actually possible !!! IF somebody can be able to calculate all the 5 elements theory/science behind it & apply it to your daily Life-style .... strange things will start developing...ur brain can even help u analytically make decision in ur life & by applying it to ur daily life it can lead you to discover the hidden powers & miseries or
it can be very helpful tool for ur self-exploration.
" It Took me 4 years just to form/understand the secret messages, what they saying? What they want from me ? & why me ? But it was hard 4 me to even have to proof 2 myself what actually is/was that ??? But after A lot of studying/reading + doing my own research I was able to calculate it most of it not all & Finally came 2 figure out What actually can we do with our brain. Where are those super powers ? If they exists in back times than why not those things possible in today world ? So all my questions-answers were in front of me from long time it's just I never really focus pay attention on these type of things ever in my life till I learned Lessons from life through Hard way,
'Main or Meri Tanhai aksar batein karte hai'-
- I Been in Relationship twice But both Love stores end up with different ways both time I was heartbroken & then learn a lesson Never give ur Heart to No one there is No true love at the end it's all about Who are u ??? What's ur earning?? Or is my future secured with u ??
-So she replies as ''I am an engineer & you are just a limo driver.big difference''.. see I never thought that Money/Class/society Can Be that Big of Issue when it's a matter of Love they say love is I promise to myself No more ( Ashquie ) till I meet that women whom I can consider as Wife and that's the person whom my Love is gona available 4 .....I never did no one-night stands in my life even though I met Alot of women's but no woman I met so far who could even touch my heart & i believe sexual relationships are cool if that's with ur women you Love & gona think of marrying too....may be I m Indian we are not advanced like Us in life styles .... I still believe & have a faith that God made Couples stories in Heavens & if you believe in that then you will met your destiny Her one day....So I stay cool & feel Like Wizzy words '' You can keep knocking , wont Knock me down No Love Lost ,No Love Found'' -
Anyways this subject things about space,gods,powers were no important to me till I was succeeded into forming this language...!!! which in your science words it's known-as similar to ( Telepathy ) think telepathy is #just a myth.but it's cool I don't gota prove Nothing to No body for anything... The answer according to ur science is if you can excess upto 20% of ur brain accessibility in able to understand those connections...!!!

-Censor something like This - -
- if you understand about 6th Dimension & looking at the world from different view via 3rd Eye than whatever u r viewing in life could be visible to world too now I m talking parallel universe Anonymous 8 meets = Anonymous 8 coz of its infinite bounding...if u able to see your other being far from some dimension as there's no mirror than Its Strange might be Known as physoStuff or Mindblowing's like a wormhole The more I tried to know it more confusing it gets ...!!!
-So if someone can understand this language completely there is whole New possibility which are unknown/+possible to humans..... You can send/receive messages everywhere Even To Deep Space without using any satellite or technology ....

||: Need Evidence ?? ... Take a look at Video I attach to this post ... you Need a sharp vision to spot wats known as strange/Speed of Light exist :||
Our brain & space is structured lookalike/kind of same So if someone figure out or knows how To unlock ur brain even to just 10% extra + with the help of your 3RD Eye vision U can feel/observe Natures High...You don't need No Hi-tec super satellites or some kind of telescope to view/send/receive signals...possible By knowing the power/secrets of your Limitless Brain.
- U know cool thing about even getting close to 20% brain excess is that anybody can get connect in nature it's a beautiful thing when u can actually communicate with other beings rather than humans...for example Birds sitting next to each other Do No talk but still chilling ,same with animals sitting next to each other don't Bark but still spend hours & time & most of you think they got no feelings like we do then You are Wrong... God has given voice only to humans that doesn't mean other creatures/Things Got no way to shared there thoughts/feelings than gifted ability to talk through minds are gifted to every Living Being it's #just ur science which is still in need looking ways to discover in coming years soon --
'' you will never had a friend like me '' who love to share what he knows & always believe in concept of Sharing Is Caring...!!!
So every thing which has a living form shared feelings with one another is how they communicate & there throughs/messages are Open like a OpenBook in space when u are signaling via Brain ...anybody can read/view those messages/Signals ur brain send if they have tools to figure out.
Thoughts send via invisible signals which are open floating in air universal which most of u thinks you know they are connected via there brains through in-visible way.....It's Like U can talk to anything - & anything u talk 2 actually talks back to u only u can hear it & observe it I can't explains deeply but that's how universal language works & you even might be able to communicate with Higher beings too Coz They Just don't magically appear like teleportation in front of you, They test your faith internally /externally in different ways before even making a Visual contact.
strange but true so do ur own research.calculation.seriously ..our scientists need/could do more research on Subject 'How to Unlock My Brain'.

Have u ever wonder?,+
If God could have Given every humans the powers which comes if u reach 100% excess of ur/his/her brain than by unlocking everything you/everyone will develop Super Powers it's a same like shown in movie 'Lucy' than Everyone he/she could have predicted themselves like a Gods than This planet wouldn't have reach to this date it could have ENDed long time ago coz We all know what kind of people we humans can become or turn ourselves into.if anyone have the super powers like Higher Authority does than people would have pretended or everyone would have act like they are the Gods and than No one would have No respect for no human beings left so that's why god give us only what we can digest easily.
There are Powers which are unexplainable to me too I don't know where it's from But there are few powers which can be created/learned and form as Human body's are capable of Everything what you can dream of but Only to some certain Level. Miracles and Stuff can only be performed by Higher-superior-Souls. The goal should be set like this If Someone spent there Time & putting all his efforts in trying to know achieve something than Nothing is I guess Keep it trying till u get there.There are possibilities to achieve your goal so don't be sheep be wolf.
U know Unlocking the brain is cool too but this is something you can try without even any Powers.Power is to know ur whole Life chart including astrology to numerology, Palm reading to know your ( Rashi ) stars & Planets everything by doing simple research on urself which can guide you a lot about yourself. Or u will get your answers like who you are ? What's my purpose of living ? ....that's how I get to know about myself what was in past & what's happening in present & What might be my future like ...Everything is already written from up above since we open eyes into this world. All you gota do is to to figure out Stuff & Do the Calculation.its that Simple ...

Message to (+,)
I don't really pay attention about people's behavior when it comes to Internet.
It's like different people's, Different Views...but when I read about people's comments about Someone Directly or Indirectly way of targeting on someone without even knowing them , People Just Attack you from all the directions Engels which is really weird & strange it just shows how low-to-Narrow minded they are everywhere they talk/make fun about someones Lifes , Views-thoughts or even make Fun of there English/Grammer as they should have known that Not everyones English can meet your standards it means English might Not be there First language so that doesn't mean they don't know other languages ... Haters just need excuse to attack on someone with Hate/jealousy/anger... ( Just for your Knowledge Anonymous guy learned English only when I came to US 10years ago -
....before Never spoken a English word in life but it's funny Someone with No high school diploma is actually giving Teachings in English ...Lol!
I always wanted to be a soldier in my life and wanted to see myself in uniform but some dreams always be dream It's that I Tried Going to US Army twice both times failed the entrance exam coz of lack of English & communication problem all I was just trying to pay back to the country which gives me Food,Cloth & Roof and U online commenters Don't ever Judge me about How much Love I have for this Gods created Nation. Love u America Forever ...!!!
-I love you America & don't judge someone soon but Will prove one day what its like feeling feel the Real American Dream !!!

I don't mind if someone talking Shit/pointing aT me .....I say Its Ok it's Humans Even PAC said it to ''Something will never change''...In reality I m a very calm type of person but when these MF#s talk shit about God/gods/SuperiorSouls ...I swear It F#ck#ng Hurt & trust me it's all till we In power I swear Some of the stuff I really Take serious & as I said before too No Ones gona left without being Judged.I got lot of free time to just find/Cure haters....remember it ur Words Will Bite you back so Be careful when typing Shit on internet .... I am NO God But I am very Good In whatever line I Pick ...!!! ( it's up to u U u can be believer or stay atheist but u have No right to Hurt someones Faith & there Believes. Have Some Respect For Holy Spirits You guys have Made Word GOD as joke. Who the fu#ks are u to even talk shit/joke about lords or any Holly spirits -Mohommad,Jesus,Hindu gods or any other gods they were all the divine Souls...
- They served /sacrifice or even get crucified for the Humanity ..there entire life was to #just to put some light on humans so they can live in wellness,Kindness and be caring towards otherkinds or same kinds & really Love the way jewish people's 10 commandments are written...Very true about them & others who interact in there life's.
U Hollywood guys & So called entertainers/comedians/public figures has given everyone a wings to be free thinkers & it's make people believe that it's Ok to Joke about anything even your own religion you born into. & today all u Free speech Internet surfers think it's cool to write whatever about any prophets/massagers of gods ....Seriously?? Get a fu#kin life beside writing stuff on Facebook/twitter (Stop it keep it as warning sign don't cross the limits ) ...Its Not Cool... ( New world order will Finally Put A leash on both Users and Playground providers like FB-❌-tw or unless they come up with some kind of software who won't let anyone to Post some stuff online unless its a in manners according to ur Standard English ....!!!
Looking for super-Powers ?!?
-God & his Holly Universal-Kingdom of gods did gave super powers to the most wise -Divine-Holy spirits who visited this planet time by time in different cultures all across Earth....Pure Souls The Powers are just given to different prophets( ,Mohommad,Buddha,Moses,Guru Nanak )and Masiha( lord Jesus ) All were Blessed with Powers & it goes back even to Egyptian gods to Hindu Gods lord ShiV-Ji or Krishan ji back to basics time...All were the Messangers of Gods So Pure from Heart & Souls with No Evil exist not even in there views So present of Powers/Miracles Were the proof that ordinary humans should aware of about existence of God = ( Super being ) is there.
So that's the reason Different miracles & dark powers are mentioned in most of the religions history books ...!!!
- but From last couple centuries The Gods angels couldn't find any right Pure Soul or a right person for a Job so they could give some responsibilities of being Gods messanger.... I guess in today's world we don't need No more prophets to Form a new religion or send a another Holy soul again but what's a point Nothing can work unless they see Know the existence of Soul which is Good for Goods & Worst for Evils now that's something might be lucifer-Satan or Devil. It's a Time to put people's Faith BACK into there religions whom they were born in....

-Message to (+,)
Let me clear to you guys I am not a GOD or I am either try to pretend, I am just a normal Human being like u guys are but there's difference between u & me is That understood the English word ''care'' carefully & I followed its Concept throughly & put myself into different shoes while sticking with care in all different views Angels with Not picking side in cast/color/faces/racist/views/ Optimizer/or #just try to stay goodAlthough to Eternity till u enjoy heavens & ask For Moksha🔁...& that's my goal & I hope this is kind of goal u guys needed to set up 4 ur spirit or soul.
by the way why you guys Hating on me so much ...see In my whole life I Never had or have hate/jealousy/anger in me but when I look at peoples on Internet damm''these comments I swear It feels hurtful...see people are Filled with Hate/tamper/jealousy =Evil...forget it
''I know u don't understand so let me explain''-
Hey I might have done few bad things in my Life that doesn't mean that I am a bad person in my life I might have done something good or may be I might have a a good side too but hey till u don't know me in person how can u make judgment about someone. ( Grow Up seriously online commentators👀 )
Or May be i am just an good actor who Fits in the story in all the possible ways ... I Play Life as a movie In which spectators are here for entertainment so Don't hesitate to Give them a Good Show.
One more thing - I wana make it clear is Do You guys think that I ever knew about the existence of knowing me.Not at all , All my life I lived just trying to figurout why strange things happened/happens with me Why I got saved when I nearly kiss the death...All I Wished that moment was '' Hey Good If u there somewhere listening than please save me '' since that day I had a faith in GOD cuz my Creater Gives me another chance to live, I always question God what's a reason of giving me another chance.....which I figure out /understood it lately...So before in Past whole life I was just living a life as you guys live...till I was Introduced to so Called UpperWorld...!!!
And that Thing Totally changed my Views/Thoughts About the world and its people ...Now that I look at world from Difference angel...
Have you ever wonder why all those great Souls whoever visited Earth actually never returned back in there it's coz heavens is like a place Where u can actually Feel like as a angel or Gods -a Place which is home to Gods & angels is not like a some kind of shop where you get in Easily. you Have To Earn It Through out your whole life story from birth to Die & At the end Everything is counted What you did? Or what you could have done ? All coz When you deal with Higher/superior ones ( Angels ) they look-through ur mind & heart....They can read our minds & Those angels are the protector of Heavens so Not an easy shot...Most of the people wondering At the End We Will Meet God !!! ( if You don't change the way u guys live & deal with other humans with Love,Kindness & respect U won't even get noticed or even Be in process to achieve Moksha or Be in heavens in any eternity life... -

-Secret about Connections -
Ancient cultures always believed in the power of the five basic elements that bound with Nature.You know in ancient India the saint-peoples leave there lifestyle & They travel miles in valleys/Forests & looking for spot to chill,meditate to get mind into deep concentration level so they can get connected with God and get to know all question/answers of being human. but in today's world we don't got no time to chill-meditate coz everybody busy and shit what's the other alternative to form connections without contributions is By getting HIGH-😇#just light it up Instantly u are connected with different world ur mind & thoughts are changed suddenly you have better view & understanding !! but the trick is this if you can able to take Control over ur Mind ,imaginations & able to shift control back from Automatic to Manual mode means able to Hold that Image & try talk to it in beginning all U gona heard is ur own voice via brain but keep trying Till u have complete control over ur thinking ... try this That's how I Abel to form telepathy.
If You know somebody who Can reach beyond stars in strange way with help of Banda da BRAIN.So u know whats Next ....( Dimension 13 )wouldn't seem to be Far as Target... IF I were the Devil & someone ask what's my Goal destination. The answer would be 13.

Remember PAC said '' if That nigga understand the principles, all Dirty Tricks of the game and understood the different levels, than world is Not a Trick any more , World is a beautiful Thing To be Played with''
and Py the wayc --
''cheers to Dimension 6 4 bringing me a 1 🔁8 mirror! ''

Anonymous 8
( Je JaTT bigar gya biliyan akhan wich rarku )!
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Music has a Power to control our life since childhood and we turn ourselves evil coz we wants to become what we hear around us or via Music.
Sorry to say but today's Rap industry and Evil music has turned us into evil ... there are no more moral/ meaning full songs any more ...Each time I turn radio on - '' all I hear about Is about Get money, I got Bit##es, I got Guns , I m Thug ...Blah blah etc etc ...
Artists You should be thank to god that you have a beautiful talent of singing but you have chosen Evil which you Are Promoting via your Music and Hey I am not judging you or telling you what you have to do But please can you think about your Young/Teenagers Fans whose Idol is u and they wana be like you and My friend you are Doing excellent job In creating more finishing innocent.. ( you guys are guilty and one day will be judged may be in after life & hey don't blame me that I didn't warn you ... it's ur life u already made it or made millions but think of millions minds you
Corrupted with ur Evil lyrics
May be it's not ur fault you grow up in Hood or Different Neighborhood where you didn't get a chance to learn positive or think about care But hey we can change anytime yourselves it's never too late.
(( I grow up in very Tough Neighborhood/Hood too and I became what I listened (( I guess u know my past story)) but today I think that I have wasted most important time in listening this Evil crap music. I could have done better but Anyways Time change people but I changed myself in Thinking at lest.
Our Today's life culture is so messed up since ur school days to after life.
We have forgot about our parents, No love for brother-sister relationship. No True friends.. Why??? Coz we become what we see and listen.
Since childhood to mature life we the soft ones who get targeted as bullys by big boys who break all the rules. Have wonder but why ?? = coz of ur music and entertainment you present & has already create Evil which is non- stopping...see it's ur Fault ( specially satan worship Rappers )
(( it's a request please don't Spoil others life I know u r a gangster,Thug, selfmade etc etc but can u keep ur dirty words/Thinking to ur self.Don't messed up kids/teenagers life via ur evil thoughts/messages by ur music ))

Looking for Heavens ???
Governments got trillions for war but can't feed hunger or help change peoples life to make better...instead it's Funny Now they spending Billions on space projects to looking for new life but can't Fix this Earths humans Life.
God can do some changes only if we change ourselves by killing Evil out of our mind and soul...Coz even after we die We have to face ( Dharmraj ) His ( Yamdoots ) gona read all your stories / Lifebook and then they decided weather you go to Hell or heavens. Believe me there are many Gods you have to face and to answer them what you did in this life ... so that's the reason I say God is inside every human being so please Don't hurt No one & Dont do Bad to others coz each and every thing you do in this Life Gona be Judged after you died and specially don't get someone's Karma punish you if you did/doing bad to someone.

If we didn't take Evil out of our mind we can't get to heavens Doors ...doesn't matter How many Confessions u do with father or How many times you Pray to God in your daily life or how many bells you ring in Temple.... there is No one whose gona Help You ...unless you are not pure from your soul you are Stuck Our souls are Stuck coz Earth was only Real heavens to Enjoy...May be after you die u gona release it was a beautiful dream as life from which you just woke up ???

Getaway -
If You are doing Harm/bad to others you will never really be welcomed in Heaven
Coz u only get humans life once Your soul is gone adopt another form may be you become insect or animal in next life ...God Knows !!!
(( Remember We have to live become/experience each and every Living things life you see on earth it's like a Life circle but Not every one has to go through that coz if you are pure from Ur Heart & Soul then Don't worry there are few ways you might be welcome into heavens (( Remember Our Up life Gods Judges they don't take no pity or sympathy with on No one They are just doing there job/order given by You decide from now You wana go Hell or Heavens both Doors are in Front of U.

-Anonymous 8
'' herbal just trying to be natural ''to
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Most Of Countries under UN and US Allies can Completely Understand The Real Motive behind ....Our New World order....

current situation-.....
Middle-east is Little Complicated place right now Most of people in the world are assuming that NATO forces in Middle East are only there for OiL... but they don't know How US & his allies Forces are trying There best to form/bring proper Civilization Life back on Track
.since Horrible 9/11 attack we US are just trying to End Brainwashing Dictatorship + End up the Terrorism in that particular region. Terrorism is a Big threat to our society & To World ...& worry part is this Terrorism is Still on up rise in Afghanistan , Iraq and Syria and Few neighboring countries.
Our Main objective Right now is to form a democratic Government in those countries so that we can help there common citizens to have taste the fruit of freedom and Independence !!!
The Conflicts tensions Between Israel,Palestine,Saudi Arabia & Libya can Be Only be Solved If They Get to Know The Existence Of Higher Power and Positive & Negative effects of It on them.In order to Erase there religious Boundaries and to change There way of thinking is Only Done If Some kind of Magical or miracle power They see Lol ( Which I guess We have to Show them at some point in order to take-off Blind cover from there eyes So they will stop saying & Fighting For '' That's my land , It belong to my God etc etc '' so after giving them presentation of Black Power these countries don't gona have much of option left rather than surrender themselves in favor to NWO & that's the only way it Will be Beneficial....
To ( Israel ) Stop Playing Good & Bad Cop role🔚.
And Current story of Syria is getting out of hand only if Russia stops supporting them under the table!
To whom may it concern ???
Mr.putin 👀 I admire your Presidency & Your Views for World.You should gave order to your KGB 2 Investigate & I hope that will Make you Understand it Clear about the Universal powers aka ( Extra Terrestrial ) Existence !!! Currently you guys can only Control what's in your hand but Remember there are other Things which can blow up your Brain with Hollywood type world things which are real .... may be you guys think You guys have Nukes & big armed forces But the Power I am trying to mention here is Way Beyond your imaginations it's Some other Level Stuff ....sorry to say but You Communism Thinkers only have control of this LIfe but not even a clue of After Life.....
( Don't Look Confused coz When the Shit Got Thick , We are the ones you get )
You think Your created Kingdom Empire is the SHit.Really ? ( Soon or later you guys will understand What universal Powers & IRS laws and what Signs are Demanding from U )
....US can't Form Heaven On Earth by its self We Need you guys & Only way to Make it happens is by Working Together with Us as One Team against all the odds!
and let's bring the life back which we have lost & Mr Putin Can we Please stop this COLD WAR between Us. We know it very well how you guys Work & Whose on ur Side That's why we said War is Not an option and Not our First choice.which we believe It In. ( Mr Putin You Help us out & I will help you get a permanent reservation ticket For Heavens - Otherwise Hell doors are welcoming you guys coz of bad blood in our Mouth ) - Hope you Understood it -
-Anyways - '' you don't wana No problem with us ''🔁8 Karma.
ASIA-Asia is the strongest up rising continental right now by having Strong developed countries like Russia,China, Japan and India.etc See Asia is kind of complicated coz Russia and China are in edge of declaring them-selfs as Rising super powers.
Alot of Asian Countries have problems with each other and Main players like Russia has strong ties with china and india.china backs up N Korea & Pakistan against India etc ...etc -
-Most of the Country's like Iran,North Korea & Pakistan might be equipped with Nuclear capability and all i know is that they are Like Monkeys With matchstick in hand , & can light it up anytime''
( Needed To put Leash On Them is our priority)

Some of the strict countries like (Iran ) - Which are not A Big threat to world can be left alone and Let's try to unite other like them ... as said before leftovers will be Bought with Love or With there price tag they be Sold @ $
-And Specially You...
... ( Kim jong-un ) if This ancestry of Moran didn't change his act/behave in future so Than We have to find a other solution for him & his little kingdom( NATO just Break it In & Take Him/Them Out and Yo N.Koreans STOP threatening us with your Low Class Missile Weapons... That SHit you guys are proud of Is Garbage Technology you Guys Owned....So don't Test our Patience....& no worries china won't back you North Korea Up.. if we Invade U guys up china won't be there to Save Your Ass from getting Dropped...coz You guys don't want problem with US.
China - If we really wanted to break you/china just like USSR ( lol ) we would have or had started backing up Taiwan and India against u and little devil Pakistan you guys counting on Is ...on the eede in receiving welfare.We US is paYing you Pakistan a Welfare money to help u Stand Up on your Feet but Other hand you guys are The Training Camp providers for Terrorism. ( Stop It ) To Dragon - we can Do anything, we can even monopolies Your Young youth Freedom seekers against Communism.How ? -- We control everything from Technologies to Western Influence of Movies,Music & media to TV & Internet !! ( including Everything)
All we Need is a Challenge From our Loving China ....or If situation Ever gets worse We will Take the THE TRADE BACK in control.
(( By start Manufacturing here in US & that will BRING Back Jobs To US )) But China is Smart they will never Make US there Enemy.

Still Bloody Civil War is active among African countries like Nigeria, Somalia & sudan are suffering with Extreme Terrorism.African counties like Congo and uganda are fighting with the Monsters like KONI❌ & Boko harams & many more Evils exists who has formed Childrens Army for there cruel Role with Full Dangerousness.
I always wonder Why ? NATO forces and UN don't do anything much in order to bring peace in African regions ( I GUESS There is NO specific Political Interest in Fixing the mess going on in Africa from more Longer than We Us are Fighting in Middle East .....
( Kill all the Terrorism Till They are completely Vanished & than Help Forming a Proper Functioning democratic Government.

How To Form It
Let's Select & pick all the Major Political candidates in Every Small snd Big Countries.
First Get All Important - Famous people on our Side IF NOT we should use other alternative!!! - Find -Create-Replaced Olders & Newcomers In there Own Countries.How? We are good In Acting=Hollywood Style To make Fool Or Be Cool & Stay Cool ( Coz We are Good In Advertising & Marketing so Anyone,Anywhere In World can Be OUr FAN & admirer.
Reason Why Nwo is important is By Forming A single currency for all over world so that minimum wage should be in proudly Fair among all the working & middle class family- ( think about how many poor people gona be feel beneficial if there is one currency - means we kill the poverty if there is one currency)
Or Let's Established A New Party in Every country Worldwide.Goals Of Those parties should be Just to Put a Light on Minds of There own people's.
If We Get Succeed in our mission ( Which we will be ) is by Ending/STOP TOTAL Wars and help establishing Democratic Government And Bringing Life back on track for people of Middle-east, Africa and Ending premature Burning Volcano In Asian countries & there Political Minds. All we want is to have Concept & Principle Rules & have Trite just like European Union has For Whole Europe than Why can't The Whole World Should Have Same Common Rules,Rights and values.
That's why we said European Union is the one who Can Easily , Deeply understood the Concept & Value of NWO & its benefits as well as his Value for a Promising Better LIFE.South America Is a Easy Job Coz most of the country's are Living on Edge and can be easily Form In NWO Expect some countries like Cuba & Colombia and some Central American Countries who are home to many king pin Drug Empires Can Finally Be Put Under Control.

After this The rest of countries in world are In Somehow in Favor To Have This Beautiful Dream of NEW WORLD ORDER to Turn From Fiction to Reality.... ( Possible Via US👽) -
-If Last Option Left Than Just Look to the sky and Ask 4 HElp --
To Stubborn,Evil core Political Leaders Who are Influenced by There Power can Meet Us ...How ??? '' Lol Just ask for Us We will take you on the Tour to Hell & Beyond Life & Make them aware What Kind of SHIT you have to Deal in Later This life & After That Life Too .....che che Che ....Sorry My Friends It can be scariest PayBack TIME🕗

Anonymous 8
Lucifer-Satan-Devil or Hybrid Human Being
'' Let me live Baby,Let me live ''
good 😊
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: 💚New World Order💙:

LONG Story Short :: After god created Earth he created the most beautiful thing after many forms & shapes it finally turned into Humans... -
--Back to basics - Every Humans after -
--getting necessity of ( Food,Cloth & Roof ) first Thing He Did Was Creating/Claiming his territory which he didn't have No clue that Later human civilizations will call It : My country , My country ...

In Today's World No one has time to think about other people's or Different races,different nationalities Coz we are So much Into Our own problems that we Don't get time to Think outside The Bun. But Hey there is someone who's Job is To Bring A new Light of Hope & joy Happiness Into all over world.

There are about 7.4 billion people live on Earth which divides total population into 195 countries...Its funny But There are only the 15 Countries so far are Developed...means ( The only Citizens / people of those developed countries have a right to Live & access to 21st century life ) Rest of the world is STILL living life of 19-20th century.. -
-Sad part is this most of the countries Can't even afford to Give a promising Necessary of Life to There own citizens like - Food,Shelter & roof on heads.

My personal Experience With US :: I Mean as me being an American resident who Came into US from India and stay into US as Political stay ... my Family stays in America coz of his Judgement towards humanity is Caring so that's reason anonymous Welcomed Into ( This Land Of Free = USA ) By the help of His Great citizens & Faithful Constitution & great Law makers Which allows some one like Me To think Big and Gets a chance to Live American Dream.
( As an Immigrant ) I Thank You USA For Giving me such a GOOD, BEAUTIFUL and INDEPENDENT view of Life that No other Nation or Country in World cant Provide that to common person like me...unless it is US -

-For Rest Of The World ::
So ....If No Other Country can provide you the same way of Living - Independent & democracy etc etc ... it MeAns the country you living In currently is Run By Evil system which Is so Messed Up... (( Gona be Upgraded or change Soon or later )) -
-Just few Open/public Dictators🔚 In Governments & or Silent Rulers 🔚 are Ruling your own Country & Your Life. Really ?? -
they are controlling your Life from birth to death and they are Forcing you to Keep Living & SUFFERing the same way your ancestors lived & treated unfairly for many centuries... (Gotta Be Changed one day )
-There are two type of people's in this word one Who keep following the same path & there daily life routines...& than there are other kind of people who wants the Change But ( System won't let them do the change) either they are disappeared or vanished who ever try to become voice of changing society... or they are Too scared to raise a voice against the crural System But Remember Old Days Gone SONs It's A 21st Century and I Don't Want you guys to become Leftovers...
(( We Will Be Your Voice which can't be stopped by No power or threat ?? Answer = 👽 so just have Faith & Trust we are working with great leaders across world To Bring that NEW Change )) -Now We are Alive & Much Awaked ....
So Soon or Later Once New world Order Formed You guys Be able to see the Full Movie of Freedom .... which is gona be FREE from Invisible Slavery.

My Fantasyland in Words -
See ....i want every Child Who open There eyes in Any part of The world - N or S America to Africa to Europe & from MiddleEast To ASIA....Should have the same Rules & Rights Just like America has For His Citizens... -
- New world order is Gona Set Up on Common principle of Laws & Freedom Rules which is Gona be based according to Your & mine common Questions & Answers beliefs...
--Just think about for a second IF EARTH is a One Big Country...( No Boundaries ) Run By Your Elected Government .... In the New Air of Democracy & Liberty....Which is not gona matter if governments are either run By ( black,white,Browns or Asians ) = Equality -
-Government based on Fair Rules & Regulations which gona apply on Every Humans Being
.Its gona Be like Govt = ''For The People & By the People '' with No racial or No Color Differences. Think about a Land Which Is Totally Free & Independent that Its Gona be no matter weather new generation child's ALL Gone Feel EQUAL & FREE...No one should Look/Feel Superior or little To No one ...all should be treated Same with Dignity,Respect & Honor In the Future Eye of New World Community*Civilization which <We Gona Bulit>

How To Form it :: I guess if you reading this you already know how to Be a part of It ... -

-Benefits For People's - first Under One Government There's Gona be No Wars, Wealth Be Distributed Correctly, The money that we all Countries spend on Military and Nations protection will be Used In Space programs, Education, scientific Research or Fighting & Finding cure for diseases or may be Developing a New technology
- () lol may be just like Extra Terrestrial ✳️ ()

-How To Make It Happened - First Have UN & US allies take control over the Syco country's with Nuclear powers... Break Communism... Educate Or Connect World Together and specially Middle-eastern and African Countries are Needed to be bring back into Life ....I am Sorry to say that about Middle East is living way to backward Life coz there dictatorship Governments are Brain washing there own entire Youth... so sad but that's True ::: Stop The Religious wars they are creating in name of Jihad is result of the brainwashed Minds...Its our Job to teach them what Right & what's Wrong ! Long job gona take time but didn't seems impossible. (( NOTE No Home For Terrorism ❌ )) -
-keep A Leash on Those Countries who Want to form as New Rising Power against US by forming/creating Monopolizing & using There Productions & manufacturers so they can have half World behind them....Seriously You -#Sellouts are Very easy to be Created & Replaced ... (( power of Third Eye )) -

-Helpful Tricks -

Dirty & Fair Trick To Established = New world order =
.Plan A -( For Good People ) = First Win people's Heart & Mind with Endless Love...

.Plan B ( For Haters or Evil in mind Keepers ) = We Gona Buy Them who are available for sale with Love or by Other Tools Created by Yous.

.Plan C ( For Leftovers ) Gona be convinced by Either Legal way or My Way ( Our way ) BUY Them with 💲🤑🙈...

.Plan D = ❌🔚 = 👽👽👽( Sorry there's No Way OUT ) sad .... but FACE the Reality Now !

So Be Part of This New agenda and Revolution To Bring Change :: ( Don't do it for yourself, Do it For Humanity , Do it 4 Next Millions of generations which Gona Blessed US & Gona Thank Us for What History we gona create 🕛

( secret message of The New World Order )

Note - Remember Choose Plan A, B or C = All Roads leads to Same Destination.
( WE WILL Make this FICTION A Reality with You or without u 👀 )

To whom may consider::
I Really made this promise to my Lords our BayUp :: That I & we will do whatever it Takes to Form This NEW WORLD ORDER Into Real till I have my last Breath... (( Don't Forget God Created Earth Coz it was supposed to Be Heaven but unfortunately turned into Hell

-Anonymous 13
The Most Hated & Blessed Person Of planet Earth 🌏

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Today's World is Divided into Two types of people one who believe in God & the others who don't believe in No god. so by Keeping people Religious Faith in my mind & heart I would like to throw some Light on Major religions and there roots. So I am just trying to give you guys right & Major Preaching about there Religions they Believe...

1-Let's start like a story :: Once upon a long time ago In ancient India back in 200 bce there's were ( Vedic ) Veda's peoples who clearly didn't mention what time of century was that when Gods came into being after the world's creation ? In Heavens up in ( Milky Way ) there was Floating water 'Ganga' - ( A Holy river ) which was been captive by God Brahma ( creation ) and one day he decided to send Ganga to Earth But Gagna was very powerful so Lord Shiva Holds Ganga into his hairs and bring it to life on earth and everything created through that.Theres are Many Gods and Goddesses but main were 3 trinity gods- Lord Brahma ( The god of Creater ) Lord Vishnu ( The God of preserver ) Lord Shiva ( God Of Destruction )
Hindus Believe in ''Moksha''( Free from death and rebirth cycle ) Only way to achieve this through teaching of ''Shri Bhagwat Gita ''.
* Truth -
* achieve dharma ( have belief & trust in God )
* Gain moksha ( Free from life & death circle

3 religions came from Hindu religion are Buddhism,Jainism & Sikhism

2 ::The story of Abraham Religion also known as the Father of Beginning of Tree which later turned into 3 Major religious in world .... Judaism , Christianity and Islam.
Abraham was a simple wise man with no Children. one day god Contacted Abraham and Told him he should look for a promise land and in return God promised him to give him a many children's. On the way in fulfilling gods command he was tested so many times but Abraham was passed in all his tests. Later he even discovered a holly land.
God blessed him as promised with son's - Ishmael and Isaac who Later were ancestors to Christianity & Muslim religions ... -
-Jewish people believes The way of living life according to 10 Principles Is Simple & Charming : Never Hurt Those who are Involved in your Life, Love your God and Love Humanity No matter it's Your race or color.
-Christianity: -
-In the beginning there was nothing but Dark then suddenly every thing is formed through a spark of light within stars & galaxies and everything is formed.
- was Founded in early 33 ce By The wise peoples who Believes In LiFe & Living of ...THE SON OF GOD... ( JESUS ).Its a very Touching story of a man who Was Crucified by evil Empire for Spreading the words OF Love, Forgiveness and Kindness. He was crucified and Last words he said was very pleased and touching = Forgive the Entire Human kind for all there sins and I Happily accepted the gods will.
-Islam ( Muslim )
There was a man Named Muhammad was born in City of Makkah. Muhammad was Contacted by God to Pass his words and Teachings to the People of world in name of Allah ( God ).Muhammad was a good Father,Husband,son,Teacher and a great Leader.Even though he was not well educated but god work mysterious way he made Muhammad wrote all the Quran with help of his wife and with the help of Gabriel.
But according to Islam religion Muhammad was a prophet not a messiah even though name of JESUS is also mentioned in holy Book Quran e sharif. Muslim people believe there is Only One God that is Allah...

( see I don't understand When Jewish, Muslim and Christians they all belong to same roots why there is No peace between them ??? Strange but true,,,as this world moves forward into the new age of smart-minds people will understand it we Just Belong to One & Only Race and that is Human Race )

His Teachings gives us the same message of Love,Prosperity and Happiness...

-3:: conclusion
So if all the preaching of different religious gave us the same message of Love,Being Truthful to yourself and Live your life in name of there god is SAME than Why are we Fighting for ???

If you read all the religious Books from ''Shri Bhagwat Gita, Holly Bible, Quran ,Guru Granth sahib... Every Book is Giving US principles of how to Live a Life what are our goals and accomplishments. This is by devoting yourself to GOD you believe in It .Some called him Bhagwan, My Lord, Allah and Waheguru it's just the names are Different but Teaching are SAME.

So Please Do Read other holy Books too of different religions and there faith.May be you will find the right answer to all your questions. These all religious Books are written by anonymous and various writes we don't even know exactly..But it's sad to say that some of the great books are given a false information like we born with sins or declaring war in the name of god to save religion. Even some of old texts even say Sacrifice a Animal and that makes god happy. Seriously Think from your heart and ask this question that Do god really get happy when we take other life's Life in name of his worship ?
Some of these wrong messages from our Old texts & books are needed to be updated !!!
-I would say the only way to Find out the truth is by increasing your knowledge... How ??? Read all the great Books not just from one religion Choose it from different religions and READ it & I am pretty sure you will Find the answer of what you gona be looking for . . . . -

---Note :: We are NOT blaming NO Religion and we have No attention to Hurt your beliefs and Faith.

anonymous I 3
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Anonymous:Our Law of New World Order
1- - - - - - - - - - 13
Wealth ?? - How wealth Gona be distributed properly among people of Earth is By Taking Control back over Banking system from Federal to private, Corporate to Incorporate.Venture capital firms to Stock exchange market players to Investment brokers.Everyone will be judged. No ones Gona left behind without being Judged and that includes Rothchilds to Morgans to Bilderberg Group....all those Big Fishes who think they secretly Run the Country's & Governments will be equally punished...they secretly fooling the system by funding our Politicians under the table... They Playing Old British empire Policy game of ( Divide and Rule ) & that will be Unite and Post-rule ?X?.... Trust me No One's Gona be leftover from being Judged..Unless we find proff of there being Honest or Faithful for the good cause for Humanity.
Remember when #13 come to clean the Dirt-mess they established / created ...its gona be completely vanished or removed with there remains including there whole Empire they build Gona be Turn to History as it never existed !!!
To the People,
This is Your money & it belongs to You the Public .....See We are the mango people's who are fooled by these huge Corporations by Very Long time will finally be put on END. And it not Gona matter In future whether you claim Red or Blue all be United in True and Never Gona be fooled or miss Informed by these such hypocrites.New world Govt is Gona be formed on the principles of Truth,Trust & Faith which we Lost it ......

-Opinion Medical Should Be FREE which is right of every human but these Hospitals & Pharmaceutical Drug Companies who are real blood suckers of common man like you and me are Not being Fair.They are Not doing the job well instead they are Blind folding US by setting & increasing the cost of medical and the medicine.Not FAIR will be Judged.

IT Industry and Technology companies who act like They are bringing the Evolution and same time bringing Revolution but public don't know how they are slowly Monopolizing the entire Market. Really ??
They are playing dirty tricks by switching sides with our politicians So they think they can stay Hidden ( will be judged ) but Soon or later Will finally be Put Under the LEASH by Third Eye with New world order Rules & Regulations ...

Education & Tuition From schools level to University's higher level Study Should be available for FREE in cost.which should be a first Right for Every Childs life. ( New word order is only way to make it Right.

From Police Brutality To Judge+Jury's wrong decision which Frame the Innocents ...Everything which is related in matters of Laws....Gona Be Changed.

SAvE Our Natures From Global Warming by protecting our Forests & Wild life is Gona be a one of our major priority. ( Stop Killing animals & FREE all the Birds ) everything from animals, Plants to humans life all Gona have Equal Values.

See it's Gona be Upside down & 360 clock turn wise...Innocent will be Free & ( White Collar be switch to Dress code of penitentiary )

So Just Hold on ... We getting Home ....Remember Slow and Steady wins the Race ...UNDERGROUND Railway is on Up Rise .............

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Science don't even have a right answer for existence of God a human being most wonder able question !! But soon The Day He arrive Everything what ever live exists has to change according to the Messanger ....Coz If we Read all the Religious Books to ancient History , Illuminati to aliens conspiracy I mean every Great Books and Knowledge literally Stops there ..and Specially if you Follow The SIGHNS all lead and Stops till The time arrival ...But who is that so called Someone or messanger ??
In the beginning there's gonna be a disturbance, Confused Minds & Governments , people faith for a lot of things might be Hurt ...But as He gets all the power....remember If Nature is in Favor of that messenger There's a New World which is been wating for Many thousand years ....Looking for the right answers , and There's Gona be A FEAR in each and every mind that There's is someone whom everyone has to answer so people Will stop Fighting, No hate , Wealth be distributed correctly and there's Gona be no racism, no wars , no ones gonna lie, Judge to president everyone will be Fair in his almighty Eye ....Specially All Religious Discrimination and Hate will finally be put on End ...He's Gona take No side...He's Gona deliver A Real Truth GODs commands...
-Anonymous writer
speaking what is correct

One World-One religion-one Government

New World order be a reality soon may be by end of our life !!
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